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Oct 11, 2012

A day filled with light and warmth has crept into our windows
A week quietly keeping a corner for hope,
that dream as unattainable as the moon
that fusion peaceful with our brothers of two and four paws
with our Mother Earth,  quietly, attending both pain and humiliation that we cause
This summer is being particularly dramatic, abandoned animals, sacrifices ..
Impunity, lawlessness, injustice, never mind the word to label a story drawn blood and forgetfulness, indifference and selfishness, who cares?
At noon a phone ringing, a call from heart to heart
Of those who share the love with these 4 paws angels
We enter the deep magic feeling
From a different language, of a link without words, you get caught, you entangled, calling you
My dear friend asked us energy Olatz to send to  Boj,
 the help that only practice and friendship
not understand away, rush or opportunity
They are bonds that bind you to the gifts of the Earth
 full of wisdom and goodness
Boj came to life for six and a half months
A story of human cruelty and wickedness
A Stolen Life
A freedom chained
Scarring of the neck
vile of human action that leaves its stamp worst
Isolation and distance
No games or green fragrances doggy
In June we met you, without words, without barking
With shining eyes, sad and deep
of life , without fanfare or sounds
A being of light, dull and tired gait
hard and long image avatars
You enjoyed with every blade of grass
with the simple and sublime experience
caughing life at every moment
the second stolen last time
Played with other dogs amd cats
embracing the magical experience
with clumsy gait and weary
The ride never enough
Needed a little encouragement
To feel the soft wind
kiss your slender paws
and look back fondly
to apply slightly more
Many departures a day
Much devotion and tenacity
I dedicated this generous friend
now you have left as empty
Your silence was the best language shared
Your gaze traced without sound
the path of an exceptional practitioner
that without clothing and devices
demonstrated qualities unmatched
Today I am so inspired
I lack the words that shape
I want to give you tribute
Maybe tomorrow from grief
overwhelms me now
I can send from my silence
that message that only crazy lovers
your brothers on two paws
want to voices, but no words
share with you in another galaxy
I do not want a heaven for men
I do not want masses and ceremonies
I melt with you, with all my ancestors no name
with the millions of unsung heroes who have drawn a story
lost in distant memory
Without a shared paradise
None of this journey
would never sense
Mo went and you came
Clara, Indi, Rodi, Moon, Heaven
so many others at each point in the sky
But just look at infinity
and to contemplate the immensity
a beautiful new shining star
Goodness, Oasis, Peace Garden
Source of wisdom
Lifelong friend
Thanks for sharing this earthly stage of your existence
with these your other friends
never forget you
You are in me, Great Master
I am in you


The Association called Boj has a dream , because on Monday October 8th, Boj left us. The angels as 2 million and 4 paws pass through the world as unsung heroes, victims of greed, consumption and fashions of humans, but let pass deep imprint on the lives of those who still feel the deep bond of brotherhood with Mother Earth and its creatures
The endless drama of neglect, abuse and slaughter of animals does not stop, either in Spain or in the world. In this country the law is particularly permissive, slow, partial and unfair in some way prior to the offender and penalizes the victim, to that being who can not speak or vote and victims of  fiercest violence from Human beings

My friend Olatz, whose heart and love for animals goes beyond the limits, has lost a great friend, a great dog, an excellent Master. I dedicated that  poem to him

Boj was rescued from a hamlet, 12, 13 or 14 years, do not know their age. Passed from one owner to another who was sentenced to a chain around his neck painful, deep scars with the result of a life in silence: Impossible barking
Isolated on a normal life , or happy relations with others of his species, without running, to enjoy the grass, Boj grew alone, always tied up, and do not know how he was deaf
His legs atrophic result of cruelty lived barely still standing
He arrived at his new  last home and lived there for six months and a half
Nobody would bet on it. 11 pills, waterlogged lungs, breathing pitiful, could not sleep
lying down, choked

But she struggled and he devoted himself body and soul, and he, a survivor, wanted to touch and feel the life that had been so cruelly and unjustly seized
I met him in late May and his  look deep, sad and silent doors pierced my heart. Tears of compassion, helplessness, anger and pain came to my eyes, sharing, somehow, with him, the meaning of that special look

ALWAYS ready out, to melt into a hug with fresh green grass all his life he had been denied
He was slow, watching, reveling in what normally would have been better off your life
Mucking and left peacefully approaching any other dog, experience that clearly enjoyed
It was never enough, coming home was not the best option, and Olatz down again and
again. Boj was known to all in the neighborhood, and surely, in every one of them has left an indelible mark
He had many ailments that sounded the alarm, but his unwavering tenacity hurry made until the last second, every ounce of air
Olatz also dedicated to Tara, and other ailments more dog, Coco, Lia and Pancho, three kittens also abandoned.
I commented on the need to find a place away from the city, not to be so bound, so that they will walk  loose and enjoy it all with, but there were so many obstacles

When Monday, January almost noon, she called, I immediately felt that something serious was happening:
"Boj is wrong, is not kept up, send energy, I talked to the vet, says that probable stroke, I wait a few hours to see if he recovers"
We share a deep sorrow and concern that I left on all day.


One of my dogs was almost 6 hours of testing at the vet, which was an added concern to a day already tinged with gray
Just after 7 pm I called my friend, could not speak, his daughter told me what happened:
The vet came to the house, you could not do anything, a muscle relaxant, ... she took his leg, looked into his eyes and went ...
This and the next night I kept thinking about him and mourn
Lighting incense and candles in his name.
Next Saturday our Zen meditation group will plant a tree in your name, and do the prayers that deserves a great friend
Looking at the sky I can see a bright star , I know you're there Boj We need your wisdom,
the voice of the silence to continue fighting for you all on this planet still suffering at the hands of so many humans insensitive

In May my friend shared a great idea that later bore fruit: A local newspaper advertisement requiring the collaboration of animal lovers, a field assignment or in collaboration to a shrine of abandoned and abused animals. In three weeks there was  answer. A widow agreed to lease its land for two years without charge
Began an adventure not without  problem

Papers, statutes, licenses, wait, that's only  animal lovers know, because death and abandonment are shadows that do not rest.
And it takes money, of course, to build the foundation of that dream which will be called Boj: Garden, Oasis of Goodness, Boddhitshava, Compassion, Buddha, Om, if they are the words that spring from my heart and linked his name with deeper meanings, that after all part of his quiet existence and suffering

This is a tribute to his life, my friend, a dream that can come true for this project, so I appeal to the feelings of those who have lived close an experience that can not be measured in words, Love, and Friendship human-animal bond, human-dog, man-Angel of 4 paws

I leave my testimony here waiting for the door to open many hearts and shed light in the form of blessings to make those contributions that draw sprout and give life to Boj animal sanctuary in northern Spain, in San Sebastian, and ultimately , is also a tribute to all that  left as Boj, still suffering in every corner of the planet without deserving it,without way to run away


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Posted: Oct 11, 2012 6:19am
Jul 23, 2012

Enforcement authorities of Valencia, Guardia Civil and police assistance and preventing wild animal rescue injured and affected by fire.
The number is incalculable, not regard animals as victims of fires, and threatening to arrest those who have access to areas to rescue Choked by smoke, blind and deaf by the terrible effect of heat and smoke when burned alive not directly

For the first time animal rights and veterinarians attended the fire to help
'Remain blind and deaf by the terrible effect caused by heat and smoke'
Hundreds of thousands of animals from small insects to large mammals, have died these days trapped in the smoke and fire. Many others are wounded, with burns of different degrees or confused wandering without food or water.

For the first time in the history of animal rights groups and veterinarians came spontaneously to the forefront of fire, ostensibly to rescue the dogs and cats in shelters next. Later, many tried to help locate and assist others affected animals, but have encountered opposition from the security forces.

PACMA Animalist Party claims that the Guardia Civil and police and rescue assistance prevent wild animals injured and affected by fire in the fire. Legally, this task falls to Seprona that currently has been overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tragedy.
The animals ran like fireballs desperate '

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Posted: Jul 23, 2012 3:25am
Jul 23, 2012

A 80 years old man from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, grabbed the female dog called Vela, with a hook adn threw acid to her.- One year in jail and 2 years without having animals. Is that all?

Is that justice? Or is that barbarism? Because animals don´t speak and vote, they are the victims of the more cowards and violent beings on Earth

There´s no day without dramatic stories like this one, and still authorities are killing hundreds of dogs and cats in shelters because they are abandoned instead of changing their mind and political way of acting: killing the victim has never been the solution

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Posted: Jul 23, 2012 3:19am
Jan 31, 2012
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: Spain

Dear friends:

Some friends and volunteers are deeply concern because of the many dramatic news related to zoomafia not only in Spain but in many European Countries. Last months many volunteers from Animal Shelters .- perreras.- in Spain did alert about people from Italy taking hundreds of pets, when everyone knows Italy has the same problem: kennels are full of them without the best conditions to have more. 

We do need help and support from any of you, journalist, lawyers, animal organizations to stop this drama, to make European Union Authorities take position and action inmediately in order to guarantee a full and deep investigation, to change laws and punishments. From famous to politicians, from Animal Shelters to Lawyers, everyone must be here with the innocent ones.

We alone can´t do it. We need the support to go on with this investigation to find out the roots of its and the killers and responsibles.

This is the translation of the new I´ve submited just now: Please help us to make a petition and the investigation

The Seprona evidence the existence of a vast network dedicated, among other duties, the trafficking of animals for sometimes illegal, sometimes bordering on illegality, but in any case, ethics and despicable victims in the hundreds of dogs, thousands even suffer continuous abuse. Research by members of Cadiz Seprona leaves little doubt, and what began with the interception of a rental van in which they are transported in appalling conditions and veterinary counterfeit cards, thirty dogs, became the tip of an iceberg under which lurks a complex international plot to reach, as long suspected, researchers and pharmaceutical companies based in Italy. Nine of July this year is about to end. The thermometer reads 42 degrees. The clocks say it is 11 o'clock. As the crowded van hire Atesa reaches C. (acronym), a kennel of Chiclana, and there carry more than two dozen animals. At 14.30 hrs depart for El Puerto de Santa Maria, a kennel called (only your initials) LL Downloaded some dogs and the van back to their departure at 16.30. The thermometer reads 43 degrees. Inside the vehicle was crammed 26 dogs, just in the rear cargo without ventilation.
Your destination: The Association V. (acronym) of Italy. Although the load never reach its destination because a group of Seprona stopped the van just outside L. L. The officers charged the driver of the vehicle, once transferred to the headquarters, for a crime of animal abuse, and days later, after some preliminary investigations, two veterinary forgery, since the cards were counterfeit chips with some of the dice low.

The dogs were transported to the Kimba dog shelter in Pago del Humo, in Chiclana. They are still there. In fact, according to sources with total confidence, Seprona contacted the Association V, where the dogs were intended to convey that they were being held and ask the reason for the move. V. said they were for adoption, and it was a simple matter of paperwork. From the Association data referred 26 people who apparently were going to adopt the animals. But the agents, after a while, saw that on the website of the Italian Association announced these dogs are still up for adoption and asked for money for maintenance ... but the animals were and are confiscated in Chiclana. But back to the operating members were surprised Seprona a detail. One of the dogs, with a pronounced tumor in his cage was hung a small sign with an address, a telephone and a name: Marina G. are your initials, although the name was full. According to sources close to the investigation, the cartel tried to make it disappear, presumably, the driver, which in turn was to be granted even more important.
Conducted consultations, Marina G, was the name of an Italian woman director of a cancer research center in the region of Veneto. A veterinary book dog with false and a tumor and a cancer research center? The Seprona began to fit pieces of a puzzle that exceeded the crime of trafficking of animals and abuse them. According to a report attached to the steps presented in court and made by Italian criminologists refuted the 'zoomafia' moves more than 500 million euros a year in the transalpine country.
plenty of evidence and clues that point to an international plot that, according to some early estimates, could lead since 2007, taking a thousand dogs a month, only Spanish kennels. False act by the alleged intention of giving them up for adoption in Italy through the organization V, who runs two kennels in Vicenza.

The researchers found that, in the province of Cadiz, came every two weeks a rental van. Collected in different municipalities dogs, dogs arrived from Rota, Jerez, Chiclana, Puerto Real, El Puerto de Santa María, the work of dealing with the kennels C. (Chiclana) and L.L. (The Port).

From Cadiz, the van was on a return trip with a stay in Barcelona, where he suffered with animal crossings over 22 hours with no water, no light, no ventilation ... but still just waiting for them the worst.

Although there are suspicions of payments, sources close to the investigation report that are made by hand, not to record.

The Seprona also arrested in 2010 a truck full of dogs, about 60, which was intended to Claudia C., V. Association. On the other hand, also had record Seprona a woman, Alexia D. B., who works for a leading Italian pharmaceutical group, one of the most charged in Europe, was allegedly responsible for the same system moved a hundred dogs. Alexia later discovered that also maintains relationships with Claudia C., V. Association . Seven euros per dog per day

A siete euros por perro y día
Part of that business is based in Italy, where the slaughter of dogs is prohibited, kennels receive a grant of € 7 per day per animal ... do accounts and see pictures of some of these kennels Veneto area, but the appearance of pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, to suspect that the fate of these dogs still holds for more unpleasant surprises.

Among the accused police officers, court, there are 14 people, including members of the Association V. and the residence of El Puerto L. L, and both groups as legal entities. The December 2010 issue of the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Álava 'Vicky Moore' on Massive Traffic Dogs and Cats warned in its conclusions that "protecting themselves complain of organizations acting fraudulently, issuing false documents and hiding important data (age, serious illness, the true origin of the animals ...) ... For years, veterinarians, Germans, Swedes ... are warning of the existence of animal protection associations of a very doubtful, for which the Spanish trade of stray dogs is very helpful, and the alleged "saving animals" is only offered questionable ".
he report adds that "the question is to discover these shady practices that are hidden under the guise of protection. The problem is compounded because they export are abandoned animals that nobody will take interest in their fate and usually there is no official record of their existence in the host country. "

And is that "the export of dogs and cats of our 17 regions in other European countries are massive, in industrial quantities."
Laboratories, tanneries and slaughterhouses down the road
There are countless reports and articles that talk about the zoomafia in the world, and especially in Italy. Among all these reports highlights for example, each year presents the Animal Protective League on Zoomafia Italy. In relates how "in Italy, the Mafia's coffers each year enter only in the chapter on dog fighting, about 750 million euros, ie almost 125,000 million pesetas." These figures of the report Zoomafia 2001.

On the other hand, the European Parliament has already come this problem. Christian Muscardini (PPE) conducted a question to the Commission on the smuggling of Italian dogs. In his argument he says that "rough estimates speak of a business of 200 million euros, but the latest report of Zoomafia it worth at least 500. It is the sheer volume of business revolves around the trafficking of stray dogs from the kennels or masked by many false adoptions .... thousands of dogs and cats leave for northern Europe from Italy ... managed by organized crime, but also from Spain, Greece and Turkey. The preferred destination is Germany, which arrive, it seems, from 250,000 to 400,000 dogs a year to be distributed through 32 collection points for the rest of Europe. Placement in a local kennel, then, is the starting point for the diversion of animal experimentation laboratories, tanneries use their skin or in the worst case, slaughter houses that turn them into food for their fellow man. And if the living conditions of the kennels are not the best, books are even worse, since animals are packed in boxes, malnourished and often drugged. "

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Posted: Jan 31, 2012 5:06am
Oct 5, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Protest
Location: United States

A worker tells 80 dogs killed per month, holding them with a pipe while dying asphyxiation after being injected with PARANOVAL, which kills by suffocation while the animal is conscious .dogs falling, I pocketed the truck and reached for,throw in the trash. dogs eat each other for lack of food, and not just food but lack water. Gobernor pays each month to private veterinarians $ 90,000 for 300 castration. Protest against the murderous policies of the governments of Das Neves, Eliceche, Roquel.

He got infection because there are not conditions there either for people or for animals.


Send e mails against the horrible politics of the elect Gobernor of Chubut and others corrupted politicians in those Argentines areas to protest against the dramatic situation and asking to take them away making them to pay for their crimes:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Support the Argentine Animal Organizations working for stopping this cruelty against animals!

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Posted: Oct 5, 2011 1:29am
May 23, 2011


As Catholic I do feel there´s a quick need to make important and great changes through faith. Religions are not tools for violence , discrimination or complex (superiority of Humanity ). All living beings are equal. We should respect Mother Earth and its creatures. We depend on them.
Saddily Catholic and most of others Religions have forgotten the main and great importance of the Planet and its creatures in our Happiness and Health. If we hurt them, we risk ourselves and the future of next generations
Remind ST Francis of Asis, he did love animals and had a very humble life
Nowdays I do feel closer to Buddhism than Catholicism because of it.
Animals, minerals and plants are a gift and should be treat with respect and love.
I can´t consider to be a religious, a spiritual person without protecting the innocent creatures without voices for the mere benefit of pleasure and money

I do ask you to join us and sign our letter to the Catholic Pope and send to all the Main Religious Tradition in order to respect all kind of lifes and
avoid the drama caused by the explotation and suffering of millions of species on Earth
Our way of consumption is a mirror of the tremendous problem we do have: Hunger, Wars, Obessity, No happiness, No health, No water, no Lands, Climate Change

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Posted: May 23, 2011 1:35am
May 6, 2011

Dear care2 friends:

 This petition is written in Spanish:

go to this link, register and sign , please forward it!
  In hunger strike for the end of the slaughter in the Spanish kennels: please sign the petition

Vetmovil, In only 6 months, with some more 33 % of budget, it(he,she) has sacrificed 66 ' 66 % of the animals sheltered in Getafe's kennel
I am Beatriz Menchén, convinced protectionist of animals that I take dedicating my life to saving them for more than 17 years. I began in Getafe's kennel in the year 1995, where all the animals were sacrificing themselves absolutely. I remained terrified and did not stop fighting up to managing to manage the kennel, which like that was in 1998.

From there I could save the animals easier without depending on third parties and on insensitive persons and without the distress that for years it(he,she) was provoking to have the death on the animals. In addition, I could start being employed at a project of animal(rude) protection at the public area and also at Parla's the year 2000 we create the association The Animal(Rude) Voice to support the management of the kennels and during all these years one has worked very much doing exemplary and pioneer bets to turn these kennels that before were terrible centers of extermination in authentic Centers of Animal(Rude) Protection, with all the displeasures and typical problems that this activity carries, more the added ones to the lack of sensibility and interest for the municipal persons in charge.26-04-2011 THERE BEGINS MY HUNGER STRIKE preceded by a MANIFESTATION 8 p.m., which will begin in Getafe's former, situated kennel in c/Madrid, s/n together with FFCC The Daisies, because for one year Getafe's Town hall removed to the entity Recasur, that, it(he,she) was taking Getafe's Kennel during more than 14 years doing a management of animal(rude) protection together with the collaboration of the Association The Animal(Rude) Voice.During all this time there were adopted a total of 3.166 dogs and cats and there sacrificed themselves only 52 (1 ' 39 %) for humanitarian motives. Now the withdrawal does the company Vetmovil, which, up to the moment, has sacrificed 66 ' 66 % of the animals sheltered in only 6 months..I can´t  live with the idea of that these animals might be alive(vivacious) if it(he,she) was following(continuing) our protectionist politics(policy). Nevertheless, they are been exterminated with impunity on order of Mr Javier Birlanga, the director of Vetmovil, without to forget all those who will be killing until we avoid it. On the other hand, Parla's Town hall is going to extract in a few weeks a new contract to manage Parla's kennel, prioritizing the cheapest economic offer, which, since(as) always, it(he,she) was harming to the left animals, since the companies street urchins will extract economic benefit at the cost of his(her,your) well-being and his(her,your) life.Nowadays, this center is managed by the entity Recasur by protectionist criteria and by the help of the associations The Animal(Rude) Voice and Perrigatos in the suds for more than 12 years, during which 3.132 animals have been adopted and 39 have sacrificed themselves only for strictly humanitarian motives. The company Vetmovil is doing practising professionally without qualifications and unfair competence because the animal(rude) protection cannot compete economically with the extermination of animals. Vetmovil also removed the association ANAA of the service of withdrawal in Alcobendas, it(he,she) is expanding and to assume now the Parla's Protective one. I WILL MAKE THE HUNGER STRIKE INDEFINITE UP TO(EVEN):

THAT RECOVERS THE PROJECT OF ANIMAL(RUDE) PROTECTION THAT EXISTED IN GETAFE's KENNEL, which(who) not only the municipal persons in charge must not have fulminated, but they had to support it from the beginning, but this never happened. Contract will be requested to the Town hall newly by criteria of animal(rude) protection parallel and complementary the current one that has Vetmovil, to alone which entities could compete with recognized and demonstrable path in animal(rude) protection and sacrifice for zero.



 To stimulate the animal(rude) protection in the whole Spain.2.-To create social conscience on the problems of the left animals in order that the politicians intervene and do something once and for all.3.-To stimulate the existence of the Law I Mark of Animal(Rude) National Protection already.4.-To improve the autonomous laws of animal(rude) protection, bearing the sacrifice in mind zero and the obligatiry nature to destine budget items necessary to be able to realize animal(rude) protection in the public kennels. There can no be totally retrograde laws of animal(rude) protection that they protect to his(her,your) (animal(rude)) subjects killing them. It has to change to be minimally at a height(the level) of the rest of Europa.5.-All change once and for all the municipal kennels into Center of Animal(Rude) Protection, where the sheltered animals are well agreements, taken care, fed, sterilized and live worth all the necessary time until they find a home that they them adopt.6.-That apply the laws to themselves and stop protecting on the part of the Administrations the maltratadores, assassins and exploiters of animals.


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Posted: May 6, 2011 3:13am
Apr 29, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: Romania

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The Romanian parliament postponed the discussion about the law that would allow the mass killing of stray dogs for the second time. In the country, the resistance against this law is growing, and also outside Romania more and more people oppose the relapse into medieval times when animals were seen as objects and not as sensitive beings.

More than 40,000 people signed our protest letter to the Members of the Romanian Parliament by now. Our thanks goes to everyone who supported our work by signing!

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Posted: Apr 29, 2011 1:21am
Apr 29, 2011

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The Romanian parliament postponed the discussion about the law that would allow the mass killing of stray dogs for the second time. In the country, the resistance against this law is growing, and also outside Romania more and more people oppose the relapse into medieval times when animals were seen as objects and not as sensitive beings.

More than 40,000 people signed our protest letter to the Members of the Romanian Parliament by now. Our thanks goes to everyone who supported our work by signing!


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Posted: Apr 29, 2011 1:19am
Apr 28, 2011




Grandísimos depósitos de oro, plata y otros minerales han sido encontrados bajos los glaciares.

Para llegar hasta ellos será necesario quebrar y destruir los glaciares -algo nunca concebido en la historia del mundo- y hacer 2 grandísimos huecos, cada uno tan grande como una montaña, uno para la
extracción y otro para el deshecho de la mina.

El proyecto se llama PASCUA LAMA. La compañía se llama Barrick Gold. La operación esta siendo planeada por una multinacional de la cual es miembro George Bush padre...

Ballena blanca

El gobierno Chileno ha aprobado el proyecto para que empiece este año. La Única razón por la cual no ha empezado aún, es porque los campesinos han obtenido un aplazamiento.


Si destruyen los glaciares, no solamente destruirán la fuente de un agua especialmente pura, contaminarán permanentemente los 2 ríos de tal forma que nunca volverán a ser aptos para consumo de humanos y animales debido al uso de cianuro y ácido sulfúrico en el proceso de extracción del mineral.

Web Bug from

Hasta el último gramo de oro será enviado a la multinacional en el extranjero y ni uno le quedará a la gente a quien le pertenece esta tierra .

A ellos sólo les quedará el agua envenenada y las enfermedades consiguientes. Los campesinos llevan bastante tiempo peleando por su tierra, pero no han podido recurrir a la TV por una prohibición del Ministerio del Interior.


Su única esperanza para frenar este proyecto es obtener ayuda de la justicia Internacional.

Ballena azul

El mundo debe enterarse de lo que esta pasando en Chile ... El lugar por donde empezar a cambiar el mundo es nuestro lugar.

Se ruega a la persona numero 1.000 que reciba este mensaje mandarlo a noapascualama@, para que sea remitido al gobierno Chileno.


No a la mina abierta Pascua Lama en la cordillera andina sobre la Frontera
entre Chile-Argentina .


Pedimos al gobierno Chileno que no autorice el proyecto Pascua Lama para proteger la totalidad de 2 glaciares, la pureza del agua de los valles de San Félix y El Tránsito, la calidad de la tierra cultivable en la Región de Atacama y la calidad de vida de la gente afectada de la Región.
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Posted: Apr 28, 2011 3:26am


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1. Go to a peaceful, serene spot that you feel most calm in. It must be quiet and free of clutter. 2. Close your eyes and get into a comfortable seated position. Take six deep breaths with a count of six seconds on the inhale through the nose and four...
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\\nThis meditation uses words, images, and feelings to evoke a lovingkindness and friendliness toward oneself and others. With each recitation of the phrases, we are expressing an intention, planting the seeds of loving wishes over and over in our hear...
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\\nTo cultivate compassion, let yourself sit in a centered and quiet way. In this traditional form of practice you will combine a repeated inner intention with visualization and the evocation of the feeling of compassion. As you first sit, breathe soft...
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\\nThe HORD has begun its own orphanage Primary School in March 2010 in the rural Bussiwa village in kamuli district.  People live in small grass hatched houses, often large families in one room.  The people who live in these rural villages a...
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\\nHELP orphans in Uganda !!!\\r\\n WHAT DO THESE KIDS EXPECT FROM THE WORLD ??!!! What can a helpless child under the age of 12 expect from his lonesome world, other than food, proper sleep, non-ragged cloths and quest for knowledge?... Also when the n...
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\\nCare2 ACTION: Free the Greenpeace Activists\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\ \n Environment  (tags: greenpeace, arctic, activists ) Apolonia - 12 hours ago - \\r\\nWe need to let the Russian Government know that illegally boarding and seizing...
by Lisa G.
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 please  stop the war  before it starts in  syria.   heres the petition to do so.  http/www.thepetitionsite. com/393/009/490/stop-the- war-before-it-starts/&nbs p; 
by Ruth M.
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Conservation Big Cats by Ruth