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Sep 2, 2013

This documentary exposes how the Government is complicit in enforcing laws that do not exist and ignoring the Constitution and the Supreme Court. All this needs to stop.

America from Freedom to Facism.

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Posted: Sep 2, 2013 7:22pm
Aug 30, 2013

The people who are outraged or offended that Snowden did not use proper channels to whistle blow need to see what this ex-cia agent went through trying to whistle blow going by trying to go through Congress. There is no legitimate way to whistle blow.

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Posted: Aug 30, 2013 5:20pm
Aug 30, 2013

See how much of your tax dollars are spent on NSA spying.

How does 52 billion grab you??

Also a wake up call.

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Posted: Aug 30, 2013 2:53pm
Aug 29, 2013

This false shadow government run by Big Corporations and Banking Cartels is taking further steps to implement martial law and make us all slaves.

Only Congress can write laws but this shadow government and head puppet president are writing executive orders to grab control. These orders are illegal and unconstitutional but they keep getting written and will undoubtably be illegally enforced because we are allowing them to do so.

See what powers the shadow government has given itself;

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Posted: Aug 29, 2013 11:56am
Aug 29, 2013


Dear Julian Robert,

Thank you for taking action and calling on the India’s leaders to end child slavery.

By calling on the Indian Parliament to immediately pass the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill, you are helping end the enslavement of millions of children.

Will you take a moment and share this email with 3 of your friends to make sure as many people as possible join us in pressuring the Indian Parliament to put an end to child slavery?

Thank you,

The Walk Free team


Last year, politicians in India passed up on the chance to protect millions of children from the nightmare of slavery. The Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill would prohibit the employment of children up until 14 years of age and yet, the Indian Parliament failed to put it to a vote during its session last December.

For every day that this bill is delayed, the children of India will remain at risk to be bought and sold to work in unimaginable conditions of sex slavery, bonded labour and domestic servitude.

Child rights groups in India and the rest of the world have already been calling on the Indian to prioritise the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill but we need your help to build massive public pressure that leaders in India cannot ignore.

Click here to join me in telling Indian politicians to immediately pass the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill when Parliament resumes in February.

Thank you,

Julian Robert

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Posted: Aug 29, 2013 11:32am
Jul 19, 2013

1) The first video explains NWO endgame and is easy to understand.

Leads to other videos exposing fema, foreign troops in US, Rights violations etc.

Must watch videos

2) The second video exposes controlled Media spreading scripted propoganda

3) The rest are all important also to watch.

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (Full Movie) -Alex Jones Infowars Prisonplanet
2 hr and 19 minutes video.
If too long for 1 sitting watch what you can in one sitting, note time how much is watched then go back
to last time you watched and start there on next viewing.

Media Brainwashing "Operation Paul Revere Contest"

Students Show NO MERCY, Pin NSA Recruiters Against Wall


more to come

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Posted: Jul 19, 2013 9:10pm
Jul 19, 2013

Hi All,
I wanted to update and add new share about what is going on. This is about Martial
Law and dictatorship. We already live in a Police State and quickly becoming a Martial
Law dictatorship. For a long time I have been warning all that this false government
was spying on all Americans. Why are civics no longer taught in schools detailing
our checks and balance form of government? No longer teachind about executive, judicial
and legislative branches to check each other. Now the executive has been propped up
illegally over the other branches rendering them powerless. Wake up before all is lost.

I want to thank Eric Snowden et al for exposing the unconstitutional spying taking place and confirming
what I have ben saying for years. I also wish to state that Snowden is a hero and a whistle blower.
Whistle blowers are people who expose illegal and unconstitutional acts being perpetuated on people.
Snowden is NOT a traitor as he did not exose National Security Secrets. He exposed the illegal method
the government was using but not what was found out by the illegal spying.
I am going to link videos to this share and pray people will pay attention and wake up.

 Congress Finally Decides NSA Surveillance Violates the Law
NSA, the only government agency or brach that actually listen to the people

“America has no functioning democracy at this moment,” says Jimmy Carter

Kurt Nimmo
July 18, 2013

nsalistensCongress has finally decided that massive, unprecedented and unwarranted surveillance of the American people
conducted by the National Security Agency is against the law.
Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has broad jurisdiction over matters related to federal
criminal law, arrived at the conclusion months after the American people reached a similar conclusion.

“We never, at any point in this debate, have approved the type of unchecked, sweeping surveillance of United States
citizens employed by our government,” said House fixture John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, during
a hearing on the NSA. “If the government cannot provide a clear, public explanation for how its program is
consistent with the statute, it must stop collecting this information immediately.”

Other committee members have promised to amend the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act and force the NSA to stop its surveillance.
Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican and author of the original PATRIOT Act, said it is not
likely Congress will reauthorize the business-records collection provision of the act when the law expires in 2015.

Fourth Amendment, What Fourth Amendment?

James Cole, deputy attorney general at the Department of Justice, insists the NSA’s vacuum cleaner approach
to electronic surveillance does not violate the Fourth Amendment. How so? Well, in 1979, Cole argues, the Supreme Court
ruled that telephone records are not private information covered by the Fourth Amendment.

Besides, there is a special court for this sort of thing – the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It was approved by Congress,
so bureaucrats believe it is legal.

Back in the day, Congress created the FISA and a secret court in response to embarrassing revelations uncovered by
the Church Committee investigating intelligence abuses.

FISA’s special court is “almost a parallel Supreme Court,” according to David B. Wells and John Wilson Wells, authors of
American National Security and Civil Liberties ion an Era of Terrorism.

Former President Jimmy Carter has come out against NSA surveillance. He characterized Edward Snowden’s leak as “beneficial” for the country.

“I think that the secrecy that has been surrounding this invasion of privacy has been excessive, so I think that the bringing
of it to the public notice has probably been, in the long term, beneficial,” Carter said.

“America has no functioning democracy at this moment,” the former president also said, according to Der Spiegel.

Indeed, the United States does not have a functioning democracy. There is plenty of evidence that national elections are rigged
and the two-party system – actually a one party system lorded over by a cabal of globalist banksters and fascist corporatists – has
a monopoly on political power. NSA surveillance is merely another tool designed to guarantee they stay in power.

But then the United States is not supposed to be a democracy. It was intended to be a constitutional republic.

God Bless all.

My views;

Hi all,
I hate to say, not really but I told you so. The government spies on all us and all communications. When it shows they monitor the press,
freedom of information is lost. In truth we live in a police state. We have blindly followed this thing that we are the voters but
the government is a separate entity. We have been dumb ed down to falsely accept this notion. We forget We the People are the government.
We don,t serve and exist to serve the government, the government exists to serve us. We elect officials as
representative of us as they come from us. They don't exist to serve Banking Cartels, Big Corporations and lobbyist both registered and
unregistered (ALEC). On spying as the false government monitors all of us, have you thought about who monitors the monitors?
I propose a simple solution and welcome comments on how to implement the program I suggest or how to improve on my idea or not.
I suggest a separate but independent group or committee that can monitor all government activities and have all access to all agencies
including but not limited to NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS including all information gathered to spying on all communications. This
group obviously must have highest secret clearance to monitor all communications and have rights to attend all meetings
from start to finish. The object of this committee or agency is to see that all agencies adhere to constitutional rights being
protected and to prevent over classification of information being classified as secret to avoid embarrassing info being classified as
secret for cover up information. This group would then go over documents and give cease these activities or risk having this information being
released to the pubic as a right to know. That is the simple premise and needs further modification.
People like Snowden, Bradly Manning, Julian Assange etc be included as people who are not afraid to blow the whistle.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Julian Robert Gonzalez
Posted on       

Entering the age of skynet
Maddow explains how FBI can assasinate anyone.

Swiss confront Bilderberg

Confronting the Bilderberg

impeach Obama protest disrupted. I don't agree with the no amnesty, I do agree with Obama impeachment

NDAA is back

Bra shaking police

Woman sexually assaulted and sent to jail for speaking up, so much for rights

More to come.

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Posted: Jul 19, 2013 2:46pm
Mar 8, 2013

Why does the Government (DHS etc) Want to Disarm us while at the Same time buying over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets, 7,000 fully automatic AR15s with 30 round magazines, and buying Drones and Tanks as well as putting $50 million away before sequester took effect for TSA uniforms.

NDAA with indefinite detention and more rights being taken away continuously.

Martial Law and Tyranny???????????



Piers Morgan vs the LA RIOT Korean Merchants

Filming TSA, Out of Control Cops, and the 2nd Amendment

Man arrested for filming TSA agents found NOT G...


GUN Grabbers Vs Founding Fathers, From The Grav...

Police shoot dozens of rounds at innocent women...



TV Anchor's Extreme Fact-Check of Piers Morgan'..

23 Executive Orders Signed by Obama to Ban Guns.

Too bad executive orders do not trump Constitution

Just when you thought Obama and Clinton couldn't get any more hypocritical...

Think how worse this will be with gun ban in place!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Much More

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Posted: Mar 8, 2013 8:47pm
Mar 8, 2013

This is a Powerful Video which shows what happens when guns are confiscated. It starts by National Registry. Then see the results. This is true history.

The only problem I have is the depiction of boxcutters in 9/11 attack when that was really an Inside Job.

Self defense is our responsibility as the Individual and not the responsibility of the Authorities.


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Posted: Mar 8, 2013 7:24pm
Jan 12, 2013

Guns are not the problem, Drugs and GMO foods are the problem....

See these videos to tell the truth of what is wrong.

Top Health Stories of 2012, pay close attention at the 19:03 mark

See The Deliberate Dumbing down of America, and pay close attention at the 7:57 – 10:42 mark

So you want to disarm us, see police abuse even before military joins in

Why cops fear SHTF

5 facts on guns, school shootings, violence

Unconstitutional laws don’t have to be obeyed

Obama signs indefinite detention NDAA bill

So you think you trust the government to protect you, watch this.

National Geographic documentary on CIA secret experiments on Americans

Watch what happens when guns are banned

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Posted: Jan 12, 2013 4:31pm


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