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Jun 8, 2007
This was an exciting week in History. If you were unable to pay attention, or stick to mainstream media like Yahoo and Aol and FOX for your news, boy are you in the dark.
 We started the week finding out that the JFK plot to blow up JFK airport, was a staged govt psy op.  
  The top news story this week is NOT Paris Hilton getting out of jail because of a rash.
This Past weekend was the Wrap up and meeting of Bilderberg. Some 200 top global elite neocons, Head of Coca-Cola, Chase Manhatten, Bank of America, Ny Times, LA Times and the list goes on.
One attendee was Governor Rick Perry, Flying into Istanbul and reported in the Dallas Newspapers, Perry was off to sell out the Texas Highway to give way to the Trans Texas Corridor. If your not aware of it, it is a major highway that will run from mexico city all the way up to Ottawa.
 What Governer Rick Perry failed to see, Is he met an american who knows his law. Rick Perry has now commited treason by breaking what is know as the Logan Act. Presidential Hopeful Dr Ron Paul said that he would back and investigation and Charge, to be brought against Rick Perry. Congressman Ron Paul is a US Senator in the state of Texas.
   Bush met with several blows in the news, wwith a national Poll showing him at his lowest,to Congress passing the Stem cell research bill, even though Bush threaten to veto it. Truth is now with an okay on stem cell research, they can now create genetic monsters in secret places like AREA 51. search (Spider goats)
   The best Blow Bush took this week was when the Senate failed to pass an Immigration bill that was so horrendous, it took alot of gall of behalf of Alberto Gonzales and Bush and Cheney to blantantly ask for Amnesty for some 12 million Illegal immigrants. This is very good news for America for the moment.
   And in case you missed it, New Haven Conneticut passed a legal id card for illegal immigrants. Can you see the double talk in the last sentence I just said.
   A legal for an Illegal. Whoa wait a minute, how can this be upheld? Apparently New Haven is going to do it.
   We also Had Rudy G have a Reporter arrested for criminal treaspass at an Open Public Republican Debate.
   Now for all of you who have truly been asleep, Yesterday America almost suffered another Waco, Texas.
  Federal Marshall's surrounded a married couples home, Ed and Dr Elaine Brown for merely owing income tax. Ed and Elaine were ordered to pay 2 million in back taxes, the Browns only have one request, show them the law that says they are required to pay it. Governments problem, They can't produce the law. The federal marshall's brought in five atc's  to "Just serve a warrant". If had it not been for a friend walking the dog, who lead to the tip off, it could have turned out to be another Ruby Ridge. Instead it blew the Feds cover, all dressed in their green camoflage suits and Iraqi terrorist garb, they hid their faces as they went away.
   The feds grabbed Ed's friend and threatened him with 15 years in jail if he went public on anything that was said. The gentleman in question called the Alex Jones show at the end of the show Friday afternoon and told all and stood up for his rights.
    And now yesterday several people and media outlets met on street corners in Austin, Texas to protest Governor Rick Perry's sell out of Texas. Watch the Videoes
   People this is reality and what is going on in today's world, YOUR WORLD!!!.
 If you wish to see links to everything I said here please look at the news I posted for the past week. I have Videoes and Sound files for everything.

   It is for my brother in Iraq and my children as well as yours, i wish to keep you truly informed and in touch with YOUR world.
   Help the truth reach the top Note the news you feel worthy and by all means please please, cut, copy, and paste, far and wide, We are winning the Infowars.

   The criminals will be caught, and by now about 1/3 of the world know who they are. Let's get the world out about Bilderberger. the International actuaries association, Bohemein Grove, Club of Rome, CFR, IMF, Haliburton, Dynacorp, United Nations, European Union, Carlysle Group, Lockheed Martin, CIA, Merkel, Gardisil, Red Cross, FEMA, Blackwater,

   Rudy G has Reporter arrested

Rick Perry Protest Videoes  Plus more

Bush Lowest in Polls

Ed Brown and Wife speak out after the NH raid was aborted, Live interview   Use the calendar on left to page through past week articles   Alex Jones show < on loop Listen Live show starts 11,2,5,8 CST

Immigration bill

New Haven, CT passes Legal Illegal id card, yes im perplexed also

Global Warming looks pretty good from here

No more rubber band guns for kids 'terrorist weapon you know
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Posted: Jun 8, 2007 7:01pm


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