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Oct 15, 2012

 A friend of mine recently sent me some info, I followed up on it, at first dis-believing like no doubt most or all of you would! But, after several days of follow-up, I HAVE come to these conclusions: that humans never landed on the Moon; that the Astronauts were actors {altho really recruited from real Military Test Pilots}; and the "Moon" scenes were shot on a FILM SET.


According to Polls, 20% of Americans now apparently believe as I have come to believe...

The info that my friend sent me, that got me started doing my OWN research, was a website called "Wagging the Moondoggie", by David McGowan. That started it, but I went lots of other places too. One thing led to another. There are also of course "debunking" sites. I took all that into consideration!

And No, I am not a "conspiracy nut" that thinks the Illuminati and/or the Freemasons or groups like that, are behind all the bad things and deception in the world!!!

We never landed on the Moon. And, why no-one has ever been back to the Moon.

WE DO NOT HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY EVEN TODAY.  NO COUNTRY HAS THAT TECHNOLOGY. Altho Technology we DO have, is VASTLY SUPERIOR to the Technology of 1969 and the early '70's! We STILL couldn't get to the Moon, today!

We could, in the 1960's, get Human beings into ORBIT around the Earth, into SPACE. But, there is SO VAST A DISTANCE, between that and the Moon...

{Not to mention, the deadly Van Allen Radiation Belts to cross...}

NO COUNTRY proposes a Moon program, even for the FORESEEABLE future... Over FORTY YEARS later... with VASTLY BETTER technology...

Here are the reasons that we DON'T WANT TO LET GO OF THE IDEA {FICTION, SUPERSTITION IF YOU WILL!} that we went to the Moon:

1] "It was a GREAT TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT." It "showed what Mankind could do." It was a "Triumph of Science."

2] Well, even for us Cynics, us "un-patriotic" {so they call us!} Lefties and Liberals, STILL, wasn't it GREAT to think that THE UNITED STATES, THE GREATEST AND STRONGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, OUR COUNTRY, COULD ACHIEVE THIS??? Yeah, admit it, there is a bit of a Chauvinist in the most skeptical! Just inborn in us to love our "tribe"...

3] It was a glorious part of "WINNING THE COLD WAR AGAINST COMMUNISM"! A War, among other things, for the hearts & minds of "third-world" and "independent" nations, which way would they go, Democracy {and Capitalism}, or become part of the Soviet Union's sphere of influence? And BLOODLESS, a Victory without a shot being fired! What's not to love about that?

4] Then there is of course the "Great Lie" technique. Hitler's propaganda minister said, "Everybody recognizes ordinary lies, because everybody tells such lies. But to be successful, tell a HUGE lie, because people just don't believe someone WOULD tell such a lie..." I am paraphrasing mightily!

5] Then of course, back in those days - even after the Kennedy assassination! - people didn't believe the govt WOULD or COULD think of "getting away with" such a huge and total scam... I think we have come around to thinking differently, at least many of us have! But THOSE were still the days of our INNOCENCE...

Here is what convinced ME... since I am not a techie, not very qualified to judge "the Technology"! {Altho what I have read about the Technology, simply and plainly explained, IS totally convincing to me, as far as I understand it!}

Digression: How do we know what we know? When a new bit of information comes along, we "fit it into" what we ALREADY KNOW about Reality. Have you seen those old postcards with a guy, a hunter, posing in front of his car with a "Jackalope" slung across the front of it? A huge Jackrabbit with antlers? Well, whether you have seen those postcards or not, you KNOW that they are FAKE, a JOKE - somehow, what you know of Reality tells you that a "Jackalope" DOES NOT, AND EVEN COULD NOT, EXIST. Even if you can't spell out why, you just "KNOW"!

THE MOON PICTURES LOOK FAKE TO ME. And, when I really think about it, they ALWAYS looked fake to me! But, of course, I shrugged it off and accepted what everybody else said... BUT THEY ALWAYS LOOKED FAKE. I couldn't put my finger on it -- but I can, NOW!

When I first saw the official NASA Moon Photographs, something struck me about them -- they didn't look real!

No more real than those postcards I was familiar with, of "Jackalopes", big-as-people geoducks {a local species of clam}, sasquatches, and similar visual "tall tales" that ANYbody would recognize as "jokes"! and benign "fakes" meant for a laff and not to fool anyone!

These photographs purportedly from the moon, have been ANALYZED NOW BY PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPH-ANALYZERS. People do this all the time, for Crime Scenes, etc. You can go to their websites and read what they say! I haven't kept track of the sites, as it is easy for me just to type in the words! Even MR. HASSELBLAD HIMSELF, THE MANUFACTURER OF THE HASSELBLAD CAMERAS PURPORTEDLY USED ON THE MOON, a Swiss or German guy, in a video says that IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE THAT HIS CAMERA COULD HAVE TAKEN THOSE PICTURES ON THE MOON.

The SCENERY has been analyzed - as being like a moveable Stage Set. Now here, now there!

The SHADOWS have been analyzed - as coming from SEVERAL LIGHT SOURCES, and not just the ONE Light Source, the Sun, on the Moon Surface! and, NO LIGHTS WERE TAKEN TO THE MOON.

The MOTIONS of the Astronauts, have been shown to be produced by film slowed to half-speed. When the speed is doubled, videos show "normal" motion. And why should Astronauts be slowed down on the Moon, anyway? And their "hopping", produced by WIRES on their backpacks, strung from a ceiling...

There are also ANOMALIES, things that SHOULDN'T BE on the Moon at all... when CLOSEUPS are looked at...

All these things can be looked up in MUCH GREATER DETAIL than I need to go into here...

But, these are just things I learned about recently.

What CONVINCED ME, however, is what CONFIRMED AN UNEASY FEELING I HAD HAD ALL ALONG. And it was a RELIEF to know that I HAD BEEN RIGHT, ALTHO SOMEWHAT SUBCONSCIOUSLY RIGHT! Something about the Moon Photographs, in Life Magazine as I remember, that BOTHERED ME, from the very first, that I dismissed at the time... like most people did I suppose...

This is what REALLY CONVINCED ME. The rest is just additional info, for me...

1] THE MOON PICTURES LOOKED AS IF THEY WERE MADE UNDER ARTIFICIAL LIGHT. That's because they WERE! made under artificial light! 

I ASSUMED AT THE TIME, WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP OR ANYTHING, THAT THERE WERE ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS TAKEN TO THE MOON. But, finding out to my astonishment, that NASA says, repeatedly, that NO lights were taken to the Moon...!!!!!

If the Sun was the only source of Light on the Moon, then HOW WERE THE THINGS IN THE SUN'S "SHADOW", BRIGHTLY ILLUMINATED SO YOU COULD SEE DETAILS???

I mean, we ALL KNOW what photographs look like, having seen THOUSANDS of them, and maybe taken a few ourselves, and WE KNOW ALL ABOUT LIGHTING, don't we....??????


And that's not all...


This bothered me SUBLIMINALLY, without knowing WHY. It just looked WRONG to me. But, again, I dismissed it! But it was always "there"...


The Moon has no atmosphere. Nothing to dissipate the light.

The Stars should be BIGGER AND BRIGHTER, seen from the Moon - and there should be MORE of them, and, unlike Stars in Earth's atmosphere, Stars seen from the Moon, DON'T TWINKLE.

Somehow, I learned that in Grade School!

Now, you CAN'T say, that "the cameras couldn't pick up the Stars". Even at THAT time, cameras photographed Stars in the Night Sky on Earth!

And, let's say there was some {unknown} reason the cameras couldn't photograph individual Stars - THE MOON SKY STILL WOULD NOT BE A SOLID BLACK!

Because Stars CLUSTER in the sky, some are brighter and closer together - so the Moon Sky WOULDN'T BE A SOLID BLACK; it would have various shades of light in it, as the cameras picked up relatively darker and lighter areas...

Obviously, if you are going to FAKE Moon Pictures, it would BE TOO DIFFICULT to figure out EXACTLY HOW the Stars would change position each time the Camera moved...

But what CLINCHED IT, was - even if the Cameras for some strange reason, couldn't pick up on light in the sky from the Moon's surface - one of the "Astronauts" was asked, point-blank, in an interview, if he could see Stars from the Moon - and, no doubt coached by NASA, HE SAID "NO" -- PROVING to me, that HE HAD NEVER BEEN TO THE MOON...

Why are there NO STARS SEEN in Moon Photographs? TOO HARD TO FAKE!

If there is just ONE thing that finally, after a bunch of research I did, made me say, YES! IT'S TRUE! HUMAN BEINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN ON THE MOON'S SURFACE! IT WAS A STAGE SET!....

If there was just ONE thing, it was that there were NO STARS IN THE MOON SKY.

That "SURPRISED" me, even when I FIRST saw the photographs! But, I figured, we all did, there had to be a reason....


No tall buildings, duh, no trees, duh, no clouds, no mist, no fog, no smoke, no smog, no industrial pollution, NO ATMOSPHERE! To "dissipate" their light and make the Stars appear to "twinkle"...!!!

NOW that I see these SAME photographs as I saw in Life Magazine THEN, I SEE THEM AS POSED IN A STUDIO...!!! And, it is so OBVIOUS....!!!

[They are also "perfectly posed, perfectly clear and perfectly centered" - highly unlikely under the conditions they were SUPPOSEDLY taken under, where the supposed camera-toting Astronauts COULDN'T MOVE THEIR HEADS to look down and FOCUS...]

[Also, why didn't the film BURN UP IN THE INTENSE HEAT; or frizzle due to the INTENSE RADIATION that frazzles film when it goes thru airline radiation scrutiny... weird stuff like that! IT WASN'T ANY "SPECIAL" KIND OF FILM, SUPPOSEDLY...]

[I would tend to BELIEVE Mr. Hasselblad, who INVENTED AND MANUFACTURED those cameras.... He said IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE for HIS CAMERAS to have taken those pictures on the Moon.... and that he had "no explanation" -- he was being "tactful"!]

There are really DOZENS AND DOZENS MORE REASONS I can go into! But I don't need to, if anyone wants to do the same research on their own!

Someone said, "Well, why wouldn't the KGB or the Soviets, say something!" 

Couple of reasons come to mind.

1] They would, of course, just be dismissed as "sore losers" and nobody would believe them, U.S. propaganda was MUCH superior to theirs, and had just scored a HUGE psychological victory over them!!!

2] The USSR had, so they SAID, a Moon Program of their OWN, which was probably ALSO FAKE!!! They CLAIMED to have landed a Probe on the Moon!

The USSR DID have a SPACE program! They DID put Sputnik, animals, eventually PEOPLE INTO ORBIT.

But, from Orbit TO THE MOON, is a MUCH GREATER DISTANCE than most people realize... unless your "info" comes from Science Fiction! I will leave you to DO THE MATH AND LOOK THAT UP...

If the USSR Unmanned Moon Landing WAS A FAKE, as I believe it MUST HAVE BEEN, then they WERE IN NO POSITION to challenge us...

Something like MUTUAL BLACKMAIL going on here...

3] There is an 18th-century song, about Lawyers fighting each other in the Courtroom, then happily going out to dinner together! {On the profits they've made out of the poor suckers...}

The KGB and the CIA probably had A LOT MORE IN COMMON than most people realize! They probably had times when IT WAS ADVANTAGEOUS FOR THEM TO WORK TOGETHER... tho POSING AS "enemies"! They both had a role in keeping THEIR OWN CIVILIAN POPULATIONS UNDER CONTROL. There were no doubt "gentlemen's agreements" on this and other things... the "Cold War" was a lot about keeping your OWN people in a "constant state of alarm", read how that works in "1984"...

By the way, PRAVDA HAS RECENTLY PUBLISHED SOME STUFF ON THIS..   .And, Red China NEVER BELIEVED WE WENT TO THE MOON...   20% of Americans believe we never went there, I wonder what the percentage is in foreign countries, without the "patriotic" motif to blind them...

This is just FASCINATING for me to look up and learn stuff,

evaluate it in light of what I ALREADY KNOW about Reality --


Belief in America's "specialness", that even the Laws of PHYSICS don't apply to us, is a sort of unchallenged "religion"...

And, BEST OF ALL, this has given me MOMENTS OF RELIEF from all this damned Election Pounding, where I see the Rabid Right-wing Religious nuts playing so DESPICABLE a role.....

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Posted: Oct 15, 2012 10:38am


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