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Jul 16, 2012

Wished to share my beautiful grandson with everyone.

Album: My grandson Grant Benson
Wished to share my beautiful grandson with everyone.

by 2 new, 345 totalTracey O. (38)
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Posted: Jul 16, 2012 1:16pm
Jun 22, 2011
Name: Gregg Overman
Type: Tribute (for the living)
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My Dad Gregg Overman came back to his home town for a book signing of his novel Blue Sunrise. It was wonderful to have him here! He came in with his wife Sheri & my only Aunt Carolyn last Thursday & stayed until Sunday morning. I had not seen him in a few years & I spent every moment I could with him. We even went to the zoo The book signing was perfect & he sold almost 20 books in 2 hours! It was at Hastings Bookstore here in central Louisiana &  they would like him to come back again at the end of summer as they said no one had ever done as well as he did. It was great & I am so proud of my Chemist/Arthur of a Dad! I might be about to turn 39 years old but I'm still a daddies girl. No doubts!
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Posted: Jun 22, 2011 5:22am
Jun 10, 2011
To all my Care2 friends a little note of thanks for your support on the loss of my grand baby. I gave this to God & I know he never makes mistakes. My son & his wife will have some grief but I have to have my own & let them have theirs. They are strong & will be fine. Later on when they are ready they can try again. That will be their choice. I had worried about this but would not voice it out loud. Call it my ESP or something but I had this feeling tug at me. I know that sounds crazy but it is true. I'm fine & with time they will get over this as well. It would have been much worse had she carried the baby to term. Thanks again!
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Posted: Jun 10, 2011 6:07pm
Jun 9, 2011
I have gotten bad news from my son K. He was calling to tell me  they miscarried my grand child today. They went for the ultra sound & there was no heartbeat. I am very sad but more worried about him & his wife. He did not sound good when he called so I knew bad news was coming. Please pray for our family. Thank you.
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Posted: Jun 9, 2011 10:24am
May 19, 2011
I have been on a jouney today with my love who had a back operation on April 4th. I was hospitalized 3 days after his release but as I was away neighbors helped him. Today was his 6 week check up & everthing is perfect. We 1st went to CLASH for his x-ray. CLASH being the surgical hospital he had the operation. Then we went to his Doctor & he has been cleared to get rid of the back brace anymore & his x-rays were perfect. His pain is still there a bit in the hip area but this too shall pass. We wanted to donate this brace to someone less fortunate but Dr. Drerup said he could throw it in the river & maybe stop the flood!  LOL This brace I can not explainbut to say it reminds me of a straight jacket & has given me nightmares. See with my illness his daughter & others were to have my back. HA HA! Should have known better than that. His daughter is crazy & ignorant too. LOL He does not know it but we are going for a walk as soon as I finish. He will be going to outpatient therapy & his new medical doctor will be a pain management doctor. Great news as he is older than me & like me has arthritis all over. So had to give Care2 the good news about Henry! When he is okay I am okay too All our prayers have been answered & I could not be happier today!
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Posted: May 19, 2011 3:41pm
May 18, 2011
I must share my story with Care 2 as it is very important to me & hope it will help others who ever find themself in my same healthcare nightmare. I am mentally disabled as I have Bi-Polar disorder,ADD & a paranoid personallity disorder. I also have extreme panic disorder. To be clear on paranoid this does not mean I think people are out to get me & no I do not see things that are not there unless I become very manic. I am also physically ill with Arthritis,stess induced IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I am 38 years old and have been ill over half my life. Recently I had to be hospitalized & the story I am writing is all true. On April 14th I went for my appointment at The Mental Health Center I have been going to off & on since 1989. I was there to see my counciler Heather whom I loved to death. I was a bit manic that day due to sresses beyond my control. She called a Doctor into the room who is no longer my phyciatrist and she was writing commitment papers so fast & she would not listen to anything I said. Next thing I knew a armed security guard was at the door. I was seated and shook my head no in disbelif. He said to me you can go the easy way or the hard way. I got up trying to explain I could not take the stairs. I did not have a choice. He said to me I could just fall on him. I told him I would love to do that. I was faint after the flight & was not allowed to sit a moment as my legs were coming out from under me. I was placed inside a van with this same armed man & I am pretty hysterical. The driver drove so fast my head was smashed on the bar behind me and on the window beside me. I commented why were they driving like lunitics this was not an ambulance? I got ridculed. The took me to the state run hospital. I would not sign to be teated there as my mother died inside that hospital on my birthday 7/18/06. My family had no idea where I was and the police were contacted to no avail. My potassium was dangerusly low and I had to be placed on a heart monitor. I have nothing on but a gown that is not tied at the bottom. I was waitin on an ambulance to take me to Monroe I was told? The next morning after crying myself out I awoke inside the same room minus a heart monitor & wrapped at the crook of my arm where during the night they drew more blood. I had to use the bathroom very bad & I thought to myself I better get up in case they think I am dead in here. I am going to use my humor here now. I get up with my bottom out to go to the bathroom & I hear laughing. They think this is funny Ok. We'll see how funny I can make this. I use the bathroom drink some more potassium with this diet,cold brekfast they put on my tray. After I finished the male nurse said I had to clean my tray off. Did I know where the trash can was. How could I forget I had been sitting right next to it the day before. The back doors are open my bottom is showing and I need both hands to push the cart. I push it & everyone is laughing. Except me of course see because I am beyond angry! I am throwing my stuff in the trash & an Angel from behind me says..Ya'll can't do her like this. I turn & thank her as she tied me.  I had to put my tray back & two armed bounty hunter looking types were racing to get out the back, I accidentlly cut them off!(NOT) I said I am so sorry & I pushed past as they rushed out the back. I told them at the hospital that was no mistake BTW. Now I know you may be thinking well she needed help. I did indeed but see once you have been committed you may act as crazy as they think you are. When I get sick I do not loose my intellect,my sense of humor & I do not forget either! I have never been arrested but going into a phyciatric hospital is much like that. You better know how to take care of yourself or you can get hurt. I needed to be hositalized that is not the point off my story. My abulance came & they asked if I needed any help to get inside? Now I am 5 feet mothin & weighed 138  I said no & grabbed the bar and pounded my way inside,signed my name perfectly & off we went. This was not my first hospitalization but this hopspital was the largest. Housed about 26 men & women. I learned things their about Tracey as this hospital is a Behavior Health Unit where you see a medical doctor & a phyciatrist.  It was a hard 13 days but I leaned I have to be my own BFF & saying no is Okay. I also learned that I can not save the world Dang it! Jesus found me too as this was not the first time he has saved my life. I wrote this also because I learned that when you are stressed Read it, Write it, Sing it! No pity allowed as I am a blessed woman as I just found out I am going to be a Grandma! YEAH! I hope this helped even one person as it did me. I get a check on the 3rd of the month & I am on medicare,medicaid & a PDP thank the Lord or how would I get all me medicine? I make 727.00 am I not blessed?  You bet I am!
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Posted: May 18, 2011 8:11am


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