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May 22, 2010

A CARE2 member writes:

I thought Obama offered real change for cleaning up the government, enviroment and holding people accountable for the corruption in our government.

Yes I am very disappointed however acting out of anger will not creat the changes we are looking for and need so badly.  The citizens of this country banding together in an intellegent manner for a few basic changes to start is part of the answer.  If we continue to be mad at each other for what side of the propaganda that is spit out on the media we will get no-where.  We should agree the government is very corrupt and we have in one way or an other all been made a slave to that.  If we use our heads and come together demanding the government prosecute all present and past government and big business theft and crimes.

Band together and use are brains to demand the end of the wars and put our money to use here in the United states in a way to rebuild high tec jobs, green energy and infastructor we may start to get some place.  We still have power if we work together against the top 2% and force our government to be accountable.

We can do that by the mass power of our voices, letters to reclaim a government that works for the best interest of the whole country not just a few.

We need to stop the infighting and work against the real wrong that our government is doing to it's people, that would be a start.  Just letting them know we are all on the same page that we are aware they are the problem to our down fall not some made up enemey out there.

I realize it would take alot of work and putting somethings off to the side but if we the people get our priorities correct we still could do this with our voices.

Many American people are still falling for their plan to keep us looking and fighting between ourselve so they can steal, control and run off with the core goods of this country for themselves.  It time for us to wake up and act like a united people and rebuild our government.

Did you see today that China is putting together the largest solar pannel power plant in the world as we speak.  Now who gave them that money to do a smart thing like that?

We did the American big business's by going over seas.  We the people and our government helped them pass the laws that allowed that to happen.

As Plato said "The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men."

WE NEED TO USE ARE HEADS AND WORK TOGETHER!!  STOP BEING LEAD LIKE SHEEP ON BOTH SIDES>   There is really only one side left to stand for and that should be so clear to most people.  I guess fear that we all just might have to due something that would help one an other stops many.  We better start before our window closes.


Exactly.  But Obama is a bigger dissapointment because he had 'cynics' like me thinking just for a second he might stir things up enough to make 'change' but he is proving what we all ready knew--he is a corporate brand. 

I'm afraid there are no democratic institutions in America.  The American people need to turn their backs on government and organize locally, forcefully restraining gun-toting gomers if need be from disrupting town meetings.

We need more organic organizatios like free community radio and co-operative industries that just completely ignore the central governemnt and corporate power.

We need the UN in our streets, in Washington with their blue hats, and we need these criminals on trial--the entire Bush administration and thier connections.

We need the trial of the millenium--purging the entire government and all corporations 'too big' lobbying the government.

I am not a slave.  They treat me like a slave.  But I am not a slave.  I dont even pay my college debt.  I will never bind myself to a mortgage, and never again to a car payment, especially if its not sustainable.

I dont watch their mind-programming.  I limit my consumtion of material possessions.  I dont use chemicals to clean, nor would I use them on anything else.  I refuse to pay into a corporate-health scam and never have.  If everybody grows their own food organically people need not depend on unsuatainable poisonous corporate food.

The PC I am using is owned by the Univesity I work at.  I would buy a computer in the future but even still my impact on the environemnt is far less than most.  And If I had to I could and will live without moden technology.  I prefer it.  Life would be a lot simpler and a lot quieter.

Machines don't make life esier; they remove us from reality and nature and an understanding of who we are.  There is something good in hard work when it produces a helathy, mind, body, and spirit.

I am not a slave though I always feel like they are trying to arrest and shackle me.  I got so sick of apathy and hostllity to reason in America I had to leave it, and I dont ever plan on going back.  But life never does turn out as one plans.

I think it is a good think China is building solar power plants. The problem is we are not (not enough), and China will probably become the leading manufacturer of green technology, simply because our government is doing very little to keep those skills at home.

For example we assemble some windmills in America, but the blades and turbines are manufactured in Brazil and elswhere, not in America.  That simply is not going to change in America until like you said we totally revolutionize consciousness in America--because our government is a corporation driven by profit for the 2% which means we are nothing but slaves and dead peasents to them and it is in China where they get the best slaves--the cheapest, most ignorant, most cowed...

Bringing people together requires a consciousness shift--a new social paradigm.  People in America and all over the world must understand how they play a role, how vulnerable democracy and ecosystems are and how vital community organization, and direct-democracy is to the pursuit of happiness and equality, harmony and freedom.

I can't even convince my own family to turn off FOX news and NBC and CNN.  They think I'm crazy and un-American.  They are dissapointed in me.  It's mind-boggling.

The consciousness shift I'm talking about can only happen in small stages like evolution and it will take a long time and even then its not guaranteed because mind-warping institutions are determined to keep us ignorant and atomised.  I can't even get friends and family to use CARE2.

Most people in America think caring is weak, cowardly, and effeminate.  Real change is not going to happen in this government of the corporations republican or democrat and even if a green president or Kucinich or Nader or Ron Paul or Mckiiney were elected they would still have to contend with the Pentagon, the NSA, the CIA, Blackwater, corporate armies and assasins, etc...We need an alternative government which does not recognize the authority of the old archaic governemnt which has died.

One way to do that is not except federal money, and to organize locally--go forth and start NGOs and community-based radio networks and alternative governments and alternative markets connected to organic sustaiblle farms...


We have all these people on CARE of like minds but we are all invisible and atomised and so far away from each other.  We need to come together physiclly and online in an organization that can effect more change in a larger way (in addition to CARE).  We sign petitions and pass them around--lets sign a roster and muster...

Original Message:

Mar 6, 2010

I just signed a petition on the food bill that promises to standardize food even more, and potentiall harm local organic farmers.  I added a coment..and in my comment I started to rant.  But I think I stumbled on a good idea.  I wrote: 'control corporate farming, and factory farms--by destroying them. Free organic farms and subsidize small farmers. I'm a progressive, but this kind of thing makes me want to shout--no big government! As a humanitarian-progressive I will say, No corporate government! But I still think we need to raise taxes for domestic concerns--like SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH-CARE! we should have a two column tax system--taxes for domestic spending on education, organic farming and human welfare; and one for defense. Payable according to wealth and assets. All wealthy people must pay into domestic taxes but are forbidden from paying into defense taxes. Donations into defense is also forbidden. But low-income families do not have to pay into defense. They can opt out.'


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Joshua Bigley
, 3
Boynton Beach, FL, USA
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