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Dec 17, 2007
A friend of mine just sent me this and i thought i would share with you because i agree, what has happen today's public educational system

 I finally decided to write this article because the events have built up in a certain way to where i have enough facts for you.

 I have daughter about to graduate from high school
the first event she had with a teacher is, she was doing some kind of test. On the test they asked her what was more of a crime, Robbing someone or lying.
 My daughter obviously wrote robbery. The teach then asks her why she answered that way. My daughter replied, because lying is not a crime.
The teacher then tells my daughter that lying is a crime.
(my daughter kept her mouth shut after this)

If lying is against the law Bush and half of congress would be in jail

the second incident is she was in gym class, My daughter is a big gal, size 12 shoes, she is also a two time letter man track star for throwing shot put
if you recall in gym class you have electives, golf or weights, tap dancing etc
My daughter picked tap dancing.
Unaware that the school was not equipped for such a big girl, they did have a size shoe big enough for her. Now i am not sure if the school attempted to get the proper size shoe for her. But needless to say the teacher failed her for not participating
is this fair? what would you say if this happen to your child?

Now, last week her class had a going away party for a teacher, everyone was asked to bring something. We are not rich, in fact we go to the food pantry in town, and in fact the school donated food to us both for thanksgiving and christmas.
 The teacher saw that my daughter did not bring anything and inquired as to why. My daughter replied, "I am sorry but we are not rich and i could not afford to get him something"

The teacher replied "get a job"  little does she know my daughter has a job, but did not get paid in time.

 along with the story of the girl in california getting her arm broke by a school security guard, over birthday cake. It seems schools are not for learning and encouraging free thinking. They have become mini prison systems to dumb down our children and enslave the future population

 In 8th grade, i begged the school to teach my daughter phonics, the vice principals reply was, she can carry around her information on a 3X5 card" I replied "Is that how you got your job", "is that what you do?

 Why, i have even had the school nurse call me one day , because I had forgotten to call my daughter in sick the previous day. The Nurse demanded that i call her an notify her. I kindly told her, please forgive me , I was at work trying to earn a living and i am not allowed to make calls from work. then i hung up on her.

 Schools are now little NAZI camps

here is the proof

Armed Men Terrorize School
Allied to this is the openly stated agenda not to educate but to dumb down students and brainwash them with bizarre humanist rhetoric about the evils of the ...

Principal Tells Teachers To Dumb-Down Standards

I ask you is this what we want for our children? What has happen to american culture and pride. Does this teacher feel good belittling and lying to my child?

here is how we got there.

the CIA/DEA ships in drugs, distributes the drugs on the streets, making sure it finds its ways into schools, because of a drug problem we need to place a police officer in the school, add CIA psy op shootings, like columbine and VT and the screws tighten ever more.

We just had a child arrested for cutting his food in the cafeteria of a school
kids suspended for being anti war
Police terror drills in schools unbenounced to the parents
texas has army soldiers as crossing guards
Now a friend of mine just told me about her child who has cerebal palsy and whistles
a teacher gave him 6 detentions because he whistles in class.

Hello Parents, when are we going to say something?

FACT: schools federal grants depend on how many children they can get vaccinated as well as, extra money for the more stundents they have in their remedial classes

 I would love other parents stories on this subject if you have any
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Posted: Dec 17, 2007 9:42pm
Jul 10, 2007
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Posted: Jul 10, 2007 6:36am
Jun 15, 2007

       Please Help to note this to make it to front page
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Posted: Jun 15, 2007 9:04pm


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