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Dec 6, 2013

Christmas shopping with my sweet Ms G is always an event!  It usually starts with a lecture on the fine art of parking a car.  We must quickly sprint into the mall or maul as I lovingly refer to it, so G's lovely hair stays perfect.


The journey begins - I follow faithfully behind grasping packages with the grace of a football player; a wide receiver no less, and G the quarterback.  "G"! I shout.  "I have got to rest!  "My shoe appears to have gone flat!"  "Sit down, old man!"  "I see something in the store window  that would be perfect for you anyway"  She rushes of to the haberdashery; I wonder what it could be?


Surveiling the mall, my nose directed my eyes toward the holiday Hickory Farms space.  Standing at the store opening was a beautiful, young girl, dressed in a festive holiday dress.  Her job was to slice and hand a piece of beefstick off to tempt a prospective customer into the store.


As I watched her work magic enticing person after person into the store, an elderly woman passed close enough to me that I could feel a sadness in her.   I could see every wrinkle life's knife had carved into her face, her back bent with the heaviness of an unfortunate life.  She was dressed rather shabily but I felt this was her best outfit.  She slowly approached the girl with only what could be explained as a want in her pleading eyes and fear in her step.


With a happy, smiling face the young girl quickly sliced off a huge piece of beefstick, enough for a sandwich, and handed it to the old woman.  "I hope you enjoy the flavor and please don't worry about going into the store.  You're probably very busy and you may stop by anytime at your convenience."  The old woman lifted her head and I saw a twinkle in her eyes and a softness across her face.  She felt valued.  "Bless you, I will always remember your kindness."


This was a gift G could never give me.

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Posted: Dec 6, 2013 4:29am
Nov 11, 2013

I was clothes shopping with my lovely Ms G (lost a bet) when a sadness grew across her face.  With a garment in her hands, she softly said "  Justan, when I was young I would be stunning in this dress but I couldn't afford it.  Now that I can afford it, it's stunning  how old I am."
I gently lifted her chin til her eyes met mine - No, my love; you always have been, are and always will be stunningly timeless.

I started a garden and felt the pride of discovering my first pepper!  I remembered my Grandma telling me a person doesn't notice things until it is important to them.
Sometimes when I am sad; silence is deafening
Longing is just a void waiting to be filled 

When I feel the sun's warmth upon my face, I know at night the stars will twinkle just for me.

True Love
While at a store I observed a middle-age couple  looking at shoes.  The wife, holding and inspecting a pricey pair of shoes asked her husband; " Are you sure you really want to spend that much money on shoes for me?  The husband responded with eyes of pure joy ; " I would love to spend that much money on shoes for you..

 When clammier and confusion surround me,I hear only silence  It is in the silence I truly hear.



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Posted: Nov 11, 2013 11:17pm
Mar 23, 2013

After a lengthy illness had kept me away, I was finally returning to the safety of my shell I call my home.  Driving down the street I rode upon without thought, I see my inviting green cottage house; a dwarf among sprawling giants.  Crossing the wobbly porch, I open the squeaky door.  The annoying squeek I had tried in vain to rid myself of now sounded like music.  Expecting to be greeted by stagnant air, I was amazed by the overpowering scent of roses.  Red roses.  I could envision each, and every petal.  I was warmly and lovingly greeted home.

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Posted: Mar 23, 2013 7:41pm
Jan 14, 2013

What a way to wake!  Each and every morning I am woken by my best friend Wally the Wonder Dog.  I hear a "plop" off the bed and there he is; jumping, tail wagging, tongue flapping, eyes shining with pure joy to see me!  What a wonderful beginning to a new day!  Come on buddy, let's go!

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Posted: Jan 14, 2013 2:17am


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