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Feb 15, 2010
1. Take control.

Don't let event control you! There are always opinions open to you in any circumstance, and you can choose which to take. Take charge of a situation that is making you unhappy and influence what happens - it's in your hands.

2. Create an 'exit time'.

Decide a time to leave work each day and don't let work spill over your private life. With work playing such an active and time consuming role in our lives, it is important that we maintain a good balance between home and work, and are not working all hours.

3. Manage your time effectively.

Invest in people, spend time with family and friends, and make an effort to make new friends. They are your emotional support system and will give you the reassurance you need when things feel a little tough.

4. Don't bury your emotions.

Repressing your emotions will compromise your immune system and leave you feeling run-down and less able to cope with stress. Show your feelings, find people to talk to about them and express yourself.

5. Don't wear yourself out with unnecessary travel.

Don't waste your time doing unimportant tasks. Prioritise your day and do the important jobs first. The unimportant ones can wait, and often they will disappear completely leaving you time to do other things. Don't put off the unpleasant tasks. Every time we think about them we cause ourselves stress. Give an unpleasant task a high priority and do it first.

6. Contextualise your problems.

By putting your minor worries into the bigger picture you will gain a sence of proportion. Ask yourself 's this important? Does it really matter?' We have a tendency to lose perspective when it comes to uor own problems, so take a step back and get your own priorities back in order.

7. Learn to say 'no'.

Don't agree to those things you don't really want to do or can't easily manage, and don't be frightened of letting others down. No one will think less of you for admitting you cannot cope, or would rather not do something. Just be honest.

8. Don't engage in temporary solutions
Rather than procrastinating and agonizing over deep-rooted problems, and masking them with short-term solutions, get to the root of them. You need to identify what it is that is causing your stress and take direct action.

9. Learn to let go

Don't cling to a person who is ignoring or denying key aspects of reality. Have a face-to-face talk. Loss doesn't mean the death of a loved one. Grieve your loss and regain your energy and perspective and reengage with life and vital manner.
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Posted: Feb 15, 2010 11:54am


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