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Jun 19, 2009
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Stop Mountaintop Removal!
Donate Today! Stop Mountaintop Removal!

The EPA has approved a flurry of new mountaintop removal coal mining projects. We need your support to end this terribly destructive practice.

Donate before June 30th, and your gift will be matched up to $500,000.
Donate today!

Photo: Mark Schmerling

United States of Efficiency
United States of Efficiency Logo

This summer, celebrate your citizenship with the United States of Efficiency.

Energy efficiency is not just about changing light bulbs. It's about setting benchmarks to make all the products we use more efficient, and carry these bench marks into all areas of your life.

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Earthjustice is the nation's leading, non-profit law firm for the environment. To learn more about our work, visit our website.


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In the NewsCoal's True Cost

"The people of Appalachia ... will continue to be the sacrificial lamb for our nation's dependence on coal."

—Joan Mulhern of Earthjustice, commenting on government's new mountaintop removal plan.

Historic Fight For
Clean Energy Future
Photo of Earthjustice President, Trip Van Noppen.Congress is deciding whether America seizes
the chance for a clean energy economy or capitulates to many more decades of fossil fuel addiction, reports Earthjustice President Trip Van Noppen. Earthjustice is in a fierce struggle to keep oil and coal interests from de-railing this historic opportunity for change.

Humpback Chub Has Friend In High PlacesPhoto of humpback chub.It isn't easy being a humpback chub in the Colorado River. Trout are prettier and even catfish are more cuddly. What's worse, as other fish flourish in these waters controlled by Glen Canyon dam, the 4-million year old chub is going extinct. But there's one thing the chub has that his neighbors don't—a friend in high places.

Earthjustice Blogs

Photo of Jared Saylor.Jared Saylor As Obama stalls, Congress takes on mountaintop removal.

Photo of Brian Smith.Brian Smith The "God Squad" threat against whales and salmon.

Photo of David Guest.David Guest Court legalizes pollution of United States waters.

Photo of Tom Turner.Tom Turner Another detour on Roadless Rule road.

The Stew

Photo of a wolf.Suit Filed to Re-list Gray WolvesIn April, the federal government finished what the Bush administration started when it dropped Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolves in the northern Rockies. With the stroke of a pen, wolves in Montana and Idaho lost legal and habitat protections. Instead, they got state management and the promise of a fall hunt. Conservation groups represented by Earthjustice filed a lawsuit to get back protections for the wolves.

Photo of Lower Granite Dame, on the Snake River.Salmon Get Notch From CourtA federal judge has told the government to consider notching four small, salmon-killing dams on the lower Snake River if other remedies fail to save salmon. Meanwhile, the Obama administration asked the judge for more time to review the legal mess they inherited from the Bush administration before having to act.

Thumbs up icon.In The Win ColumnEarthjustice and its allies won advances—or outright victories—across a broad front in the last month:

Photo of Tongass National Forest. Credit: Katerina Zelena.Obama Grants Reprieve For Roadless AreasThe Obama administration provided a welcome break for millions of acres of forest lands by virtually freezing development and roadbuilding on them for about a year. Dept. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced that he will make any decisions about roadless area development in the national forests (except Idaho), including Tongass National Forest. During the Bush years, Earthjustice took numerous legal steps to keep our public lands from being turned over to developers, road builders and loggers.

Photo of EPA logo.EPA To Review Burning of
Hazardous Waste
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has agreed to review a Bush-era rule that allows highly toxic emissions to be released by facilities that burn hazardous waste. There are approximately 265 facilities nationwide that burn such waste, sending poisons into playgrounds and neighborhoods across America. The rule was first challenged in 2005 by Earthjustice, representing the Sierra Club.

Photo of a wolverine.A Second Chance For WolverinesUnder pressure from Earthjustice legal action, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to reconsider whether wolverines in the lower-48 states should be protected by the Endangered Species Act. The agency had earlier concluded wolverines deserve protection but then precluded protecting them. The decision is due by December 2010.

Photo of a salmon.Agency Sets New Rules To Protect California SalmonCalifornia's chinook salmon, steelhead—and even killer whales—are threatened by the way state and federal water projects are managed in that state's Central Valley, according to a biological opinion by the National Marine Fisheries Service. The opinion establishes a new set of operating rules for the water projects.

Take ActionPhoto of Flathead River Valley. Take Action! Credit: Harvey Locke.

Protect Glacier National Park! Glacier National Park and its sister park in Canada are threatened by mining and gas drilling. You can help by alerting decision makers.

Donate Today!

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Posted: Jun 19, 2009 2:35am
Jun 15, 2009
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States

Dear Alice,

Don't let Big Oil derail clean energy legislation.

Email your Representative Today!

Last month, the House Energy & Commerce Committee took a huge step towards jumpstarting our economy with clean energy jobs when they passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACENow, this legislation will be voted on as soon as next week in the House.

Passing this legislation will bring us closer than ever to truly putting us on a path to a clean energy future.  But, Big Oil is doing everything in their power to derail this legislation. Will you contact your Member of Congress to insist that this bill is strengthened and passed?

Click here to ask your Representative to strengthen and pass the ACES bill today.

This legislation will help both our economy and our planet by helping to create millions of jobs, reducing our dependence on oil, and cutting global warming pollution.  To make sure the bill creates even more clean energy jobs, we would also like to see improvements in the bill that strengthen requirements and increase investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as preserve the Obama administration's ability to regulate dangerous pollutants.

But, Big Oil and their cohorts in Congress are stopping at nothing to keep us addicted to dirty energy.  They are flooding the halls of Congress with misinformation, and we must counter their attacks. 

Please ask your Member of Congress to strengthen and pass this critical legislation.

Passing ACES legislation would jumpstart a clean energy economy by:

  • Supporting the development of new clean energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal, by requiring utilities to generate at least 20% of their electricity from renewable resources, with a portion met through efficiency by 2020;
  • Dramatically boosting energy efficiency in building, appliances, and homes, saving over $25 billion per year by 2030; and
  • Reducing global warming pollution by at least 17% by 2020 and 83% by 2050.

Send a message to your representative today urging him or her to defend, strengthen and pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act (HR 2454).

We have a narrow window of time to move this legislation..  Please don't wait – email your Representative today.

Thank you for all that you do,


Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters 

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Posted: Jun 15, 2009 10:22am
Jun 11, 2009
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Other
Location: United States


Hi Alice,



Send a letter to the editor today

A letter to your local editor can spread the word for a stronger clean energy bill:

Send your letter online now!

Our efforts to strengthen the clean energy bill are raising eyebrows on Capitol Hill. Just last week, climate activists like you sent more than 8,000 faxes to congressional offices in Washington.

But this is no time to let up: we have to keep pushing for a stronger bill!

Here's another way to keep pushing: send a letter to your local newspaper editors. Your representatives read the editorial pages of your hometown paper--and they pay attention to what their constituents have to say.

Your published letter can send them a strong message: passing a strong clean energy bill can transform our economy, create millions of jobs, and begin to solve the climate crisis. Send a letter to your local newspaper editor today:

It's easy to get started: Simply enter your zip code to select one of your local newspapers. You can customize your message or use our talking points to get started. Then, encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to send their own letters!

Be sure to tell your local editors that this bill needs to be stronger with three changes:

  1. Ensure More Clean Energy for America: By increasing the renewable energy and energy efficiency standards.
  2. Hold Polluters Accountable: By restoring authority to the EPA to mandate cleaner technology for power plants.
  3. Create More Clean Energy Jobs for America: Limit giveaways to polluting industries and instead bolster green job development and protection of vulnerable communities.

You can also follow-up your letter with a call to your local paper and tell them about your letter. Send a letter to your local paper today:

Thanks again for all you're doing to pass a strong clean energy bill this year!

Liz Butler
Deputy Campaign Director, 1Sky

P.S.: After you send your letter, learn about other ways you can get louder for a stronger clean energy bill.

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Posted: Jun 11, 2009 2:34pm


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