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Jun 30, 2010

I am a proud sponsor for Angels for Hope is a nonprofit organization that offers free crocheted angels for anyone in need of hope. We attach a small card to the Angel to say to an injured or ill person, you are not alone, others do care, and you are in our thoughts and prayers. At your request we can let it be known that you requested the item. In addition to crocheted Angels, we also offer butterflies and smiley faces.

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Posted: Jun 30, 2010 2:46pm
Dec 23, 2008

As we come to the end of another year, many people are facing unemployment and uncertainty in ways they have never faced before. It can be a challenge to our faith in the world we live in to live with such unknowns. Yet, this is where our soul comes alive. Here, we reach into the depths of who we are and find infinity. It is the connection between Heaven and Earth. The Divine and the Human join on a path characterized by our willingness to trust in the wisdom that has created us. It is our pathway home. It is our authentic self. It is our most authentic power.

Sam Oliver, author of, "The Path into Healing"

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Posted: Dec 23, 2008 7:12am
Dec 9, 2008

The holidays are filled with moments in time recalled in tranquility. Such wonder and grace are not usually allotted to us over the course of the year. We tend to focus much of our time and energy to simply making a living and finding times of joy to spend our time through recreation, family, and friends.

When we enter into the Holiday season of the year, there is something about the season of fall and winter that naturally turns our attention inward. We become reflective and embrace experiences of living within our heart. Experiences pondered in the heart create an atmosphere, a notion, a feeling, a spirit. This enables us to remain open to what is to come.

Anticipation of the Holiday Season brings with it an opportunity for us to open our heart into what is to come. This opening of our heart allows us to feel genuine feelings of joy and of sorrow. Our past losses remind us how lonely we can be in the future without those we have loved and those who have loved us.

The anticipation of such pain, often is, self inflicted. A deeper look at our lives reveals something much different. For as we age, we come to realize through our memories the greater force in our lives bringing all life into being and those we come into contact with called relationships. This greater force in our lives is Our Creator.

The Gifts we receive during the Holiday Season come in many packages. Sometimes our packages are stuffed in gift wrappings given to us by those we love and those who love us. Some gifts come in a moment spent with our friends, our parents, our children and our grandchildren.

When you peal off the layers that exist in a single moment with those you love during the Holidays, you will find there in the core of that experience the spirit of your heart infusing within that moment unconditional love. Authentic Love does not try to change one’s life. Authentic Love embraces life as it is. This kind of trust requires us to find our strength, our hope, and our love in the heart of God.
When you came into this world, you knew how to love unconditionally as an infant. Everyone was drawn to you because you knew how to embrace the world as it was in that moment. You were not attempting to draw in the past or force a future that cannot exist. You simply loved everyone that was in your life and in that moment.

“A little child shall lead them.” Could it be that the secret to living through the Holiday Season is still found in a little infant? On Christmas Day or any Holiday designated to be Sacred, a child awakens to an opportunity of living fully in the moment. The anticipation of the day, the gifts received with love, and the spirit of what brings the heart alive infuses tremendous love throughout the room for those this child is around. As adults, we feel their joy and long to have some of that in ourselves.

Perhaps, there is a place inside us that remembers such joy. Behind all the losses in our lives is a grand revelation. Life reveals to us in our darkest hours that even death itself “cannot” and “will not” end the relationships we have. Through unconditional love, we find the magic of the Holiday Season bringing to us an extraordinary gift. The acceptance of life as it is in the present. Such a &ldquoresent” when opened creates a gift that is met with Eternal Love. And, “the greatest of these is Love.”

Sam Oliver, author of, "The Path into Healing"

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Posted: Dec 9, 2008 12:28am
Nov 30, 2008

The first gift of Christmas is the "Belief" that it lives in your heart. You need to have the heart of a child to believe in something you cannot see. It is this kind of hope beyond hope that makes the heart of a child so strong. It is so strong that the adults who witness their purity melt into a sea of bliss not made with human hands. Here, a miracle happens. The heart of an adult softens into the moments lived out as a child and a time whereby you once believed yourself in miracles.

Sam Oliver, author of, "The Path into Healing"

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Posted: Nov 30, 2008 5:50pm
Nov 5, 2008

Product Description
The Path into Healing is a model for healing through the feminine side of the soul. The purpose of this book is to outline a process whereby a person can understand and acquaint him or herself with an aspect of our awareness often neglected in our world today. Much of the emphasis in our world is on what a person can achieve without regard to how these achievements affect the world and the people living in these achievements. The Path into Healing is an attempt to give acknowledgment to the inner qualities of living that our outer world thrusts upon us. Just think for a moment what a child does and says when he/she gets hurt. They want their mommy. Why is it that when we are hurt, we look to the feminine soul to give us strength and direction. On September 11, 2001, the first thing we did when New York City was bombed was to turn inside ourselves in prayer, for direction, and for hope beyond our external world being destroyed around us. This inward look into a world that is with us throughout our life is a womb like state of being. Inside us is an incredible source of strength and energy capable of nurturing a dying person through death, helping us rebuild what is destroyed in our external world, and transforming the most drastic event into a presence of peace. Thus is the world of the feminine spirit.

About the Author
Sam has cared for the needs of the dying in palliative care for over 17 years. During that time, Sam has served as the Chair, and now, Co-Chair of the Hospice Ethics Committee at a Hospice Care Center in Northern Ohio. He has served several years as a State Continuing Education Chairperson for the Association of Professional Chaplains. For well over a decade, Sam has been an active editorial review board member and contributing writer for Healing Ministry Journal, The Journal of Terminal Oncology, and The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care. Sam began his speaking about spiritual care over 15 years ago and continues to speak at public engagements on the local, national, and international levels. He has spoken at several college campuses and keynoted at several Hospice Conferences. His first book of four What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living is a Doubleday Book Club, One Spirit, and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization selection.

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Posted: Nov 5, 2008 6:47am
Aug 6, 2008 is taking pre-orders on my latest book. This book is designed to help people remember their path into healing. You will find yourself able to discover parts of yourself you did not realize were strengths and utilize these aspects of yourself to enhance your life and illuminate your soul.

When you order "The Path into Healing," ask for Robin @   Tell her I sent you. The phone number is 1-888-fideli2.


Sam Oliver

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Posted: Aug 6, 2008 8:00pm
Sep 22, 2007
Hospice patients come to our care after being cut, burned, and poisoned. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment are the normative methods of care for most of the patients who enter a life-threatening disease. Hospital staff members are trained to be aggressive about curative care.

Hospice care is a phase of care whereby aggressive treatment is no longer appropriate. Palliative care becomes the norm. Patients have been probed physically, mentally, and emotionally. In many ways, patients may be reluctant to any type of care beyond the experiences that led to his/her doctor sharing that no more can be done.

The purpose of this article is to claim that much more can be done. Our Doctors and Nurses are trained to help patients receive medication that stabilizes and even diminishes pain and suffering physically. Social Workers are trained to help patients and families deal with emotional, practical, and legal issues surrounding loss and grief. Spiritual Counselors help with the integration of emotional well-being and a sense of faith and hope beyond one's self-awareness.

The Heart of Care

The heart of care centers it's attention on the needs of the patient who is dying. Any attempt to move a patient away from his/her authentic character becomes a war of wills. As we listen and care for a person just as he/she is, we are allowing a person to die the way he/she lived. Our ability to meet a person in unconditional love will draw out the desire to be fully known by the patient. Here, we are given opportunities to meet him/her in grace and mercy.

Patients are not a disease. Patients are awakening into soul. Mary was a strong-willed person who did not want to die. She had a strong personality. She had many roles she carried out in life, and she wanted to hold on to them all. She was a mother, friend, wife, among many other roles.

About two weeks before Mary died, she shared with me that she became aware of two identities: one was her strong personality and the other was a presence of peace she could not explain. The closer Mary came to her dying, the more she could identify with wanting peace over suffering. This identity with her soul became more appealing to her than living in a body that was failing her. She was awakening into her authentic self.

The Heart of Compassion

A dying patient gives up so much in their dying that he/she is tempted to hold on to what is left in their life. Even if holding on means more pain and suffering, some patients do try to do so. As care givers, we need to be sensitive to this aspect of a patient's letting go process. A patient needs support and guidance to simply learn to move from letting go (an act of the will) to letting be (getting into harmony with one's dying). A person offering care will enter into the heart of compassion by giving a patient space to enter into this process of moving from "letting go" to "letting be."

As a person dies, their personality will give way to their soul. In the process, a heart is broken. This desire to escape a painful body and embrace peace (one's authentic-self) is complicated by the desire to remain with those he or she has loved. This built up tension creates a path one has to choose inside them that transcends individual and collective conscious awareness. In essence, this is a matter of survival for the soul. This path moves a person's soul forward.

Funeral services remind us, it is the soul of a person that draw us to face death and not the deceased body. These services serve as a symbol of transition for the loved one who has died and those reflecting on the life of the deceased. A relationship that once was created outside us and in the body of another person no longer applies. Now, relationships with the deceased are internal and completely within us creating an invisible bond forever linking our awareness to a spacial quality within us drawing those left behind deeper into soul.

An Awakened Heart

An awakened heart knows there is more to life than what appears on the surface.

Dying people lead us to this place where eternal relationships are forged into the deepest aspects of our nature. It is our nature to love and feel love. Even grief has the capacity to deepen our sense of sacredness toward those we love.

A year ago, I gave a talk for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in Los Angeles, CA. I was gone about a week. When I returned, my youngest son gave me a big hug. I missed him and he missed me. I could feel him literally fill my heart with love. In a real way, my soul was touched by my son's soul. An awakened heart knows that this is the heart of relationships.

In the landscape of the soul, what matters in life IS NOT matter. When we begin to look through our eyes and not with them, we enter into a view of life from the perspective of soul. Insight, to see from within, enables us to encounter death with hope, with faith, and with love.

As we grow in our capacity to see from within, we enter into the heart of grief. This emergence into the nature of soul will sustain us through death and into life - eternal. May the Creator of us all give us strength for the journey.

Samuel Oliver, author of, "What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living" and "A Fish Named Ed"
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Posted: Sep 22, 2007 4:36pm
Sep 22, 2007
The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of human beings meeting in soul is certainly no exception.

This is done in several ways:

You can do this as you care for a dying loved one.

You can do this in putting a bandaide on a child who is hurt.

You can do this when you offer forgiveness to someone who has harmed you.

You essentually do this any time you reach out to help someone in need.

You meet in soul when a baby is born.

You meet in soul each moment of living when you remember who you are.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and the so-called gurus is time. If you'll invest a little more time in reading and living, you'll be that much closer to maturity status when it comes to living in soul. Learning how to live in soul requires reflective analysis and the ability to learn from your mistakes. Insodoing, we gain in wisdom through remembering who we really are. The instant we remember we are souls having a human experience creates in us a journey into what is most sacred to us.

This is the key to maturing in soul. "Insight" means to see from within. The moment you begin to see through your eyes and not just with them makes you a visionary. A "Visionary" follows his or her dreams or inner visions within them. This is an "act in faith" as though something is already here before it arrives. At this point, you begin to put into place the details of your overall vision through yourself and others.

If your inner vision involves helping someone, yourself, or something die, you will need to draw much of your attention inward. This will enable you to create a vision that will help someone or yourself find comfort in becoming more soul than body over time. If your task is to help something or an event die, your job is to transform this experience into something different. Nothing stays the same. We are all in transformation. Transformation means to go beyond form. It is out of the formless all things become form. Everyone of us have this capacity.

Somehow, in the midst of change and sharing our joys and our sorrows, our hearts meet to care. This is the level of soul care and soul healing not meant to be understood, but rather, embraced. Here our souls meet and come to fulfill a purpose and a destiny.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of Souls meeting one another. Share your new understanding about Where Souls Meet with others. They'll thank you for it.

Samuel Oliver, author of, "What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living" and "A Fish Named Ed"
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Posted: Sep 22, 2007 7:36am


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