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Nov 29, 2011

I would like to share my complaint that I've written concerning the questionable motives and treatments by physcians who had treated my son for asthma recently and the pass.

Please review and share my complaint with others: 

To all applicable investigative agencies concerning this matter,

I’m making a general complaint against Pediatric Critical Care Physicians, Samuel Umaru, Diane P. Begany and Pulmonologist Michael S. Swartz of Lehigh Valley Hospital, 1200 South Cedar Crest Boulevard, Allentown, PA 18103. The above mentioned Physicians conspired to force injurious pharmaceuticals upon my son Sheldon Johnson Jr. (11 years old) and in doing so they infringed upon my Human, Civil, Parental and Christian rights concerning the welfare of my son. (1 Corinthian 6:19, 20 - 2Corinthians 7:1 – Romans 12:1, 2 Mark 15:23)

My son was admitted into the care of Lehigh Valley Hospital on 11/1/11 for a severe asthma attack and was set to be release on 11/8/11 because he had a really good recovery. On November 7,  the night before his release I disagreed with the amount of medication that they was continually given him even after he was doing ok and breathing good on his own. I questioned the necessity of the on-going high doses of Corticosteroids and rescue medication (Albuterol 6 times a day) that he was receiving and stated that I wanted to get a second professional opinion to see if his dose could be reduced and that their treatment was safe, so I opted to stop the treatment until I speak with a doctor. (Prednisone 40mg 2 times daily & Symbicort  a long acting beta2-adrenergic agonists that contains formoterol, an active ingredient that’s been linked to the increase the risk of asthma related death and hospitalization in pediatric patients due to respiratory ailments and asthma related symptoms. Prednisone is also known for its injurious effect it has on the immune system and also causes respiratory problems amongst other things.) 

I particularly became alarmed because my son started experiencing muscle aches, tingling sensations on his back and neck and acid reflux. The irritation caused by the leaking acid from acid reflux can cause or worsen a pre-existing asthma condition. All of the above mentioned symptoms are adverse effects of Prednisone. I prayed for answers to help my son Sheldon, and I researched thoroughly after my son’s admission into Lehigh Valley Hospital. Then God opened my eyes and I was able to draw a parallel between the side effects of my son’s pharmaceuticals and his worsening health condition over the last 6 years when he was first introduce to many different asthma pharmaceuticals by his primary Physician Christopher Lynch (also the attending Physician at Pocono Medical) when they first misdiagnose him for asthma and treated it as such but it turn out that he had pneumonia instead. A year later he was diagnosed with asthma and his condition worsen as he was unresponsive to the pharmaceutical regimen his doctors prescribe for him throughout the last 6 years. Can it be possible that my sons asthma was induce from the pharmaceuticals they treated him with when he had pneumonia when he was 5 years old and they thought it was asthma? Being that the medication use to treat asthma has many different adverse effects such as difficulty breathing, tightness in chest, wheezing, sinus & respiratory infections and the list go on and on. He never indicated any of these symptoms until then.

It is also interesting to note that all my sons’ hospitalization for asthma over the last 6 years is associated with some type of respiratory infections which is listed as an adverse effect of the pharmaceuticals that he’s being prescribed. It became evidently clear to me that the attending Physicians at my son’s bedside were treating him like a business instead of a patient that greatly needed their help to recover from his illness. They would only treat 50% of the problem by controlling the asthma but they failed to provide proper preventative care cognizant to the fact that these drugs suppresses the immune system and are the cause for numerous respiratory infections amongst other things. 

Every Doctor who ever treated my son Sheldon, disgrace their Hippocratic Oath by failing to prescribe proper Immuno –Care for my son Sheldon to fight the well documented side effects of the injurious pharmaceuticals they prescribe. I had to beg the doctors at Lehigh Valley Hospital just to check to see if my son had a vitamin D3 deficiency. It is well known to the medical community that a very large percentage of children hospitalized for asthma had a deficiency in vitamin D3 and it has shown promising effects in controlling their asthma when supplemented. 

The doctors would say that my son is very sick and he has very bad asthma, and that the treatments outweighs the risks as they experiment with many different injurious pharmaceuticals concoction to treat his illness even when its well known and documented that he could end up back in the hospital or experience sudden death due to the drugs that he’s being prescribe. His primary Doctor (Christopher Lynch) is guilty of this type of practice as well. They keep the most likely solution to my son’s problem a secret and refuse to address it no matter how many times his mother and I tell them that the medicine is making him worse. No Doctors ever informed us of the dangers of the preventative steroids medications; they just prescribe and tell us: “the treatment outweighs the risks”. Not even once did they try to counter the injurious side effects of the medicine they just treat the asthma and that’s it. They don’t even want to talk about it.

Here some other interesting things to note,

About a year ago a pharmacist express concern over one of the prescription Dr. Christopher Lynch written out for my son Sheldon. 

And it was also indicated to my son’s mother and me, that my son should have never been intubated when he came to Lehigh Valley Hospital by one of the nurses within Lehigh Valley PICU.

So, at this point I was very untrusting of the doctors and felt that I really needed to get a second opinion and I let that thought be known. That is my right as a Parent and that is what my God Jehovah expects me to do. The doctors has kept the side effects a secret from us all this time and I associate their methods of medicine as a form of eugenics, and I think that their action warrant an investigation to see if there is some type of conspiracy to treat asthma patients for profit. How many people must die from this type of professional abuse of Doctors who swore an oath to treat the ill? (Luke 12: 2, 3 – Nahum 3: 1-7)

The very next day after I left the hospital and change shift with my son’s mother the Doctors called Monroe County Children and Youth Services and filed a frivolous claim of neglect against me and my son’s mother Ketwanda Glover. Children & Youth and the above mentioned Doctors resulted to extortion as they informed my son’s mother that he would be taken away from her if she doesn’t comply with their pharmaceutical action plan for my son Sheldon Johnson asthmatic condition and held them *hostage* in the hospital for an additional 2 days without any due process of the law and was force to sign papers by Children & Youth of Monroe County. They grossly violated the rights afforded to her by the 13 and 14 amendments of our constitutions. (* Please note: Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 – Conspiracy against Rights also Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242 – Deprivation of rights Under Color of the Law.)

Doctors, Samuel Umaru and Diane P. Begany furthered demonstrated gross negligence when they crossly informed my son that my actions was going to lead to his death and that they was going to take him away from his parents because they wasn’t too sure if it was safe for him to remain within our care. It’s a well documented fact that stress and upsetting a person that has asthma can trigger an attack. Their unprofessional and unethical approach endangered the well being of my son whom they diagnose as a status asthmatic and was in a fragile state as they claimed could have sent him into a life threatening situation and in doing so they callously endangered his welfare. I respectfully request a full inquiry concerning these 2 Doctors demeanor and their handling of this situation.

It was indicated on my son’s discharge record that Dr. Christopher Lynch also place a called to children and youth on 11/9/11 to support their referral. That is the date I also pick up my son’s medical records from his office and I was told I had to sign 2 pieces of paper (release forms) , and come to find out I was trick into signing papers claiming I no longer wish him to be my son’s doctor. His action further demonstrates that this is some sort of conspiracy and the guilty party is trying to cover their tracks. There is also a fraudulent statement on my son’s discharge record regarding my son’s condition the night of the 7th of November. Also there was false testimonial about myself and his mother as I suspect that they’re trying to shift blame for his condition upon us. We also discovered on his release record that he had pneumonia something that they withheld from us, they only told us about the really bad asthma he has. 

 The nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance of Children & Youth and Dr. Samuel Umaru, Dr. Diane P. Begany, Dr. Christopher Lynch and Pulmonologist Michael S. Schwartz must be thoroughly investigated for their ethical behavior and explore whether or not if their actions warrants a criminal indictment. This complaint also serves as a notice to file a civil suit against Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pocono Medical Hospital, Dr, Christopher Lynch, Dr. Samuel Umaru, Dr. Diane P. Begany, Dr. Michael S. Schwartz and Monroe county Children & Youth.

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson


Hon. Mario M. Scavello                                        

Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce                

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717-787-2500 – Fax: 717-772-8284

District Justice, Michael Muth

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Mayor, Armand M. Martinelli

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James B. Martin D.A.

Lehigh County Courthouse

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Posted: Nov 29, 2011 5:56am
Aug 11, 2008
My family has suffered severely over the last 35 years from the hands of shadow predators masquerading as Psychiatrists, Physicians, Social workers, Teachers, Government officials and a host of other Professions in order to enact fear and paranoia in their savage campaign to gain control of my family’s mind and behavior thru their State sponsored unethical Human Research Programs.
It is a conspiracy that is so monstrous that no one would want to believe it actually happened. These Individuals operates with total Impunity with Gestapo like powers and they hide within our Government’s Administrations throughout this Country.

Thru prayer and countless research I discovered what I believe to be the truth of what has happened to my family. Base on uncanny similarities of victims of a secret Government program, Congressional Records and testimonials that can be substantiated through the Freedom of Information Act, I believe that my family has been targeted for Human Research thru an elaborate unethical program that changes its name often called MKULTRA. 

 It all started in the latter part of the 60’s when the Drew daycare facility that cared for my oldest sibling Ward Johnson, convinced my mother to enroll him into Dr. Margaret Lawrence of Harlem Hospital program for kids with special needs simply because he wouldn’t play with other kids – which they claimed.

A host of social workers and Dr. Lawrence eventually convinced my mother to enroll him into a special boarding school call Childville to correct his &ldquoroblem” of playing by himself because they inform her that the board of education would not accept kids that are considered anti-social.

She was instructed to hold him out of school at the age of 6 and that they will provide her with a special school that would accept him and correct his &ldquoroblem” of not wanting to play with other children.

In the summer of 1970 after Ward turn 7 years old he entered into Childville, a division of the Jewish child care association of New York City Our lives has never been the same ever since his admission into that dreadful institution. It was there she found out that Ward was a prodigious savant who had incredible abilities... A fact that Dr. Lawrence hidden from her.

Shortly after his enrollment into Childville, Ward started to exhibit severe personality changes that alarmed my mother that made her wanting to remove him from their so call “boarding school.” -  It was then that the staff of Childville informed my mother that my brother no longer belong to her because she signed away her parental rights to BCW, when she enrolled him into their program and that he now belong to the New York State Foster Care System.

My mother tried to get help as she fought valiantly for her son but the rogue elements within our Government flexed their muscle and utilized every agency imaginable in the City of New York to strip away her rights as they participated in this covert unethical experimentation of my brother.

My family has been terrorized and abused by these demented officials and physicians who all swore an oath to uphold the law and to protect and serve and preserve a human life.

Suddenly problems started to occur within our household as we became victims of repeated break-ins, vicious rumors and sabotage of reputation.

This is about the time that they went after my brother Trevis through a clandestine operation within the elementary school (public school 23) he attended. They covertly administered drugs to him while making him feel like it was his fault for being “a bad little boy.”

My mother was arrested after she “rescued” Ward from Childville by refusing to return him after a weekend visit - My brother’s and I was place into the custody of BCW because of the fact that she refuse to allow Childville to retain the parental rights to my brother Ward.

My brother’s and I were injected with some type of medication while in the custody of BCW after my mother's arrest in april of 1974. After that we all were diagnose with different types of physiological problems. My white blood cells became very low, Trevis started developing problems with his left eye (white mass bumps) and swelling in his left breast and Sean lost all the hair over his entire body.

Shortly afterwards, our problems escalated within our household as the vandalism intensified and we became the victim of gang stalking, rumors, harassment by housing employees and even betrayal by close friends and family members. 

My mother has now become a target of psychological warfare from the conspirators as they focus their attention upon her to keep her quiet and occupied with problems.

Numerous attempts of witchcraft have been used to keep her psychological captive and manageable for their sadistic plot they had in store for her and her family.
The harassment grew more bizarre and severe every time she reached out for help from the proper authorities. 

She later found salvation in her newfound faith in Jehovah God, and was able to function with some sense of normalcy despite the many persecutions she experienced daily in everyday life. She had to endure further heartache when the conspirators turn their attention on her youngest son Sean whom they damaged severely with their behavioral modification program.
 Trevis was severely damage by these predators as he was drugged thru the board of education, Children Services and when they rail-road him into prison - Where they expose him to untold persecutions and mind – altering Drugs. All this was done covertly without the consent of my mother. 

I became “alienated” from my family because of the escalating trouble that we was having in our household and I began to rebel against my mother which force me into foster care at the tender age of 16. Once there they work feverishly to get me on mood- stabilizing medication and even threaten to withhold my allowance if I refuse to comply with their pharmaceutical regiment that they had laid out for me.

I refused to take the medication and went on to graduated with honors and started working in the construction business at the age of 18 after I finish school.
 I now realize that God preserved me for a purpose when he allowed me to be place into foster care and protected me from the human research predators – much like he allowed Joseph to be sold into Egypt and use him to protect his family and his people in a time of distress. Satan had Joseph brothers sell him into slavery for wickedness but God allowed it to happen for righteousness, because he had a purpose for Joseph.

My mother life seems to always be “troubled” and “busy” as she fought for the rights for her family. She didn’t even have the time to look into the huge amount of heir’s property that her late cousin (Wavy Lackey) promised her in Covington, Georgia which ended up in the hands of a powerful southern attorney by the name of Pat Campbell and an illegitimate relative name Lester Lackey.  

Was she recommended for this illegal program to distract her from her inheritance that her cousin promise her when he told her that he was going to leave her as the administrator of the Lackey Estates and train her sons in the family business? 

Or was she just a victim of double jeopardy as she and my brother’s continue to be victimized and terrorized by numerous governmental agencies? Her problems took a turn for the worse when they turn their attention to my niece Geneva Johnson who was "legally" kidnap by family court Supervising Judge Susan K. Knipps and Children Services (AC.

The Predators decided to go after my mother and try to give her a psych history in order to discredit her. They used my niece Geneva as a ransom to try to get my mother psychologically evaluated. They endangered the welfare of my niece and exposed her to untold horrors that any child shouldn’t have to endure. These individuals would go to any extremities to prove a point that doesn’t exist.

My brother Trevis started disclosing facts about what happened to him and wanted to take civil action against his predators. They found ways to make his case disappear and out-dated as they forced him into a residential home (Pilby) and continued their illegal experiments on him until the day that he died.

Was my brother murdered to keep him from talking about the years of ritual abuse and force medication that was done to him by rogue physicians operating with total impunity from someone within our Government?

Why did the Hospitals, NYPD, Paramedics, Social Workers and the Medical Examiners office demonstrate gross-negligence and deceit, leading up to the unusual events of my brother’s death?

Was this part of their “final solution” to rid themselves of members of my family… and if so, who’s next?

Who in our Government is allowing these Hitler like atrocities to take place on unsuspecting American Citizens violating every Human, Civil and Constitutional law of God and Man?

This is domestic terrorism of the worst kind and this is why this story must be made public and the guilty must stand trial for their crimes.

My family and countless others that the Government deems to be expendable may be the beginning of what some rogue officials have in store for America's future. Please don’t forget that this is still a government for the people and by the people. We must all work together to bring this story to the light to rid ourselves of this social cancer - Because today it’s my family that is suffering and tomorrow it may be yours. Please Sign Petition below to end ALL Illegal Human Rights Programs In America!  

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Posted: Aug 11, 2008 1:54pm
Apr 4, 2008
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Please Stop All Illegal Human Research Programs in America!
Please Stop Illegal Human Experimentatio
President George Bush, Please Stop Illegal Human Research in America. more»
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goal: 10,000
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Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:15am
Dec 25, 2007
My brother lifeless body in his bedroom 12/11/07
Photo: Trevis Body.jpg
My brother lifeless body in his bedroom 12/11/07

by 23 new, 5665 total220 totalSheldon Johnson (4067)
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Posted: Dec 25, 2007 7:12pm
Dec 24, 2007
            Sheldon O. Johnson   3163 Penn Estates        East Stroudsburg, PA 18301        

                                                           December 24, 2007 
Robert M. Morgenthau
New York County District Attorney’s Office
One Hogan PlaceNew York, N.Y. 10013 

President George Bush
Chief Medical Examiner: Charles S. Hirsch, M.D.
Dr. Vincent Tranchida, City Medical Examiner
FBI, New York
U.S. Dept. of Justice
All applicable Courts

Re: Medical Examiner Case No. M-07-6816, Trevis Johnson 11/09/1964 

I’m became inspired to write to you today concerning the extraordinary events that had taken place late in the afternoon on 12/17/07 when my family’s visited Dr. Tranchida at the medical examiner’s office at 520 1st avenue. We address the bizarre behavior of the 5 medical examiners and other public servants that showed up at my mother’s place of residence on 12/11/07 to investigate the death of my sibling Trevis Johnson.

First we went over the responding paramedic refusal to revive my brother and his failure to check him for vital signs. In fact, when he showed up, he asked my mother for the order of DNR which she found to be very strange, after all, how could he had known about the document that Lenox Hill Hospital forced on us, when we brought my brother home on November 29th when they gave him 12 to 36 hours to live. 

It is important to note, that his body was still warm and my mother could still move his arms legs and fingers. I witnessed that myself and I even felt the warmth of his body. I ask the responding paramedic, was that normal, and he credit the warmth of his body due to the heat in my mother’s apartment. He informed me that the body was entering stages of rigor mortis and that he has been dead for about 10 to 12 hours. My mother disputed his observance do to the fact he didn’t properly examine him; and she made it be known that she saw him alive almost 2 hours prior.

It is also important to note that my mother didn’t believe that my brother was dead because she claimed that his eyes focus on her when she kept calling his name. The responding paramedic disputed her claim as he looked at my brother and declared him dead, however to satisfy her concerns he quickly felt for a pulse and stuck to his original claim as to my brother being dead for about 10 to 12 hours.
 We request the Identity of the responding paramedic.

Next we talk about the suspicious and unprofessional mannerism that their lead investigator had demonstrated when he queried us over my brother’s health history. At first when we first met he introduced himself as Austin Epstein, and then later in his inquiry he change his name to  Matt Jones; and then he wanted to be left alone with my brother’s body insisting that my mother and I couldn’t be there while he conducted his death investigation. I ask to see his credentials and he refused, and departed from my mother’s place of residence. He later returned with an army of Police officers and a guy claiming to be FBI but refuse to show his credentials as well.

We were then forced up front with the threat of arrest for obstructing governmental administration simply because we wanted to see the Identification of the M.E. Investigators. NYPD failed to uphold the law when they allowed this to happen – we had a right to request for Identification and we had a right to be present and see what they was doing with my brother’s body; even Dr. Tranchida, said that we had that right and he thought it was unusual.   

After leaving the Medical examiner’s office we walked up 28th street to catch the uptown 6 train between Park and Lexington Avenue, we notice a crowd gathered around a young man whom everybody declared to be dead. Some people in the crowd tried to revive him, but he wouldn’t respond. After waiting several minutes about 5:04 p.m. an ambulance from downtown hospital arrived and the responding paramedics queried the crowd as to what had happen.

Then one paramedic check for his pulse – nothing … and his colleague took out his flash light and shine it directly into his eyes and to everyone surprise including the paramedics the victim took a couple of deep breathes and came back which prompted one of the paramedics to say “wow, I can’t believe it” as they rushed to put him onto a stretcher and drove away.

The reason I’m sharing this story here is because the responding Paramedic in my brother’s case refuse to revive my brother and asked for the DNR which he shouldn’t have known about, in fact he hurried out of the apartment when I ask for his Identification after he declared that my brother was dead for 10 to 12 hours without properly examining him. The investigators from the M.E.’s office arrived shortly after that, and lied to us - and refuse to show us his ID - and wanted to be left alone with my brother’s body. There is probable cause of foul play here.

Why else would the lead investigator change his name and refuse to show us his credentials? Why did he insist on being alone with my brother’s body?
Why didn’t NYPD uphold the law and protect our rights when they witness the M.E. refusal to show us his credentials? 

Is it because he wanted to make sure that my brother was really dead? It also can be said that if my brother wasn’t dead; could he have helped him be dead? Why else would a trusted Government official lie and refuse to show his ID? My family respectfully request that a full investigation be conducted regarding this revelation. We would like to know the identity of the 4 assistants that was with the M.E. investigators, because at this point we think that they’re with the human research people. I’m sure by this time you understand that we are implicating the lead investigator of the M.E.’S office as a possible murder suspect based on his actions on 12/11/07.

We respectfully request that an independent pathologist perform a second autopsy based on this revelation to ensure that no foul play was involved. We are in no position to trust any report coming out of the M.E.’s office based on the facts that I explained; the lead Investigator should be professionally discredited; considering the enormous abuse my family had suffered from numerous governmental agencies throughout the city of New York and the non-reply from the Mayor’s & Governors office this case should be investigated out of State.

My mother suspected that the human research people wanted my brother to be dead since the earlier part of this year when they gave him a month to live at Pilby’s residential home. Ever since then it had been an uphill battle concerning my brother’s health. Every Doctor my mother spoke to in the last 4 hospital’s he was treated in exhibited unethical professionalism and it seem by their talk and their body language that they wanted my brother dead. (Jacobi, Jamaica medical center, MT. Sinai and Lenox Hill Hospitals)

They all gave conflicting life expectancy for my brother’s demise and offered no curative solution to help him. It is important to note that whatever they was doing to him cause massive weight loss as if they was conducting some sort of malnutrition and starvation experimentation or something. It is also important to note that when he was home with my mother he responded to proper nutrition and natural herbs and his face and weight fill back in.

We have reason for probable cause as to why the medical research people would want my brother dead. He started disclosing all the years of torture and force medications that he was subjected to since he went to elementary school 23. He wanted to take civil action against them for all the years he suffered maltreatment, something he tried to do about 10 years ago. They incarcerated him to a prison mental facility so that he wouldn’t pursue his petition, and then arranged for him to reside in Pilby residential home where they conducted further mind control experiments by way of torture and injurious mood-stabilizing pharmaceuticals that prevented disclosure. The Individuals responsible for this atrocious state/Government sponsored testing must belong to some sort of Eugenic cult that preys upon the weak and the poor.

If the lead investigator is vindicated of foul play for my brother’s death, there still should be a investigation to reveal the years of torture and force medicating from rogue physicians who are control by a person or persons, that is  hiding in the shadow of our Governments protection. This individual or organization must be stop and cease to exist. Please review these sickening past cases/complaints, and tell me, who within our Government has enough clout to maneuver these Gestapo like atrocities with gross malice and no regards for human life and total disrespect for our constitution with no fear of scrutiny from Politicians and Law enforcement agencies? 

Medical Examiner Case # M-07-6816 - the Atrocious death of my brother Trevis Johnson under questionable circumstances related to forced experimentations and human research, Docket no: N-1301/05 NY Family Court – The “legal” Kidnapping of Geneva Johnson with the aid of Supervising Judge Susan K. Knipps who is actions was comparable to human trafficking  amongst other things, Supreme Court Ex Parte motion part index # 400985/05 – ST. Vincent Hospital, the Dept. of Social Service, ACS and a unknown source conspired to “kidnap” my mother, my sibling Ward and my niece Geneva by using fictitious testimony from its employees to claim my mother had a mental illness even though she has never seen a clinical psychiatrist. 

Civilian complaint bureau case # 200515422 - when an all male NYPD swat team from the 19th precinct with laser guided weapons kick down the bathroom door and drag my 14 year old niece naked out of the bath tub and painfully handcuff her, then put her into a straight jacket and march her bare footed into the night in the dead of winter, and then take her to Metropolitan Hospital where they force some kind of unknown drug into her arm while she is still handcuffed then sent to a DRC facility and place in a psych ward. All this happened simply because she ran away from an abusive situation when she was placed into foster care with malice and contempt by supervising Judge Susan K. Knipps.

Complaint# 60286 – NYPD, 19th precinct, - My mother has been a victim of untold  sadistic harassments and constant vandalism which include repetitious destruction of furniture, shredding of clothing, petty and grand theft amongst other things; all of which properly been reported to the NYPD who does nothing except file it under the above complaint number. A host of other monstrous and unbelievable crimes that were committed against my family by some of the most trusted agencies in New York City can be found in the comptroller’s office filed under claim # 25997 and 2005P1007417 when numerous Hospital through out New York City and abroad was used to abduct my sibling Ward (primary target) against his will and that of my mother’s. 

My mother has reported these maltreatment to every responsible law enforcement agency (local & federal) over the last 3 decades and not one official answered her cries for help violating her constitutional right to be protected and served and violating the 13th Amendment against Slavery and Involuntary Servitude. Those sworn to protect and serve our country must themselves uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution. FBI investigates “color of law” abuses by public officials. NYPD did use excessive force on a number of occasions when they participated in the illegal behavioral research program to subdue and abduct my niece and my mother on 12/28/05 (Geneva) & 12/16/06 (mother) when they held her against her will for 11 days in a psych ward at Metropolitan Hospital. My mother’s right to a pursuit of happiness has been denied by these rogue officials who are hell bent in destroying my family. They will go to any extremity to prove a point that doesn’t exist including infiltrating her place of worship and instigate a vicious rumor campaign regarding her mental health in order to sabotage her reputation. If you find out who’s responsible for all of the atrocities listed above; you’ll find my brother’s murderer, because all these cases are connected! 

The universal Declaration of Human Rights states: Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 3: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Article 5: No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 8: Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him/her by the constitution or by law. 

All my family asks, is for responsible Politicians and Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate our concerns and to protect and serve and uphold the constitution. I shared this communication with numerous officials so that y’all can decide whose jurisdiction it is to conduct a criminal Investigation. This Documentation is also a notice of intent to suit to all those agencies that fail to uphold the law to protect and serve and abused the Law. My brother could’ve been alive today if an official acted with urgency regarding this matter.

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson

Cc: General Public, Civil Right Leaders, Politicians, Human Rights Organizations

Phone: (570) 424-9432 • Fax: (570) 424-9432                 I   

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Posted: Dec 24, 2007 3:36pm
Dec 13, 2007

                                                                     December 13, 2007 
Chief Medical Examiner: Charles S. Hirsch, M.D.
520 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Cc: NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly

Re: Medical Examiner Case No. M-07-6816 

Dear Charles S. Hirsch, M.D.

I’m writing to you today to report the gross negligence and the utter disrespect that your Investigators had when they showed up at my mother place of residence when all five of your workers refuse to produce their Identification or show their credentials.

I became suspect of the leading investigator when he identified himself using 2 different names during his Inquiry of my brother’s medical history. He next informed me and my mother that he wanted to be left alone with the body. Naturally I became alarmed and ask to see his credentials and my mother wanted to be present when he reviews the body. He informs me that he doesn’t have his identification on him and that my mother couldn’t be in the room while he reviews the body.

I thought that was very peculiar and I told him that me and my mother is not going anywhere until he shows us his credentials. He just fumed and walked out of my mother’s apartment along with his female assistant and there were 2 officers that were present and witnesses to my complaint. Next the 2 officers followed him out into the hallway outside of my mother’s apartment. (Nawaz badge# 4593 and his partner which I failed to get his information, but he seemed like he’s a stand up guy.)

About 10 minutes later officer Nawaz returned from the hallway and asks us do we have a picture identification for my brother because if we don’t that they was going to have to bag him and tag him as a John Doe. Me and my mother looked at each other in sheer disbelief and asked him “isn’t the word of his mother and his brother good enough for a positive Identification” to the body? His reply to us was no, it wasn’t. 

A little over 20 minutes later Sgt. Preston (badge # 1037) and a detective who reluctantly identified himself as Alexander Morales (badge # 4858) and another guy in a suit who claimed that he was FBI but failed to produce a identification threaten to arrest us for obstruction of Governmental administration simply because we wanted to see the identification of the investigators who was handling my brothers body.

Shortly after that, my mother’s apartment was swarm with cops from the 19th precinct and they forced us up front with the threat of arrest while one particular officer (officer Stabile badge # 25532) put on a pair of black leather gloves and stood in front of me and says to the investigators from the ME’s office who was now coming into my mother’s apartment “to go have fun.”

I was appalled by his statement and his cockiness and utter disrespect for me and my mother. I kept on saying I want to see their ID’s and the detective and the FBI guy kept saying that I was obstructing, and that I will be arrested. Sgt.Preston told me that they’ll show me their ID when their done. My mom kept on saying that she wanted to be present and they just kept on threatening us with arrest and jail. 

About 20 minutes later some of the assistants hurried out of my mother’s apartment with that so called FBI guy without showing us their credentials like Sgt. Preston had promised us. Next the lead Investigator gave me a Generic card from the Medical Examiner office without his name or contact information or any instruction on how to claim the body. He wanted to know if we wanted an autopsy and we instructed to him that we have to consult with legal counsel because we are not in a position of trust especially with all of what’s happening. All five Investigators was allowed to leave the apartment without Identifying themselves disrespecting my family’s wishes while we was held at bay by numerous NYPD officers from the 19th precinct. 

About an hour later his body was removed by 2 different guys from the Medical Examiners office. I was very puzzled over the number of firefighters, paramedics, police officers, a detective, a so call FBI guy and 5 Medical examiners Investigators that responded to a routine call to 911 when my mother called and said in a very calm voice that her son was having difficulty breathing. I also thought that it was bizarre that the first thing the responding paramedic asks my mother was for the DNR that was forced on us from Lenox Hill Hospital.

Later on that evening when my mother was cleaning up the bedroom that my brother passed away in she made the distasteful discovery that the laptop that I gave my brother (his last request) days earlier was stolen out of its briefcase. Only nine individuals could’ve committed that crime; the 5 investigators from the ME Office, the detective and the FBI guy and lastly the 2 guys from the morgue who removed my brother’s body. I’m willing to bet it was the assistants who hurried out of mother’s apartment along with the FBI guy when the lead investigator handed me that generic card with no identifying information on it.

Victims of MKULTRA often experience frequent vandalism and theft and a host of other offensive harassment techniques from rogue elements that’s operating within our Government. I believe my brother was a victim of that project and I believe his body will give up all the years of abuse and forced experiments that he was subjected to.

It is in my belief that my brother may have been exposed to injurious toxins, radiation, exotic pathogens, chemicals and a host of powerful neuroleptics that ultimately led to his untimely death under one or more subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA/MKSEARCH mind control program.

I’m requesting that his death be treated like a murder investigation and a full toxicology be performed on him. Also we would like for him to be check for implanted devices injected or removed and a full explanation as to what that wound was that was on the base of his spine, which Lenox Hill Hospital claim to be a bed sore.  Also we would like to know if there was human error involved when the Doctors removed liquid from my brother’s belly which resulted into Ascitis, which was mixed with Gasritis. My brother demise started when he was leaving pibly residential program which he was forced in about 10 years ago. He suffered a lot of maltreatment during his stay there.

His entire medical history needs to be subpoenaed to get a full understanding of what happened to him. I trust you understand my concerns and would respect my family wishes. Truthfully, at this time my family is not to trusting of any NYC agency base on the abuse of power and the unprofessional conduct we received throughout the last 3 decades. I trust you would discipline the 5 workers who refuse to produce their Identification and we still would like to know the identity of each of your investigators that was in the apartment that day.

I would also like to inform you through this communication that we may seek civil actions against your department because of the maltreatment we experience from your investigators. And this statement should be considered as a notice of intent to suit and seek civil damages for the total disrespect and maltreatment that we received from your employees and that of the NYPD officers, who is also under notice with intent to suit.

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson 570-424-9432

Respectfully, Annie Lackey   212-348-0474

President George Bush
NY D.A Robert Morgenthau
U.S. Dept. of Justice
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Governor Eliot Spitzer
Reverend Al Sharpton
General Public
New York Civil Liberties union
Senator Chuck Schumer
Senator Hillary Clinton
NAACP Legal Dept.
Honorable Carolyn Maloney
Citizens commission on Human Rights
Speaker Nancy Pelosi    

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Posted: Dec 13, 2007 8:06pm
Dec 12, 2007
Friends it was a diffucult decision to share these photos leading up to my brother's death. However, I want each and everyone of you to see how monstrous some officials can be within our Governmental administration.

Please review my photo album as you read my petition to President Bush to stop the illegal experiments that's going on within my family by rogue elements within his administration.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Sheldon O. Johnson          3163 Penn Estates        East Stroudsburg, PA. 18301               

                                            December 12, 2007 

President George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500 

 Dear Mr. President, I’m writing you today to inform you of the gross miscarriage of justice that my family is suffering from State/Government sponsored corruption involving behavioral modification experimentations. The crime that I’m reporting is that my family has been targeted for unethical human research and psychological warfare experiments against their will by covert means by numerous physicians with the aid of corrupt New York City/State Officials and peace officers. These crimes are comparable to the 1975 Church committee investigation into project MKULTRA and the U.S. Senate select committee on Intelligence and subcommittee on Health and Scientific research of the committee on Human Resources into behavioral modification and mind control experimentations in August of 1977 which was presided over by Senator Daniel Inouye.  

During those hearings Admiral Stansfield Turner, former director of the Central Intelligence agency revealed that his predecessors experimented on unsuspecting American citizens using all sorts of clandestine means including the use of hypnosis, drugs, the magicians art (witchcraft), toxins, biologically in human tissue, exotic pathogens, electroshock and harassment techniques for offensive use amongst other things for the sole purpose of behavioral modification and mind control, all of which has been used on my family at one time or another. 

Mr. President, I’ve written Mayor Bloomberg and former Governor Pataki of New York City/State, I’ve have shared numerous letter’s with them and other elected New York Officials including President hopeful candidate  Senator Hillary Clinton and every responsible investigative agency local and federal and we have yet to received any help from any of them regarding my concerns of unethical Governmental maltreatment involving Human Research. My mother has written everyone as well with the same unsatisfactory result for over 30 years. 

We have no choice but to petition you for a full investigation into the unethical activities of the criminal elements that may be operating within our government. Whoever is responsible for these crimes have the clout to get numerous New York City Hospitals, Lawyers, peace officers, Judges, City Agencies, etc to participate in their evil campaign to cause severe harm to my family. 

My brothers has been targeted for behavioral modification experiments and are being slowly killed over a number of years as their predators look on with deprave indifference, studying their inhuman accomplishment and writing into a log the results of their gruesome discovery. Meanwhile, the psychological warfare that has been levied against my mother has been so monstrous that she doesn’t know who to trust. She has been betrayed by close friends and family members and has been made an outcast in her place of worship. 

My mother is a dedicated baptized servant of Jehovah God and her belief in him has proved to be her foundation and her salvation. However things were done to even try to break her faith to Jehovah God. The predators have infiltrated into her religion and started a malicious campaign to sabotage her reputation with claims that she has some sort of mental illness in order to discredit her.

These individuals are very cunning and would go to any extreme to prove a point that doesn’t exist. They was even successful in convincing my mother that I was a traitor and that I work for them which lead to her not speaking to me for about 17 months which ended almost 2 weeks ago on the 29th of November. 

During that time her persecutions escalated unbeknown to me. On December 16th of 2006 my mother went to Metropolitan Hospital because her eyes kept feeling drowsy. The attending medical doctor plotted with psychiatrist from that hospital to illegally detain her for 11 days on a ruse that she has a psychological disorder where 4 male officers held her down while a female officer and a nurse forcibly ripped her clothes off and put her in restraints for several hours and forcibly removed several tubes of blood from her. My mother never once had a psychological evaluation, thus without professional diagnosis what was the basis of their detaining her? Is it to cover-up their tracks in the illegal removal of her granddaughter Geneva Johnson by ACS and that corrupt family court Judge Susan K. Knipps? Or was it a way to establish a psych history on her to participate in the stealing of the Lackey Estates in Covington Georgia?

Back in the latter part of the 60’s my mother cousin Wavy Lackey told her that she was going to be named administrator over the Lackey Estates (which is worth in the millions). Her cousin then met an untimely death and the property which is heir’s property wound up in the hands of this lawyer name Pat Campbell, a powerful southern attorney and an illegitimate relative name Lester Lackey.

Is it possible that she and her children was recommended for these unethical experiments  by someone in the South in order to distract her from pursuing what was rightfully hers?

My family’s story has many twists and turns which have to be investigated thoroughly because now this tragic story has a murder involved in it. My brother Trevis Johnson has succumbed to the injurious abuse of the human research predators. He passed on 12/11/2007 at the home of my mother Annie Lackey sometime late in the morning. His abuse started when he was in the 2nd grade by individuals within the board of education unbeknown to my mother and continued to the day that he died. I was appalled with the dishonesty of the investigator from the medical examiner officer who gave us 2 different names during his initial introduction.

The name Austin Epstein were given to us when he first introduced himself to us, but later after he asks us some questions he identified himself as Matt Jones. Naturally after picking up on the discrepancy I ask for his ID, in which he replied that he didn’t have it and he immediately stormed out of my mother’s apartment with a female assistant that didn’t identify herself. We was later informed by officer Nawaz badge # 4593 that if we didn’t have a picture ID for my brother that he was going to be tagged as a John Doe which we found to be very disturbing.

About a half hour later Sgt. Preston badge # 1037 and a detective who reluctantly identified himself as Alexander Morales badge # 4858 and another guy in a suit who said that he was FBI who produce no identification threaten us with arrest for obstruction of Governmental administration for asking to see the identification of the investigator of the medical examiner. We was force in the living room under guard by numerous police officers from the 19 precinct while the unidentified Investigator now with 4 assistants did what they had to do with my brothers body. 

We was left with a generic card from the medical examiner office with case # M-07-6816 scrabbled on it. Noticeably absence was the name of the investigator and his 4 assistants who handled my brother’s body and disrespecting the family’s wishes for identification of its workers.

It is my family’s wishes that my brother’s death be treated as a murder from all the years of forced medicating with powerful Neuroleptics (mood-stabilizers) and other chemicals, toxins or radiation that he may have been exposed to. After the experience we received from the investigator of the NYC Medical Examiners office we are not in a position of trust to receive an honest cause of death especially since the gross abuse my family had suffered from those in the health and hospital community throughout the county of New York over the last 3 decades.

Whatever happened to my brother was sudden as something ate away at his body over the last 8 months. It is in our belief that the last 4 hospitals that he was in were instrumental in his cause of death. The hospitals are Jacobi, Jamaica medical center, Mount Sinai and lastly Lenox Hill which is where he took a turn for the worst. It is in our belief that something was done to him there that caused him to stop talking and moving. They kept him in unsanitary condition in his weaken state. He was given 12 hours to 36 hours to live due to cirrhosis of the liver on 11/29/07 by the medical staff of that hospital. 

We decided to take him home rather to leave him to die in that hospital. A nonhospital order not to resuscitate was forced on us along with a prescription for morphine and a adhesive patch for this large wound he had at the base of his spine in which they claim was a bed sore. The risk manager Janice fajardo, Dr. Andrew Fabel and Dr. Elenora Gashi didn’t want to entertain revival methods or ways to take care of him. They just kept on insisting that we place the DNR over his bed and that there was nothing more that can be done for him.

He was able to hang on for almost 2 weeks through proper nourishment and plenty of love that he received from his immediate family. In fact his speech came back and he started talking, moving and eating and he was alert and Coherent. That was very special for my family because we were able to bond together for one last time. However the damage was done internally.

Mr. President, this is an American tragedy and I’m sure you don’t approve of what’s going on in our government under your watch especially since we have soldiers dying in Iraq because Saddam Hussein did similar atrocities to his citizens. My family is under attack from an enemy or enemies within your administration. Their terrorist action against my family has got to come to a halt. There is already one fatality and I do not wish to lose any more family members to this evil regime that is hiding out in Local/Federal Government.

Mr. President after over 3 decades of trying to seek help with no satisfaction from anyone in Federal or Local government it is the decision of my family to share our story with the public because it’s worthy of public scrutiny. It is in the belief of my family that it is in our best interest to share this communication that I’m writing today with the public and all responsible investigative agencies and civil rights leaders. Justice has to be served.  Below are images of my brother after we rescued him from Lenox Hill Hospital. 

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.  

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Below is a copy of the Nonhospital Order not to Resuscitate hat was forced on us by Lenox Hill Hospital  

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share. 

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Below is a copy of his prescriptions, Please note the different names of doctors on the prescriptions. It was very unusual that we did not once meet the attending physician Dr. Belilouski that was assign to my brother’s care. 

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.    

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

This is the image of my brother days before his death.  Please note the large sore at the base of his spine. The doctors at Lenox Hill claim that this was a bed sore. It is in my belief my brother was exposed to radiation or some other biological toxins as well as injurious medications which was used under the umbrella of MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and MKNAOMI for the sole purpose of behavioral modification and Mind Control.  

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share.

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

Who in our Government would want to cover-up crimes such as these?
  The expression on my brother’s face tells the story of the lifetime of abuse that was forced on him as a child and throughout his short adulthood. He had just turned 43 years old last month on the 9th of November.        

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share. 

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

his is the generic copy of the card the investigator from NYC medical examiner officer left us abscent his name or his 4 assistants. It is important to note that after we were forced in the front of the apartment a laptop was removed from its case and taken by one of the 5 people that was in the bedroom with my brother’s body. This type of theft is consistent with THE CONTINIOUS harassments that victims of MKULTRA suffers

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share. 

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

It’s hard to believe that my brother took the photo in this Identification Card 7 months ago. whatever they did to him reduced him to bare Skin and bones.     

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share. 

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

My brother lifeless body

Please refer to photos in Trevis' share. 

Album: My brother's last days...A story that must be told!

We was babies when they targeted us for their sadistic experiments.
Trevis is far right with fist pump into air, I love you bro.

Represenative Carolyn mALONEY 212 860-0606
THE NAACP LEGAL DEPT. 410 580-5777

Created by: Sheldon Johnson

In memory of my brother Trevis Lee Johnson
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Posted: Dec 12, 2007 4:12pm
Jun 26, 2007
Please review the following information and share:

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death   video visit site
Society & Culture  (tags: children, crime, abuse, rights, HumanRights, corruption )

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- 13 days ago -
Does Psychiatry Kills? Are we're being mislead as a people by this questionable profession? Please watch this video (5mins) to discover some truths that are being hidden from the American People.

MKULTRA Perpetrators   video visit site
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Conspiracy, True crimes, History, Corruption, Experimentsdishonesty, ethics, cover-up, terrorism, torture )

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This must see video exposes the origin & direct link between MKULTRA and Psychiatry and those who abused their profession. Un-knowing Americans of all social status was effected by this atrocity. Is this crime still going on today under another code-name?

Medical/Military/Media Industrial Complex? visit site
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: dishonesty, ethics, lies, media, propaganda, military, politics, corruption, congress )

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- 2 days ago -
On 1-17-1961 President Eisenhower warned Americans of the possible dangers of the Military Industrial Complex and the dangers it pose to a free society. Do the close ties of our Military and our private industies pose a risk to our freedom?

Military-industrial complex

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President Dwight Eisenhower famously referred to the
President Dwight Eisenhower famously referred to the "military-industrial complex" in his farewell address.

The term military-industrial complex (MIC) refers to a close and symbiotic relationship among a nation's armed forces, its private industry, and associated political and commercial interests. In such a system, the military is dependent on industry to supply material and other support, while the defense industry depends on government for revenue.

The term is most often used in reference to the United States, where it gained popularity after its use in the farewell address of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. As pejorative terms, the "MIC" or the "iron triangle" refer to an institutionalised collusion among defense contractors (industry), The Pentagon (military), and the United States government (Congress, Executive branch), as a cartel that works against the public interest, and whose motivation is profiteering.

Please watch this Video

Psychiatry Within Our Schools...   video visit site
Society & Culture  (tags: habitatdestruction, abuse, children, corruption, HumanRights, violence, health, teens )

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Discover the link between drugs & violence within our education system... A must see video if you are a parent and have kids enrolled in school.

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Posted: Jun 26, 2007 5:12am
Jul 28, 2006
July 18, 2005                                                                                                 
Office of Professional Medical Conduct
NYS Department of Health
433 River Street
Troy, New York 12180 - 2299

Robert M. Morgenthau
District Attorney
County of New York
One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013
Dear Sir/madam,

I am informing you thru this communication of my concerns that certain Physicians had engaged in questionable medical practices while attending to the care of my siblings.

Ever since Dr. Margaret M. Lawrence of Harlem Hospital deceived my mother into signing my sibling Ward Johnson into Childville back in 1970, my family’s life has been obliterated. During Ward’s stay at Childville, Dr. Jon Block gave my sibling a drug called Thorazine to help him sleep at night (the excuse that they told my mother).

Thorazine was one of the drugs that were used in the Jonestown massacre brainwashing experiments in 1978 and has very harmful side affects. In fact Thorazine has been called a chemical lobotomy because of the similar effects it creates. This dangerous neuroleptic medication is toxic to most brain functions, disrupting nearly all of them; it has a well-documented impact on the dopamine neurotransmitter system. It causes a disruption in the functioning of the frontal lobes that greatly reduces a subject awareness of temperament and surroundings.

In the early part of 1973 my mother informed Childville that she was going to cancel Ward’s enrollment into their “boarding school”, because she saw that there was nothing wrong with Ward. It was then she learnt that she had been deluded and signed him into foster care. That is when Ward’s personality started to change dramatically. On one weekend visit his skin was off his face, hands and arms; she was informed that he had an allergic reaction to something that he ate. And on other occasions, he would just cry, for no reason at all. My mother knew she had to get him out of there, but was denied the right to do so by the staff of Childville.

Daniel A. Pollack the president of Childville had corroborated to my mother what the rest of his staff had told her in saying that she had no more rights to her son and cannot remove him. His staff consisted of Dr. Block, Dr. O’Hagen, Dr. kemker and Dr. Odegan. The social workers were Mr. Proman, Ms. Herring, Ms. Pollack, Ms. Solomon (administrative supervisor) and Richard Altman the director. Nobody would help my mother with her efforts in getting her son out of Childville. It was during that time we experience the frequent vandalism that remain a problem with my mother till today, because of the refusal of the police department to investigate that problem.

On April 11th, 1974 my mother endured a false arrest because she did not return Ward back to Childville. She tried to rescue him from the hands of the Doctors that had given my sibling drugs that had altered his personality; my siblings and I were place into foster care where they had injected us all with medication as a result of her arrest. I was 8 years old at the time, and I can still remember that shot because we couldn’t raise our arms afterward for several days. An order of protection was issue against my mother that prevented her from seeing Ward for 10 months after that. A counselor by the name of Harold Beasley pushed my mother down the stairs when she had return to Childville to see her son.
When her visitation rights were restored in February of ‘75, she took Ward again and warned Childville that they would have to kill her this time if they try to take Ward back. Things never been the same after that, Ward was force to enter into a C.O.H program while attending middle school I. S 158 when his record caught up with him in ‘76, and place under the care of Dr. Lehman. Ward’s condition deteriorated when he entered into that program. He came from school one day saying, “get away from me”, jumping up and down while fighting the air.

Ward started to do strange things while he attended those C.O.H programs thru the board of education. It is in our belief that Ward was medicated and conditioned when he was enrolled into that program. In 1978 Ward disrobe himself at school and the Doctors were able to convince my mother that Ward needed to be medicated in order to get better. My mother hesitantly agreed because she was concern about that incident. She queried Ward as to why he would do such of thing and he did not know why.

 Upon further questioning he recalled an occurrence when Mr. Sunshine attempted to hypnotize him while attending I.S.158 and he told my mother how these men in suits would come to his school and take him to an empty room and ask him all types of questions concerning math and calendar calculating.

Ward had incredible savant abilities and it was quite possible he was a prodigious savant. There was nothing wrong with Ward when my mother enrolled him into that “boarding school” to help children interact with other kids sociably at the recommendation of Dr. Lawrence. The problems Ward developed after he was admitted to Childville were man made. Just look at the medications that they had administered to him over the last 30 years.

The Doctors showed gross negligence and incompetence when they administered and prescribe the numerous anti-psychotics, anti-manic, anti-convulsants and anti-depressants medication to my sibling. It is well documented that long-term use of anti-psychotics (neuroleptics) will cause a condition known as Tardive Dyskinesia, and it also reported that treatment of behavioral problems with neuroleptics might cause additional social and physiological problems; therefore, they should be carefully considered before being utilized.

It seems to me; if a patient exhibits some type of mental disorder, a Doctor would do his best to try to preserve the strengths and intelligence of his patient, not destroy it. Doctor’s are warned that patient’s who require chronic treatment, the smallest dose and the shortest duration of treatment producing a satisfactory clinical response should be sought. One can rationalize, was the doctor’s prescribing the medications seeking the therapeutic effects or was they administered to produce the side effects?
Each psychiatric drug, which was originally heralded as the new “safe” wonder drug, was found to have severe harmful side effects, including addiction, withdrawal symptoms, among others. My sibling has been heavily medicated by various Doctor’s for over 30 years now, and has been giving Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Risperdal, Congentin, Zoloft, Navane, Prozac, Lithium, Depakote, Tegretol and Seroquel that we know of. The Doctor’s often mix his medication and prescribed him multiple pills 2 times per day. The side effects of those drugs had a devastating effect on my sibling, and impaired his savant abilities. Long-term use of the injurious medications that were imprudently administered to my sibling, has restricted his intelligence and personality, and is responsible for his current diagnose presently.

The brain disabling principle applies to all of the most potent psychiatric medications - anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-manic and mood stabilizing medications. The foremost psychiatric treatments exert their primary or intended effect by disabling normal brain function. It is in my belief that when these Doctors Lobotomize my sibling intelligence, it was not only the result of a side effect, but rather, the sought after clinical effect. Conversely, none of the foremost psychiatric medications corrects or improve existing brain dysfunction, such as any reputed biochemical imbalance. If my sibling happens to suffer from brain dysfunction, then the medication that was administered to him would exacerbate his condition.

Neuroscientists are now familiar with chemicals, which effect personality traits. If one wants to create raving paranoia, simply provide the brain with too much dopamine in the emotional center of the brain. If you reduce serotonin in an individual, that person will be unable to connect disagreeable consequences with what provoked them. In other words, they can’t protect themselves from danger. It is in my belief that the reason my sibling was administered heavy medication was to take away his humanity and make him more manageable for their sadistic experiments.

Currently today the Doctor’s have my sibling under some type of Mind Control, it appears that they programmed him to leave his home (usually at night when everyone is asleep) and check himself into a hospital to examine his genital area. Then the Doctor’s claims that my sibling displays sexual overtone and should be kept for observation. It is strange to me that every time my sibling exhibits sexual overtone it is always at the hospitals in the presence of the Doctor’s. Can it be that they are trying to condition him to be that way?

Ward has been known to numerous hospitals throughout the City of New York, all had expressed an out of the ordinary interest in him. On several occasions the Doctor’s would refuse to release Ward back into my mother’s custody and often suggested that she should give him up, because it would serve in his best interest. One Doctor noted in his report dated 1/28/83 after all medication was cleared out of his body “Ward is much more calm and responsive in an appropriate way than on admission. He reports fewer hallucinations, both auditory and visual, and has made no comments on wanting to kiss staff members (as earlier) in the last several days. Overall continues to improve off his medication and behaving well under direct supervision.”

That report came from Montefiore Medical Center when my sibling was admitted for an abnormal EEG on 1/21/83. My mother had brought him there because he has been increasingly drowsy, poorly oriented and bumping into walls. In one week’s time my brother was a completely different person when the heavy doses of Haldol were eliminated from his body. So what do the Doctor’s do now that they witness positive results in my sibling behavior off medications?

Montefoire medical center release my sibling free of all meds into my mother’s care, and Ward was a much more responsive individual. My mother sought help from Dr. Jimenez (of the Council Center for Problem of Living) to enroll him into a special program on 2/16/83. Dr. Jimenez insisted that Ward résumé his previous Haldol regiment. He was not interested in the Doctor’s report from MMC, and suggested that she take him back there for a program if she disagreed with his assessment. Shortly after that my sibling was heavily medicated against my mother’s wishes at Mt. Sinai Hospital.
It seems like every Doctor that my mother met after that, emphasized that my sibling needed to be medicated. They did to my sibling what they please; because their actions remain uncheck, despite the hundreds of complaints that my mother wrote against them to various politicians and investigative agencies. They had a feeling of invincibility and felt that they were above the law.

Even when my mother applied for Legal Guardianship for my sibling Ward in November of ‘85 when Metropolitan Hospital informed my mother that she no longer have any rights to my sibling and refused her the right to see her son because he is considered a adult now. Those orders came from Dr. Luigi Marcuzzo; they held him against her wishes until 4/1/86. The Legal Guardianship process was deliberately impeded until 1992. By various Doctor’s and the refusal of services from Legal Aid. It took my mother 7 years to be granted Legal Guardianship and have power of attorney over my sibling’s affairs.

My sibling entire health records needs to be subpoena and reviewed in order to identify the numerous atrocities, human and civil rights violations that have been committed against him and my mother.

This tragedy spread to my other two siblings (Trevis and Sean Johnson) they were unlawfully given hazardous medications at a young age in life through the forced C.O.H programs of the board of education, Hospitals, Children Services Agencies and even Prison. They both were place on unnecessary anti-psychotics without the consent of my mother that altered their personalities, and is responsible for their current diagnose of today. A review of their early health and school records would reveal that they were normal children that were robbed of their innocence by those sadistic Doctor’s that experimented on them.

The persons who is responsible for this is very cunning and evil, and has used various New York city Agencies to assist them in their iniquity. What these Doctor’s are doing is a continuation of the work that Adolph Hitler performed while he was a dictator/brainwasher in Nazi Germany.
When my mother finally realized that my brother was being overly medicated, and his condition was worsening, she verbalized her concerns to the Doctor’s at Terence Cardinal Cooke in January of 2004. The Doctor’s became agitated and insisted that Ward must stay with his prescribe medication. My mother followed her heart and removed the Depakote medication from his prescription. Ward showed amazing improvements and a desire to learn. Even some of his savant abilities had surface again. Three months later she shared the good news with the Doctor’s at TCC and they became furious that she removed the Depakote from his prescription plan.

They had reported my mother to the Department of Social Service APS Division (FOAJM.2139575) because she refuse to follow their entire medication regiment of Risperdal 4mg, Depakote 500mg, Cogentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg two times a day. My mother stood her ground and eliminated the Depakote from his regiment because she witnessed the positive result in Ward over the last three months.

Later on that year on 12/19/04 my sibling went missing again, and did not surface until the 29th of December under a assume name at ST. Vincent’s hospital. My mother went there to retrieve her son, but the Doctor’s wanted her to except some type of in-house program that they had outlined for her because she was not compliant with their prescription regiment concerning the Depakote.

My mother immediately refused their services, and they in turn, refuse to release my sibling citing the Mental Hygiene Law. My mother fought hard for 3 weeks for the freedom of my sibling from ST. Vincent Hospital and warned them not to give my sibling any Depakote. They violated my mother wishes and administered Ward the Depakote 500mg along with Risperdal 4mg, Congentin .5mg and Zoloft 50mg twice daily. At the orders of Dr. Scott Mcaffe. I respectfully ask for a reply: What section of the Mental Hygiene Law gave ST. Vincent’s Hospital the authority to hold and medicate my sibling without my mother’s consent?

They crossly released him on 1/18/05 after much fighting from my mother. Social Worker Margaret Vaughn of ST. Vincent’s Hospital called the Dept. of Social Service A.P.S Division and made a fictitious claim against my mother and sibling. The case was assign to Robert Griffith an A.P.S agent. He in turn contacted A.C.S and they conspired to destroy my family once in for all with the aid of Supervising Judge Susan Knipps of Family Court. My niece was removed from my mother’s home based on a lie that was told by Angelica Reyes an A.C.S agent. The Judge had shown a personal bias and incompetents in the handling of this case. It feels like I’m sitting inside a Mississippi courtroom in the 1960’s the way this case is conducted. I invite all responsible investigative agencies to look at this Case Docket # N-01301/05 in its entirety, to appreciate the seriousness concerning this matter.

A.C.S and the Judge were more than ready to commit my niece into a DRC Facility at the beginning of that trial. We all know that kids that are referred to that kind of Facility are meant to be stabilized, by way of medication, to ready them for future placement in foster care. Robert Griffith and Elvis Liburd of the Dept. of Social Service filed a fictitious claim against my mother in the EX Parte Motion part of the Supreme Court (index # 400985/05) on 3/24-25/05.

They made clinical accusations against my mother stating that she is suffering from a mental illness and cannot care for herself or my sibling Ward. They intended to use the Kendra Law against my mother, and forcibly commit her to a mental institution to be medicated. In their feeble attempts to medicate my entire family to live up to their rumors of having a family full of psychotics, it exposes them as the ones who are truly in need for mental evaluations.

My niece is innocent, she is 14 years old and the Judge refuses to consider her desires or interests. A.C.S is constantly trying to get my niece to comply with their mental evaluations and the Judge is demanding for my mother to comply with the court’s mental health service. It is so obvious what these demented individuals are trying to achieve. They want to medicate my entire family for the sole purpose of experimentation and mind control.
There are no “safe” psychiatric drugs. Each has numerous harmful short term and largely unknown long-term effects. They can induce Akathisia, a severe restlessness that studies show can cause agitation and psychosis, TD, Lethargy, Confusion, Hallucinations, Severe Depression, Insomnia, Nightmares, Nervousness, Memory problems, Manic Reactions, Sexual Problems, Delusions, Delirium, Seizures, Nausea, Muscle tremors, Epileptic, Fever, Lowered White Blood Cell Count, Liver Damage, and heart attacks and strokes.
Psychiatric drugs obtain their result by causing brain dysfunction. The Doctor’s never once warn my mother about the dangerous side effects of my sibling’s medication. It is very important to them that he remains medicated. I want to know why? The crimes that I am reporting in this communication are that the Doctor’s deliberately medicated my family to obtain the side effects of the drug for their hideous experiments. I respectfully request that my concerns be investigated thoroughly because an innocent young girl is in imminent danger to life and health. You can save what’s left of my family, please investigate!

Respectfully, Sheldon Johnson

FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza, 23rd floor
New York, New York 10278 - 0004

U.S. Department of Justice                                                              950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

City of New York
Department of Investigation
80 Maiden Lane

New York, New York 10038
Honorable Hillary Clinton
United States Senate
780 Third Avenue
Suite 2601
New York, New York 10017

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, New York 10007

Governor George E. Pataki
State Capital
Albany, New York 12224

Honorable Carolyn B. Maloney
1651 Third Avenue
Suite 311
New York, New York 10128

Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Jul 28, 2006 5:09pm
Jul 25, 2006
Focus: Children
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and your prayers. I truly feel like this site is a Godsend as I’ve stumble across it by accident. It’s a good outlet to help people who is in a crisis situation (such as myself) to tell there story and receive moral support.


They took my niece on 2/04/05 base on a lie by an ACS agent. The Judge who presided over the case had sign an order of removal 2 days earlier with no legal representation for my family. There was nothing amiss in my family household to warrant an emergency removal. Since then they had change their allegation 3 times as to why they had removed her from my mother’s custody.


The Judge did not follow the NYS family court act regulations from the beginning of this tragedy. Her action suggest that this was some sort of conspired effort involving ACS, Dept. of social services, St. Vincent Hospital and other NYC agencies who got involved at a later time to participate in this gross-cover-up.


I had written every N.Y. newspaper, email every reporter and got nothing. The few who shown interest in the beginning; suddenly lost their interest. The District Attorney claimed they look into the matter; but would not interview any of the victims. They keep referring the case back to ACS in house investigative unit. Same goes for the F.B.I., the Dept. of Justice, and Dept. of investigation and so on.


Not one Politician responded to the numerous communications that I sent out by certified mail reporting this tragic crime. I don’t know what’s going on for I’m not the one to judge, but I had to take matters into my own hands. I started to pray, and pray hard, I relied on God and I was motivated to educate myself on topics that were applicable to my family’s situation.


It is in my belief that I discovered the motive as to what’s happening to my family and many more around this nation. This problem could very well be national; therefore the whole system has to be overhauled. Family court Judges has uncanny powers that permits them to abuse their authority with little fear of being investigated. Children services powers are comparable to the Gestapo; they often abuse their authority and remove innocent children from their homes base on lies. This practice seems to be directed at our nation’s underprivileged and fatherless families.


This is child abuse of the worst kind and it has to end now; who is empowering these agencies with this type of authority to avoid scrutiny and blackout from the media? If this type of practice doesn’t stop it will establish a feudal oligarchy in this great land of ours.


We have to stand together to preserve our civil liberties and our rights because slowly they are taking it away right under our noses. Today they’re attacking families that are considered underprivileged; tomorrow it may very well escalate to one of your kids.


However, my family history is unique, the abuse I’m talking about started over 3 decades ago with my brother’s.  My mother has 4 boys, and I’m the only one who was able to escape the injustices that were subjected to my family. I will be posting a letter that I’ve written to Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki, dated 1/2/06 on my care share/blog.


 After careful review of this document you should have a clearer understanding of what happened to my family. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write me. Here are a few addresses to write and verbalize your outrage.


Sincerely, Sheldon Johnson


Re: NYS family court case docket no: N-1301/05

Robert M. Morgenthau                                                          Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

District Attorney                                                                                      City Hall

County of New York                                                                        N.Y, N.Y 1OOO7

One Hogan place, N.Y, N.Y 10013


Commissioner John Mattingly                                                   Governor George E. Pataki

Administration for Children Services                                                    State Capital

150 Williams st. – 18th floor                                                         Albany, New York 12224

N.Y, N.Y 10038


Honorable Carolyn B. Maloney                                              Honorable Hillary Clinton

1651 Third Avenue                                                                       United State Senate

Suite 311                                                                                         780 Third Avenue

N.Y, N.Y 10128                                                                       Suite 2601, N.Y, N.Y 10017


Honorable Susan K. Knipps                                                             F.B.I New York

Supervising Judge                                                                    26 Federal plaza, 23rd floor

60 Lafayette st. 4th floor                                                                    N.Y, N.Y 10278

N.Y, N.Y 10013





Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Jul 25, 2006 5:15am


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