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Dec 3, 2005
The above title, GOING AWOL, some "how to's", is ironic -- partly. This is ACTUALLY a reply to a John A., who objected to my removing his lengthy comment. I had good reasons to. I believe his comments were canned, for one thing. Some Bush apologist spewing hate-filled propaganda for the consumption of the fearful and unthinking masses. I have seen it before on the Internet; and maybe you readers of this blog have too. Let's do something about it! expose this hate-filled nonsense for what it really is.

My comments on this essay follow. I am making a separate blog on it, as well as putting it under comments. I want EVERYONE possible to see this -- and let your friends know!


I removed two comments from my blog. One of them spoke of @#$%^& Liberals. I choose not to have people come here to read my blog and be insulted.

The other comment I removed, which I believe was yours, was perhaps not written by you and in any case has been circulating around the Internet for some time; I have seen it before. I believe this lengthy essay, whoever it was written by, contributes absolutely nothing to any discussion of Iraq. Its tone is hysterical, hate-filled and xenophobic; a typical piece of PROPAGANDA, nothing else. I am old enough to have seen similar anti-Japanese junk circulated during WWII. It states as I recall, that Muslims want to "kill all infidels all over the world"; and that "Muslim countries have contributed absolutely nothing to world culture". Both of these statements, among others, are of course patently untrue. I hope they are not YOUR statements; but, you should not be passing such hate-filled garbage on.

Such hate-garbage, I repeat, has NO place whatsoever in ANY discussion. In fact, I invite readers of my blog, if they have come across this particular piece {which you will recognize} of War Propaganda on the Internet, to let others know and to comment on it HERE.

As far as your saying that "going AWOL does not need to be addressed"; Going AWOL most CERTAINLY needs to be addressed!!!! Soldiers are Going AWOL RIGHT NOW!!!!! According to the Military itself, thousands have; but their figures are unreliable and no doubt under-represent the actual numbers; the figure some MONTHS ago stood at over 5,000, that's the latest and best we can get from the Military. Undoubtedly the figure NOW is larger.

There exist ORGANIZATIONS for spiriting soldiers to Canada. {See the Vancouver Sun, November of last year.} The HARPER'S MAGAZINE of last May, did a COVER ARTICLE on the "increasing problem" in the military. They all but gave instuctions! without crossing the line into illegality! I HAVE PERSONALLY TALKED TO SOLDIERS IN THE NATIONAL GUARD, WHO WERE CONSIDERING THAT AN OPTION. So, yes, this question URGENTLY needs to be addressed. AS DOES THE RELATED ONE: are we at home going to "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS", AND SUPPORT THOSE OF OUR TROOPS WHO GO AWOL, AND THOSE OF OUR TROOPS WHO RESIST ILLEGAL ORDERS????????

MOST soldiers who go AWOL, of course, do so in their home territory; either before being deployed; or when home on leave. {Altho others do so on bases in Germany, etc.} A FEW, a VERY FEW, have actually left their units in Iraq and, with the help of Iraqi citizens who are GLAD to get rid of the occupiers, attempted to make their way to Syria or another country. See, the Muslims DON'T "want to kill us all"! {Besides the fact that many Iraqis are in fact Christians -- bet you didn't know that! or members of other minority faiths within the culture.}

The Iraqi Insurgency has in fact issued a call for American troops to lay down their arms; and stated it would HELP them across the border if they wished to leave the military.

Since the Iraqi Insurgency consists of many different groups, some with poor communications with the others, it is impossible to determine how "safe" such a course of action would actually be. However, apparently SOME soldiers were convinced enough that it was, to actually go that route. They were caught by their own military before crossing the border. It is impossible to say, whether any actually MADE IT. The military would not want that information to be known! And, if any made it, they would keep quiet until the end of the Occupation; as they would not want reprisals taken by the U.S. against any friendly Iraqi civilians who had helped them.

You may see, that the first comment on my blog is supportive of the war, which I do not in ANY way support; but I see nothing objectionable about that comment, no cursing, no hate-filled hysterical nonsensical propaganda.

We committed anti-war supporters will not accept the "you don't condone free speech!" card played by war supporters and Bush supporters, of whatever political stripe they say they are. It is an attempt to bully, and to silence and "shame" our dissent. It just won't wash.

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Posted: Dec 3, 2005 12:18pm
Dec 1, 2005
"Let's be careful about shooting one another in our passion about what's going on.  The troops cannot, and shoud not bear the burden of resistance.  That would make them subject to imprisonment, and possible death for deserting in wartime.

But, we can do more than we are doing as citizens.  Move off your butts when protests are organized.  Get out there and make yourself heard.  Write, call, march, inform...
whatever it takes.  Support ONLY anti war candidates....let your reps know that..."

Rxxxxx: Just a coupla things to add to what I said before. You make very good points; that demand thotful answers.

I put my longish answer to you, also in a blog I am starting on the subject. I don't know WHY I didn't use the blog format before! I was putting my postings on the subject of going AWOL, under "Alerts"! But, by now I have so many postings on the subject -- and in different groups, etc. -- that it is obvious that a "journal" format is the appropriate one. I hope you check it out from time to time!

If you may want to know why I am so passionate about the subject -- I was loving some young men during the Viet Nam war, draftees, who went to Canada rather than be forced to serve and to shoot Vietnamese! So, the issue has a very personal resonance for me!
{I am not, however, going to join any of the "Help Americans Go To Canada" groups that I know about on here. I do not wish to DRAW THE ATTENTION of the trolls that follow me around everywhere on Care2, yelling that I am a "traitor"! I know that those "Go to Canada" groups can get along just FINE without me!!!}

ANYWAY, to your message:
1] In many venues, voters wishing to NOT support ANY pro-war candidates, and ONLY support anti-war ones, would be left with NO-ONE TO VOTE FOR AT ALL!!!!!!! And the only option then, to be consistent with your statement, would be not to vote at all!!!
The Democrats compete with the Repugs in sabre-rattling and "Stay the Course" rhetoric, in some places! Take Kerry, for instance! And, the Green Party and other 3rd parties, are not in all areas of the country!

2] I did not mean to say, in my first message on this subject, that there weren't ON THE BOOKS laws about "Shooting Deserters"; such as the law under which Private Slovik was convicted. As far as I know, that still stands -- even tho as practically, a dead, non-enforced law. However, we all know, that this INSANE Administration could revive such a law if it wanted to, and start enforcing it again if it felt inclined to do so.

However, if it did; can you IMAGINE THE OUTCRY THERE WOULD BE ABOUT IT?????? There is lots of opposition to the Death Penalty anyway, more than there was in the 1940's {when Slovik was shot}; NOW, with TV and the Internet bringing all such things close to the public -- they wouldn't be able to do this in SECRET; there would have to be a trial, etc. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SCREAMING -- AND NOT -- JUST -- FROM RADICAL GROUPS ON THE LEFT?????!!!! From Moms and Dads and families and ethnic groups and religious and................
Not that the Army doesn't carry out secret assassinations! They do! and may even assassinate their own soldiers who are whistle-blowers! There is SOME evidence that they DO do that, HAVE done it!!!!!!
But, that does NOT mean that soldiers should be AFRAID to blow the whistle -- for fear of secret assassination! As I stated in my previous message: our soldiers in both Viet Nam and in Iraq; often were and are MORE COURAGEOUS AND MORE MORALLY MOTIVATED, THAN EVEN THE PEACE MOVEMENT ITSELF GIVES THEM THE CREDIT FOR, THAT THEY DESERVE.  Therefore, should we not SUPPORT THEIR COURAGE AND MORALITY, in their deciding to DO THE RIGHT THING, and to follow their Consciences; and, should we not MAKE SUCH SUPPORT, VISIBLY AND VOCALLY, OBVIOUS TO THEM, so they may take heart from it, and know for certain, that they are NOT alone????????

Thanx for giving me this opportunity to speak to my deepest feelings.

Barbara T.

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Posted: Dec 1, 2005 5:14pm
Dec 1, 2005
Dear xxxxxx: Believe me, NOBODY is going to make the life-changing decision to desert or to go AWOL, because a silly ol' lady in a big hat "TELLS" them to! I would be nuts to think that is what I am doing!

I am, in fact, trying to describe to the best of my knowledge WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON AMONG OUR TROOPS OVERSEAS. My sources are, Veterans' organizations against the war, and the stories of returning vets; my source for a while, of a soldier actually IN Iraq; and, well, call it my "intuition" and READING BETWEEN THE LINES of some of our daily news stories. Plus, the BBC news and the Alternative Press. They, together, paint quite a DIFFERENT picture than the American Public in general is getting from our kept press!!!

Our troops are actually braver and more moral, in many instances, than even the Peace Movt gives them credit for being. Soldiers during the Viet Nam war actually organized to resist being sent out to fight; and committed many large and small acts of resistance and non-compliance with orders, on their own. Nobody "told" them to do it -- no "outside agitators"! and, THE VERY SAME THING IS HAPPENING WITH OUR TROOPS IN IRAQ -- believe me, I have my sources -- MUCH, MUCH MORE than the public is allowed to hear about!!!!!

Example; I wrote an anti-war song, about the 343rd Quartermasters' refusal to follow orders to go on what they termed a "suicide mission" -- and was DELIGHTED NO END to hear that my song had actually been sung -- by soldiers IN IRAQ! They were willing to risk the punishment they got, for singing it! {doing extra pushups}. But, I had NO IDEA WHEN I WROTE THAT SONG that it was going to be sung there, in Iraq! {You may see my song at the group, Protest Songs. A good group, you should join! My song is titled "Troops Refuse To Go On Mission". It is verbatim an actual newspaper headline that I copied for the first line.}
"Troops Refuse To Go On Mission", Fa la la la la, la la la la.
It's a Suicide Expedition, Fa la la la la, la la la la.    Etc.    I just couldn't resist that!

Well, so I believe, that since the troops are resisting and organizing ANYWAY -- we should take that cliche' slogan seriously, for once, and REALLY SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!! in their RESISTANCE!!!!!! So that they KNOW we support them, and get real moral support for those risks they are bravely taking on OUR behalf, as well as theirs and their families! That soldiers get shot for resisting, is a MYTH, a self-serving one perpetrated by the Army itself, of course. NOBODY has been shot for desertion or dis-obeying an order, since Private Eddie Slovik at the end of WWII.

Isn't the Brig better than getting shot at, and shooting and killing some innocent IRAQI? just trying to defend his country and family??????
And, we definitely ought to, we have the MORAL OBLIGATION TO, HELP that soldier make the decision that helps US, that helps end the war, that helps the Pacifist cause, and, that ultimately helps their country the most!!!!!!!!!
The life of a soldier, is definitely NOT without risks!!! NEVER without risks!!!! Making a decision to not fight, is not an "additional" risk; it is an "INSTEAD OF" risk.
Which is the best; to take risks in a JUST Cause; or, in an UNJUST cause????? The whole thing, boils down to exactly THAT.

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Posted: Dec 1, 2005 2:59pm


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