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Oct 29, 2011

A visual presentation of the worlds statistics. If the world were condensed to just 100 people, what would it look like?** NOTE** the text in the beginning, was meant to go fast, to confuse as most world stats are confusing, hence the reduction of the stats to 100. 

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Posted: Oct 29, 2011 7:27am
Aug 9, 2011

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London's burning from riots. 

What can we learn from these riots? Initially at least, the latest riots were caused when a black man was shot by police, but also other events, like the rise in tuition fees, etc. That first surge of violence has turned into random mayhem, which continues.
The conclusions of the author above are interesting. He blames the random rioting in London on the super rich and global corporations who ship British jobs overseas. Is this not the same situation now present in the USA?

A few people and global corporatioons at the top continue to profit from 'legal' slavery. Legal 'slaves' produce goods to be exported to the US for $2.00 in wages per DAY or $600 per YEAR total, with no other benefits. These 'slaves' have no rights (in Communist China), no unions, no protections, and no lawyers to protect them. 

Legalized slave workers are abused, used and thrown away on trash heaps. Many commit suicide due to the harsh conditions they work under. These slaves work in areas where there are no environmental laws. There is no way to sue for wrongs committed by employers or managers of factories.

US citizens import these 'cheap' goods. It is hard to find anything made in the US anymore, due to this exportation of all manufacturing to places like Communist China. 

This exportation of jobs has created a massive debt, known as our 'Deficit', which is growing by the year. The interesting thing is that the same few rich individuals and corporations that are causing this debt deficit then manage to pay zero taxes on profits from all of this manufacturing, by hiding all profits overseas, where they cannot be taxed by the IRS.

Global corporations hold all of their profits and accumulate it. Corporations that exported millions of US jobs overseas now have TRILLIONS of Dollars in overseas accounts, where it does nothing good for the US economy.

These huge global corporations wait until the US government agrees to grant them amnesty on paying taxes on Trillions in Profits. Only then do they bring the money 'home'. Is this corruption, or just 'the way it is'? We as citizens cannot get away with this, but corporations can and do this on a regular basis. It is happening today.

The situation of exporting jobs overseas exists here in the USA and in Britain. The exporting of millions of high paying jobs continues even today, because it is so 'profitable'.  

Teen unemployment is very high in many civilized countries worldwide, including Britain, due in large part to this exporting of jobs policy, which was created by the corporations now profiting from it. In some countries and among certain subgroups, the unemployment rate among teens and young adults is 50%. Teens are being pushed out of part time, low wage jobs by adults who got laid off or fired from high paying jobs. 

This trickle down effect is permanent and systemic, not just temporary. As jobs go overseas, millions of people lose high paying jobs. Those same high paying jobs with good benefits are replaced by two or three low paying part time jobs with NO benefits. 

One ugly side effect and problem caused by high teen unemployment rates, is that it causes 'unrest' and civil problems, much like the issues being experienced in London. The unrest can be triggered by anything, or by nothing at all. 

Young people do not consider consequences. They do not think through the side effects and consequences of what they are doing. The destruction of society from pissed off young people who have nothing productive to do is random. The rioting is chaotic, exactly as it is happening in London. 

Young people who are unemployed long term can and do turn to radical solutions, like anarchy. Anarchy is the final solution and the end of a natural progression of frustrated citizens who see that the only option they have is the destruction of a corrupt system, where they have no impact, control or voice.  This may be good in their eyes. But they do not think through the next step, after they have destroyed everything. 

These young people are generally not terrorists, but end up doing things that look like terror. A bomb would do just as much damage as these London riots are causing. 

Fear generated by the riots keeps people from doing normal things. People stop shopping and stay indoors, which then depresses the economy, and causes even more unemployment as a side effect. Who gets blamed? Young people, but certainly NOT the corporations exporting jobs overseas.

As the police crack down on this random rioting, it causes the city, state and national government to look like they are even more dictatorial and violent than they already are. Hundreds or thousands of arrests will happen. Teens will be stopped and searched for no reason. Teens and young adults will be seen as terrorists. This can cause the whole affair to spiral out of control. 

At the end of this road, if and when violence increases and spreads to other areas and cities,  martial law may very well be imposed. Troops may very well end up firing on their neighbors and fellow citizens as a country ends up with a military style government. 

No freedoms are left at the end. Only corporations and rich people stay absolutely and totally in control. Corporations do not want change, as long as they make profits, and as long as they can maintain 'order' and 'control'. 

Certainly corporations are not suffering right now, so why would they change, willingly, voluntarily?   Anyone who resists this highly profitable corporate 'solution' of transforming all high paying jobs into $2.00 per day corporate 'slave labor solutions' either disappears or is arrested and thrown in prison for many years. 

On the opposite side, as the police and military forces are called in, a wholesale uprising may occur. People do understand and realize that they are losing their freedoms, and democracy. People understand that a better future for their children is being threatened and taken away.  

This anger and fear may turn into an armed and violent rage filled revolution, whether it is organized or not. This can result in a complete breakdown of society, which is unraveling at the seams, due to cut backs in all areas, except where corporations profit.  The end of this road is total anarchy, with armed gangs looting and pillaging at will. Better that in the eyes of angry young people, than zero prospects for a better future... 

Young people generally and historically speaking are the spark that causes huge transformational shifts in society, either with peaceful protests or with violent riots. 

We have a choice of peacefully changing to a more sustainable economic system via a reasonable discussion and a compromise solution. But what is happening now is a total corporate takeover. Corporations got 100% of what they asked for in this latest budget hostage taking budget crisis situation. Taxpayers and job hunters got 0%. 

The latest result to the financial crisis does not bode well for a peaceful and democratic change process that has people involved in their own process. This is the first time in history that corporations and the rich got 100% of what they wanted, and the people got 0%, despite people having the power of the vote. Could it be that it does not matter who the people vote for anymore? Could it be that the corporations 'own' almost all Congressional and Senate Representatives?  

We can continue down the road of corporations controlling everything, via the Tea Party, Faux News, and mass media plus 35 Conservative, corporate friendly think tanks. These corporate mouthpieces keep saying and promoting anything that is good for corporate profits. What is good for corporate profits?

NAFTA and all other free trade agreements are good for corporate profits. They will keep shipping all jobs overseas and leaving a few low wage jobs left over. 
Wars that never end are good for corporations. Corporations profit handsomely from no bid contracts and the corruption that war creates.  

So how does the end of the Vietnam war relate to what is happening today? The US is spending 1.3 TRILLION per year on the military and hundreds of BILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan each year. There is no plan to win the 'war' in either country. There is no firm timetable for withdrawal of all troops. There is not even an enemy that can be identified, just like in Vietnam. The same process that happened in Vietnam is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, with the same predictable end results.

These never ending wars are a HUGE drain on the US economy. Our best and brightest young people are being sent overseas, rather than building up our own country. Families are being torn apart. 

Thousands of soldiers, both men and women, come home permanently disabled, at great cost to all taxpayers for the rest of their lives. Many commit suicide or can never work again, just due to the PTSD. In contrast, Communist China is BOOMING, as is Europe, with less than a 4% unemployment rate. They are not fighting ANY wars, and spend a small fraction or what the US does, on their military. 

Rather than investing in jobs and growth, the US is borrowing money from Communist China to fight multiple, never ending wars in places like North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan.Communist China is winning a global financial war without even firing a shot against the USA. It is rising in power, while the US is collapsing in power, influence and financial strength.  
The military industrial complex is also sending more BILLIONS in borrowed money out of the country to hundreds of other US military bases worldwide. This money could be used to create jobs and stimulate the economy locally. Instead, the money is sent overseas, where the US never sees it again. 

Economists know that any money spent locally or inside the US has a multiplier effect of ten to one hundred times what is spent initially. If 1 Trillion Dollars were spent inside the US, it would have a multiplier effect of between 10 Trillion to 100 Trillion Dollars through circulation. 

Money sent overseas has a ZERO multiplier effect, except in the country the money ends up in. We are sending our money to China, Europe and many other countries, thus stimulating their economies, while the US economy suffers. 

Corporations are also exporting all US permanent high paying jobs to foreign countries, thus stimulating job creation everywhere except in the USA. Who profits from this? A few global corporations and mega billionaires are profiting HUGELY.  This is why corporations are raking in record profits. 

At the same time these same few individuals like Rupert Murdoch are collecting corporate welfare subsidies from US taxpayers. Then they are in many cases paying ZERO taxes, all at the same time. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is a good example of how this very profitable dynamic works. In their eyes, this is win win win. 

The only problem is that stealing from US citizens is a lose, lose, lose situation for every citizen in the countries where this very profitable strategy is being implemented, by BOTH liberal and conservative political parties. These political parties are controlled by, you guessed it, corporations. It is almost impossible now to get elected unless the corporations support your campaign. 

Mass media, owned by these same few global corporations, then gives corporate friendly candidates 'favorable' news coverage, while denying coverage to Third Party politicians, such as the Green Party. Bingo, this is a simple way to get only corporate friendly candidates in both parties elected, while few or no Third Party candidates ever get elected, due to no media exposure. Then ALEC writes up corporate friendly laws, that get passed by corporate owned legislators. Then these same corporate owned media outlets loudly proclaim that the mass media has a 'liberal' bias. 

Young people today in the USA see that they have a choice between signing up the military to get an education and a military overseas 'job' that pays something. Their other choice consists of staying at home with parents and not working for what may be many years. 

The only other option young people have today is getting a part time, low paying job in the service or fast food industry, where opportunities are limited. Corporations and the military industrial complex are in effect holding young people hostage by requiring them to do what whatever is left over, after they ship all of the good jobs overseas. 

Another factor that sinks the US economy is that the US sells raw materials and resources to anyone who asks for it. The USA ships raw logs, ore, minerals, and technology overseas at a very low cost, with little or no labor added to them. This costs the USA MILLIONS of jobs. Why and how does this work?

By comparison, Switzerland has a law that all raw resources have labor added to them to make them into a partially finished or completely finished product before it is exported. All jobs are kept inside the country. No raw logs or other natural resources are exported. There are jobs in every town, creating work for everyone that wants it, as raw materials are finished into products, which are then exported. 

Another thing that sinks the US economy permanently is that the US has THREE foreign worker visa programs in effect. This is very good for corporate profits, but very bad for US workers and citizens. As far as I am aware, all of these visa programs are still in effect and being used. These visa programs are utilized by corporations, who import foreign and cheap workers into the US. These workers replace US citizens at jobs that US citizens are working at, but at a much lower cost. 

In many cases, US workers are forced to train the foreign workers so that they can be replaced. Foreign workers have no rights, no unions, and make a small fraction of the amount that a US citizen makes. This is all good for the corporations, but bad for US job markets, and for US workers. 

Given all of the above, plus much more, is it any wonder that the US economy is tanking? Is it any wonder that young people are upset enough to go into the streets, looting, stealing and burning? They see the above. 

Young people are losing or have lost hope. When all hope is lost for a fair and equitable future, that is when violence solutions are tempting them to act. When all hope for a better future is lost and no democratic process is left where ordinary people can affect their future, that is when violence is resorted to. The British Corporations learned this lesson with the Tea Party rebellion a few generations ago. 

Is history going to have to repeat itself, or will corporations leave a few cheese crumbs on the table?

The only solution I see is to vote Green Party or to run as a Green Party member. The Green Party is the only political party that does NOT accept any corporation donations, which is what is causing all of the above problems. 

To be elected as a Green Party candidate, one has to generate massive grass roots support on a local level. This means that only city offices are being filled by this party. 

The corporate controlled mass media does not cover Green Party candidates because it threatens corporate control of everything and everyone that matters. So it is not impossible to get elected, but it is hard work... 

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Posted: Aug 9, 2011 11:48am
Aug 27, 2010

David H. Koch in 1996. He and his brother Charles are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes, such as the Tea Party. 

This Tea Party, is supposed to be about a bottoms up, grass roots movement, but in reality, it looks more like a top down, corporate driven machine, with all kinds of funding from billionaires and secret meetings. 
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Posted: Aug 27, 2010 8:23pm
May 2, 2009
"Racism is common to most and probably all societies. Laws never seem entirely to eliminate it. It was the essential tool in the creation of modern settler states. The United States could not have come into existence without the obliteration of North American Indian cultures and of large numbers of the people themselves. They had to die so the US could be born. 
In Australia the indigenous people of Tasmania were wiped out to the last man, woman and child, while on the mainland the tribes were massacred, confined, stripped of their ancestral land and eventually turned into fringe dwellers. Until recently Australia had a prime minister who could deny that aboriginal children of mixed ‘blood’ were taken from their parents up to the 1930s and refused to issue any expression of remorse for their mistreatment. 
More recent targets of racism have been Lebanese and Vietnamese immigrants, while the Howard federal government’s racist treatment of Iraqi and Afghan refugees and asylum seekers remains one of the most shameful chapters of Australia’s history.".............cont. at link below
Good article showing the history and evolution of racism, as well as the progress that has been made, mostly by human rights and peace activists. 
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Posted: May 2, 2009 8:08am
Dec 10, 2008

How to Improve Your Luck

luck, luckyFor centuries, people have recognized the power of luck. To investigate scientifically why some people are consistently lucky and others aren't, Richard Wiseman advertised in national periodicals for volunteers of both varieties. Four hundred men and women from all walks of life responded.

Over a 10-year period, Wiseman interviewed them, asked them to complete diaries, questionnaires and IQ tests, and invited them to his laboratory for experiments. He found that lucky people get that way by applying some basic principles:

• Seizing chance opportunities
• Creating self-fulfilling prophecies through 
positive expectations 
• Adopting a 
resilient attitude that turns bad luck around

For example, he gave lucky and unlucky people a newspaper, and asked them to determine how many photos were inside. On average, unlucky people spent about two minutes on this exercise -- but the lucky people only spent seconds. On the paper's second page, in large type, was the message "Stop counting: There are 43 photographs in this newspaper." Lucky people tended to spot the message. Unlucky ones didn't. 

Halfway through the paper, was a message that read: "Stop counting, tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $250." Again, the unlucky people missed it. The lucky people saw what was there, rather than just what they were looking for.

Lucky participants also put effort into adding variety to their lives, tended to be more optimistic, and were happier and more satisfied with their lives.

The good news is that when Wiseman described the techniques to help participants react like lucky people, 80 percent reported being happier and luckier after just one month.

One unlucky subject said that after adjusting her attitude, her bad luck actually vanished. 

The bottom line? Thoughts and behavior affect the good and bad fortune you encounter. The most elusive of goals -- an effective way of taking advantage of the power of luck -- is actually available to everyone.
Source; email shared by friend
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Posted: Dec 10, 2008 6:05am


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