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Jan 3, 2007

Dear friends,
Music has always touched my life in deep, and sometimes profound, ways, as it continues to this morning. I wanted to share with you a song that has been stuck in my head and replaying over and over on my cd player... The song is from a cd introduced to me out in Glacier National Park this past summer by Ranger Rick [(yes, his name is really Rick and he's a Ranger   He is the Ranger friend we met during the bear attack last year.]  A
fter dinner this year, Ranger Rick pulled out a dvd called "Celtic Woman" was completely amazin --an obvious lack of finding words to describe it's powerful nature. ~
The song from "Celtic Woman" that I've been listening to over and over again this Christmas season is called, "Someday". ~

The lyrics are my wish to you for 2007. As you enter your days of 2007, be well and kind to yourself and hold close the belief that: TODAY is already "Someday". ~Much peace to you each, K.

when we are wiser,
when the world’s older,
when we have learned...

I pray ~ someday we may yet live...
to live...and to let live

life will be fairer,
need will be rarer,
and greed will not pay...

God speed ...this bright millenium
on its way, let it come

our fight will be won,
and we’ll stand in the sun
in that bright afternoon
'til then, on days when the sun is gone
we’ll hang on...if we wish
upon --
the moon.

there are some days dark and bitter
seems we haven’t got a prayer ...
but a prayer for something better...
is the one thing we all share

when we are wiser,
when the whole world is older
when we have love
and i pray, someday we may yet live
to live
and one day, someday

life will be fairer
need will be rarer, and greed will not pay
God speed...this bright millenium
let it come
if we wish upon the moon

one day,

someday soon

Someday --lyrics by: Stephen Schwartz

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Posted: Jan 3, 2007 3:54pm
Oct 19, 2006
Hello everyone -just uploaded some of my artwork that I've been working on for Eating Disorders Awareness...some of it was already purchased for a silent auction we held last spring to raise money for people to go to treatment -which is, on average, $2,400/day and NOT covered by most insurance's a terrible situation currently --one I'm working hard to make better --I believe it will happen in my must.
Enjoy the art --hope to put one of the purple "figures" holding the heart on a t-shirt, etc. ~If you would like me to creat a piece for you, I'd be happy to --gratuite or you may make a donation to the foundation.
Much peace! ~Kathleen
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Posted: Oct 19, 2006 7:24pm
Oct 19, 2006
Hi all -this is something I didn't think I would need to do again...but one of the things about eating disorders is that you never really know the physical damage until you encounter a problem. After 18 years of suffering and now of 5+ years of being completely well (yes, I do believe in complete and wonderful healing I am having trouble with my heart. I do not know many details yet -really none at all. I don't really feel nervous about it, except when the pains come and then I get, for really just a moment, nervous --but I still feel at peace about it. After going through all I did while I was sick and while I was getting well, I learned a great deal about my inner peace and strength, and that is carrying me through this part of my life... I also learned a great deal about reaching out -even to someone who might consider themselves a stranger...we never know when my reaching out might brighten your day, give you a chance to share, or when it will change my life for simply letting others in. Thus this little blog today. ~ I will tell you that I am praying for healing --because I do feel like I have a lot to offer the world, especially young women and men dealing with body image and eating issues, and I don't want to be limited or taken early because of a "bad-heart". I believe in a Universal force of love that is guiding our world, some might call that God , so I know I'm in good hands...I just thought I would reach out for prayer and good vibes. Send them along, or send a story you feel like sharing -even if it's nothing to do with hearts, e.d., or... reach out and know it will be welcomed. Peace! ~Kathleen
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Posted: Oct 19, 2006 10:33am
Oct 11, 2006
I hope these bring you as much joy as they do me. ~ Peace ~Kathleen
Album: glacier 2006

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Posted: Oct 11, 2006 3:06pm
Oct 11, 2006
more to come!
much peace, Kathleen
Album: glacier 2006

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Posted: Oct 11, 2006 2:47pm
Aug 2, 2006
Peace to you each,
Thank you to all of you who wrote regarding my thoughts on peace, I thought I'd share what I responded to one of my friends, who had read 'my thoughts' and then posed the question, "all fine and dandy, but without wanting to ignore the innocent lives being lost, what can one person do?", ...if you're interested
 "I think your question is a very important one and one that many are wondering/asking of themselves, and of our governments,and of God, even. And I think many times people get frustrated or feel badly that they cannot "do more.".... But that very statement answers your simple, yet complex, question. "Do more?" how? "Do more." ---plain and simple, and complex. And beautiful. I believe that we can each "do more" in many ways...what is important, I believe, is to make sure that when you are reaching out to do more that is it satisfying to your pure heart, and that your doing more is always coming from a 100% good place in your heart...not out of religious conviction or of political bent, etc., just a good and pure place. Making sure your heart is pure before you begin an action means that even if "all" you do is send your last $1.50 to an aid organization, you know that it was a pure action --and that is doing more to help the innocent than taking sides, than sending money to a political party, than debating who's right/wrong, etc.
So how do you do more? Search your heart. Find what passion you have to help the innocent -as you mentioned that is whom you wish to help. And then act on it. There are ways, just listen to your heart. ~ And then, this is important, feel good for what you've done. Realize that you are among millions in this world doing more and wanting to still do more...but take time to breathe in and acknowlege your action and allow your heart to feel good. Don't let war beat your kindness and generosity down with the lie that you're not doing enough. Your more is more than mine and mine more than yours. Together, we all do more against war when we come from our unique purity of heart.

How you follow through on your doing more is then up to you. I would encourage you to share what you're feeling and thinking with others. Forward this email, forward my other email, write down your own thoughts and share, call a colleague, call the newspaper. Spread your 'doing more' -even if it's 'just' forwarding an email that speaks about this... The more we know there are others our there doing more along side of you and me, the more the world will know they are not alone." is a wonderfully complex world -with beauty, cruelty, misgivings, and mystery...but it is good inherently, and I hold close to that.
Continue on your uniquely good journey and be well! Imagine peace flowing from me to you, Kathleen
PS: also try: for some good news

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Posted: Aug 2, 2006 4:38am
Jul 30, 2006
Good morning, everyone.  I greet you this morning and join you all in praying for, supporting, and inviting peace into our lives.
Lately I have been receiving many forwards in my inbox dealing with, detailing, debating the fighting in the middle east --each of which usually contains a link to a news story, a commentary on who's right/who's wrong, etc.... And I just want to share what I feel about that...
In my opinion, the more we talk about the death and destruction, the more we debate on who is right/who is wrong, the more we talk about war --the more we are giving into what war wants: destruction/death of our spirit and hope. I believe in speaking peace and that in speaking peace with one another we encourage peace in our world. Perhaps this sounds idealist or ignorant to some, but I do believe that the more we speak positively and of peace, the better off our world will be. Consider how we talk with babies/ we speak with little ones about war and death and destruction? Usually not... And why is this? To protect them, to teach them peace? Why does that change as we get older? Does it need to? Let's treat our world, our thoughts, our words, our actions, as a precious baby. Be peace. Speak peace. Live peace. Share peace
Of course I am not saying I believe we should close our eyes and ears to what is happening in the world -but perhaps changing the way we accept that into our lives, and rethinking how it transcends through to our words, our thoughts, and our actions, we can make for more positive "debates" and outcomes... There is a quote many of you know well, I'm sure, that goes along with what I've written to you today...that is: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." (Dr. Wayne Dyer)
So, perhaps let's start a new "forward" about good news...let's talk more about all the good happening in our world and see how our perspectives open, change, become more peace-filled. Thoughts? Good news to share?
With belief in true peace and loving-kindness throughout our world, Kathleen
PS: there is a wonderful book called, "Speak Peace in a World of Conflict" by Marhsall Rosenberg -wonderful concepts to creating peace in our/your world- if you haven't yet read it, you might want to. It's wonderful

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Posted: Jul 30, 2006 8:26am
Jul 21, 2006
Is "fat" unhealthy and disgusting? One reader thinks so...
This is a letter I just submitted to Seventeen Magazine in response to a letter written by 15 year-old Jeana...I hope they publish it -or I hope someone else wrote in and they publish something in response Jeana's letter. (Jeana's letter is at the bottom of this email). What are your thoughts? ~ Kathleen

Dear Seventeen,

My heart went Jeana whose letter, "The Skinny", you published in your August issue. I want to help set the record straight for Jeana and your other readers about what Jeana wrote. Jeana wrote, "Being fat should not be accepted. It's unhealthy to be overweight and even more unhealthy to praise people for being "curvy"..." My first reaction to her words was great sadness. I was sad that such a young woman, 15 years old, is capable of using such blatantly discriminatory words. I wonder if she is aware enough to realize that she is practicing a form of discrimination when she says things like, "Being fat should not be accepted"? I wonder if Jeana thinks it is also acceptable to say, "Being Muslim should not be accepted."? Jeana's comments demonstrate that "weightism" -a seemingly acceptable form of discrimination- is unfortunately still alive and well in our society. What Jeana, and others who agree with her comments, might want to consider is this: The truth about fat, reinforced by a $419 million federal study involving 49,000 women, is that it does not automatically mean that someone is unhealthy. Many thin people who don't exercise or eat balanced diets, are at a greater risk, more unhealthy, for disease than those with some extra padding who work out and eat relatively right. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concludes that low-fat diets do not, despite all of the hype, reduce a woman's risk of cancer or heart disease. Being fat is not equivalent to being unfit (or disgusting). In fact, being underweight actually kills over 30,000 Americans a year. ~ As I re-read Jeanas comments while I type this letter, I again feel great sadness for her. She sounds greatly uneasy with people who are not "skinny" -and inside I wonder if this tears at her heart, to feel "disgusted by looking at the fat people who seem to be everywhere." I hope Jeana seeks out help for herself and her issues of discrimination. Because if she continues to look at the world through her eyes -viewing fat people as disgusting and unhealthy- she will continue to live in a shallow, lonely and unhealthy world herself. By the way Jeana, being "skinny" is not easy and it's not admirable, trust me!
Kathleen MacDonald
Eating Disorder Survivor
Education and Prevention Coordinator
The Gail R. Schoenbach FREED Foundation -For the Recovery & the Elimination of Eating Disorders

Jeana's letter read:

"I am writing in response to the people who have praised Seventeen for "embracing many body shapes." Being fat should not be accepted. It's unhealthy to be overweight and even more unhealthy to praise people for being "curvy" like this magazine does. Both my parents are doctors, and I know I'm not the only one who is disgusted by looking at all the fat people who seem to be everywhere. There are options: diet and exercise. It isn't hard to be skinny, trust me!"
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Posted: Jul 21, 2006 9:08am
Jun 21, 2006
Dear friends, on this day my heart is full of peace and I pray the world, especially the United States government, finds peace in their hearts to share with the world. All the politics --what do they matter if we do not first pay attention to the needs of those suffering, to the baby birds taking first flight, or simply to the grass growing beneath our feet each spring. So much seems to be taken for granted by those "in power". I pray for them espescially today -North Korea, Iran, Iraq, United States, and all nations. That we and they realize today, not tomorrow, that we are all One. We are not enemies. We are brothers and sisters. That today we realize that the "worst" criminal is our brother and that the "poorest" beggar is our sister. And realizing those truths, that we smile in our hearts knowing that we are each connected and do make an important difference to humanity.
And I will pray for each of you today -that you remember to believe in the peace you hold within your heart --for that peace you offer the world like no one else ever will. With love and much peace, K.

PS: Thank you, Sumea for spreading the news of this day.
World Peace and Prayer Day
Summer Solstice ~ June 21st

Ceremony Suggestions


Visualize light arising within yourself and expanding throughout your neighborhood, your nation, and the world. See in your mind’s eye the Earth surrounded by a soft, golden light. Hold the planet gently in your loving hands, a golden light flowing through you. Picture the leaders of troubled nations embracing across negotiating tables. Imagine the smiling faces of burdened people in the news surrounded by light, your loving light. Imagine the planet’s nature kingdom whole and serene, the oceans and rivers sparkling clean, the earth free from contamination and the air sweet and pure. See lights twinkling brightly all over the world, an Earth totally in harmony. Hold each image as long and intently as you comfortably can.


Within yourself find that silent place where universal peace dwells and All Is One. In this place there can be no conflict, no aggression, no hate. All fear is set aside in love. Remain in this state and allow the energy to flow through you. Feel it flow into the world as you align with All That Is. You are a point of light within the Greater Light. You are Divine Love. You are a channel for Peace, Joy, Healing and Infinite Harmony. Connect with and acknowledge the countless others on all planes sharing this energy. Send them your love.


In the stillness of your inner being focus loving, peaceful and healing prayer on places and people in conflict. Direct your prayers for wisdom to the leaders of nations. Offer your prayers for the media, hospitals, the victorious and the vanquished; wherever you perceive need, send forth the focused intent of truth and love. Speak the Great Invocation, recite the Lord’s Prayer, or any invocation of peaceful intent from any faith. May Peace Prevail on Earth.


Any concept which embodies peaceful and loving intent is complimentary to Peace the 21st celebrations. The important point is to create a wave of group energy around the Earth. Plant a tree. Draw a poster. Dance or sing of Peace. Celebrate the Goddess. Visit and energize a sacred site. Bless the forests and the oceans. Honor Peace in a moment of silence. Just light a candle and speak words of wholeness and gratitude, or do all of the above, freely expressing in your own way. Arrange a social event or potluck supper afterward. Peace is Love and Light and Joy. Enjoy yourself!


Form your own Peace the 21st group or network. Encourage other existing groups to participate. Tell people you know. Spread the concept throughout the world by mail, e-mail, fax, bulletin boards and posters. Photocopy and post this information in public places. Promote the concept of a whole world living in harmony and peace! Peace the 21st is intended to be a network and each participant a networker.
Please freely reproduce, distribute and publish this material. Thank you.
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Posted: Jun 21, 2006 10:23am
May 24, 2006
Focus: Children
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Hi Everyone, PLEASE take a moment, a very brief moment, to sign this very powerful and meaningful petition. DadsandDaughters has AWESOME success with campaigns against unhealthy media (including toys) and marketing towards children. Much peace, Kathleen
For more information please visit:

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Posted: May 24, 2006 8:49am


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