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Oct 16, 2011

 War profiteering used to illegal. It was a felony. Now the private army of mercenaries and contractors is twice the size of the US Government forces in Iraq and Afghanistan... 

How did that privatization of war happen? 

What are the consequences?  

Dennis does a good job of explaining why this is an issue that we need to look at as a nation.  

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Posted: Oct 16, 2011 4:28pm
Nov 3, 2007
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Poll
Location: United States
A Message from Dennis Kucinich
I am contacting you to ask for your vote in the Democracy For America presidential straw poll. Winning this DFA poll will shock the pundits, create tremendous attention and will greatly increase volunteer support for our campaign.
The DFA community needs to know that there IS a candidate who:
  • organized 125 Democratic Congressmen to vote against the 2002 resolution to authorize force in Iraq,
  • that there IS a Democratic presidential candidate who voted against the Patriot Act,
  • that there IS a Democratic presidential candidate who supports withdrawing from NAFTA and the WTO,
  • that there IS a Democratic Presidential candidate who has called for impeachment of the Vice President AND the President.
  • And more importantly, there IS a Democratic candidate who stands for a NOT FOR PROFIT health care system, Medicare for All.
Please take the time now to cast your vote.
Here are three easy steps required to vote in this poll.
1) Please go to the following link:  
2) My picture will be added to box #1 automatically for you. Follow the Instructions and vote for 2 additional candidates by dragging and dropping the other candidates pictures into box #2 and #3. If you do not wish to vote for anyone else, simply drag and drop the picture labeled "Other ?" into box #2 and #3 and type in "Dennis Kucinich" in both boxes.
3) Once you have filled in all three of your choices a Registration box will appear below the 3 boxes. You will need to enter your Email Address, Zip Code, First and Last Name and then click on the submit button in order for your vote to be counted. That's it!
After you vote, please forward this message to your friends and contacts.
A few days ago, our campaign moved into fourth place in New Hampshire with 7% according to Rasmussen Polling. This past month, two national polls, USA Today/Gallup and Zogby, have shown our campaign polling in fourth place.
The momentum is in our favor, together, we can win the Democracy for America poll.
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Posted: Nov 3, 2007 9:47am
Oct 28, 2007
Focus: Government
Action Request: Flyer
Location: United States
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Posted: Oct 28, 2007 9:14pm
Aug 19, 2007
Dennis was once again left out of the debate today; given very little air time. He is the only one who did not vote for Iraq, and he leading the charge to impeach Bush and Cheney.

Supporters are rallying to get him at the top! Are you with him, or for everyone else, who will keep us in Iraq and support the current climate of corruption?

If you support Dennis Kucinich help us answer the poll for "who won at the Dem's Debate".

It was an obviously biased debate, but by voting for Dennis - we are showing them the power of the people -

WE say who we believe in NOT THE CORPORATE agenda!!! Vote now at - DK in 08
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Posted: Aug 19, 2007 6:04pm
Apr 26, 2007

Kucinich filed articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney. The only person who seems to have any kahones was made fun of after this action. People called him names in response...

You would think this is on the front page of every newspaper, but I do not see it anywhere... What gives? Are the Neocons so totally in control that this too will be squelched and covered up? Write your news outlet. Write a letter to the editor. Ask for news coverage. Ask them to investigate the claims. Demand the truth come out.

Please note the story and add your own comments.
Spread the story and email to everyone you know.
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Posted: Apr 26, 2007 7:39am
Dec 13, 2006

Rep. Kucinich: Why I’m Running for President

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Posted on Dec 12, 2006
AP / Luke Palmisano

Rep. Dennis Kucinich at a 2005 speech in Lakewood, Ohio.

By Joshua Scheer

The six-term Ohio congressman and 2004 presidential candidate, who has been one of Congress’ most vocal and longstanding opponents of the Iraq war, tells Truthdig why he again has his sights set on the Oval Office:

Rep. Kucinch spoke with Truthdig research editor Joshua Scheer*.

TRUTHDIG: What made you decide to run?

KUCINICH: Someone has to rally the American people, to let them know that the money is there right now to bring our troops home. Democrats were put in power in November to chart a new direction in Iraq. It’s inconceivable that having been given the constitutional responsibility to guide the fortunes of America in a new direction, that Democratic leaders would respond by supporting the administration’s call for up to $160 billion in new funding for the war in Iraq.

For me this is a call of conscience to stand up and speak out about what’s going on—to let the American people know that the money is there to bring our troops home now, that we need to begin now to take a new direction in Iraq, and that to pass a supplemental in the spring for another $160 billion would keep the war going until the end of George Bush’s term. Someone needs to stand up and speak out, and I decided it was my responsibility as the person who has been consistently opposed to this war since its inception, who has been a leader in challenging this thinking that led to war, that I would stand up and rally Democrats to change the course that the party has embarked on with respect to continued funding of the war.

TRUTHDIG: This is obviously your major issue, but what other issues are you going to base your campaign on?

KUCINICH: We have to take these things in sequence. From now until the spring, this is the issue: $160 billion is more than three times what the federal education budget is. This is a huge amount of money, and all the other hopes we have as Democrats to create a new agenda for the American people in housing, in healthcare, in education, are going to be destroyed by the administration’s request for $160 billion.

So does that mean I’m a one-issue candidate? Of course not. I’m prepared to lead this country forward to create a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit healthcare system. I’m prepared to lead the way towards policies of environmental sustainability, to develop advanced technologies for alternative energy, for clean energy.

This campaign is about three imperatives: It’s about the imperative of human unity, of recognizing that this is one world, that we are all one, that people all around the world have an underlying connection, that we are interconnected and interdependent. And we need policies that act that interconnection. We need to affirm institutions which support the idea of human unity. And that means that we support the United Nations. It means we support treaties in working with other countries. It means we support the rule of law internationally.

The second imperative is human security, and that security has to deal with basic needs: Each person in the world has a right to survive, a right to food that is fit to eat, and water fit to drink, and air fit to breathe. Each person has a right to a roof over his or her own head. Each person has a right to have clothes on their back. Each person has a right to some means of being able to make a living. Each person has a right to be free of the fear of violence. We have a responsibility to work to secure the world from a nuclear nightmare. We need to look at what we can do to protect peoples everywhere by working for not just nonproliferation, not just disarmament, but nuclear abolition, which in fact was the promise of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The third imperative I’ll discuss in this campaign is the imperative of peace. There are those who believe that war is inevitable. A belief in the inevitability of war makes war a self-fulfilling prophecy. We need to be convinced in our innate capability to create structures for peace in our society. We need to be convinced of our potential as a nation to make nonviolence an operating principle in our society. This is the motivating reason behind a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, which addresses directly, in a practical way, the challenge of domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, violence in the school, racial violence, violence against gays, community relations disputes.

The imperatives of human unity, human security, peace, all create a context for human prosperity. We have the potential to create heaven on earth. New Jerusalem is within our reach. It’s waiting to be called forward through the power of courage, emanating through our hearts, through our dreams, which come from the longing of our souls. This truly is a time where we can change the world and create the world that we long for.

TRUTHDIG: You obviously have issues that you care deeply about, and it doesn’t seem like you’re going into this as a sort of popularity contest, but do you think you can win? Do you have a plan to win, say, the South, and parts of the Midwest?

KUCINICH: Yes. The very fact the people put Democrats in power in November over the issue of Iraq means that there exists a tremendous amount of support for affirming the will of the people to set a new course, not only for Iraq but for all of U.S. international policy. That percolation, which resulted in the Democrats gaining control of Congress, is still there. It is fairly astonishing that Democrat leaders would forget that only a month ago we were given the control of the Congress because of Iraq. It is fairly astonishing that less than a month after being given that constitutional obligation to assume a coequal position in the government, [we] would capitulate on Iraq by publicly declaring support for up to $160 billion in additional funding to keep the war going.

I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again: It is not credible to simultaneously say you are opposed to the war and continue to support funding for the war.

So these are some of the reasons why I’m running for president. And I believe that I will win, because people are truly looking for a new direction. Not by incrementalism, not by capitulation, but people are looking for real leadership, people are looking for foresight. And I’ve demonstrated foresight by moving out front very quickly when the administration was talking about attacking Iraq—warning the country that this was folly, warning the country that we needed to avert this conflict, letting Americans know that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 or Al Qaeda’s role in 9/11, that Iraq did not have WMD, did not have the intention or capability of attacking the United States.

Everything I said turned out to be true. People want leaders who know what the right thing is to do in the moment of crisis, not people who will say, years later, “Well, you know, I agree, this is what should have been done.” This is a call for clearsightedness for foresight and for action, and in each case I’ve demonstrated an ability to step forward. And I’m going to do it again, and I expect that the American people are going to respond very powerfully to my candidacy.

TRUTHDIG: John Kerry got tarred with the “flip-flopper” label in 2004 for his perceived wavering on the issue of Iraq. Do you think you’re going to have a better chance than someone like Kerry—or Clinton, who’s also been wishy-washy on some of the issues?

KUCINICH: I haven’t talked about any other candidates, and I’m not going to now. I think that my consistency speaks for itself, and I think that my opposition not only to the authorization for the war but continued opposition to its funding puts me apart from all the other candidates. I’m the only member of the House and Senate who has consistently voted against continued funding for the war.

TRUTHDIG: I saw Stephen Hesse of the Brookings Institute on CNN saying that candidacies like yours are just an ego trip. Is this an ego trip for you?

KUCINICH: I’ve spent the last five years of my life warning our nation about the path to war and about our occupation of Iraq. There are probably easier ways to pamper oneself.

*Truthdig interviewer Joshua Scheer worked as an entry-level staffer on Kucinich’s state Senate campaign and was later a summer associate in his congressional office. In this weekly interview series, Rep. Kucinich gives his take on the goings-on in Congress in the wake of the Democrats’ victory.

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Posted: Dec 13, 2006 6:34pm
May 1, 2006
Name: Dennis Kucinich
Type: Tribute (for the living)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: Congress, United States
 In Honor of Dennis Kucinich, I Post His Message

Message from Dennis Kucinich
by Dennis Kucinich
April 14, 2006

Dear friend,
The Democratic Party is struggling to rediscover its soul. Leading Congressional Democrats still support the war; still support corporate-run health care, still support trade without protections for workers' rights, human rights or the environment. Predictably, the corporate media which fueled our march to folly in Iraq still sides with the corporate wing of our party.

Some in our party suggest that since the President and Republicans are sinking in the polls, Democrats should remain quiet. They forget the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. that "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Issuing tepid statements that "we can do better" hardly inspires those who worry each day about their children and spouses. American families facing a harsh struggle to survive deserve action - not silence. Wages are down and savings the lowest since the Great Depression while job insecurity, education and health care costs are soaring. Social Security and pensions are at risk.

Please recognize that without your help and support I could never pursue my efforts to again make the Democratic Party the party of working Americans. The Party which looks out upon the world for friends, not enemies.

Four years ago I was told my efforts to organize 125 House Democrats to vote against the war was political suicide. When you read Prayer for America (February 17, 2002, and the Analysis of President's Bush's Case for War, (October 2, 2002) you will recall how difficult (yet necessary) it is to speak truth to power. Remember how the administration guaranteed us that "there was no doubt" but that WMDs were poised to strike us? Their loyal followers called me a liar - and worse - on "Meet the Press" and other national media for daring to challenge the Administration's "evidence" on WMDs and Saddam's then-alleged links to 9-11 and Al Qaeda.

Today, however, being right is little solace in the face of mounting casualties. Little solace knowing that the average American family will spend perhaps $25,000 just on the Iraq War - a war which makes all us less safe. Inexplicably, the media which remained silent in the face of massive government propaganda now lashes out at those of us who did speak out at the time. Yet those complicit in selling this war to the American people remain loyal to their lies and continue their propaganda.

President Andrew Jackson was right when he said that one person with courage makes a majority. These are trying times which require each of of us to find the courage to demand that America not only stop an illegal occupation and a policy of preemptive war, but chart a new course in the world based on cooperation not confrontation, on hope, not fear. Each of us must speak out about the crimes done in our name. Torture is not an American value and the thought that the President would sign a statement reserving the right to continue to torture brings shame - and danger - to all of us.

Being a Democrat can no longer entail a laundry list of slightly less harmful policies than our opponents. The vision of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy as enunciated in the Book of Matthew must be returned to Congress. As you know, " Fear Ends, Hope Begins " was the theme of my campaign for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. I continue to call not just for new policies, but a renewed vision of a politics of trust and compassion based on our most basic values of caring for one another.

Who ever imagined that we would live in an America where the "merciful" would be called soft on crime? Where those who "mourn" would be called whiners and where the "meek" would be told that arrogance is a virtue? Who ever imagined that the sacred role of "peacemaker" as described by Matthew in the Beatitudes would be recast as a traitor? The inversion of truth and the perversion of our basic values must be challenged.

The path for our renewal based on these sacred values is clear. Living Wages, Advocacy of Universal Health Care, a new WPA jobs program funded from military waste, Universal Pre-Kindergarten, tuition-free college, protection of Social Security and all pensions, the green energy of wind, solar, hydrogen, peaceful exploration of space, participation in the Kyoto Climate Change Treaty, and the International Criminal Court are part of a vision of the America that can be, if we are willing to take a stand.

My call for a Department of Peace and Nonviolence has been attacked in a way that ironically proves its necessity.

This past term in the House of Representatives I have acted upon a vision of a nation which cares about all people, about truth and justice, in hundreds of speeches on the floor of the House about Iraq, health care, trade, education, the global climate and America's role in the world. You may recall I was successful in organizing a bipartisan coalition towards ending the war in Iraq ( HJ Res 55). I helped open up investigations of the missing $9 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds, and pushed for inquiries into pre-war intelligence, and the public relations machine behind the war.

I also brought a resolution of Inquiry which resulted in a rare committee discussion about documentation of global climate change and the need for the United States to immediately begin implementing new energy policies to protect the global environment.

Day in and day out I have continued to do the work. Day in and day out, whether in the spotlight or not, I have persisted in walking the path of peace, of social and economic justice. Fortunately, I know I do not walk alone. I ask for your continued presence in my daily efforts. As we prepare for the May 2nd Primary Election in Ohio, I once again request your financial support . With your active participation I can continue my efforts in the House, not only to encourage Democrats to take a stand but to offer real alternatives to the prevailing thirst for empire and plutocracy.

Thank you for your encouragement and support,

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Posted: May 1, 2006 7:53am


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