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Aug 27, 2012

I've just cancelled my subscription to Reader's Digest. It wasn't the fact that there are fewer articles than before, of lesser quality. It's not the poor organization. It's not that the humor pages are nearly gone. It's not even the incessant tree-wasting "sweepstakes" mailings. It's because I found an ad for Cenovus in the September 2012 (Canadian).

A little online research led me to this page:

Cenovus does fracking. This company is responsible for the deaths of wildlife, the contamination of ground water, and the fact that farmers' fields are being rendered unusable.

I was appalled to find this ad in Reader's Digest - a magazine that touts healthy living and publishes so many articles about people living with nature. This is the note I sent to them:

I want to cancel my subscription to Reader's Digest. I request an immediate refund of the balance of the money I paid you for outstanding issues + postage/handling.

I discovered an ad for Cenovus in the Sept. 2012 issue, and I do not wish to support any magazine that would accept advertising from a company dedicated to destroying the environment through fracking and other destructive practices that are known to be lethal to wildlife and dangerous to humans.

I don't know how many other Care2 members are subscribers to Reader's Digest (Canada). I'm not trying to start anything here - just venting, really, and letting people know that what was once considered an honorable publication is no longer worthy of respect (or subscription fees).

Thanks for reading,


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Posted: Aug 27, 2012 1:20am


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