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Dec 14, 2013

                                             Hannah 3/1/02 - 12/11/13

An UPDATE has been posted. My sweet Hannah passed over the Rainbow Bridge 12/11/13 by euthanasia. She was unable to walk again and I couldn't get her up. She tried to be strong until the end. A wonderful vet came to my home and did they procedure here. As heart wrenching as it is, I know she is at peace and pain free now. I believe she is running free chasing squirrels as she did when she was young and healthy. I hope Haley, her Sister who died in March, was there to meet her as well as my others who passed before her. 

Thank you all so much for your generosity, support and help. God knows just when to send me his angels. Because of you, she had some improved quality of life. And, I am grateful for that. I am so lost now and have the dreaded task of putting ALL of my dog things away, as she was My Last One of my dogs to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I am left with huge emergency bill. The previous donations were used up with the last 2 visits. I love you all for the assistance. So, could you please post this to whatever social sites you may use. Thank You again. 



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Posted: Dec 14, 2013 5:30pm
Oct 27, 2013

My Last Help for My Last One | Pet Expenses -

My Dog, Hannah and I need help soon. She is suffering and I have no resources left for Vet care, euthanasia and/or my medical/living needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request for assistance. I have to apologize for asking for help, again. Especially, when there are so many others in need. Forgive multiple posts you may see and they may post several times. PLEASE feel free to share this and pass it along, if you like.

However, my 12 year-old dog, Hannah is in pain and I have no resources, or money, left to get Vet care for her. It is only because of her suffering that forces me to ask for help. Hannah's hip dysplasia and arthritis have been fairly controlled on her medication. Now, it appears she has a dislocated kneecap (patellar luxation) on the right hind leg and/or a torn ligament. She is barely walking. She is almost out of her pain medication. She also has medication controlled hypothyroidism. I am still paying for her visit last month for a bladder infection. She was treated, but it has returned with bleeding. 

I have talked with the Vet. He believes that she will probably need euthanasia if she doesn't improve in the next week. But, he needs to see her a.s.a.p. She needs to continue her pain medication and she only has 2 days’ worth left. Surgery will not be an option for Hannah at this stage of her life. He informed me with medication (until I can get the money), euthanasia and exam the costs will be approximately $400. I also have to pay for transportation because I cannot drive. 

Here is my situation: I am on disability from a stroke. I need back surgery and have other medical problems requiring frequent care and medication. As I said, I have transportation needs and will need help moving into an assisted living facility. As of this date, I have housing, utility, health care, medication, food and transportation needs. If I pay for Hannah's care, I will not be able to cover mine and vice versa. If she doesn't require euthanasia after seeing the Vet, then neither of us will have shelter, etc. Paying that amount will still leave me short on my other bills. 

We just lost her Sister, Haley, 7 months ago. She is the last of the 5 pets I moved here with in 2008. It is breaking my heart seeing her in pain. It is difficult taking care of her, at this point, with my back. This is so important to me no matter what. Because, these fur angels, as I call them, took care of me and supported me during some very dark and lonely times; especially during the cold winters here. When one died, the next one just took over. We grieved together. I am here with only the help from a neighbor. All of my family and friends are back home. 

So many caring and generous people were able to help me with the last request and I haven't forgotten. I am hoping someone will be in a position to help me help my last one. I don't have much time and I am horrified at the prospect of letting her continue to be in pain. Your prayers and support are needed too...even if you are not able to offer any assistance. Again, please share for Hannah.

Thank you again, Linda and Hannah.

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Posted: Oct 27, 2013 1:22pm


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