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Jan 6, 2014

This is a news article I submitted to C2NN, demonstrating how militant and cruel AR activists can become in their self-righteousness. Having witnessed similar attitudes on Care2, I am not surprised, but I am disgusted. I will be submitting more articles like this in the future, and I will let you know through "shares".

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Posted: Jan 6, 2014 2:59am
Jul 17, 2012

Dietary/Philosophical Classifications

Despite my many interests, I seem to be drawn into Care2 vegan/omnivore debates/wars, which tend to get rather hot and ugly. My friend Diane L, tired of us Ethical Omnivores being ‘lumped in’ with uncaring, carnivorous slobs, wrote a rough draft of ‘categories’ for all the various diets/lifestyles/philosophies. It was a brilliant idea, so I took it and ran with it, and Vince D joined in with a few good ones as well. Far from being negative or mean-spirited, here it is - with a little revision and editing:

The Macho-Carnivore: “I gotta kill something dammit to prove I’m a man!”. (Ok, some women fit this type also!) I’ll skin it and eat it raw and post my kill on YouTube! (Or the hunting channel…. ) These guys are scary, and entertaining. Usually these folks suffer from a reduced p$%is size, which is a thought to be a cause of this syndrome. Usually die prematurely from heart failure.” (Vince D)

The Ignorant Carnivore: eats mostly meat and doesn’t give a damn where it comes from. Also known as an “FU Carnivore”.

The Ignorant Omnivore: as above, but eats less meat, and with normal servings of vegetables.

The Uninformed Omnivore: eats a balanced diet which includes meat, but is not aware or concerned about where it comes from and how it was produced. “If I thought about it I couldn’t eat it…”

Closet Omnivore: one who claims to be a vegetarian, but eats meat when nobody’s looking.

Omnipoor: would eat meat if they could afford it.

Ethical Omnivore: eats meat but strictly only that which is humanely-raised.

LTD Ethical Omnivore: eats limited amounts of humanely-produced meat, or only specific types of meat for ethical reasons.

DIY Ethical Omnivore: mostly eats what they kill themselves. Often responsible hunters who target introduced or overpopulated species.

(These terms are not mine: they are generally regarded as proper classifications
Pescatarian: eats fish (including mollusks, crustaceans, and other invertebrates), and usually dairy and eggs, but no other meat or poultry.
Pollotarian: eats poultry, and usually dairy and eggs, but no other meat or fish.
PescoPollotarian: eats fish and poultry, and usually dairy and eggs, but no other meat.
Lacto-vegetarian: eats no meat, fish, poultry or eggs, but consumes dairy.
Ovo-vegetarian: eats no meat, fish, poultry or dairy, but consumes eggs.
Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: eats no meat, fish or poultry, but consumes dairy and eggs.
And here are MY suggestions for reclassification of specific diet followers:

Invertebratarian: eats only invertebrates, such as mollusks, crustaceans and cephalopods.

Insectivore: eats insects for nutrition, but no other animal or animal product. Does not include the accidental ingestion of insects or their eggs. Can also be Lacto-insectivores (cheese with maggots is a delicacy somewhere) and Pesco-insectivores (those who, after an unsuccessful day’s fishing, eat the bait).

Trendy vegetarian/vegan: eats their normal diet when nobody’s looking, but claim they are veg/vegans because they want approval from their peers and want to be trendy. Often attention seekers, also known as &ldquoopularians”, “Me2 vegans” or “Show vegans”

Rebelvegs: cheat when nobody’s looking, but embrace the cause only because of a need to appear ‘rebellious’ (without taking any actual risks). Generally make a big deal of it too.

Squeamish vegetarian/vegan: ate meat when mommy cooked it, but found preparing raw meat confronting and yucky when they finally left home, so embraced a ‘cause’ to avoid admitting
they are wusses.

Wannabe vegetarian: eats a lot less meat than they used to, but can’t quite give it up. (Not to be confused with an omnivore who has no desire to give it up).

Almost vegetarian: eats meat, fish or poultry on rare occasions, often to be polite in company, but on the whole is vegetarian.

Almost vegan: eats dairy, eggs or honey on rare occasions, but on the whole is vegan.

Freegan: These people can be either vegan or omnivore, but they scrounge free food, often from garbage cans at fast food outlets. They believe this is a way of eating that doesn’t  support the meat industry, or damage the environment. After several bouts of food poisoning, they either develop stomachs like hyenas or collect their free food from charity, or embarrassed family members. 

Unethical vegetarian/vegan: eats either a vegan or vegetarian diet solely for their health or figure, with little-to-no concern for animal rights or welfare. May wear leather and silk, maybe even fur.

Ethical vegetarian/vegan: eats either a vegan or vegetarian diet mostly for ethical reasons regarding animal rights OR welfare, and refuses to wear or support products that may have been produced with animal cruelty. Generally kind, compassionate, fair and tolerant, they are often confused with the *ethical* vegan, and often unfairly attacked.

The GIY vegan (grow-it-yourself): these vegans only eat what they grow in their own gardens. But unwilling to kill snails, slugs, grubs, aphids, etc., they become emaciated. Have often been mistaken for tomato stakes.

“The Emo-vegan: The merger of “EMO” and vegans, a truly sad state. This group is constantly depressed, looking for attention and acceptance. This negative view drives them to go vegan to “save the world” and results is a huge messianic complex. They are usually young and dress oddly. Often they turn vegan-gelical to spread their misery and/or attract attention. Their misery compounds itself by finding the negative side of any conversation. Everything is sad to them, life has no upside. They suffer delusions of paranoia, and can attack without provocation much like a fear biting little dog. They are angry at people who don’t agree with them and are always “recruiting” more of their kind. They sometimes threaten suicide, but that is usually just a ploy for attention. Fortunately, they usually grow out of this state. (Vince D)

*Ethical* vegan: these are also known as ‘Vegangelicals’ and ‘Veganazis’, and usually follow a strict vegan diet and lifestyle reflecting their philosophy of animal rights. As such, they are opposed to animal welfare. They frequently contradict their philosophy of ‘empathy, compassion and love’ by attacking and savagely ripping apart all non-vegans, especially omnivores who believe in animal welfare. When anything they say is challenged, they become vicious, personal, offensive and vindictive. Often narcissistic, they believe themselves to be the highest life form in the universe, despite their oft-trumpeted claims that all animals are their equals, or even betters. They claim that only their *morals* and *ethics* are the Way, the Truth and the Light, and all people must be forced to submit to them and their unrealistic future vision.

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Posted: Jul 17, 2012 8:32pm
Jul 3, 2012
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Hello all,

I figured that this would be a good place to let all new members learn about why I ([Name removed by request], the group host) created this group and what it's all about.

You see, I love animals. All animals. As you can see from my profile page, I spend a lot of time campaigning for the not-so-cute-and-cuddly animals out there that are often forgotten in discussions of animal welfare, for example snakes, other reptiles, and sharks. I am adamantly opposed to animal cruelty and will fight - hard - against it whenever and wherever I can. So why would I oppose an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? It sounds so perfect, right? The truth is, that there are numerous reasons why I oppose PeTA!

1. PeTA Kills Animals

Yup, that's right. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals... kills animals. Since 1998, PeTA has 'put down' (euthanized) 23,640 perfectly adoptable kittens, puppies, dogs, and cats - instead of finding homes for them. PeTA’s Animal Record report for 2009 (these reports are filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) reveals that PeTA killed 97% of the dogs and cats in its care last year.  During all of 2009, PeTA found adoptive homes for just eight pets out of the 2,366 it took in. PeTA opposes no-kill shelters and founder Ingrid Newkirk advacates the killing of all pit bulls - she wants the breed abolished. Learn more about Newkirk's and PeTA's animal-killing ways here.

2. PeTA Opposes Pets

I don't know about you, but I love my pets - I currently have two snakes, one Russian tortoise, and five cats. I pamper them and give them the best lives I possibly can. But PeTA does not want me to have them. This is not some sort of propoganda - PeTA opposes the keeping of pets. According to their website, "We at PeTA very much love the animal companions who share our homes, but we believe that it would have been in the animals' best interests if the institution of 'pet keeping'—i.e., breeding animals to be kept and regarded as 'pets'—never existed." PeTA also considers pet keeping to be "This selfish desire to possess animals and receive love from them..." PeTA even backs HR 669, a ridiculous and scientifically-bogus bill that would severely restrict or even outright ban the keeping of many types of animal companions (particularly those considered "exotic pets"). PeTA will tolerate the keeping of domesticated animals as pets in the meantime, but as their goal is "total animal liberation", PeTA's hope is that the entire concept of a 'pet' will eventually be phased out - something Ingrid Newkirk admits.

3. PeTA Opposes Zoos

Zoos are very important for wildlife education and conservation. They invest significant sums in conservation and habitat restoration efforts and instill a lifelong love of wildlife and a desire to protect it into many who visit them. I know that if it wasn't for the repeated trips to the Oklahoma City Zoo with my family as a young child, I would not have developed my love and concern for wildlife as strongly as I have. Moreover, many modern zoos (at least in the USA, where I live) have come a long way from the tiny, barred cages of the past, and now strive to provide "enriched environments" for their animals that realistically replicate the animal's natural habitat. Yet PeTA still opposes zoos, claiming that they are 'prisons' that steal animals from the wild and 'enslave' them for human entertainment - and ignores the fact that not only are most of today's zoo animals captive-bred, but many species of animals thrive in captivity, which is contrary to PeTA's calim that all zoo animals are 'deprived' and 'suffering'. Those arguments of PeTA's that are legitimate and sensible are really arguments for zoo reform, not total abolition of zoos. PeTA is correct that many zoos (as well as aquariums such as Sea Circus, er, I mean "Sea World") are truly cruel and crooked institutions. But good zoos, such as Australia Zoo and aquariums such as Monterey Bay , most definitely exist and these should be supported rather than condemned.

4. PeTA Disrespects Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) was a wildlife icon and a friend to animals everywhere. His entire message was one of love, respect, protection, and appreciation for wildlife. But PeTA could care less, branding him "The Crocodile Harasser", a "cheap reality TV star", and claiming that "Irwin invaded animals' homes, netted them, taped their mouths shut, removed them from their natural environment, and used them as living props". After Irwin's death, PeTA's Dan Matthews stated that "It comes as no shock at all that Steve Irwin should die provoking a dangerous animal. He made a career out of antagonizing frightened wild animals, which is a very dangerous message to send to kids.” PeTA later refused to apologize to Irwin's family for this statement.

There are others as well, but these are the major reasons why I, an animal lover, oppose PeTA. If you love animals but oppose PeTA for any reason, please join the group!


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Posted: Jul 3, 2012 2:42am


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