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Dec 2, 2013

This is the Content of my weekly e-mail to the President and my Members of Congress:

I have just sent the following message to President Obama, and I think the Congress should heed this also!
Mr. President: Your Administration is very much to be commended for the consistent Support and Encouragement you have shown towards greater EQUALITY for Gay and for Transgender People. Enormous strides have been and are still being made, and it is wonderful to know that the Government itself has our back! This is indeed the Civil Rights Movement of this decade. However, all the time this increase in Civil Equality has been going on, a sinister EROSION of Equal Rights has been taking place, almost simultaneously! I am referring to the EROSION OF VOTING RIGHTS, those won by the Civil Rights Movements of previous decades! enfranchising previously-excluded Poor and Black voters, especially in the Southern States. The passage by viciously prejudiced Tea-partiers, of restrictive Voter I.D. laws, is INTENDED to make a Mockery of Equal Voting Rights, won with such difficulty and with actual shedding of heroes' and martyrs' blood! Severely restricting Voters' Rights is of course the only way the GOP, captured by the Tea-baggers and their distinctly MINORITY and Un-American position, could possibly win elections. I am asking you now, to TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS MOCKERY, THIS REVERSAL of hard-won and cherished Voters' Equal Rights. The imposition of Voters' I.D. of only certain restrictive kinds that not everyone has, imposes an undue burden on the Poor, on Minorities, and especially on Women Voters {who change their names more often than men do}. There must be Public Awareness and Outcry, it must not just be left to the States and the Courts, this must be seen for the IMMORAL TRAVESTY OF DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE that it is! As you have TAKEN A STAND, a MORAL Stand, for Gay and Transsexual Rights, against bullying and for Marriage Equality for example - Please TAKE A STAND and Speak Up for Voting Rights for EVERYONE, Rich and Working Poor and Homeless, very Old and very Young, Male or Female or Transsexual, whatever their condition in life may be. Your MORAL SUPPORT could mean a lot! Also get CONGRESS to take some Actions, pass Resolutions, and take a MORAL, OUTRAGED STAND. That is what I'm asking.

Jul 25, 2012

"God" as "he" is conceived, is a LOGICAL IMPOSSIBILITY.

God is said to be Omniscient, all-knowing, knows everything that's going on;

Omnipotent, all-powerful, controls everything that's going on;

and all-Good.

Now, he can be any TWO of those things -- take your pick; but god CAN'T be all three, if words are to have any meaning at all.

He can be unknowing of all the evil and suffering going on in the world {especially that done in his name!};

can know all of what's going on, but be unable to stop it;

but he CAN'T be both the first two things, and be GOOD, in the same sense that we commonly use the words "good" or "kind" or "loving" or "compassionate" to describe ourselves or our neighbors! To say that "we just can't understand god" or "god has different standards than we do", is nothing but a {traditional} cop-out that completely perverts the meaning of "good" to mean, as a word, one thing when it comes to our ordinary standards of behavior, and a totally different meaning ONLY when applied to "god".

An entity can't be ALL black AND ALL white at the same time! Of course, an entity can be MIXED colors, and a god can be PARTLY good and evil. But that is not how religious people define him! People are finally getting sick of dealing with this nonsense conundrum.....

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Posted: Jul 25, 2012 6:05pm


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