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Dec 8, 2009
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This is VERY IMPORTANT and RELATES TO 9/11 as a CONTINUATION of the anti-Muslim hysteria provoked by 9/11, which was its POINT.

Please circulate this! It was for me a REAL EYE-OPENER; and is TOTALLY CONVINCING, once I read it! It just INSTINCTIVELY MAKES THE BEST SENSE out of all this!!!!!

Was Ft.Hood Shooter a Brainwashed Patsy in An Intelligence Game?
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Ft Hood, Major Hasan, 9/11, Lee Harvey Oswald, Atta, patsies )


Like all patsies, Major Hasan combines the flamboyant and bombastic proclamation of his personal creed with a seeming immunity from bureaucratic countermeasures which would normally be automatic in shutting him down.

My comment on that article:

Alex Jones's forum is not always something I agree with; but THIS article very much deserves your serious consideration! Personally, I think it is RIGHT ON!
I, myself, was a TOTALLY UNWITTING PART OF INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS surrounding the Kennedy Assassination. I have been interviewed for a published book on the subject by Jim Douglass; and my name as an interviewee appears in the Index of that book.

Therefore, I KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT, that Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the "Lefty" crazy nut the Media and the FBI made him out to be.
And this shooting by Major Hasan {and presumably at the same time by others unknown, as there also were in the Kennedy assassination}, LOOKS JUST THE SAME TO ME; when the facts are brought out as in this article.

The fact that the other soldiers thought this "might have been a drill", does NOT convince me; as that idea would be normal and routine, I should think, on any military base at any time.

No, READ FURTHER; what DOES give the whole show away, as far as I am concerned, is the "flamboyant trail" Major Hasan left behind; that he LEFT SO MANY OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING BOTH MENTALLY DISTURBED, AND A FLAMBOYANT IDEOLOGIST; that WERE in fact, noted by his Superior Officers who did nothing about it. Heck, soldiers CAN GET IN TROUBLE FOR WEARING THE WRONG T-SHIRT!!! or participating in a Peace March even while not in uniform; or being in the wrong company! I KNOW this!!! It is obvious, that Superior Officers were PROTECTING this Patsy, if not URGING HIM ALONG, for future CIA scenarios.....

Also, how could he have gotten off 100 shots, without reloading, and without some fit, trained soldiers, even unarmed ones, tackling him while he reloaded..... reminds one of the "too many" Kennedy shots, and the "magic bullet".....

This REALLY SMELLS, when you look into it......
And it is being USED, to fuel anti-Muslim HYSTERIA, and the timing is suspicious, JUST BEFORE troop escalation in Afghanistan?????
As the Lee Harvey Oswald incident, was attempted to be used, in anti-Cuban propaganda, linking Oswald to Castro...... Thank goodness for Walter Cronkite, he kept America SANE during those dark days I well remember, and chose NOT to go down that path.....

[It is NOT NECESSARILY this, or any, Administration, that is responsible for these deceptions and Black Ops and Psi Ops..... it could be, as the article speculates, "rogue elements" of the CIA who are esconced in high places and key sectors of the Military.....}

To the article itself, in infowars:
Was Ft.Hood Shooter a Brainwashed Patsy in An Intelligence Game?


Jun 10, 2009
Focus: Government
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

After looking at the evidence surrounding the Pat Tillman coverup, I have come to this certain conclusion: that DEATH SQUADS ARE OPERATING WITHIN THE UNITED STATES ARMY; USED AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE U.S. MILITARY ITSELF.

I am tired of endless crappola debates among the politically inclined, on whether President Obama is a "Good Guy or a Bad Guy".  Such discussions are a total waste of time, utterly pointless, change nothing. Obama really has VERY LIMITED power. This doesn't make him, in my view, a "hand-picked tool of Wall Street". {Wall Street had hand-picked Ms. Clinton for that role. Obama rode a genuine populist surge that surprised everyone!} Obama, with his LIMITED power, is like a "manager", trying to keep everyone happy if possible. Like a guy negotiating between Capital, the Bosses, and Labor, the Unions. In a situation where the Bosses basically hold ALL the cards! Trying to win for the "Unions" {to continue that metaphor} what concessions he can!

Who is really in power? CHENEY and his gang! and he is going around FLAUNTING that power! Bush was of course never in power, never had any power at all, was just a figurehead. But Obama is in a very tricky position. He is in NO SENSE in a position to make a "revolution" or a "coup"! And, in what I think Obama is trying to do, he may very well fail! The powers against him may be too great......

We are not REALLY a "Democracy"; not any more; we are an OLIGARCHY, rule by the few, with Democratic outside wrappings! We really ought to recognize this...... This is totally different from the Roosevelt era, when the President actually DID have some power. With the Kennedy assassination, essentially a coup was effected..... that has remained in power EVER SINCE. I am not going in for the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, aliens from outer space, "the Bilderberg group", or any of that stuff! However, we DO have a shadow government behind the facade of "democratic institutions". Calling it "Bilderberg" or anything else, does NOTHING to help understand it, or feel you have some kind of "control" just by NAMING it! {A well-known form of MAGIC, nothing more!} Besides, I think that the Oligarchy changes constantly, has internal power struggles we know nothing about, etc. It isn't just one specifically identified group of people you can point to and name! A whole lot is VERY undercover..... the main characteristic of this group, as in ALL such various dominant groups thruout Human History, is its willingness to use total brutal force, to succeed........ call it Social Darwinism if you will.

Obama of COURSE, KNOWS all this. He KNOWS who was really responsible for 9/11, for the Kennedy assassination, for the CIA-sponsored coup in Indonesia. If WE can know, OBAMA knows. He may be trying to do what "good", what large or small reforms, he can, under these deplorable circumstances..... and, he could fail.

McChrystal {sp.?} is a case in point. His being put in charge in Afghanistan. He has been associated with Black Ops. {That is where the REAL power base lies, in the secret Black Ops, NOT in such an open, and juvenilely ridiculous, place like Bohemian Grove!!!!!!!} He has also been associated with the cover-up on Pat Tillman's death. The reports on Pat Tillman lead me to believe, that DEATH SQUADS are operating WITHIN THE AMERICAN ARMY. Pat Tillman, a very high-profile person, was starting to question the rationale of the Iraq war; WHY WERE ALL HIS JOURNALS BURNED AT THE SAME TIME THEY BURNED HIS CLOTHES??? And, a LOT OF OTHER "SUICIDES" and "Friendly Fire" incidents, are being questioned ALSO. DEATH SQUADS OPERATING IN THE U.S. ARMY, JUST AS IN LATIN AMERICA and Palestine, etc....... The purpose of this, is to "nip in the bud" ANY Army Resistance, like that which stopped the Viet Nam war...... The hopelessness of forming any similar Resistance in this case, has led to the REAL suicides of soldiers {not faked}, who see NO solidarity and NO other way out........

So, the way I see it, Obama was FORCED to choose McChrystal...... he has very little room to operate, Obama, maybe he has even less room than he thot he would have when he was running for office..... tho on the other hand, Obama was certainly not blind to it, either. And, however much we demonstrate, communicate, express outrage and Public Opinion, it will have VERY LITTLE EFFECT ON THE REAL POWER, ON THE OLIGARCHY........ The after-Kennedy Oligarchy has found, much to the surprise of some of its more hidebound members, that it can absorb Social Change and still remain in power; it can absorb long hair on guys, tie-dyed T-shirts, rock music, Civil Rights for Blacks, and for Women, and for Gays, and still remain in power as its basic self, power that is BASED ON VIOLENCE AND THE WILLINGNESS TO USE FORCE, openly or covertly...... And, it will most likely CO-OPT THE GREEN MOVEMENT IN THE SAME WAY.....!


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