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Nov 12, 2006

It is not the time to sit back and be satisfied, after rather good election news; instead, we have a rare "window of opportunity" for maybe 2 years, or less: those of us who are "enlightened" as to what is REALLY going on.

That is one reason why it is important for those of us who consider ourselves Leftists, Progressives, Radicals, Marxists, Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, Social-Democrats, or any sort of Left Opposition, to get PERFECTLY CLEAR ABOUT 9/11.

It is a VERY DIFFICULT THING, PSYCHOLOGICALLY SPEAKING, for even such as we to get our heads around.

Various excuses I have heard from Leftists, include, "The Bush Administration is TOO STUPID to pull off such a thing; look at their bumbling in Iraq!";  

"I know they are BAD, but they just COULDN'T BE that evil!" {Shades of the way the Communists and Jews looked at Hitler early in his rise to power!};

"This will make the Left LOOK BAD, as if we are nothing but a bunch of Conspiracy Nuts!" {You are thereby ACCEPTING THE RIGHT'S DEFINITIONS of you, thereby INCREASING THE RIGHT'S POWER; and, The Truth Is The Truth Is The Truth, whether it makes one side "look good", or not. The Truth is not the SERVANT of "Favorable Propaganda"! Again, that is ACCEDING TO THE RIGHT'S TACTICS AND MAKING THEM MORE POWERFUL.}

"We will NEVER KNOW what actually happened, it is all too, too complicated." {WHAT A COP-OUT!!!!!! Actually a person of fairly average intelligence, reasoning power and good education in science, or willingness to BE educated, CAN PERFECTLY WELL FIGURE MOST OF THIS OUT. Maybe not EVERY little detail....... that is why we need an International Court and an International, truly impartial investigation, such as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called for. But, SHERLOCK HOLMES or ANY fictional or real detective, can use FORENSIC SCIENCE and figure out the main outlines of this -- and identify the REAL CRIMINALS involved!}

And, finally, "We on the Left have MORE IMPORTANT things to think about, talk about and act on." {MORE IMPORTANT THINGS than the Patriot Act, the Beginning of the End of our precious Civil Liberties; and the Iraq War and Occupation; BOTH the DIRECT RESULT of the Bush mis-Administration propaganda surrounding 9/11???? MORE IMPORTANT THINGS FOR THE LEFT TO CONSIDER????????}

{The Patriot Act itself was PASSED BY CONGRESS NOT MUCH MORE THAN A MONTH AFTER 9/11. It is SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE FOR A DOCUMENT OF THAT SIZE AND LENGTH AND LEGAL COMPLEXITY, to be WRITTEN IN ONLY ONE MONTH -- to be written, in other words, AFTER 9/11 and "as a response to" 9/11, as THE BUSHCO PROPAGANDA WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE. That is a CLEAR indication, the CLEAREST POSSIBLE INDICATION, that the Patriot Act was RESEARCHED AND WRITTEN IN ITS ENTIRETY, BEFORE 9/11 took place, and IN ANTICIPATION OF THE CRIMINAL ACTS OF 9/11.} {In fact, 9/11 happened SO THAT THE PATRIOT ACT WOULD BE PASSED, as an EXCUSE for it to be passed; and NOT the OPPOSITE sequence of events!!!}

Yes, there are actually those on the Left whom I have heard of, who REFUSE POINT-BLANK TO WATCH THE VIDEO "LOOSE CHANGE", about WTC7 coming down, another "smoking gun". {See WTC7 going down, if you are so inclined, or have any remaining doubts, on my PROFILE PAGE. Or, go to the 9/11 Conspiracy!!! Group; or, google "Loose Change" on the Web. You can buy it or watch it for free. I saw it at my local Public Library. Watch for showings in your neighborhood!}

The Lefties who REFUSE TO EVEN WATCH "LOOSE CHANGE", are EXACTLY like those members of the Catholic Church Hierarchy who REFUSED TO LOOK THRU GALILEO'S TELESCOPE; because what they saw when they looked at the sky, specifically at the Moon, CONTRADICTED what Church Doctrine held, that Heavenly Bodies were "perfect" round, smooth spheres! So, they DIDN'T LOOK and stuck to their BLATANT IGNORANCE!!!!!

I will challenge ANY person calling themselves on the Left, to debate either in groups or in NetworkMessaging, until I have CONVINCED YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU, individually, of the IMPORTANCE of standing for the TRUTH of 9/11. THE LEFT HAS NO CASE FOR SUPPORTING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION LIES; which it DOES if it is SILENT on the matter. THE LEFT SUPPORTS BY ITS SILENCE AND APPARENT INDIFFERENCE, the LIES that a few crazy Muslim and Ay-rab young men with boxcutters, were able to hijack 4 airplanes, outfox America's Air Defence, at that time under the DIRECT CHARGE of Dick Cheney, and taking orders from Bushpal and CIA operative Osama bin Laden, {these things are all provable, if the "guys with box-cutters" aren't}, these flight-school dropouts were able to with pinpoint-accuracy steer 4 huge airliners, or 3 of them anyway, into buildings, and as a result 3 tall towers in New York City collapsed "by kerosene fires".

If ANY of the Left believes THAT Bushco fantastic made-up nonsense, then THE LEFT IS INDEED DOOMED TO PERMANENT IRRELEVANCE ON THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SCENE. {Or European, for that matter! Or Latin American!}

B Mutiny T


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Posted: Nov 12, 2006 1:49pm


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