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Feb 1, 2014

Message to the President, and to the Congress:
It's very simple. We can aim for a UNIVERSAL Standard of $15 an hour Minimum Wage for ALL - that would be {frugally} a living wage these days. One should not have to be employed, and on government assistance to make ends meet and to raise a family. This is in effect, the government subsidizing the Employer, for paying the Workers below-par wages. With money to spend and a little economic security, people could make wiser choices about the food, clothes, shelter and transportation that they really need; and with Medical Benefits and support for Public Education, they could raise their kids and enjoy their families without fearing catastrophe around every corner. Mr. President, you and Congress could help make this happen, as President and Mrs. Roosevelt made the New Deal happen! That would, also, set the country on a new and better course.

Jan 26, 2014

This is my Message that I send every week or so, to the President, my Representative, and my two Senators. {And in this instance, to the Vice President also.}

The Majority of the people of this country, approve that the President {and Vice President} chose not to go to the Sochi Olympics, and appointed some LGBT people among those representing this country there. This brief message is to commend that; and, further, to advise that in all future decisions regarding relations with other countries, their Human Rights policies - which include of course their policies on basic Gay Rights - be given primary consideration. In particular, those countries instituting policies where persons are deprived of Life and Liberty simply for being LGBT, for being who they are and for no other reason - such countries for example should NOT be recipients of U.S. Aid in any shape or form - not until they change their policies. The threat to cut off aid has proven an effective one, in curbing some of the more extreme anti-Gay legislation, particularly in some African countries. To repeat, countries where it is a crime even to BE Gay, where LGBT people are jailed and even by law killed, are countries that should be beyond the pale of receiving any U.S. taxpayers' money. The U.S. must use its great influence in the world, to PREVENT ANOTHER HOLOCAUST, this time shaping up to be about Gays instead of Jews. NEVER AGAIN! We must stop this Human Rights horror and tragedy before it goes any further! That is absolutely imperative in determining our Foreign Policy now.

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Posted: Jan 26, 2014 11:01am
Jan 18, 2014
Focus: Internet
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

I feel Care2 members should KNOW about the "work from home" ads, RECRUITING "MULES" TO CARRY OUT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Just like the Drug Cartels do...
A person who was recruited unwittingly by one of these ads, was given in a article as 31-year-old Jesus Contreras from San Bernardino, California, who was unemployed and needed the money...he'd "helped launder more than $14,000 taken from [a] hospital's accounts." This is BIG MONEY we're talking about, here, MAJOR Criminal Activity with their hands in EVERYthing Illegal that's going on, around the PLANET...

WHAT AN INSULT these unwelcome SPAM ads are, to THE ENTIRE MISSION OF CARE2, and every single Value that Care2 Members profess!!!

The SOLE PURPOSE of ALL these "make easy money working from home" ads on threads, is to RECRUIT UNWITTING "MULES" to circulate STOLEN Money around the Internet, ending up in the hands of CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS.
Reference here is TheKeyBoardCapers by rickanderson
Gives the story of someone who actually ANSWERED one of these ads, and UNWITTINGLY became PART of a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, without intending to!

Then, these SAME CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS engage in activities such as Human Trafficking, and Trafficking in Poached Wild Animal parts - and these activities FUEL TERRORISM AND FANATIC GROUPS
I am perfectly SURE of what I speak of, I have DONE THE RESEARCH, which is REPLICABLE and anyone can do it and verify it.
This is a very strange Cyber-linked world we live in. Please KEEP THIS POST UP and don't let C2 delete it - this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. And, it is TRUE...

[My posts on that thread may or may not have been Deleted. Care2 has expressed that similar posts of mine, REVEALING THE TRUE SOURCE OF SPAM, make them UNCOMFORTABLE... as well they might be!!!!!]



Read more:

'"power and sophisticated crime syndicates” are behind a huge rise in the illegal wildlife trade. The INTERNET has also played a role as it has made illegal products available to many, many more...'

And THAT, boys and girls, is the ULTIMATE PURPOSE of those "annoying ADS" that appear on weekends on OUR ANIMAL-LOVING SITE HERE.....!!!!!?????

CREDIT CARD THEFT - the TARGET example:VERY INTERESTING stuff that's coming out now about the massive Target Credit Card Attack:
Haven't I been telling people to BEWARE of having their Info and Credit Card Numbers STOLEN - that there's HI-TECH stuff out there that can do it EASILY?! That's ANOTHER potential of those "Spam" ads...
"The malware involved something called "memory-scraping," Reuters reported. That means that the moment you swipe your card the malware grabbed your credit card info.
This POS malware seems to be a known variety, spotted as early as June, 2013, Krebs says. It looks like something called BlackPOS that sells on hacker forums for $1,800-$2,300.
Hackers can sell the credit card numbers for $35 - $100 each. Gold or platinum credit cards go for $60 each, business credit cards $80 and some platinum cards, $100, Cisco security researcher Levi Gundert wrote this week in a blog post. That's a stunning potential payback on a $2,300 piece of software.
What I am trying to Establish here - and believe that I HAVE Established beyond any doubt -

is a DIRECT LINK between those "Annoying Ads" that come onto threads especially on the Weekends, come on by the DOZENS all at one time! - the "easy money easy living work at home from your computer says Cute Young Chickie" ads -
and, RUSSIAN CYBER-CRIMINALS, aided by U.S. CRIMINALS such as JESSE WILLMS, recruiting thru THESE VERY SAME ADS, deceptively recruiting MULES to use the Internet to LAUNDER MONEY sent all over the place, ending up in CRIMINAL HANDS -
Drug and Weapons and HUMAN and ANIMAL TRAFFICKING. POACHED ANIMAL PARTS which trafficked on the Internet - the only place they CAN be sold! without the Law stopping it! - leading to FUELING TERRORISM AND CIVIL WARS and mass deaths resulting from that...

There is a REAL DIRECT LINE HERE, that can be TRACED.
Annoying Ads - Credit Card and Identity Theft - Recruiting "Mules" to pass Illegally-gotten money around in Cyberspace - Super-wealthy super-Criminals - Trafficking of all kinds on the "Dark Web" - Very lucrative Poaching and killing and selling body parts of Elephants, Rhinos, Tigers, etc. - Fueling Terrorism, Fanaticism, and Civil Wars.

No use hiding one's head in the sand!
I HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH - and ANYone can Replicate and Verify the SAME RESEARCH, thru multiple Channels!
THAT'S why I am so CONCERNED about those "Annoying Ads" - do they BELONG HERE? on a site that DOESN'T SUPPORT POACHING to say the least???


LINKS TO MY NEWS ITEMS: [and other References]


The Brave New World of Cyberheists/ Seattle Weekly


Jesse Willms: Dark Lord of the Internet


The Seedy Underbelly of Cyberspace - technobuffalo

There are References on Wikipedia, and the Guardian [British newspaper], among other places:
You can look up such subjects as Deep Web, Dark Web, TOR, bitcoin, Silk Road, RussianBusinessGroup...
on & on it goes....
Atlantic magazine, The Seattle Weekly [Rick Anderson]... more stuff coming to light all the time...

Jan 18, 2014

Every week or every other week, I send a Message to the President and to my Representative and Senators. This is the text of my latest:

I have just sent the following message to President Obama; and I believe all Congresspersons need to hear it also.
GMOs are known to CAUSE STERILITY in Lab Animals, in the next generation. Why WOULDN'T GMOs do EXACTLY THE SAME THING to Human Reproduction? Not to get all weird-sounding, but are GMOs actually a likely-successful attempt at reducing World Over-Population? In that case, any country that ACCEPTS GMOs is Abysmally Stupid, not to mention committing Genocide on ITS OWN PEOPLE. GMOs are GENOCIDAL. And, there is no way to CONTAIN their seeds or pollen - GMOs will CONTAMINATE THE ENTIRE FOOD SUPPLY OF THE PLANET, forever. Are the Elite planning on having their own special farms for their own special foods? They already ARE doing that in China. GMOs are REALLY BAD NEWS for EVERYone. The time to STOP GMOs and Monsanto and other PLANET-POISONERS is NOW.

Jan 5, 2014

This is a more-or-less weekly message I send to the President and to my Legislators. The following is the version of it I sent to Governor Inslee.

This is to notify you of a message I have just sent to the President and members of Congress. Since this concerns the Trident Missile Base in our State of Washington, I believe this ought to be of concern to the State's Governor also.

Scrap Trident, Ban All Nuclear Weapons! There are no better words than these I am quoting directly from a letter by Dr. Dave Hall:
'Now is the time to STOP the re-build of the first-strike Trident nuclear weapons fleet, and instead to model intolerance for ALL weapons of mass destruction, expand our investments in diplomacy and foreign assistance, support truly democratic institutions worldwide, and live by treaties we have signed that outlaw weapons of mass destruction for the very reason that they cause indiscriminate calamity for innocents and destroy ecosystems essential to life. We owe it to our grandchildren to act NOW.'
And may I remind you, Mr. President, of your OWN words spoken in Prague: That the US must "take concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons... put an end to Cold War thinking... reduce the role of nuclear weapons in our national security strategy... begin the work of reducing our arsenal." The time to act on all these noble words, is NOW! We the citizens of the US want a nuclear-free world; the population of the entire WORLD wants a nuclear-free world. Greedy profit-grabbing military contractors should NOT be setting US foreign policy; that is the ONLY reason for buying into billion-dollar archaic, obsolete, useless and dangerous Trident Nuclear Missile systems!

Governor Inslee, please do what you can to push back against dangerous Cold War thinking, and push FOR better ways to spend money and provide jobs, for instance in Social Services needed by so many in our State!

Jan 5, 2014
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

This is a very simple video report

One man with a radiation detector

7 mins...

[This link was sent to me by a friend...]

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Posted: Jan 5, 2014 1:14am
Jan 3, 2014
Focus: Internet
Action Request: Other
Location: United States

Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet - Taylor Clark - The Atlantic
Society & Culture  (tags: Spam, spammers, scammers, cons, fraud, creditcardfraud, care2spam, darkweb, deepweb, tor, silkroad, RBN, FCC, buyerbeware, work-at-homescams, fakeID, IdentityTheft, creditcardtheft )
BMutiny  -

Willms defrauded consumers of some $467 million by enticing them to sign up for "risk free" product trials and then billing their cards recurring fees for a litany of automatically enrolled services they hadn't noticed in the fine print. SPAMMERS UNMASKED

My comments here are quite long; but you may want to read and take in every word, if you care about the INTEGRITY of Care2, and its Responsibility to its members. This article from the January-February issue of the Atlantic magazine, served to CONFIRM stuff I was already researching and working on unravelling. More Confirmation is available for those who want to explore further - given in my notes there. I've contacted Care2 as best I know how - others have too - if you have any other ideas - Care2 Feedback & Suggestions is one group where one can express oneself, and they know about the article there, I posted about it last night.

Care2 has deleted some of my postings. I am putting pressure on them...


Cheers,      BMutiny TheCorporationsAreEvil     
Dec 21, 2013
Focus: GLBT
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Petition | United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Change the Roman Catholic Church's Stance on Gay Marriage. | Change.Org
Society & Culture  (tags: catholics, gays, gayrights, gaymarriage, catholicschools, LGBTrights, humanrights, hypocrisy, homophobia, archdiocese, Vatican, Pope, CatholicHierarchy, Sartain, morality, socialmedia, networking, twitter )
BMutiny  -

"Change the Church!" THAT is the chant of HUNDREDS of Young People walking out from their classes & demonstrating & sitting-in in lunchrooms and gyms - in SEVERAL Catholic High Schools in the Seattle area, after a Gay married teacher was fired. REVOLUTION


 I am in a position, living nearby as I am, to give a bit of background on all this. PLEASE PASS THIS ON - this is BIG INTERNATIONAL NEWS. Support for the Catholic Students is coming in from every country in the world, from both their own ages and their elders. This is an HISTORIC WATERSHED for the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church!

BMutiny TheCorporationsAreEvil [And the Roman Catholic Church IS a Corporation.]

As someone pointed out, if this had been a CATHOLIC PRIEST who had actually MOLESTED, RAPED, COERCED OR HURT A CHILD, that person would have simply been quietly moved to another parish!
This is all about "being Gay sets a Bad Example for the kids".

Actually, the school {says it} had the legal right to fire the teacher - he, like all employees, had to sign a Contract saying they would "observe Catholic doctrine". HOWEVER, this bit of coercion is NOT enforced in Catholic schools with regard to DIVORCED AND RE-MARRIED employees! THAT is "against Catholic doctrine" as well!!! So, the legal question is raised, if the school DID fire the teacher, was he SINGLED OUT BECAUSE HE WAS GAY.... while the same school administration let Heteros get away with "not observing Catholic doctrine" in their personal relationships! Even for a Private Institution, in the State of Washington that apparently would not be legal!
So the school has to be UTTER HYPOCRITES in telling the Press that the teacher "left voluntarily", after "coming to an understanding" - while they told the PARENTS that the teacher had been FIRED! Also, at that little conference where "an understanding was reached" {HAH!}, the school's Catholic LAWYER was present.... suuuuure!
The teacher had been at the school for a year and a half, during which time apparently he was OUTSTANDING with the kids, they all say! And, the teacher NEVER mentioned being Gay... his private life was his private life. Which is fine.
Apparently, the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" mentality is alive & well in Catholic schools. About FIFTEEN of them, before this, have fired Gay teachers AFTER THEY GOT MARRIED. This teacher/vice principal got married in June - apparently some other teachers got wind about it just NOW, and told the Administration - tattled, it seems. AFTER it "got out", the school then HAD to fire him like the others....
But, this IS SEATTLE.... Bastion of Liberalism!
And the KIDS are LEADING BY MORAL EXAMPLE..... I love that!!!
Dec 17, 2013
Focus: Gun Control
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

Over a year after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, extremely little has actually been done to remedy the situation that leads to such horrendous shootings in the first place. Lawmakers haven't yet seen fit to pass sensible, common-sense gun legislation and regulation. Such as:

Banning all assault or repeating guns in civilian hands;
Stricter more inclusive background checks;
Keeping guns locked up and out of the hands of children.

[In Dodge City, back in the "wild west" days, guns were NOT allowed within the city limits. It was the Law... cowboys in town to spend their pay had to check their guns before they went anywhere...]

It seems we have allowed the NRA and ruthless gun and ammo manufacturers to STILL dictate U.S. gun policies, in spite of the continued obvious tragic results. I know you personally do not approve of this; yet, MORE, MUST somehow be done. Re-introduce the Assault Weapons Ban that was in place for 10 years until the Bush mis-administration removed it - that would be a GOOD BEGINNING. The first crack in the NRA's insane wall of denial...

[Message e-mailed to several legislative recipients, my more-or-less weekly effort.]

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 3:14am
Dec 2, 2013

This is the Content of my weekly e-mail to the President and my Members of Congress:

I have just sent the following message to President Obama, and I think the Congress should heed this also!
Mr. President: Your Administration is very much to be commended for the consistent Support and Encouragement you have shown towards greater EQUALITY for Gay and for Transgender People. Enormous strides have been and are still being made, and it is wonderful to know that the Government itself has our back! This is indeed the Civil Rights Movement of this decade. However, all the time this increase in Civil Equality has been going on, a sinister EROSION of Equal Rights has been taking place, almost simultaneously! I am referring to the EROSION OF VOTING RIGHTS, those won by the Civil Rights Movements of previous decades! enfranchising previously-excluded Poor and Black voters, especially in the Southern States. The passage by viciously prejudiced Tea-partiers, of restrictive Voter I.D. laws, is INTENDED to make a Mockery of Equal Voting Rights, won with such difficulty and with actual shedding of heroes' and martyrs' blood! Severely restricting Voters' Rights is of course the only way the GOP, captured by the Tea-baggers and their distinctly MINORITY and Un-American position, could possibly win elections. I am asking you now, to TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS MOCKERY, THIS REVERSAL of hard-won and cherished Voters' Equal Rights. The imposition of Voters' I.D. of only certain restrictive kinds that not everyone has, imposes an undue burden on the Poor, on Minorities, and especially on Women Voters {who change their names more often than men do}. There must be Public Awareness and Outcry, it must not just be left to the States and the Courts, this must be seen for the IMMORAL TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE that it is! As you have TAKEN A STAND, a MORAL Stand, for Gay and Transsexual Rights, against bullying and for Marriage Equality for example - Please TAKE A STAND and Speak Up for Voting Rights for EVERYONE, Rich and Working Poor and Homeless, very Old and very Young, Male or Female or Transsexual, whatever their condition in life may be. Your MORAL SUPPORT could mean a lot! Also get CONGRESS to take some Actions, pass Resolutions, and take a MORAL, OUTRAGED STAND. That is what I'm asking.


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