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Mar 12, 2008

Delhi’s prayer:
Delhi, I pray for your safe journey; unencumbered, light-footed and protected. I pray for your safe journey to where your spirit needs to go to.

On March 11/08
Our Dear Delhi had made her transition and has taken that long road to the "Rainbow Bridge"
What follows next, is tributes that people have written for Delhi during her few good years at TES and in her passing just today
I will add to this, as the dedications come through

March 13, 2008
A Message From Delhi
Weep not for me I leave of my own free will
To be with my sisters who once lived on this hill
I’ve had four years of freedom, the best times of my life
I leave with dignity and grace, free from worldly strife
I had some tough years this lifetime, as each of you know
In putting them behind me I have been able to grow
I learned elephant strength from my sisters and friends
And unconditional love, that truly knows of no ends
It is with wisdom and grace I know it’s now time to leave
I ask you to celebrate life and not my passing to grieve
These years have been blessings beyond all of my dreams
In a place where freedom means even more than it seems
Now as I rest and relax in my world filled with love
I hear the elephant angels beckon me from above
I leave soft footprints here, upon hearts and the earth
As I move on toward the light, understanding my worth
Submitted by:
Sherry Gail Heim
Albuquerque, New Mexico

For Delhi

Elephant  time  isn’t  measured

in  years , weeks  or days……..

it’s measured by  sunrises  and seasons,

raindrops on a sister while she plays.

It’s measured in nature’s rhythym,

windstorms  and the changing moon,

a time to be born and one to move on,

we know dear one that  time is soon.

Thank you for your many  teachings Delhi,

how to hope and when to play.

To treasure each family member ,

not worry about the minutes in the day.

Your time now  measured in caresses,

trunk touches and rumbles  fill the air,

warm sawdust  makes you rest a  little longer ,

cradled in your loving  family’s care.

Laura Linklater

Feb /21/08

Run Free, Be Free, Live Free
Joanna, Tina and all the others wait for you
You are forever in our thoughts
Namaste Dear Grand Lady

A Better Day

February 2004

In Celebration of Life
(dedicated to Delhi)

My blessings abound,
Can these be real?
My home in the hills,
Welcoming me?
My chains disappeared,
Playing for me?
My spirit renewed,
Is peace for me?
My keepers are here,
Their love for me?
My sisters smiling,
Trunks up for me?
My world turned topsy,
All this for me?
My blessings are real,
I feel so free!
My rescue most dear,
I can be me!

Barbara Borchardt
El Paso, TX

February 2004

She was a quiet girl, she knew not to complain
After all, it was the only life she'd known.
Living conditions were poor, and always in shackles and chains.
Even in a crowded room - she was alone.

The days turned to months, the months into years.
The food was improper, and the temperatures extreme.
Sometimes she cried, and yes there were tears.
Punished for no reason, or so it would seem.

Her body ached, her skin felt like leather.
Standing was painful as her feet throbbed and burned
This majestic creature became more weathered.
Survival depended on her spirit she learned.

It was terrifying to leave, on that November day
But when the truck stopped, and there were no harsh words,
Soft voices spoke her name "Delhi", reassuring her it was OK
Someday she will join the rest of the herd.

Heaven on Earth she lives now, to her it's all new.
Napping in the sun, warm baths, treats, and toys
Dreaming of the day when Lota comes here too.
No more sorrow for the girls here, TES brings only joy.

poem written by Lori

January 2004

For the New Girl

Take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.
Through the door and out the gate, down the path we go. Your life begins today, a whole new world for you to know.
The grassy knolls, the sloping hills, the ponds they await you. Days like you have never had, and a peace that you have never known, all there, all brand new.
The special ones are here, ready at your beck and call. They wash, they sweep, they feed you, they care for you all.
Your sisters, you have a few, even though one of them is no longer here to greet you.
But she is near, her hill is not far, she waits for you, to pass her way, to chat, or just stand awhile and be with her and enjoy this wonderful day.
Oh hurry please, your sisters are waiting there, in this new big world that they want to share.
So, take my hand and walk this way, to see what joys we will find today.
Through the door, and out the gate, and down the path we go.  But hurry please, there are things to do, a whole new world just waits for you.
Merilee Newman
Tollhouse, CA

January 2004

December 17, 2003


Now is your time
Your time to live
Your time to be free
Your time to graze
Your time to just be

Now is your time
Your time to heal
Your time to roam
Your time to nap
To have a real home

It hurts to think you could never do these before
It hurts to think how many years you've been sore

Dear Delhi, Stay with us a while
You are deep in my heart and you make everyone smile

A lifetime of waiting just to be free
And not be sold rental property

As old as you are, we still watch you grow
We know very well you're not ready to go

For fifty some years, you did not feel
The love from your fans who will help you heal

You can now feel the fresh grass under you as you lay
November 22 is Independence Day

Congratulations Delhi, We love you so
Stay with us a while, you're not ready to go


IN MEMORY OF DELHI.........she passed on living ALIVE.
 Delhi napping with her toys

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Posted: Mar 12, 2008 11:32am
Feb 20, 2008
Native American Code of Ethics

1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit
will listen, if you only speak.

2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit,
anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul. Pray that they will
find guidance.

3. Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others to make your
path for you. It is your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with
you, but no one can walk it for you.

4. Treat the guests in your home with much consideration. Serve
them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with
respect and honor.

5. Do not take what is not yours whether from a person, a community,
the wilderness or from a culture. It was not earned nor given. It is not

6. Respect all things that are placed upon this earth - whether it be
people or plant.

7. Honor other people's thoughts, wishes and words. Never interrupt
another or mock or rudely mimic them. Allow each person the right to
personal expression.

8. Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative energy that you
put out into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.

9. All persons make mistakes. And all mistakes can be forgiven.

10. Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind, body and spirit. Practice

11. Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us. They are part of your
worldly family.

12. Children are the seeds of our future. Plant love in their hearts and
water them with wisdom and life's lessons. When they are grown,
give them space to grow.

13. Avoid hurting the hearts of others. The poison of your pain will
return to you.

14. Be truthful at all times. Honesty is the test of ones will within this

15. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual self,
Emotional self, and Physical self - all need to be strong, pure and
healthy. Work out the body to strengthen the mind. Grow rich in
spirit to cure emotional ails.

16. Make conscious decisions as to who you will be and how you
will react. Be responsible for your own actions.

17. Respect the privacy and personal space of others. Do not
touch the personal property of others - especially sacred and
religious objects. This is forbidden.

18. Be true to yourself first. You cannot nurture and help others if
you cannot nurture and help yourself first.

19. Respect others religious beliefs. Do not force your belief on

20. Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity.

Author unknown
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Posted: Feb 20, 2008 7:04am
Feb 15, 2008
Name: Deanna Gail
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , Canada
This is a tribute to my Mother Deanna Gail who passed away 38 years ago today. 
I really don't remember a lot about my Mom as I was only 5 when she passed away of Kidney Failure.
My Father joined my Mom in 1998.

These are poems that I have collected in memory of her.
I Love You And Miss You Mom

You have left me with many memories;
I miss you everyday.
Sometimes I think of you,
Not more than today.
You'll never be forgotten,
In my heart you are there to stay.
I wish I could talk to you,
Where ever you may lay.
But that would take a miracle;
Each day I have to ask why,
And why I couldn't say goodbye.
I miss you so much;
I can't do it on my own.
I think of you constantly;
And I know you are not alone.
With that I want to say
I'll think of you everyday.


A brief moment of darkness
was all that I knew,
before Heaven's Gate
came into my view.

Loved ones and friends
I had missed for many years,
welcomed me with open arms
and many happy tears.

All the hurt, fear and pain
that I have ever known,
is gone from my life,
I am finally home.

I gazed upon the Lord's
sweet smiling face,
and for the first time in my life
I knew and felt His grace.

I know that you miss me,
but please dry your eyes.
I will always be watching and loving you
from my home in the sky.

A cool breeze on your face,
a touch of light rain,
I will send as a reminder
that we will be reunited again.

Life on earth is but one
brief moment in time,
I am finally home,
Eternity is mine.


As I sat watching by your bed,
A million thought ran through my head.
Of just how much were you aware?
Did you know that I was there?

Could you feel the love I sent,
In whispered word, Or prayer bent?
Upon my cross as I asked God,
To spare your life for my selfish cause?

So that I could tell you just once more,
"I love you Mommy! " as I had before.
And we could chat like days of old,
Over coffee cups all rimmed with gold.

And laugh and joke, or just to share
some small hurt and perhaps a tear.
To talk of the past, or things yet to do.
To sniffle, and sneeze, and say "Bless You! "

All these dreams now hang in shreds,
As I sit here with bowed down head.
And ponder on these sad thoughts.
Just to wonder, "Was it all for naught? "

You truly were an angel
sent from God in heaven above.
Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved.
When I found out that you had died
I thought that they were wrong.
You were so alive - and then
just like that, you were gone.
A flame blown out in seconds,
Confirming our worst fears -
A light that shines no more on earth
for which we shed many tears.
But still you are my beacon
And I need you right now.
You hear all the prayers I say
Because they are answered somehow.
I wish that you could be here,
But in a way you are.
Your symbol of a rose goes everywhere with me,
so I know you can't be far.
It still is quite a shock to me
that you had to die;
But no one will forget you
And I love you, and goodbye.

Death , Life

It stalks the night
It stalks the day
It seeks out life
And whisks it away
It's known as death
And other things too
But it's all the same
What matters is you.
How do you see it?
What does it mean?
It's best if you know
For death is unseen.
It can take you at day
It can take you at night
Knowing death well
Can lend you some light
The passage to death
Is always unclear
And it's best to know
That you're very near.
For death is at hand
It is for us all
Know it's face well
So you don't stumble and fall
Now think hard on death
And know that it's near
And the meaning of life
Will be all to clear
And that is to live
For your hearts desire
Not to stumble or fall
But to burn with a fire.
A fire for life
To live for each day
To reach for your dreams
No matter what people say
Life is a question
And death holds a clue
Reach not for the answer
For your life's not due
Live for the moment
And die for it too
For it's the moment that counts
It, and you
Now I'm all done
I've said what I'll say
Just remember one thing
Live for the day!

Alive No More

She lies there unable to speak
Gasping struggling for her last
Breath of air.

The disease won -
Her heart stops beating,
She struggles no more,
She is no longer alive.
Her spirit is gone.

The funeral sad - very sad.
Putting makeup on a person
That is alive no more -
How pitiful is that?
She is no longer alive.
No kind of makeup will change that.

People come offering their condolences,
Thinking maybe it will ease the pain a little bit.
They are wrong, so wrong.
No words will ease the pain
Of knowing that your mother is dead.

Your mother the one that gave birth to you -
She is dead.
Words will not heal,
Hugs will not help,
Tears will not bring her back.
Because my mother for
She is alive no more.

Mother's Watch

I sit beside you, Mom
On death’s doorstep you lay
I set my head upon your wrist
As I bow my head to pray

The world to me shut off
The silence here is thick
Alone just you and I
And your watch’s rhythmic tick

I block out all my pain
And loss I’m sure to feel
I concentrate now deeply
On the tick your watch reveals

I sit here now for days
And hear the rhythmic sound
I contemplate you being gone
The thought now seems profound

The time for you is near
To enter Heaven’s Gate
I’ll stay here by your side
Until your journey is complete

It’s months now since you’ve passed
My wounds are healing slow
I want so much to hear your voice
To see your smile’s glow

I lay my head upon my wrist
When my feelings are too strong
I hear your watch’s rhythmic tick
And know you’re never gone

Missing Mamma

The sun came up this morning;
It wasn't very bright.
My dark mood casts a shadow;
It's hard to see the light.

We all have just one mother
And, now that her life on earth is done,
The emptiness and loss I feel
Make it hard to see the sun.

Tomorrow is a brand new day;
May the pain and sadness lighten.
I will remember all her love,
And then the sky will brighten.

Gone is not forgotten;
Her love reminds behind;
She's traveled in a new direction -
Love knows no space or time.

I will always love her.
She will care for me from above.
She will send me starlight and rainbows
To remind me of her love.

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Posted: Feb 15, 2008 8:50am


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