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Nov 28, 2009
Focus: Government
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Location: United States

President Obama, for reasons that are not clear, delayed signing an International treaty banning land mines. This shocked many people -- including me. Here is what YOU can do:

The treaty, also known as the Ottawa Treaty, calls for a ban on antipersonnel landmines. Why? It's the civilian cost that is a key player here. These mines maim and kill people in the region that they were deployed in long after the conflict has ended.

That's just the one of the reasons why these mines are bad news, bad policy and bad relations. Here are some more:

  • With landmines in the ground, relief aid meant for those in disaster areas and war torn regions is slowed, or perhaps even prevented, because the ground becomes potentially lethal to cross.
  • Landmines make much needed farming, grazing and irrigation lands inaccessible, severely hampering the local population's ability to recover and sustain recovery after conflict.
  • Landmines increase the risk to aide workers who go to help in post-conflict zones, sometimes preventing them from reaching the people that are in desperate need of help all together.
  • Many would contend that there is an unacceptable risk to U.S. military personnel where landmines are concerned, noting that thousands of soldiers have been injured or killed by mines in every U.S. involved conflict since World War II.  
  • Tragically, it is often children who are the victims of landmines, with UNICEF estimating that around 30-40 percent of mine victims are children under the age of 15, which leads to years of painful rehabilitation and a lifetime of disfigurement, if they have a lifetime left, that is. The non-human victims of landmines shouldn't be forgotten either.
  • Lastly, a 1996 study demonstrated that landmines were not an effective or necessary part of military strength, leading to long held support for the rejection of mine use from a growing section of the military.

As mentioned above, the U.S. already adheres to most of the accord. So can we expect Obama to sign on in the near future? All hope is not lost, but his signing the treaty won't be immediate, no. I predict a holding pattern on all sides until the health care reform bill is passed. As Don Kraus, CEO of Citizens for Global Solutions noted, when it comes to these kinds of decisive issues:

"It's more a question of timing than commitment. There's limited bandwidth in terms of what the administration and the Senate can do at any one time."

That doesn't mean we have to wait, however. While Obama collects his Nobel Peace Prize next week, we can gently remind him of the commitments he made to human rights that won him that prestigious honor.

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The above was posted by Steve W.; and the full text can be found under "Causes".

Obama Admin Slip-Up Puts Weight on Landmine Issue

posted by: Steve W.

Obama Admin Slip-Up Puts Weight on Landmine Issue

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Posted: Nov 28, 2009 12:49pm
Oct 10, 2009

In an ideal, perfect world {where's that?}, the Nobel Committee would be nothing but a bunch of starry-eyed idealists, awarding the prize to other starry-eyed idealists. ALWAYS. Well, SOMETIMES it works that way. {I could list a few of these "deserving" recipients if I had the time.}

At other times, the Nobel Prize Committee, just like everyone else on the Planet it seems, is Playing Politics -- and it has been so from the very beginning. Look at the HISTORY of the Nobel Peace Prize! It was awarded to such "warriors" as: Teddy Roosevelt! {Spanish-American War}; Woodrow Wilson! {took the US into WWI}; Yasser Arafat! {sortof a "terrorist", wouldn't you say?}; and - even! HENRY KISSINGER! {one of the WORST of the warmongers.....!}. Yes, it was a matter of "encouraging" certain people and actions by these people and "trends". Not awarded necessarily because these people were "saints and angels". It could even be called, "interfering in the affairs of another country"; and that's NOT NECESSARILY a Bad Thing, when that country has power on a WORLD stage like the US does!

I think this action by the Nobel Peace Prize Committe was a stroke of GENIUS. It seems to me, irrelevant whether the prize was "deserved" in a strict sense, or not! {President Obama was very gracious about saying he felt he "didn't deserve it". Now, he has EVEN MORE TO LIVE UP TO! That's a GOOD thing!!!}

This prize award has CHANGED THE COMPLEXION OF POLITICS IN THE USA. For one thing, THE REPUBLICANS AND THE FAR-RIGHT ARE MAKING TOTAL PUBLIC IRREDEEMABLE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES! That ALONE is worth it! You see, the Repukelicans and the Far Right NEVER DID ACTUALLY HAVE THE PUBLIC SUPPORT THAT THEY CLAIM TO HAVE. The only way they can APPEAR to have any support, is because THE MEDIA GIVES THEM ALL THAT PUBLICITY. While these clowns PRETEND to be leading a "grassroots movement", teabaggers, anti-health-care dupes, etc.; the movement is in actuality, nothing but {I LOVE that phrase!}, an "ASTROTURF" movement!!! {For those to whom English is a second language, "Astroturf" is a kind of ARTIFICIAL grass, used in sports stadiums, etc.}
This is PROVED by the fact that POLLS SHOW that all the efforts of the Right-wingers HAVE NOT CHANGED PUBLIC OPINION {on Health Care, for example}, by any significant number of percentage points!!!!!
However, the Media by giving undue PUBLICITY to the ranting bigots, and virtually NONE to even huge protests by OUR side; give a completely DISTORTED view.

Well, there is such a thing, apparently hard-wired into most human beings, such a thing as PATRIOTISM. Even birds and animals, LOVE and defend their "home base", their territory, their Homeland! The Repukes have PUT THEMSELVES ON THE WRONG SIDE; by being snide about their favorite hate-object, Obama, getting the award!!! But, all the LATENT PATRIOTISM of MOST folks, as well as the CONTINUING SUPPORT FOR OBAMA that in some instances has been INTIMIDATED and muted into silence, has NOW come to the fore!!!!!

Whether on purpose or not {and I think these Norwegian guys are quite a savvy bunch!}, this comes at a time when the SEEMING power and influence of the Far Right APPEARED to be out-of-control. This giving of the award sure CUTS THEM DOWN TO SIZE!!! Not only do WE, up-to-now ignored by the Media, WE get our VOICES back; but I feel, with all the irresponsible Right-wing rant encouraging actual VIOLENCE, I feel that GIVING THIS AWARD AT THIS TIME MAY HAVE EVEN SAVED OUR PRESIDENT FROM ASSASSINATION. Because THAT's where all this "talk" was headed, make no mistake!

Of course I am very pleased for President Obama, his supporters in the government, his family both in the US and in Kenya, our country and those who had the good sense to vote for Obama {without waiting for the "perfect person" to come along}. This award will INDEED "ENCOURAGE" certain types of good, peace-tending policies; which WAS the original intent of the founder of the Prize, Alfred Nobel. Its net result will ALSO be, perhaps even more importantly, to ENCOURAGE the supporters of President Obama, including even some of the previously dis-illusioned ones, to PUSH EVEN HARDER for the policies for Peace that WE want to see instituted: leaving Iraq and Afghanistan, no drone bombers, dis-mantle American bases, even MORE nuclear disarmament, etc. etc. etc. This has been SOOOOOOO good for our country; and for what we want!

And the Far Right, our deadly enemies, self-destruct EVEN FASTER...... leaving the path for Reform that much clearer.......

Si Se Puedes! Yes We Can! HOPE is back to the foreground......!

Jul 3, 2009
Focus: Government
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
On-going Demo and Petition

**Beginning JULY 4 - 7, in Lafayette Park outside the White House in Washington D.C.; The Change We Knead Now - BAKE BREAD FOR WORLD PEACE call for nonviolent civil action. Sit with us outside the White House and bake bread for World Peace. PETITION SIGNING. All Welcome. Everyone is invited to join us outside the White House in support of the changes Americans voted for in the historic election of Obama. We spent trillions to bail out America's corporations now it's time to bail out the American people. On July 4, 2009 we will start baking bread with the sun outside the White House and ask people to sign this petition: 1. Implement universal government-paid (Single- Payer) healthcare for all; 2. Free federal prisoner Leonard Peltier by executive order today; 3. Solar energy collectors available for every house; 4. Passenger trains connecting every city; 5. Organic gardening classes in every school; 6. Call for a global ceasefire. Sit with us outside the White House to inspire Obama to implement the proposals of this petition within a year. America voted for change, but so far corporate America has high-jacked our dreams. This is the moment when Obama's supporters can push his administration to fulfill the mandate of his victory. Obama has the power to begin implementing these six priorities by July 4, 2010, so consider joining us outside the White House. (You don't need to bake bread to participate) info or 575-770-3377

SOUNDS REAL GOOD TO ME! I like that green program!  BMutiny T

Ongoing until July 2010! Actions you can take now or later. 

[I had trouble trying to sign their Petition On-line, and couldn't do it; there is some technical glitch, apparently. They have only 42 signatures; that's probably why, some technicality in signing! They rejected my e-mail address. I hope they get it all straightened out!]

Apparently, the demo is ONGOING, and not just until July 7th, as inferred above! They ask if you will use some of your vacation time to join in front of the White House..... [Warning: Washington D.C. is known to get fearsomely hot in the summer.... I have heard that staff from foreign countries got or used to get, "tropical pay"!]

We certainly can ALL of us, write to our Congresscritters about this campaign.......


PLEDGE: THE CHANGE WE KNEAD NOW - BAKE BREAD FOR WORLD PEACE call for nonviolent civil action.

Sit with us outside the White House and bake bread for WORLD PEACE starting July 4, 2009 in Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.

Consider taking your vacation and join us outside the White House. One or two weeks of participation would be a rewarding way to spend your summer break. If you can participate all July or all August that is really helpful. If you have the freedom to stay until every point on the petition is achieved, fantastic! What ever time you can dedicate is so important to changing the direction of the country and the world. Each participant is invited to sit in blocks of a few hours at a time throughout the day. We will try to provide free food to help keep the vigil going. This is our time to to inspire Obama to advance the positive changes we need now!

I agree to sit outside the White House from ______ To_____.
I will bring _______pounds of flour.
I will bring a solar oven. Yes/No
I will bring a water bottle. Yes/No
I will bring a comfortable blanket or pad to sit on and a rain coat or umbrella. Yes/No
I will help collect food and cook meals for the action. Yes/No
I will bring _______friends to join the action.
I will ask my group ________to endorse The Change We Knead Now campaign. I will post ______ flyers announcing campaign.
I will get as many people as I can to sign the petition. Yes/No

I will send a letter to my congress person and the local media about why I am participating in The Change We Knead Now campaign. Yes/No

I agree to be nonviolent during this legal civil action.

[This is just an example of what you would sign if agreeing to participate.]

DOWNLOAD THE PLEDGE (legal size paper)

Endorsed by: Bill McKibben - author and cofounder of, Healthcare NOW! - Organizing for a National Single-Payer Healthcare System, Cindy Sheehan, Country Joe McDonald - Singer/Songwriter, Starhawk - author/activist, Thomas Mapfumo - Zimbabwe Afropop Musician, Jamaat al-Muslimeen - An Independent Forum for the Oppressed, John Nichols - Author of The Milagro Beanfield War,  Kiilu Nyasha - Black Panther Breakfast Program, David Barsamian - Director Alternative Radio, Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, Pat LaMarche - Green Party vice-presidential candidate in the 2004 U.S. presidential election, Justin Bailey - Taos County Field Coordinator for Elect Obama Campaign 2008, Nikki Craft - radical political activist, Ellen Thomas - Proposition ONE in 2010! Campaign, Franco Mares - Singer/Songwriter, The Clearlight Quaker Worship Group - Taos NM, The Taos Peace House and Infoshop, Keith McHenry - cofounder of Food Not Bombs.



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