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Sep 19, 2009
Focus: Peace
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Last night I saw an uplifting film on 3 Army Resisters, all inspired and motivated by their deeply-felt Spiritual values to face whatever the Army had to throw at them. Some Army Resisters have done jail time; among those was Camillo Meijas, who had this to say among other things:

"People ask me {in reference to his Conscientious Objector position against all war}, what about Nazi Germany? Well, if there had been a sufficient number of Conscientious Objectors in the German Army, it would have stopped the war from even beginning!" {I am paraphrasing.}

Do you think this is a vain dream by a misty-eyed but impractical Idealist??????? You may very well think so..... BUT, the next thing that appeared on the screen after that statement, and I remember the figures very well, was this statement:

In Germany, {a year or so ago}, 150,000 soldiers were called up for Military Service. {I didn't know that Germany had a draft; but there you are.}

Of these, 70,000 served in the Military.

But, 80,000 of those called up, registered as Conscientious Objectors! and did NON-MILITARY SERVICE.

I guess the Germans have learned a lesson others have yet to learn???!!!

This ought to be MUCH MORE WIDELY KNOWN.

Another great idea I brought out of that meeting to view and discuss the film, a meeting of neighbors known as "Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies", was this:

All high school boys in the U.S., without exception, when they reach their 18th birthday are REQUIRED BY LAW to register for Military Service -- even tho we supposedly don't have a Draft! At one time, there was a box they could mark, saying "Conscientious Objector". Under the Reagan presidency, this box, the "C.O. option", was removed!!! It should definitely be put back in! This is a specific anti-Military "small" but important thing we Activists can agitate for.

The Pacifist Quakers {Friends}, who often help individuals who resist the Military, both spiritually and with legal help, suggest that those {young men and women} who desire a C.O. option start collecting a "file", now. Things like photographs of themselves at anti-war rallies, statements of teachers and religious counselors and relatives, books on non-violence they have read that influenced them, etc. {This in case a Draft should be re-instituted.}

For more on Resistance in the Military to Imperialist War waged by the U.S. and allies over control of the world's resources: you can go to my group, "These Boots Were Made For Walkin' -- Bring All Troops Home Now". All sincere War Resisters with friends in and out of the Military, are invited to join this group.


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