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Jan 28, 2007
I loved the list another Care2 community member wrote of what they thought to be the top ten ways to promote peace. I wrote a comment on their entry and then realized perhaps it's more appropriate to post the response as a Blog because it's a bit lengthy in comparison to other responses to his post! So here is my response with some editing to make the information relavent to this entry!
I'm not american, like many here at Care2, and I am new to this community. I am slowly building my little space here, if you view my firstcare2  photo album you will observe some of my peace related artwork. My website, called Our Enchanted Garden
( promotes peace through various means. It is set up as a WebZine and is "designed to support and promote nature, the natural world and the human spirit immersed within it." Nature and the natural world are usually the source of my inspirations and observing nature has taught me that if humans were to adopt a life in tune with nature we would, quite naturally, move toward a peaceful way of living, for, in my experience, it appears that is the way of nature.

My personal pro-active Peace list begins with encouragement;

1) Believe Peace Is Possible!
2) If you are an artist of any medium create works dedicated to Peace.
3) Share those works where and when you are able.
4) Support and encourage others to do the same.
5) Teach your children to adopt peaceful solutions.
6) Live a peaceful life, example is truly the best teacher.
7) Support organizations that promote peace.
8) Pray for peace, join in with The World Peace Organization (, an organization that joins people around the globe in thoughtful prayer.
9) If praying isn't for you; Meditate on Peace and learn to visualize what a peaceful world is like.
10) BE Peace, and in your peacefulness, move forward to a peaceful world. (as M. Ghandi suggests "BE the change, you wish to create.")

I truly believe peace is possible and the desire for peace is universal,

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Posted: Jan 28, 2007 7:21am


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