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Jan 28, 2012

Stop the Torture that UDC is inflicting upon my husband, he has medical issues that they are refusing to treat! On March 14, 2011 he was sentenced to prison on a burglary charge. The parole board determined that he would spend 30 months then receive a termination. Here's the problem they have him on medication that he is allergic to for his seizures, which later caused a fall down a flight of steps, we'll get into that in a minute. He also has severe stomach issues that require a special diet. They refuse to give him that. The diet he is suppose to have is low to no starches/carbohydrates, extra protein, and also ensure as a supplement to keep his calorie and nutritional uptake good. They have continued to feed him prison standard diet, he can't eat it so is starving to death slowly. If he eats it being it is mainly starches/carbohydrates he will tear his stomach open and bleed to death internally.

Now the last issue is that he had multiple seizures on 11/11/11 and fell down a flight of stairs because the guards would not listen to his pleas for help forcing him to take the medication he is allergic to to try and stop the seizures. That only made matters worse, they locked him in a strip cell and called it a suicide prevention after he fell for two days they left him there with no medical attention what so ever. Didn't even look at him to see if he was injured. Adding insult to injury literally they refuse to treat the shattered shoulder and repair the torn muscular structure from the fall. Nothing to this day has been done about it and now they're trying to force physical therapy on a torn muscular structure.

They're also making his life on top of the torture a living nightmare because I'm trying to do something about it!

Please Please Please sign my petition to stop this insane behavior on the prison's part and get him paroled and to a hospital!

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Posted: Jan 28, 2012 2:32pm


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Ruby Manhard
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Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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