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Dec 17, 2007
A friend of mine just sent me this and i thought i would share with you because i agree, what has happen today's public educational system

 I finally decided to write this article because the events have built up in a certain way to where i have enough facts for you.

 I have daughter about to graduate from high school
the first event she had with a teacher is, she was doing some kind of test. On the test they asked her what was more of a crime, Robbing someone or lying.
 My daughter obviously wrote robbery. The teach then asks her why she answered that way. My daughter replied, because lying is not a crime.
The teacher then tells my daughter that lying is a crime.
(my daughter kept her mouth shut after this)

If lying is against the law Bush and half of congress would be in jail

the second incident is she was in gym class, My daughter is a big gal, size 12 shoes, she is also a two time letter man track star for throwing shot put
if you recall in gym class you have electives, golf or weights, tap dancing etc
My daughter picked tap dancing.
Unaware that the school was not equipped for such a big girl, they did have a size shoe big enough for her. Now i am not sure if the school attempted to get the proper size shoe for her. But needless to say the teacher failed her for not participating
is this fair? what would you say if this happen to your child?

Now, last week her class had a going away party for a teacher, everyone was asked to bring something. We are not rich, in fact we go to the food pantry in town, and in fact the school donated food to us both for thanksgiving and christmas.
 The teacher saw that my daughter did not bring anything and inquired as to why. My daughter replied, "I am sorry but we are not rich and i could not afford to get him something"

The teacher replied "get a job"  little does she know my daughter has a job, but did not get paid in time.

 along with the story of the girl in california getting her arm broke by a school security guard, over birthday cake. It seems schools are not for learning and encouraging free thinking. They have become mini prison systems to dumb down our children and enslave the future population

 In 8th grade, i begged the school to teach my daughter phonics, the vice principals reply was, she can carry around her information on a 3X5 card" I replied "Is that how you got your job", "is that what you do?

 Why, i have even had the school nurse call me one day , because I had forgotten to call my daughter in sick the previous day. The Nurse demanded that i call her an notify her. I kindly told her, please forgive me , I was at work trying to earn a living and i am not allowed to make calls from work. then i hung up on her.

 Schools are now little NAZI camps

here is the proof

Armed Men Terrorize School
Allied to this is the openly stated agenda not to educate but to dumb down students and brainwash them with bizarre humanist rhetoric about the evils of the ...

Principal Tells Teachers To Dumb-Down Standards

I ask you is this what we want for our children? What has happen to american culture and pride. Does this teacher feel good belittling and lying to my child?

here is how we got there.

the CIA/DEA ships in drugs, distributes the drugs on the streets, making sure it finds its ways into schools, because of a drug problem we need to place a police officer in the school, add CIA psy op shootings, like columbine and VT and the screws tighten ever more.

We just had a child arrested for cutting his food in the cafeteria of a school
kids suspended for being anti war
Police terror drills in schools unbenounced to the parents
texas has army soldiers as crossing guards
Now a friend of mine just told me about her child who has cerebal palsy and whistles
a teacher gave him 6 detentions because he whistles in class.

Hello Parents, when are we going to say something?

FACT: schools federal grants depend on how many children they can get vaccinated as well as, extra money for the more stundents they have in their remedial classes

 I would love other parents stories on this subject if you have any
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Posted: Dec 17, 2007 9:42pm
Jun 28, 2007
  Please help by noting this article
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Posted: Jun 28, 2007 9:37am
Jun 22, 2007
Vandalia, IL Police Call Filming A Felony
Friday June 22, 2007

Vandalia Police dept 618-283-0556

Brother Raymond and Elliott are surrounded by officers while preaching the gospel. The supervising officer claims if we continue to film he will charge elliott with a felony. Welcome to the New America. Call the Vandalia Police and express your disappointment at their police state tactics!

March. 2007 Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab are walking from Denver Colorado to Washington D.C. This March for Truth is based on:

The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for all people to repent and turn to the Lord that healing may come to our nation. We must be a country which embraces justice, righteousness, and truth, and be vigilant in the responsibility of preserving the American Republic from apathy, tyranny, and immorality.

The truth of the poor testimony of the Evangelical church in America who when surveyed was listed as the number one supporter of the war in Iraq and illegal practices and policies of the Bush administration without debate, reservation or caution. Not only has the church failed to be the voice of truth and reason but has sent its sons and daughters to be soldiers of this secular battle rather than supporting the widow and orphan, building the church in Iraq, preaching the gospel of peace, holding our government to righteous standards, and holding the President accountable for his behavior since he claims to be a born again Christian. This blind loyalty is not only dangerous, but it is also a blot on the name of Christ and his testimony to the nations affected by our countries poor domestic and foreign polices post- 911.

The truth of the unanswered questions surrounding the terrorist attacks on 9/11 2001. More and more contrary facts have emerged, challenging the official story, from reputable scientist, scholars, and government officials. These unanswered questions, such as what happened to building seven, are critical due to the fact that 911 was the pretext for the current conflict in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We ask for a new independent council to be demanded by the Congress and for the church to not hide its head in the sand concerning these matters since we are lovers of truth, no matter what the cost. History has shown what happens when the church becomes blind to government atrocities and propaganda.

Evangelicals should be ashamed of their leader’s war cries. We desire to discuss/ debate this issue in the churches and cities through which we travel on the way to Washington. We will present a petition of Grievances to the President of the United States and ask for a clear plan of withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as his resignation as we withdraw our support since he has failed to do his job. We will rally in the state Capitols of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania seeking Congress to exercise its separation of power in demanding a clear plan of withdraw in the middle east, assigning a truly independent council to investigate the unanswered questions surrounding 9-11, and hold the executive branch responsible for flagrant and wanton violations of the Geneva Convention, International Law, The Bill of Rights, and criminal law. This is not a partisan issue. It is about the integrity of the American people and protecting the testimony of Jesus Christ. It is about the truth.

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Posted: Jun 22, 2007 10:24pm
Jun 20, 2007
I very rarely speak, but i would like to think i am a smart cookie.

 I think people need to wake up and realize it is the Freemason's who are trying to take over the world.
 Now it is not the low levels of FreeMasonry, they are oblivious to what the high level masons are really about. Which is Satanism, mainly 33rd level
 But realize we are not fighting with governments, we are not fighting Bilderberg, We are fighting Freemasonary.
  They have infiltrated every place in America and around the world.
 The real motto of Freemasonary is the same pact that Skull and Bones and Bohemein Grove have, That is "It's all for the cause" Sacrificing yourself is a good thing.
  A recent event in America shows us how sacrifice is the key. The Virginia Tech shooting. Cho was the sacrifice.
   Most people do not know that Cho's sister and brother work for the state dept under Rice in Iraq dealing with high level contractors. The Bushes probably promised these people the world, if they would sacrifice their brother, for the cause of, momentum in Gun Control and getting rid of the 4th amendment.
   It is fact that Saddam was placed in Iraq by George Bush sr in the 90's. It is fact that Saddam was a CIA operative and trained. I personally don't think he is dead. I viewed the video and they could have very easily did it as a stunt with a fake cord behind him, so he did not hang.
   Now ask yourself this, these Al Qaeda/insurgents operatives have been seen cutting off the heads of people, they are blood thirsty people, at least this is how our govt promotes it. Why did they not cut off saddams head, hold it proudly over their heads and walk through the streets?
   Nope, America was treated to a nice stage hanging, where if you see how the stunt is done, it is very easy to pull off. And even if he did hang, mainstream media reported that Saddam had up to, i think 14 doubles. So they hung a double and moved Saddam to an Island. BTW Saddam was a 33rd level mason(was meaning if he is really dead)
   Both Bushes son and father are high level Masons, (Gog and MAYGOG are their club names)so is tony blair and Prince Charles is the Highest mason on Earth.
   Now Freemasons have lower levels as i mentioned, the lower levels include people like the police, fireman, and most local govt members.
   If you look around your town you will see tons of mason symbols.
  The recent one i noticed was in graveyards, alot of the tombstones are obelisks.
  According to a Freemason researcher the way to spot Freemasory symbols is this
 The Washington Monument in Washington DC is a male freemasonry phallic symbol 
 The Dome of the Capitol is the Freemasonry's Female phallic symbol(breast)

  Basically the two shapes to look for is the Pryamid(Triangle)
  and the circle representing the female

  Now since hearing this I have been looking around. I just saw them in a local catholic church
  Circles and triangles in the windows.
  But the one I think everyone will see more clearly is this. I went into Mcdonalds and I went to the bathroom, as I went to go in I looked on the door and there was a circle with the word womens inside it, I slowly turned around to look at the men's room and sure enough it was a triangle.
  So there are the two symbols, look for yourself!
 The freemasons also love the number 13 and 23
  The day McDonalds has there 39 cent hamburger deal is usually on a day incremented by the number 13 and look at the price they charge 3x13

   So, what am I trying to say. Freemasonry is everywhere and it is a secret society to most americans. Well most people know one mason covers the other mason.
 If you tip off to someone else who is a mason that your a mason, it makes the bond that much strong.
  Through the high level mason meetings, they wish to take over the world, No govts, no laws, just the law of Freemasonary.
   Freemasonary appears to teach others that they are the boss and as long as they are a mason they are covered.
   So if a Police officer commits a crime, kills someone, its okay, we will make sure the trial goes through a fellow freemason Judge and he will drop it.
   Kind of like the 9/11 Comission, First Bush tried to block it, then they gave it to us, but they filled it with patsies and scammers or Freemasons.
   Just like the Warren Comission, they said Oswald killed Kennedy, and maybe there was a second shooter, but no. Now it comes out that there was a cover up and Howard Hunt a CIA assassin killed Kennedy.
 So the Warren comission clearly commited perjury and lied to the American people. So why can't the govt do it again with 9/11?

  The Freemasons are everywhere, Policemen, store owners, principals, Mayors, town councils
realize that when you see an injustice, more then likely it has freemasonry ties.

   Ed and Elaine Brown just stated that the Freemasons have taken over the judicial system in America.
   The main idea of the Judicial system is to accrue money for their local govt, by collecting fines for broken laws. The more money you bring in the higher in level you go. Also they wish to suck the NON freemasons dry of their money and enslave them. Get you into the system so to say, and your life is a living hell, do this, do that and if you don't we will throw you back in jail.

   I have no doubt the freemasons are running the IRS and are the govt collectors to enforce illegal extortion by collecting taxes  when there is no law to pay them.
 And if you don't pay your taxes, who do they call? not their own police force, or inspectors, they call the federal marshalls, and swat.

Ed and Elaine Brown "We will gladly pay the tax we owe, all we ask is that you show us the law saying we are entitled to pay it"

 People there is no law  (watch Freedom to Fascism on Google)

So, the govt is clearly pushing another lie and using force to enforce it. Just like the Mafia do business extortions, ah you don't pay, we will send Vinny to ya"
  Giulianni knows how to do this well.
 The fight is not against a certain govt, it is against certain people who have infiltrated Americas government. However what most people don't comphrehend is that, since Diebold and Triad(triangle) are controlling the elections(watch Votergate on Google)

 Freemasonry has been controlling the elections and filling the govt with more freemasons, That is why the present Congress stepped back after 9/11.
 DID you know Bush had already selected a New Congress before 9/11 , in case the plane missed the Pentagon and Hit Congress. On 9/11 everyone of our Congress members found out, they had been replaced. So Congress is just a joke, the main cause is what does Freemasonry want!
   If you see stories like Bomb threat closes Mesa Library
 realize this
   First off the Mayor is probably a freemason
   DHS and CIA and FBI more then likely are 3/4's Free Masons
   They need to pass money to implement their cause
   They can't just hand it to each other, they need reasons/pretexts to make it look legal.
   So One mason gets another mason to say Leave a bomb threat in a library(gets money)
   Some kid finds it reports it to the Librarian
   Librarian calls cops, cops call Mayor , Mayor says OMG
   Mayor goes into Council and says OMG we have bomb threats we need more security with CCTVS and Hr1648(helps to help DHS purchase military equipment for local govts)
and because of the bomb threat the bill passes and they get the money they need.
    Bush is a Freemason and everything is for the cause. Not Republicans
    There is no such thing as Democrats and Republicans, Just Freemasons
    If you want proof of collusion, look what Democrats did about the war once they got in,
funded it more and gave it a troop increase. LIED

     So Friends of Care2, research Freemasonry, see how they work, see how they are everywhere. 
     And next time you have a bad deal with a cop, see if he is a freemason. You are lawfully aloud to ask him that question in court or have an attorney find out.
The Freemasonry Pyramid(like Great pyramid in Giza)
 Made up of alot of blocks(stone)
 each block represents and certain organization

at the top you have

9/11 IAA International Actuaries Association
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
United Nations
Lockheed Martin
Carlyle Group
The Federal Reserve

then in middle of pyramid you have the world govts

Olmert = Israel
Putin = Russia
Bush = America
Blair = Britian(plus royal family)
Harper = Canada
Chavez = Venezuela

then the bottom of the Freemasonry pyramids you have the drones

Al Qeada, Taliban, guerillas, CIA, MI5,MI6,FBI,DEA,ATF,Police, firefighters
 Now it is from the center of the pyramid up is where the most corruption lies
 the lowest tiers are drone workers, or their sacrifices

This is what the world now has to conquer, We as Humans and everyone in the world, needs to break down this pyramid and free the drone workers. Find out that it is not governments, it is not groups or corporations, it is Freemasonary we need to fight against.

  DO The Research! I Have

        In Peace

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Posted: Jun 20, 2007 1:13pm
Jun 15, 2007

       Please Help to note this to make it to front page
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Posted: Jun 15, 2007 9:04pm
May 21, 2007
Giuliani Unveils New Terror Strategy

Max Raskin
Sunday May 20, 2007 

COLUMBIA – At a campaign rally following the recent GOP Presidential Debate, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced Friday an unexpected shift in his terror strategy. The new plan is designed to offer a "final solution" to the War on Terror, while maintaining the integrity of the armed forces. Giuliani cited his recent spat with Congressman Ron Paul during the debate as the impetus behind his epiphany.

Congressman Paul provoked the former mayor when he argued that America’s interventionist foreign policy played a key role in inciting terrorist attacks against the country. Paul, an ardent Constitutionalist, believed that America should follow the Jeffersonian dictum of "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none." An indignant Giuliani reminded the crowd that because he was mayor during the September 11th attacks, he was astounded anyone could make such an absurd statement. Giuliani passionately argued that, contrary to Paul’s claims, the "terrorists hate America because of its freedoms."

Giuliani, ignoring the findings of both the 9/11 Commission and the CIA, insisted that bureaucrats who were not mayors of New York City on September 11th, as he was, are not qualified to understand the mind of fear-mongering groups like Al-Qaeda. Instead, the mayor asserted, the fact that the country has a Bill of Rights and Constitution is the reason why it is so despised in the Middle East. This insight led the former mayor of New York City to rethink his previous support of the Iraq War.

"If they hate us for our freedoms, let’s take those freedoms away. By abandoning the Bill of Rights and instituting martial law, we can not only end this deadly war, but we can depreive bin Laden of the rhetorical ammunition he uses against us. Why didn’t the terrorists attack China? Or North Korea?"

Surprisingly, Democratic leadership praised the proposal. Eager to leave Iraq, Senator Nancy Pelosi hoped that the proposed police state would be a great force for social change. "Finally the troops will come home and be put to better use. I will be the first to end partisanship bickering and reach across the aisle to work with the mayor."

Some Republicans, however, are not as enthusiastic over the proposal. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich attacked what he called "Rudy’s naïve understanding of the world," and suggested that the former mayor "sit down with the Book of Revelations to fully appreciate the nuanced geo-politics of the Middle East."

Giuliani remained steadfast in his convictions. Il Duce, as he is affectionately known to his supporters, invoked Abraham Lincoln and Augusto Pinochet to appeal to his base. His speech ended with a promise to the voters. "If you elect me, I will not sleep until every single one of your liberties is lost. Next time Zawahiri tries pointing to our supposed freedoms, under my regime, his fatwas will fall on deaf ears. As mayor of New York City during the attacks of September 11th, I saw the consequences of freedom. It ends here."

Although President Bush has yet to comment, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow announced that, "the president is excited to see a candidate that finally pushes the PATRIOT Act to its logical conclusion."

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Posted: May 21, 2007 10:41am


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