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Sep 15, 2012

While the man who financed the anti-Islamic video which incited protests in several countries remains in hiding, it was revealed Friday that both the film's director and some of the performers were part of the adult film industry. Raw Story


Folks, could THIS be the Right-wing's "October Surprise", designed ON PURPOSE to EMBARRASS the Obama Administration and THROW A MONKEY-WRENCH into our Middle Eastern Policy and delicate relations with all countries and with Israel?
When this load of scheiss-Porn was TRANSLATED AND SUB-TITLED INTO ARABIC, they KNEW they would get a reaction when it was viewed on youtube! It was DESIGNED to PRODUCE that reaction!

Do I see the secret fingerprints of the KOCH BROTHERS on this? Who want to defeat the President AT ANY COST? Who will TRY to make dilemmas for him, to benefit the REPUBLICANS?!
Alan Gray
Saturday September 15
Now you just jumped from rational discussion to another planet.
Suddenly, it is the Koch brothers and Republicans.
Get real !
Of course it was designed to get a reaction but to suddenly place this on the dreaded republicans and Koch, you've taken an enormous leap.
You just did exactly what those idiot 'protesters" are doing - making stuff up with no evidence and no idea what you are talking about.
Don't put yourself into the same category as people who put their own wild interpretation on something because you've talked yourself into a thought process that makes no sense.


I DO smell a Conspiracy of some sort, here.
Call me a "Conspiracy Theorist". Some Conspiracies ARE REAL.


A.] It was announced to the Egyptians, by SOME source, that this was going to be the release of "a huge Hollywood-style blockbuster historical movie"; and that it WAS "approved by our govt." LIES!

B.] It was announced, at first, that this movie was "made by an Israeli", and "financed by a hundred Israeli donors." Again, LIES!
and involving Israel, which is enough to send people on all sides into orbit!
Investigations by the Israeli govt [and Mossad is quite thoro!] showed this was NOT true.

C.] The movie was NOTHING, until some bright genius TRANSLATED IT INTO ARABIC, and put SUBTITLES on it, in Arabic. And THEN onto youtube. Obviously, WANTING to "get to" Arabic speakers.

D.] While the movie shows Sexual Acts, including {implied} Oral Sex, and is produced and acted in by Porn stars, EVERYONE IS FULLY DRESSED. Obviously, they don't want the movie to be CENSORED for Muslims!

E.] The movie -- which is really, the 13-minute TRAILER to the "2-hour movie", which we will NEVER SEE {or want to see} -- is, just like a PORN FILM, a series of "Climaxes" -- that is, a series of SLURS AGAINST MOHAMMED; he is a bastard {slurs against his mother}, he talks to a donkey, he isn't much of a man because his wives henpeck him and beat him up, he is Gay, he is a rapist, he tortures old ladies, etc. etc.

F.] Okay, back to the DIS-INFORMATION. We were told that "an angry mob" besieged and attacked the U.S. embassy. NOT SO! It was, according to eyewitnesses, an ARMED, ORGANIZED, MILITARY ATTACK with MILITARY HARDWARE such as the U.S. supplied to the Libyan "rebels"!!! Grenades and Rocket Launchers and Military Vehicles. Hmmmmmm....

G.] This was VERY NEATLY CO-ORDINATED with the Date, 9/11, which MEANS NOTHING TO ARABS...

H.] There were SIMULTANEOUS ARMED ATTACKS in several Countries, in Egypt by a far-far-right organization more fundamentalist than the Muslim Brotherhood, that wants to seize power in the political vacuum... Armed attacks take ADVANCE PLANNING....

I.] Meanwhile, Mitt Romney CALLS OBAMA A TRAITOR and "responsible"; and then RYAN BACKS HIM UP. One thing that was remarked on by more than one commentator, was THE SMIRK ON ROMNEY'S FACE DURING THIS. Like he was HAPPY about the death of a U.S. Ambassador. Now, I guess this ain't "Hard Evidence". But, SOMETIMES YOUR GUT, YOUR INTUITION TELLS YOU SOMETHING. Then you go looking for the "Hard Evidence".

J.] I could also mention here, the connection made in the beginning of the film trailer, AND in the "publicity" for it, the probably-phoney COPTIC CHRISTIAN CONNECTION. {Not disproved or denied yet, but -- it figures!} {Hittin' all the bases, of whom to STIR UP HATE AGAINST!}

My sources of info, are Alternet, the Rachel Maddow Show, and other news sources available on the Internet to everyone.
It's not all in yet, all the info. BUT, these days, the Koch brothers are into EVERYTHING Political and Economic that's going on... so, they would be "the Usual Suspects"... that wouldn't surprise me at ALL. And, thru Big Oil, they have contacts ALL OVER THE WORLD...
This is MY OWN summing-up of what I have learned, so far.
I am pretty good at pattern-recognition; and my "predictions" often turn out to be correct. Even if "based on" Intuition and Gut Feelings.
I hope I have outlined my thought-processes here, clearly. Of course, someone could look at the SAME info, and come to some other conclusion.
But my INFO IS CORRECT. Based on the LATEST that has come in so far...

I don't know what you people may think about 9/11. But I think, there was some kind of COLLUSION there too...
and that is what we have here. Something with TENTACLES reaching out... to disparate groups...
Jus' my opinion. Jus' my opinion.

[I think the PURPOSE might be, to flummox President Obama by saddling him with a HOLY WAR to deal with... like ARMAGEDDON. Various disparate fundamentalist groups might like to see that happen... to further their agendas in a big high-stakes gamble...]


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Posted: Sep 15, 2012 8:47pm
Sep 9, 2012
A Yiddish CURSE for Repuglican Jews!!!

To quote from

May G-d give you a daughter-in-law who is as kind as she is beautiful, as patient as she is rich, as wise as she is devoted, a virtuous woman in every way. And then may a ballot initiative invalidate her marriage to your Rebecca.


Yiddish curses always have those lovely TWISTS!!!

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Posted: Sep 9, 2012 1:54pm
Nov 13, 2009
New Petition to Legalize [typo] in Florida! Please sign in spite of typo! 

legalize mariguana now legalize mariguana now
how can the laws prohibiting the use of marijuana be allowed??? they go against the
My comment: [and please sign in spite of typo!] 

'The whole anti-marijuana hysteria is TOTALLY WRONG; it was fueled by RACISM in the first place, because "minorities" in this country used it {such as Black jazz musicians, who were "corrupting our youth with the Devil's Music"}. Everybody now KNOWS that this hysteria is falsely-based. Judges, lawyers, doctors, prosecuting attorneys, and almost all candidates for public office {!} and members of their staffs and their families, either have used it at one time, or are STILL using it. [Verifiable: a HUGE percentage of Americans have used marijuana at some time or other!] BUT, THEY don't have to worry about being caught and put in jail! WHAT TOTAL HYPOCRISY!!! Let EVERYONE out of jail NOW, who was busted on non-violent Marijuana charges! The ONLY right thing to do!!!'

And while you're at it, if you haven't yet signed this letter to the FEDS..... 

Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults

Support HR 2943, the Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults

The measure, HR 2943, an "Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults", would eliminate federal penalties for the personal possession of up to 100 grams (three and one-half ounces) of cannabis and for the not-for-profit transfer of up to one ounce of pot - making the prosecutions of these offenses strictly a state matter.

Please Note this: it DID make the Front Page!!! 


Maine Voters First to Licence Medical Marijuana
Maine Voters First to Licence Medical Marijuana

Health & Wellness  (tags: medicalmarijuana, cannabis, marijuana, medicalcannabis, maine, elections, voters, patientsrights, drugs, medicine )

Maine voters overwhelmingly approve licencing Medical Marijuana; other States poised to vote on similar measures. Landslide victory for Cannabis advocates! Federal Law will no longer interfere in States' Medical Cannabis regulation.
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Posted: Nov 13, 2009 11:49am
Aug 25, 2007

Please, someone come up with a way to get it into the mainstream media and not just in cyberspace

Here's something we ALL can do - really! TELL THE  -Cate

Rev. Rich Lang's 9/11: Call to Action Freedom From Fear in Seattle   video visit site
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: 9/11, impeach, iraq, lies, politics, war, healthcare, elections )

Rich Lang is a Methodist minister from Seattle. He is a passionate and powerful speaker (please watch the enclosed link). He is right in saying that passive protest is not going to change anything. A YouTube video in 3 parts.
Philosophy of Living Faith Radio

  • A positive, progressive Christian alternative
  • Reflecting the joy and justice message of Jesus
  • Aimed toward spiritual seekers and strugglers
  • For the purpose of amplifying the voice of Progressive Christianity.

Living Faith is a positive, progressive, Christian alternative that lifts up themes of nonviolence, compassion, co-operation, and community. Living Faith will educate the public in the liberal family values of Jesus, his commitment of economic justice for the poor, care of creation, compassion for the excluded, and resistance to empire. Living Faith will articulate a positive expression of a Wisdom Culture that promotes lifestyles of balance and reconciliation. Living Faith will invite others into a conversation about the values and vision of Jesus.

CALL TO ACTION ON 9/11; Please go to the above URL for the entire speech; or watch the video. BMT
"First they came for the terrorists but I wasn't a terrorist so I stayed silent and went about my business. Then they came for those suspected of terrorism, but I certainly wasn't a suspect so I stayed silent and went about my business. Then they came for those who defended those who were suspected of terrorism, but I wasn't defending such people so I stayed silent and went about my business. Then, one day, they came and began to "suspect" me, so I stayed very, very silent and went about my business.
And that is how I lost my soul."

You can feel it in the air: many of us are living in the fear that we are one "bad event" away from this administration seizing power over the people in such a way that we will find ourselves swept up in a nightmare of tyranny such as we've never seen before.

Others before us have also lived in such times. Others before us have also witnessed the tyranny of empire, the fear it unleashes, and the trance it imposes on its population. There is a story in the Gospel of Mark (this Sunday I'll be preaching about it) that has Jesus encountering a man in a graveyard, chained to the tombs and possessed by a powerful demon that has caused the man to become violent, insane, and out of control. The name of the demon is Legion, a military term that symbolizes the occupying army of Rome. In the story Jesus breaks through the silence, the denial, the trance and compels the demon to acknowledge its name. Once named, Jesus "exorcizes the demon", that is, he performs a direct public action that breaks through the denial and the trance while restoring the man to sanity and community.

We are gathered tonight because our nation has fallen into a trance: we've become possessed by a spirit that is causing us great harm. It is a spirit that causes great violence. It is a spirit that destroys community. It turns us against each other. It causes us to distrust each other. And it certainly causes us to question our sanity, our understanding of events and of basic human qualities like honesty, forthrightness, integrity, co-operation. This trance has caused us to lose our voice, we have become silent in the face of great evils. We have learned how to live in denial of the obvious. Indeed, we now know the answer to that old question, "how could good German citizens allow the Nazi Party to rise to power?" We need somehow to awaken from this trance, and find our voice. We need to break through the denial and compel the demon that possesses us to state forth its name, and having done that, then through direct public actions we can restore our citizenry to sanity and community. We need to awaken and reclaim our roots as a democracy.

That's the assumption of this call to meeting. We face a multitude, a whole legion of evils that are silencing us, chaining us to fears and denial, possessing us with a spirit contrary to our nature. You have probably come here because you have seen this possession and have become restless and frustrated in "casting it out" of the body politic. Some of you are here because you think electing Democrats in 2008 will bring a new birth of hope. Some of you are here because you think our governing system has fallen into disrepair and needs a few tweaks and adjustments. Some of you want to fix our broken elections, or stop the impending war in Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Some of you want to get to the bottom of the 9/11 contradictions, and some of you are worried sick about the house of cards that is our economy. Many of you are greatly concerned about the growing power of the executive and the military. Many of you worry about the corruption of our political process through Corporate money. The urgency of multiple crisis (legion) is certainly before our nation this evening. But tonight the focus is really on one part of the crisis: breaking the trance, breaking through the denial and finding our voice.


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Posted: Aug 25, 2007 7:43pm
Dec 8, 2005

M Rusty has received 92 new, 645 total stars from Care2 membersM Rusty has been awarded 75 butterflies for taking action at Care2 M Rusty F.
Help Save the USA from the Enemy within 11:18 AM
It may not solve the problem, but it is a step in the right direction.

Remove the "tax exempt" status of the ACLU.


It infuriates me, a long-time and proud ACLU member, that this sort of VILE TRASH should be found on a Care2 group. I went to the site and it only had a very few signatures on it, the Usual Suspects as you can well imagine; later, I could not get onto the site again, so maybe it IS now blocked, I don't know. At any rate, I exercised my "flag" option. This was posted today at thePetitionsSite group, and THIS, at any rate, is still there, whether the petition itself is, or not.

What concerns me most, is, that when we peremptorily have to leave Iraq like whipped hounds slinking off with our tails between our legs; THEN, the Bush Administration will SURELY, just as the Nazis blamed "The Jews and the Bolsheviks" for the "stab in the back" that supposedly caused Germany to lose World War I; the Bushies are SETTING IT UP to BLAME US, THE PEACE AND CIVIL LIBERTIES MOVEMENTS, for being "soft on terrorism" and thereby "causing" the U.S. Army, that huge, "invincible" war machine, to LOSE THE WAR IN IRAQ.


The person who posted this is not the nice person he would have some believe he is. The SLANDEROUS, LIBELOUS words he uses about the ACLU, the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, and its tens of thousands of proud members such as myself, were far, far better APPLIED TO HIM.

Barbara T.
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Posted: Dec 8, 2005 6:50pm
Nov 11, 2005
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Posted: Nov 11, 2005 1:07pm


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