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May 4, 2013

Just lately i mentioned it would deserve to be considered to start thinking about a separation between state and corporations. Since the overbearing, unwanted influence of corporations on the government. And the abuse of this influence becoming increasingly clear. Such as passing laws mainly meant to please corporate interests. It seemns clear to me this cannot and wil not go on, unless we want to live in a corporatocracy instead of a democracy.

It should also be clear that governing a nation is a whole different thing from running a corporation or business. Since we expect a government to take care of many things involving the interest of it's people and the whole nation. This is much more diverse then corporate ceo's or businessowners tend to think. We expect our government to see the bigger picture when it comes to governing the whole nation.

I would say many many corporations mistake their interests to be of greater importance then the interest of the people and the whole nation. And this simply has to end. It's time corporations are held liable by an independent governing body. An indepent governing body that sees to it that corporations are kept in check. 

If we fail to do this we will live in a corporatocracy where the real decisions come from board rooms rather then from our chosen representatives.

Ending this will mean disentangling our chosen representatives from the unwanted influence of corporate ceo's. Making it clear they should stick to running their corporations instead of also deciding what our chosen representatives decide.

Just like the people once made it clear there should be a separation between state and religion. For the same reason: to prevent any religion to control the state and it's people.

If we allow our government and it's decisions to be tainted by corporate interests we're in for a whole series of trouble. Cause it effectively undermines the ability of our government to take independent decisions. What we have now is the clout of an socalled democracy that leans heavily toward chosen representatives who are actually serving corporate interests. 

This has not only undermined the idea of an independent government by the people for the people. It has also undermined the trust people put into their chosen government.

This means the relationship weith our chosen representatives has been poisoned. And means that there is often little or no faith amongst the people that our representatives will take our best interests at heart anymore.

This could derail the whole idea of what a democracy is meant to be, and turns ordinary people at the mercy of corporate interests.

Furthermore, it should be clear a real independent government overseas and is taking care of area's of life where there are other values at stake then just running a corporation or business. Like responsibly taking care of things like healthcare and education.

A school is unlike a business, and cannot be run as such unless we want our children to be nothing more then corporate employees or customers. Or be discarded otherwise since they don't fit into the system.

Another example is people who have a calling to help people. Like being a doctor or nurse or therapist. Another area of life with different priorities, response abilities and values.

Since not everything fit's into a corporate structure, we should take care to make it clear that coroporations get a say in government policy just like we do. And that we draw a line when it comes to corporations practicaly tell the goverment what to do.

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Posted: May 4, 2013 1:07pm
Nov 14, 2012

Since i've read in conversations with god that we can expect our language to be upgraded significantly. I see it fit to play my part in this. Just like suddenly realising SHIT is short for sharing helpfull insightfull thoughts. And with that in mind i say take this SHIT serious. It could alter your life to exchange SHIT with one another. 

Enjoy your SHIT,

Boomvader Ruerd

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Posted: Nov 14, 2012 4:40pm
Sep 12, 2012

Today i summon my spirit, and it is the spirit of nature calling out to me.
And the birds flock, moving as one,
aswel as the bees sending their scouts.
The gather their forces, and i watch birds and bees getting on their knees.

They spoke to me, we are here to remind thee,
we have worked so tirelessly to remind you all.
Humble, we heathed the call of the great spirit.
The great spirit who gave us all life,
and is watching over us.

Who can hear us sing, who can watch us work.
And honestly say it does not mean a thing?
Once you open your heart for the communion,
of the animal kingdom.

We are here to remind you all to gather,
and share in the common bond of all of life.

We depend on eachother equally,
for we are all linked together.

Therefore acknowledge the spirit of nature,
for it is within you aswell.
As we keep reminding you,
time and time again.

We stand together, and call upon thee,
to open your eyes and see the brotherhood of all of life.
For we are all created to share and commune,
day by day.

We call upon the great spirit said a bird who gave us song,
raising our voice to affirm life.
We call upon the great spirit said a bee who made us work together,
showing the spirit of mutual cooperation.
I call upon the great spirit as i confirm our common bond, with all living beings.
Knowing we are all linked together, there is a place for all of us in the communion we call the spirit of nature.
And by doing so, i give it a go, to remember my fellow man of what links all living beings together.
So we may all share in the spirit of nature as equals.

Boomvader Ruerd

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Posted: Sep 12, 2012 10:18pm
Jul 10, 2012

Whereas faith can blind people, the reasonable people can be so full of their reasoning that there is no longer room for the simple truth.

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Posted: Jul 10, 2012 11:03pm
Jul 10, 2012

Once upon a time,

There was this guy

Who could not pay the rent.

He suddenly owned

Nothing more then himself

And the clothes he woar.

But he did so with great pride,

Cause he felt he could no longer hide

His hearts desire behind the walls

Of his home.

He went of light as a bird so free,

And was an example for you and me.

Showing us the one thing we’ll

Always own is ourselves

Nomather what.

And that has made a world of difference

To all of us!


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Posted: Jul 10, 2012 6:00pm
Jul 10, 2012

Lot's and lot's of people are riding certain issues because of all the attention it generates. Untill it's game over and real life kicks in again.

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Posted: Jul 10, 2012 5:41pm
Jun 7, 2012

Just the other day WO II and ofcourse Hitler was a topic for some people i've met. Anyway someone told a joke about Hitler. And suddenly i replied i'd like to have a dog called Hitler. That way i can take Hitler to the dogwhisperer and finally teach him some manners.

Offcourse this is 2012, and with Geert Wilders ranting about just anything, it seems fitting to ask someone to perform live on stage as a dogwhisperer with his dog Geert. Who knows hell get the message and obey like a good dog would.

And this is my mental yoga for now.

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Posted: Jun 7, 2012 11:22pm
May 14, 2012

Quite often it's the things we want to leave out of the picture, are the things atracting the most attention. It's like the forbidden fruit, calling us. And to taste this fruit, does wonders cause it reveals somuch. Where would we be, had Eve never tasted this fruit?

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Posted: May 14, 2012 2:16pm
Mar 31, 2012

For the better part of my life i was hooked to something, something to ease the pain and apparant discomfort. It ment having a brake from the feeling to be left outside alone. But deep down inside there was a growing hunger for the real thing.

Suddenly it hit me one morning as i woke up: behind every addiction there is a real need waiting to be met. That was the first insight i received.

The next morning i woke up and the second insight came to my mind: every addiction is offering an escape from every situation where the real needs of a person aren't acknowledged or properly met.

The third insight came a couple of days later: every addiction is offering some consolation to those who feel the have lost something of real value. It replaces a real need with a substitute.

It seems there is plenty stuff to go around in this strange strange world, for those who are either looking for an escape from an unwanting situation. Every  situation where real needs are either ignored, supressed or just simply denied.

The thing is this attitude often is so common in our world, we tend to look the other way when there are people who clearly seem to be addicted one way or the other.

I dare say that the people we call addicts, are somehow confronting us with our own addiction or tendency to be hooked.

Whereas most people like to look the other way thinking it has nothing to do with them.

I dare say we all are somehow hooked to something more or less, thinking it is just the way things are.

For instance someone like me use to spent lot's of time in front of the tv, it offered an escape from my lonely life. It also offered lot's of distraction from a situation where i was very unhappy.

Untill i realised my real need was to be able to connect to people, which led me to find ways to somehow connect to other people again.

So instead of waisting my precious time in front of the tv, i am now spending it with friends.

And nowadays i spent time watching tv, only when i really choose to.

There are numerous examples of people being hooked to one thing or another. It seems to be such a common practice. That most people would not call it an addiction, even though it actually is.

Our modern society seems to have to common practice to console ourselves with substitutes instead of going for the real thing.

Cause deep down lot's of people feel the pain of being unwanted, as they have the experience where their real needs are either ignored, supressed or denied.

We tend to find some substitute offering us consolation, just not having to feel this pain of being left outside alone.

Behind the apparant consolation though, there is a tremendous pain, anger and despair. Cause we feel hurt. It  simply hurts to know our real needs seem so unimportant to others, that they are ignored, suppresed or denied. 

This seems to be such a common practice in our modern society we tend to think this attitude towards life is normal.

Far from it, the thing is there are often few examples of people leading authentic lives, because lots and lots of people are living a life where they are hooked to something.

I guess this is why we tend to be so uncomfortable when we are confronted with people who have gone all the way with their addiction.

It can make you realise you're possibly also hooked in some fashion, and to a certain degree.

Whether it is just watching way more tv then is ok, or just working like if nothing else mathers.

Hell i even know a friend who admitted he was so hooked to listening to music, that he told me he was addicted to music.

Whatever way you look at it, you might want to rethink your attitude when it comes to addiction.

With in mind the insights i gained from a life where i spent a lot of time being hooked to something. Even though most people would not call me a junk. I was still hooked to stuff  to a certain degree. Even when it was just watching lot's of tv.

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Posted: Mar 31, 2012 8:35pm
Mar 31, 2012

The calling

I've heard You calling me,
for a long time.

But oh my, why should I heath the call?
Me so troubled and struck down,
feeling like a clown.

Still i've heard Your voice,
troughout the years.
You just would not give up.

And yes here I am,
amidst the debri.
The broken shattered pieces.

Mending a bit, would it ever be a hit,
in this world so torn and hellbent?

And You whispered: Let Me whorry
about that. I have a plan, and you're
a part of it.

Maybe you did not notice,
but you're life is a blessing.
You change the world just by being here.

For presence is all that matters,
so be present in the moment.

And you'll see miracles happen,
each and every day.

Boomvader Ruerd

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Posted: Mar 31, 2012 1:56pm


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