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Jan 18, 2014

Every week or every other week, I send a Message to the President and to my Representative and Senators. This is the text of my latest:

I have just sent the following message to President Obama; and I believe all Congresspersons need to hear it also.
GMOs are known to CAUSE STERILITY in Lab Animals, in the next generation. Why WOULDN'T GMOs do EXACTLY THE SAME THING to Human Reproduction? Not to get all weird-sounding, but are GMOs actually a likely-successful attempt at reducing World Over-Population? In that case, any country that ACCEPTS GMOs is Abysmally Stupid, not to mention committing Genocide on ITS OWN PEOPLE. GMOs are GENOCIDAL. And, there is no way to CONTAIN their seeds or pollen - GMOs will CONTAMINATE THE ENTIRE FOOD SUPPLY OF THE PLANET, forever. Are the Elite planning on having their own special farms for their own special foods? They already ARE doing that in China. GMOs are REALLY BAD NEWS for EVERYone. The time to STOP GMOs and Monsanto and other PLANET-POISONERS is NOW.

Nov 15, 2013
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Protest
Location: United States

I have just sent this message to the President of the United States.

And my Senators and Representative: [Please consider sending a SIMILAR message to YOUR Public Officials!]

It is time to get REAL, get SERIOUS about stopping Climate Change and Global Warming, leading to more Typhoons and devastation of Island Nations. We MUST make an ALL-OUT GO-FOR-BROKE EFFORT using EVERY SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCE at our command, like the Manhattan Project that made The Bomb. Otherwise, we are committing GENOCIDE, CLIMATE CHANGE GENOCIDE on all peoples who live on islands or by the seashore. Mostly these people are brown-skinned and they are POOR, and they have no way to escape when the storms and waves hit... They have done NOTHING to deserve this, and the Wealthy Nations have done EVERYTHING to inflict this upon them. Now we must COMPLETELY CHANGE OUR COURSE OF DESTRUCTION. Instantly. This is more important than any WAR could possibly be. We are NOT "defending the World" when our actions - OUR actions! - are really DESTROYING the entire World! If we immediately stopped ALL insane and innately wasteful "defense" spending on Military Hardware, and diverted ALL those funds to STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING - that would be REAL "defense", of Lives and of a Decent WAY to Live. DO. IT. NOW. You CAN. You MUST. With Leadership, we ALL can combine our Strengths into this great Effort.

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Posted: Nov 15, 2013 3:03am
Oct 15, 2012
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

GAP: Discontinue the Manifest Destiny T-Shirt: Petition on Change.Org

Society & Culture  (tags: manifest destiny, genocide, indigenous people, oppression, racism, inequality )
BMutiny  -
This article of clothing promotes a belief that has resulted in the mass genocide of indigenous people, and it serves to normalize oppression. This shirt is marketed to teens and young adults, and it gives no context for racism and inequality that persist

GAP is selling a black shirt with the words "MANIFEST DESTINY" written on it. This article of clothing promotes a belief that has resulted in the mass genocide of indigenous people, and it serves to normalize oppression. This shirt is marketed to teens and young adults, and it gives no context for the racism and inequality that persists in our society, to this day, as a result of this doctrine. We are asking that this shirt be discontinued, and that an apology be issued.

Until this is done, we are asking that followers of this petition also consider other means of contacting GAP.
 This includes: *EMAIL* Gap at and CC the designer at;
and/or *WRITE A REVIEW* of this shirt on the product's page;
*CALL* Gap at (650) 952-4400.
*MESSAGE or COMMENT* on the Gap Facebook company page,

The tshirt that GAP is selling can be seen here:

We thank the signers of this petition for their commitment to equality and social justice. 

Petition Letter
I am writing to express my deep concern about the "MANIFEST DESTINY" Gap shirt currently being sold in stores across the United States and online. The belief of "manifest destiny" is a devastating one, and it has resulted in the genocide of millions. We are asking Gap to realize that by selling this shirt, it indicates that the company is either racist, and/or ignorant, and/or insensitive to the true meaning of the phrase. We are asking that this shirt be discontinued immediately, and that an apology be issued to the Native American and other indigenous people around the world who have been tragically affected by this doctrine.

Please, do the right thing. Discontinue this shirt immediately and issue an apology.
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Posted: Oct 15, 2012 1:43pm
Sep 19, 2009
Meet REV. RICH LANG: Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Ballard {Seattle, WA}. For a look at how he interprets the Book of Revelation go to and click "sermon".

"Today's column is Part One in a series of articles concerning a very intimate and controversial subject: Christian Zionism." {In Real Change, a member of the North American Street Newspaper Association. Published weekly and sold by the poor and homeless of Seattle.}

 "...............Christian Zionism is the dominant belief of media and cultural Christianity in America. A Christian Zionist is a fully committed supporter of the Jewish right to the entirety of the land of Israel, including the West Bank, Gaza and, for some, all of the land between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates in Iraq. {Emphases mine! BMT}

The belief emerges from a peculiar interpretation of the Bible that assumes that the scriptures contain a hidden code revealing a detailed prediction of events that will lead to the end of life as we know it. The good news of such an end becomes the advent of an entirely new creation, purified of all the unclean and unrighteous. Christian Zionism affirms that the Jews must reclaim their own purified land before the end-times clock can start. Most {but not all} Christian Zionists believe that today the end-times clock is about to start ticking. One implication being that those kids we all sent to school last week, are, in fact, the last generation before the end of time.

The theology of Christian Zionism has major implications for the political, economic and military policies of this nation. Whether or not you give a rip about such esoteric theological pontifications, the reality is that such pontifications have deeply influenced the right-wing of this country. Such pontifications are, for example, deeply embedded in the theology of many chaplains who serve in the armed forces, and who have indeed helped twist the minds and hearts of our military apparatus in our current undeclared holy war against Islam.

Christian Zionism is a movement of spiritual despair. It has political implications that justify violence, genocide and ethnic cleansing in a celebratory fantasy that they will glorify and please the Creator. In the months ahead, I will continue this series with growing specificity concerning the theological heresy of Christian Zionism. I will attempt to make the case that such a Christianity is the antithesis of the spirit of Jesus, and the Jewish tradition in which his teachings are rooted. Such a theology, I will argue, imperils the wellbeing of our nation and the political and economic health of all creation."

By Reverend Rich Lang, Seattle, Washington

I look forward to the future series! BMT

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Posted: Sep 19, 2009 1:21pm


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