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Feb 27, 2012



According to Wikipedia; “Units 1–5 have a Mark 1 type (light bulb torus) containment structure, Unit 6 has Mark 2 type (over/under) containment structure.[27] From September 2010, Unit 3 has been partially fuelled by mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel.


According to other sources, Unit #3 Fukushima Daichi nuclear core was loaded with 131 tons of uranium. Half of this (61 tons) was a new experimental MOX fuel, which is a mixture of plutonium and uranium. The spent fuel pool above the reactor contained up to 2400 tons of spent fuel, but reports say ‘only’ 1,000 tons was in the pool at the time of the explosion.


Fukushima Daichi Unit #3 Explosion


According to Wikipedia; “At 12:33 JST on 13 March, the chief spokesman of the Japanese government, Yukio Edano said hydrogen gas was building up inside the outer building of Unit 3 just as had occurred in Unit 1, threatening the same kind of explosion.[238] At 11:15 JST on 14 March, the envisaged explosion of the building surrounding Reactor 3 of Fukushima 1 occurred, owing to the ignition of built up hydrogen gas.[239][240] The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan (NISA) reported, as with Unit 1, the top section of the reactor building was blown apart, but the inner containment vessel was not breached. The explosion was larger than that in Unit 1 and felt 40 kilometers away. Pressure readings within the reactor remained steady at around 380 kPa at 11:13 and 360 kPa at 11:55 compared to nominal levels of 400 kPa and a maximum recorded of 840 kPa. Water injection continued. Dose rates of 0.05 mSv/h were recorded in the service hall and of 0.02 mSv/h at the plant entrance.[241]


Eleven people were reported injured in the blast.[242] TEPCO and NISA announced that four TEPCO employees, three subcontractor employees, and four Self-Defence-Force soldiers were injured.[243][244][245] Six military personnel from the Ground Self Defense Force's Central Nuclear Biological Chemical Weapon Defense Unit, led by Colonel Shinji Iwakuma, had just arrived outside the reactor to spray it with water and were exiting their vehicles when the explosion occurred. Iwakuma later said that TEPCO had not informed them that there was a danger of a hydrogen explosion in the reactor, adding, "Tokyo Electric was desperate to stabilize (the plant), so I am not angry at them. If there is a possibility of an explosion, I would be reluctant to send my men there."[246]


American nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen, noting the much greater power and vertical debris ejection compared to the Unit 1 hydrogen blast, has theorized that the Unit 3 explosion involved a prompt criticality in the spent fuel pool material, triggered by the mechanical disruption of an initial, smaller hydrogen gas explosion in the building.[252] Low-dose radiation researcher and anti-nuclear activist Christopher Busby speculated on Russia Today that the explosion that destroyed the Reactor 3 building was a "nuclear explosion" of some kind in the spent fuel pool.[253]¨


On 11 May, TEPCO released underwater robotic video from the spent fuel pool. The video appears to show large amounts of debris contaminating the pool. However, based on water samples analysed, unnamed experts and TEPCO reported that the fuel rods were left "largely undamaged",[254][255] and that it appears that the Unit 3 explosion was entirely related to hydrogen buildup within the building from venting of the reactor.


Unit 3 Cooling efforts


Around 10:00 JST on 16 March, NHK helicopters flying 30 km away videotaped white fumes rising from the Fukushima I facility. Officials suggested that the Reactor 3 building was the most likely source, and said that its containment systems may have been breached.[256] The control room for Reactors 3 and 4 was evacuated at 10:45 JST but staff were cleared to return and resume water injection into the reactor at 11:30 JST.[257] At 16:12 JST, Self Defence Force (SDF) Chinook helicopters were preparing to pour water on Unit 3, where white fumes rising from the building was believed to be water boiling away from the fuel rod cooling pond on the top floor of the reactor building, and on Unit 4 where the cooling pool was also short of water. The mission was cancelled when helicopter measurements reported radiation levels of 50 mSv.[258][259] At 21:06 pm JST, the government reported that major damage to Reactor 3 was unlikely but that it nonetheless remained their highest priority.[260]


Early on 17 March, TEPCO requested another attempt by the military to put water on the reactor using a helicopter[261] and four helicopter drops of seawater took place around 10:00 JST.[262] The riot police used a water cannon to spray water onto the top of the reactor building and then were replaced by members of the SDF with spray vehicles. On 18 March, a crew of firemen took over the task with six fire engines each spraying 6 tons of water in 40 minutes. 30 further hyper rescue vehicles were involved in spraying operations.[263] Spraying continued each day to 23 March because of concerns the explosion in Unit 3 may have damaged the pool (total 3,742 tonnes of water sprayed up to 22 March) with changing crews to minimise radiation exposure.[3]Lighting in the control room was restored on 22 March after a connection was made to a new grid power supply and by 24 March it was possible to add 35 tonnes of seawater to the spent fuel pool using the cooling and purification system.[123] On 21 March grey smoke was reported to be rising from the southeast corner of Unit 3 - where the spent fuel pool is located. Workers were evacuated from the area. TEPCO claimed no significant change in radiation levels and the smoke subsided later the same day.[264]


On 23 March, black smoke billowed from Unit 3, prompting another evacuation of workers from the plant, though Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials said there had been no corresponding spike in radiation at the plant. "We don't know the reason for the smoke", Hidehiko Nishiyama of the Nuclear Safety Agency said.[265]



The above is the ‘official’ TEPCO press release version of events. Now let’s talk about what really may have happened, since every time TEPCO says something, they seem to have to take it back or change it radically to something completely different at some point in the future. I have never seen so many stories change so often, from a supposedly professional organization made up of nuclear experts. So let’s save them some trouble and see what reality and evidence may bring to light. It has gotten so bad, that even the mayors in Fukushima are refusing to meet with the government officials in charge of this accident.. Read more at;



So what can we all agree on? First, everyone agrees there was an initial explosion at Fukushima Daichi Unit #3 at 11:01 AM  JST on March 14th. This explosion was seen by the whole world on television. Details were also recorded in the reactor log. The government was notified as they are required to, by law. The Japanese government was told about the release of nuclear fuel material, which “fell all over the plant site”. The only disagreement about this is how far the pieces of nuclear fuel from Reactor #3 were blown; 1 mile, 2 miles or 3 miles? (see links below) Both the New York Times and the NRC stated that #3 had a nuclear explosion and that it spread nuclear fuel fragments a mile around the plant.



A BBC report also suggests that nuclear fuel fragments were tossed all around the site. Watch BBC Clip: US video suggests flakes of nuclear fuel were scattered around Fukushima reactors -- Secret plans to evacuate citizens from Japan (VIDEO) February 24, 2012



Other reports claim that the nuclear fuel fragments from #3 flew out two miles and few reports even claim that they went out three miles. This point totally refutes the official TEPCO for public consumption press release, where they still claim to this day that there was no fuel release, no reactor damage and no nuclear explosion, just a hydrogen explosion.


The #3 reactor building explosion was VERY different from the other kinds of hydrogen triggered explosions in all of the other buildings. When #3 exploded, it triggered the evacuation of the whole complex. The hydrogen explosions from the other buildings did not trigger evacuations, by comparison. Also many more people were injured and/or killed with this #3 explosion, even though TEPCO denies that as well.  TEPCO decided to abandon the plant shortly after this explosion.  However, based on an order from someone high up in government, a small crew of 50 returned to try and save the plant. New York Times: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive -- Covered up by bulldozers April 7, 2011


Whether or not the power was maintained to instruments, gauages and recording equipment is in dispute. TEPCO claims it never lost power, but other reports say that power was completely out for many days, and there was no way TEPCO could know anything about any reactors for a certain period of time, due to loss of ALL power to the whole complex.


The explosion at Unit #3 was HUGE. The vent tower behind #3 was 700 feet tall. When Unit #3 exploded, its contents of MOX fuel went up into a gigantic plutonium laced mushroom nuclear radiation filled cloud. When Unit #3 exploded the mushroom cloud went up so high that it made the tower look like a tiny flea on an elephant. Report: Nuclear fuel fragments found over a mile away were "ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions" not spent fuel pools, according to NRC (VIDEO) August 18, 2011



This explosion was unlike the horizontal, low to the ground, white smoke hydrogen explosions in the other units that exploded at this complex. When Unit #3 exploded, it also carried a huge amount of radiation filled debris along with it, while also spreading pieces of nuclear fuel rods around the plant anywhere from 1-3 square miles. (See analysis links below)



Nuclear engineer: NRC now says reactors and containments have breached and released plutonium off-site -- "Much worse" than if from spent fuel pools (VIDEO) August 22, 2011



Assuming that the plutonium/uranium nuclear fuel was scattered in a 3 mile radius from the blast zone, then approximately 7 square miles around the Fukushima plant were highly contaminated with fragments of nuclear fuel, including parts of the ocean floor. (Maybe this is why the radiation readings offshore in the ocean are not going down as expected?) Mag: Curium and plutonium outside Fukushima plant indicate nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 -- Broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered December 17, 2011


Bottom line; Fukushima Reactor #3 was loaded with MOX fuel. According to nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson, #3 was an old, poorly designed Mark I reactor design. TEPCO may very well have pushed it too far by loading highly unsafe and very dangerous plutonium containing fuel, which it was NOT designed for. This load of MOX fuel was an ‘experiment’ to see if they could ‘safely’ do this with Mark I reactors. These reactors are all over the world, including 21 of this same type of reactor in the United States.


This Mark I Unit #3 reactor melted down 9 months after it was loaded with MOX fuel, when it exploded, releasing up to an estimated 500 pounds of plutonium nano particle sized dust into the air, plus an estimated 20 tons of nano particle sized uranium dust. This may very well be why the company and Japanese government as well as nuclear regulators pushed so quickly for ‘cold shutdown’ and why no ‘official’ press releases from the company include any mentions of plutonium, nuclear explosion, uranium, or anything else that may sound scary.

NYTimes flashback: Broken pieces of nuclear fuel rods found outside Reactor No. 2, says nuke executive -- Covered up by bulldozers February 25, 2012



No one in the industry wants anyone to know that both highly toxic and dangerous plutonium was released from this explosion, and that may very well be why you will not see this on any GE controlled mass media outlet or even on Wikipedia, which to this day, still claims the ridiculous assertion by ‘experts’ that Fukushima only released 10% of Chernobyl radiation. (GE owns a LOT of subsidiary news companies and has a lot of ‘experts’ hired to refute any non-experts logic, like that above.)


How can a nuclear explosion and multiple spent fuel pools plus leaking reactors only manage to release 10% of what Chernobyl released? Even an average person can see through this obvious fabrication and manipulation. For starters, all of these supposed experts rely on ‘official’ reports that do not include #3 nuclear explosion, and further, they also do NOT include the entire contents of the spent fuel pool also exploding in that same nuclear explosion. The numbers exceed Chernobyl by a huge amount, if we end up with this scenario.


How can we allow a corporation that makes nuclear reactors and nuclear devices and sells them, to also own all of our news outlets and to staff the regulator that is supposed to ensure public safety with a revolving door, just like the FDA and drug companies? Is this not an example of very unsafe conflict of public and community interest? Now let’s turn our attention to what happened at the spent fuel pool at Unit #3.




First, let us prove that SFP #3 Contained MOX Fuel, since many experts claim that #3 spent fuel pool had no MOX fuel in it, and many of those same experts also claim that this spent fuel pool was not damaged in the explosion at Unit #3. TEPCO further put out a video that claimed the pool is full of water, and it appears that little or no damage was done to the fuel rods. This video and their press releases give the impression that nothing happened to reactor #3 and little or nothing of interest happened at the #3 spent fuel pool.


“Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 According to the results confirm the soundness of the new MOX fuel in the long-term storage” July 31, 2010 NISA - Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

Introduction: Analysis of this document began under the premise that MOX fuel could in no possible terms be viable and intact after spending a period of 10-11 years in the spent fuel pool.  Documents show that 32 Mixed Oxide Fuel Assemblies were manufactured and sent to Fukushima-I in 1999.  These fuel assemblies were then stored in the Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3 pending local government approval.  This approval did not come until late summer of 2010, at which point arrangements were made and the fuel assemblies were loaded into Fukushima I-3 in September 2010.”


What have we learned so far? The experts claiming that the #3 spent fuel pool never contained MOX fuel were ‘mistaken’. According to the above documentation, #3 spent fuel pool DID CONTAIN MOX FUEL.


Now let us determine if the fuel in this pool was damaged or melted, since TEPCO and many nuclear experts claim that nothing happened in this pool, and some claim that all of the rest are perfectly OK as well. They even released an ‘official’ video claiming to show that the pool is intact and full of water, filled with spent fuel rods. This is a TEPCO provided video of Reactor Unit 3 spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi 8 May 2011  (TEPCO claims this is a video of an intact spent fuel pool #3)


Could it really be that #3 spent fuel pool sustained almost no damage and is still full of water, with a full load of undamaged spent fuel inside of it?

“New TEPCO data measured on August 19 & 20, 2011 shows severe damage to the spent fuel in Fukushima Daiichi Units 1, 2, and 3. The adjacent TEPCO table posted on the front page shows incredibly high levels of Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 in all three spent fuel pools of Units 1, 2, & 3.


This TEPCO data clearly contradicts and refutes the July 2011 assertion by the NRC the Fukushima Daiichi spent fuel pools were not damaged in this tragic accident. Crytome has a new high resolution photo, also uploaded, that shows the extensive damage of the Unit 3 spent fuel pool and the reactor building.”



We also have this report showing high levels of iodine being produced from spent fuel pool #3. This indicates an active fission process, and melted fuel. This sets the stage for the next Highest Yet: Iodine-131 in No. 3 spent fuel pool at over 1,000,000 times normal — “Generated during nuclear fission” (VIDEO) May 10, 2011



At the very least, we have proved with direct evidence provided by the company itself, that the #3 spent fuel pool was AT THE VERY LEAST EXTENSIVELY DAMAGED, and the fuel was melted. Uncontrolled nuclear fission was happening, (producing radioactive iodine).


So now let us continue on with our detective work, since the nuclear regulators seem to be unable to even accomplish this. Remember that the IAEA visited the plant, along with the NRC representatives and found nothing amiss. They are all still officially reporting no nuclear explosion and only 10% of Chernobyl radiation released.


If we are not afraid of finding out what is really going on, then we have to ask a scary question. Is it possible that #3 spent fuel pool does not even exist anymore and that all or most of its contents were blown sky high in the massive mushroom cloud explosion that everyone saw? Some reports and a few experts who are not afraid to tell the truth indicate that this is the case.


According to a “US nuke industry report,  explosions at Fukushima Units 1, 3, 4 may have caused inventory (nuclear rods) to be lost from spent fuel pools -- "Debris" on ground near Unit 3 was extremely radioactive after blast” November 11, 2011



Lets have a few more experts weigh in, shall we? One Japanese Expert said; “It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool.”



The link above consists of a story with Japan nuclear expert Setsuo Fujiwara, who did an interview with SPA magazine. He worked at the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNE. He was a nuclear plant inspector and he knows these plants inside out, backwards and forwards. He also claims, as other experts do, that the explosion at reactor #3 was a nuclear explosion.


He described the flicker of fire and the vertical black smoke rising up. But he goes on to say that the spent fuel pool at #3 was destroyed and the contents of the pool were dispersed by the explosion. Specifically he asserts that there was an explosion INSIDE the #3 spent fuel pool and the melted or whole fuel rods inside of it were blown out.



He explains the sequences of events by saying that the water level decreased in the spent fuel pool #3, which caused fuel rods to melt down. Hydrogen gas was produced from the zircaloy water reaction. Inside the spent fuel pool (SFP), the water boiled above the melted fuel, and at some point, a hydrogen explosion happened.



He describes that the hydrogen explosion caused the water to compress downwards, which also compressed the hydrogen bubbles in the boiling water. This created a negative void coefficient so the “reactivity of nuclear fission was suddenly heightened. This resulted in a nuclear explosion of prompt criticality.” 

“Nuclear expert: Powerful explosion at reactor No. 3 may have been from "prompt criticality" in spent fuel pool” (VIDEO) April 26



In the video above, provided by Arnie Gunderson, he goes into the explanation about what caused the devastation everyone sees at Unit 3. He explains the difference between a detonation and a deflagration. He reports that there is a huge difference between the explosion at #3, and the hydrogen explosions at the other buildings. He reports that nuclear fuel rods were found as far away as TWO MILES from Unit #3.


Uranium, plutonium and americium has been found around the world as a fine dust. He says that the only way this can happen is if nuclear reaction happened, and that this fuel was volatized and thrown out. He says that the fuel pool exploded, and it accounts for the muzzle shaped explosion. He says the rubble coming back down were fuel racks, fuel rods and debris from the building. The blackness of the cloud were evidence that uranium and plutonium were volatized and turned into dust that traveled all around the world.


He continued by saying; If it were just hydrogen, the explosion would just be under the speed of sound, but the #3 explosion was faster than the speed of sound. A detonation does not cause a flash of red, but a deflagration does. He says that a hydrogen explosion happened, which caused a distortion in the pool, which caused the prompt critical explosion. There is a way to test this hypothesis, and that is to test the smoke. There are two xenon isotopes and depending on their relationship, we can determine if this was a prompt criticality or not, but no one has released this information yet. (end of video) 

Another nuclear expert; Dr. Christopher Busby weighs in and says that the #3 explosion may have been a nuclear explosion criticality. FIRST PROMPT CRITICALITY NUCLEAR EXPLOSION At #3. His Analysis of #3 Explosion is detailed in this video;




Even a former Tepco employee has reported that the government and TEPCO are lying about all of this. He says that &ldquolutonium and uranium in Reactor No. 3 has all been blown out — This was no ordinary explosion — Gov’t is concealing truth” (VIDEO) November 12, 2011



Some nuclear apologist ‘experts’ claim that there was no nuclear explosion at #3, because there was not enough concentration of enriched uranium/plutonium to support such a reaction. But the evidence of history supports the conclusion that it is possible, and that it has happened more than once in the past, in exactly the same way that it happened here at Fukushima. See ‘Prompt Criticality: Capable of sustaining a chain reaction without the aid of delayed neutrons’. at-McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Dictionary



In their article they are quoted as saying that “nuclear reactors can be susceptible to prompt-criticality accidents if a large increase in k-effective (or reactivity) occurs, e.g., following failure of their control and safety systems. The rapid uncontrollable increase in reactor power in prompt-critical conditions is likely to irreparably damage the reactor and in extreme cases, may breach the containment of the reactor. Nuclear reactors' safety systems are designed to prevent prompt criticality and, for defence-in-depth, reactor structures also provide multiple layers of containment as a precaution against any accidental releases of radioactive fission products. With the exception of research and experimental reactors, only a small number of reactor accidents are thought to have achieved prompt criticality, for example Chernobyl #4, the U.S. Army's SL-1, and Soviet submarine K-431. In all these examples the uncontrolled surge in power was sufficient to cause an explosion that destroyed each reactor and released radioactive fission products into the atmosphere.” Read more:



Now we have multiple nuclear experts, all in agreement. All of them are saying a nuclear explosion happened at spent fuel pool #3. If you are not convinced yet that there were nuclear explosions, feel free to follow these links and read more about it..



Two explosions may have occurred early on at Reactor No. 3, very similar to Chernobyl -- Likely at least several hundred pounds of plutonium ejected (VIDEO) June 3 2011



Nuclear expert: Powerful explosion at reactor No. 3 may have been from "prompt criticality" in spent fuel pool (VIDEO) April 23 2011



Japan Expert: It was a nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — I believe fuel rods were blown out of spent fuel pool December 13, 2011

UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF


Worker at Reactor No. 3 says nuclear fuel gone from Spent Fuel Pool — “Great skepticism” that any pellets remain (VIDEO)


NYTimes on "Ejection of Nuclear Material": Confidential US doc suggests pieces of fuel blown up to a mile away -- Some between two units bulldozed over April 6, 2011


So now that we know this massive nuclear explosion was not only possible, but highly likely, can we find evidence that there were three explosions, which would indicate that experts were correct in claiming that both the reactor and the spent fuel pool are gone?


We started this detective journey by asking if a nuclear explosion was possible. We found out that it was not only possible, but that the explosion actually consisted of at least two and quite possibly three separate explosions, one feeding and causing another and then another, in quick succession.


Now we have two or three explosions to deal with and explain. First, we have a hydrogen explosion at the spent fuel pool, and then we have a nuclear explosion (deflagration/prompt criticality) coming out of the spent fuel pool.

This in turn, may have triggered the nuclear explosion(deflagration/prompt criticality) in the #3 reactor, in quick succession. Is there any evidence of three explosions happening at the #3 building, all at once? 



Starting at 20 minutes in, an interview with a nuclear expert on Coast To Coast explains how two explosions may have occurred early on at Reactor No. 3, very similar to Chernobyl -- Likely at least several hundred pounds of plutonium ejected. Most of it will circle the globe and settle out. It only takes one tiny particle of inhaled plutonium to cause cancer and possibly die eventually. Just like in Chernobyl, there were two explosions within milli seconds. He describes Fukushima as a Level 8 event, way about Chernobyl Level 7. A Level 8 is Multiple Source Event, with leaks in multiple reactors, requiring international assistance and cooperation. This will easily be a TRILLION Dollar disaster.


The reactors were worth 38 Billion each, before they melted down. (As of Feb. 2012, only two out of 54 nuclear reactors are still operating in Japan. Multiply 40 Billion each times 54 reactors and that is the total cost so far, assuming they all stay shut down, but without any cleanup or compensation or lost income/taxes). The mass media is NOT covering this, ABC, NBC, CBS and others are avoiding any coverage of this event. (VIDEO) June 3rd, 2011.



Hartmann - this the China Syndrome?, The Big Picture, August 18, 2011. In the following video, at 4:15 in, “Paul Gunter, director of Reactor Oversight Project with Beyond Nuclear: We were involved in an Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] hearing on July 28 of this year where the NRC basically admitted that (radioactive) fuel fragments found over one and a half miles away from the facility did not come from explosions from the spent fuel pools, according to the NRC those fuel fragments were ejected from the reactor cores in those explosions. httpv://



Now we have evidence that both the reactor AND the spent fuel pool exploded and spread highly radioactive fuel rods for over a mile around the plant, including into the ocean.


From another source that would lend more weight of evidence that a nuclear explosion happened, and that fuel got scattered more than mile away; “According to the reports by the Ministry of Education and Science, curium-242 (242Cm) has been detected at a location 3 kilometers from the plant, and plutonium-238 (238Pu) has been detected at a location 45 kilometers from the plant. [...]242Cm's half life is short (about 163 days), and the deposition of 238Pu around the plant is far greater than normal, leading the Ministry of Education and Science to conclude these were emitted from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. If that's the case, pieces of broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered around the plant, and it is extremely dangerous.”


Once the explosions happened, we would expect to find evidence of the destruction of both the reactor and the spent fuel pool, correct? So where is there evidence that both the reactor and the spent fuel pool blew up? We can go further now. Let’s take a look at the evidence directly with our own eyes. See if you can find the reactor and spent fuel pool in the wreckage that was left after the explosion.  




So how much radiation was released when spent fuel pool #3 blew up? No one knows, since the officials will not go there and none of the popular mass media radiation release figures include this. Most figures are still stuck on 10% of Chernobyl radiation total release, but this figure is laughable at this point.


We all know that these out of control nuclear melt downs, explosions and melt throughs released massive amounts of radioactive noble gases, many times more in total than Chernobyl. There is no way this could not have happened, since at least three reactors were confirmed to be leaking, melted down, melted through, and at least one spent fuel pool and possibly one reactor had a nuclear explosion, with many times the total tonnage of nuclear fuel, plus is was MOX fuel, which is many times more dangerous per ton than the equivalent Chernobyl radiation, which only had uranium releases.  


The three melted down corium blobs also release radioactive gases and dust, resulting in a bunch of radioactive isotopes that float out into the air. What is this total? No one knows… as they are not counting this.


TMI lost 20 tons of nuclear fuel into the air from ONE reactor core partially melting down for 1 day. How much has been lost from multiple reactor cores over all of this time at Fukushima, in addition to the multiple FUKU spent fuel pools that blew up, melted down, or etc? Any guesses?


The heavier elements melt DOWNWARDS, as proven by Chernobyl, TMI and other nuclear accidents. Just having something blow up does not mean everything disappears into thin air. At Fukushima, the ‘experts’ and nuclear apologists have to admit that do not know where the melted corium blobs are or what they are doing, much less how much radiation they are releasing into the air on a daily basis.


Chernobyl blew up, and still had massive corium meltdown and meltthrough going down through multiple floors under the reactor, combined with massive amounts of sand, boron, lead and God knows what else. The corium at Chernobyl is all melted and fused together down under the reactor. Luckily, Chernobyl was diluted with sand, boron and lead. It cooled on its way down. The corium stopped several floors down inside the building, in the basement. In Russia, they made HUGE efforts to stop that downward movement of corium by utilizing an army that consisted of over 500,000 people, and closer to 1,000,000 people.


In Japan, there is almost ZERO effort to stop the melted corium from going down into the ground. They did not even admit it was happening, and then only slowly managed to admit that it was POSSIBLE that it melted through MONTHS later. Even now, they are having trouble even talking about it, much less investigating it or trying to figure out anything around it. The danger is that there will be a massive explosion when a corium blob hits groundwater and take out the whole complex, thus causing a global life extinction event. The consequences of the nuclear corporate, regulatory body and government coverup/denial strategy may doom the human race. Time will tell. This is NOT over yet.


Very little has changed since Chernobyl blew up and radiated everyone, except that many more nuclear accidents, meltdowns, melt throughs and ‘accidental’ radiation releases happened, plus way more radioactive substances are now in the air, on the ground and in the ocean as well as inside all of us.


How many radioactive elements and isotopes are released from something like Fukushima, some of which eventually end up inside all of us?

According to Asahi: about 1,000 kinds of radioactive materials have been released from Fukushima reactors.


Let’s focus on just 93 out of the 1,000 total, shall we? There are 93 different long lived radioactive elements that hang around and pollute both the environment and us for at least 17,000 years and up to BILLIONS of years in total decay life. Want to see the list of all 93?


How much sense does it make to heat water for only 30 years, when these insanely dangerous radioactive elements will affect millions of future generations in a negative way, and quite possibly cause the extinction of the entire human race? If you want to know what happens when a Super Solar Storm hits and knocks out all power, read this… It is predicted to hit in 2013. The Carrington Effect May Cause Year Long Power Blackouts  


My question is; what happens when all 400 nuclear power plants around the world no longer have power for weeks or months, just like Fukushima?




See these other blog postings for more information, all postings via A Green Road Blog at


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3. Send them to friends via email.


4. Add the Green Road Blog RSS feed to your website or news site.  Every person needs to know this.


5. Print it out and hand it to people to read.


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Posted: Feb 14, 2012 4:21pm
Feb 6, 2012

Anti Nuclear Music And Songs Around Radiation,  Fukushima, Chernobyl, & TMI





Fukushima Song - "Fukushima Dreamin"


Nuclear Madness (Music Video)


Anti Nuke Anthem




Atomic Waste - ( Protest Song Against Nuclear Plants - Protest gegen Atomkraf


Fukushima Song (instrumental)






Protestsong gegen Atomkraft


Fukushima Special Song


Fukushima Song by steven kill


Fukushima Song


Lied vom Tod


atomkraft nein Danke song


Fukushima Lied - Die Angst


Fukushima (Stoppt die AKW!) –

Sofarocker (Wolf Maahn "Tschernobyl" 1986 Cover)


Fukushima Song






English lyrics

Japanese lyrics


Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant   



Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant Kazuyoshi SAITO  



Kiyoshiro's Summertime Blues  





Protest Song Against Koodankulam Nuclear Plant  

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Posted: Feb 6, 2012 5:31am
Feb 4, 2012

We have four independent and well respected bodies; The New York Academy Of Sciences, the ECRR, the UN and OCHA to choose from when it comes to helping us figure out from an unbiased and neutral point of view, how many people died or were negatively affected due to the Chernobyl radioactive catastrophe. These organizations represent a global network of doctors, biologists, and nuclear experts who are NOT associated with the nuclear industry. They are all more or less in agreement. 

They state that based on extensive research from the time Chernobyl melted through and exploded to now, that there are between 1 MILLION DEATHS ( 9 MILLION VICTIMS up to around 2001/2004….(See links below) ‘Victims’ includes those who have cancer, deformities, one of 2,400 genetic diseases, etc…

Now we can go over to the nuclear industry and their marketing arms such as the IAEA or the nuclear industry revolving door NRC. This is where people routinely go from the IAEA/NRC to the nuclear industry or the other way around. The mission statement of the IAEA is that they are marketing and promoting nuclear power. Would you trust a salesperson to tell you anything about something as dangerous as nuclear radiation? These 'experts' say that only a couple people died and almost no one got sick or injured, from the Chernobyl accident to present day.

The nuclear industry further makes the bold, outrageous claim that low level radiation affects NO ONE, EVER. Further, they also claim internal radiation ingested via water, food or dust from nuclear accidents has NO EFFECT. All of the scientific and medical studies pointed to by  the New York Academy of Sciences, the
 ECRR, the UN and OCHA about low level radiation make this claim look astoundingly laughable. 
The nuclear industry also claims that ‘hot particles’ have ZERO effect or do not exist at all. ( . When it comes to explaining the 80-85% rate of unhealthy infants as well as elevated death rate around Chernobyl, they have no explanation, other than all of these unhealthy women, infants are others  are ONLY due to ‘stress’, worry, and/or not smiling enough.

Who do you tend to believe more? The salesperson/marketing organization in charge of selling the item that may be dangerous or deadly, or someone outside the industry that does not have any profit motive? Which one would have more or less bias, or built in conflict of interest?

The other thing about the number of total deaths around Chernoby issue is that this total deaths and victims number is GROWING year by year, not shrinking. When one watches the present day interviews with health professionals in the area and reviews the scientific and medical studies, the number of victims (those negatively affected or dying) is actually growing and getting worse year to year, not the opposite. So these are ‘old’ numbers. They are obsolete.. No one has updated them since they came out. For example, the ECRR estimates that Chernobyl will have killed 1.4 million people by 2030.

UN Secretary General Dr Kofi Anan said that the “consequences of Chernobyl do not fade away, but actually grow over time and in many ways, become more intense.” Dr Anan and D. Zupka, UN representative of UN humanitarian affairs UN – OCHA agree and say that there are 9 million victims from Chernobyl as of 2001, and the tragedy is only beginning. This calamity will be with us for generations to come.

New York Academy Of Sciences Link;


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Posted: Feb 4, 2012 12:03pm
Jan 16, 2012

Low Dose  Radiation Dangers To Children

A Green Road Blog -


Summary of Negative Health Effects Of Low Dose Radiation On Children Around Chernobyl. 


Many children are dying and suffering from terrible diseases caused by low dose radiation around the world. Low dose radiation effects on children have been extensively studied by many independent scientists globally, but especially around Chernobyl . Children are negatively affected by low dose radiation in many ways. The following is a brief summary according to scientists who have studied this extensively after  Chernobyl :


Increase in spontaneous abortions and stillbirths

Increase in mortality

Increase in number of ill and feeble newborns

Increase in number of genetic defects and diseases, total of over 2,000 possible

Increase in number of congenital malformations

Increase in incidence of cancers of all kinds

Increase in impaired mental development of babies and children

Increase in psychiatric diseases among the children

Increase in alterations of immune system, weakening of constitutions

Increase in abnormal hormone balances

Increase in diseases of the cardiovascular system

Increase in abnormal slow growth of children

Increase in abnormal exhaustion of children

Increase in delayed recovery from diseases

Increase in premature aging effects


The results above were presented by Mr Yablokov at an international conference of nuclear experts regarding Chenobyl, including officials from the UN, IAEA, WHO, etc. 


Children’s Radionuclides Syndrome Explained


Yuri Bandazhevsky, a scientist and medical researcher, discovered and proved that a new radiation disease exists, which he calls; Long Term Incorporated Radionuclides Syndrome. 


This is a totally new disease that did not exist before manmade radiation came onto the scene, due to ‘accidental’ releases from nuclear power plants and atomic weapons testing.


Radionuclides Syndrome is a disease of the heart, due to a toxic loading of Cesium in the heart muscle. As the Cesium collects and concentrates in the heart muscle, it causes problems there. (It is well known that radioactive cesium is absorbed by muscles, including the heart muscle, because the body thinks that radioactive Cesium is potassium) 


The normal level of cesium in children is ZERO Bq per kilogram of cesium. This ‘safe’ level of cesium was established by Nature over millions of years of evolution.


An internal radiation load of 50 bq per kilogram means that for ever 1 kilogram of the child's weight, 500 atoms disintegrate every second, above the normal background rate. The disintegration effect from cesium, (inside the heart muscle) has a negative effect on children’s health..

10,000 radiations are thrown out every second for children with 10,000 Bq per kg of internal radiation. Children around Chernobyl exposed to low dose radiation have been measured with 10,000 Bq of cesium internal radiation.


After about 50 Bq/kg, a child’s heart will have lesions developing.  At a rate higher than that, he found that the child can die suddenly for no obvious reason, or have heart attacks, strokes, or other health problems around the heart.


Yuri has presented over 400 scientific papers, and has been honored with five awards. After he formally announced to the world his research results above, he was charged by the Russian government with corruption. No proof was presented at the military trial, ruled over by three military judges. Yuri was found guilty by this military tribunal and sentenced to eight years in jail and hard labor. This was later reduced to house arrest, after pressure was applied from human justice organizations outside Russia.

High Percentage of Children In Belarus Have Health Issues

Belarus is located near  Chernobyl  and was contaminated by radiation from the  Chernobyl  accident, much like Fukushima Province in Japan. The future in Japan may be predicted by what is happening in Belarus today.


Only 15 to 20 out of 100 children in Belarus are declared healthy at birth today, and the statistics are getting WORSE, not better.  According to a hospital nurse, the problems are getting WORSE and more numerous. Before  Chernobyl , 80 out of 100 children were declared healthy at birth. What is the explanation for this catastrophically high rate of deformities, health problems and infections present at birth? And why are the numbers of problems increasing, not decreasing? The studies and articles below will help to explain this.


ECRR:  Chernobyl  20 Years on. The Health Effects of the  Chernobyl  Accident

“………. Disorders of intellectual development in children irradiated in utero in the polluted territories are described as the most tragic consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe’s impact on health. Pathologies include neurotic disorders, asthenic syndrome, vegetative dystonia, CNS organic pathology, delayed mental development, EEG pathology, delayed development of speech, lowered psycho-emotional development, low IQ indices, deviations in mental development, memory impairment, immaturity for school, organic pathology of the brain, decreased and delayed psychomotor development, epilepsy and epilepsy-related conditions, and schizophrenia.”


 “Psychological diseases correlate with levels of radioactive pollution. There is a steep and continuing increase in diseases of the nervous system, e.g. congenital convulsive syndrome, brain circulation pathology, general neurological diseases, short-term memory loss, deterioration of attention function in school-children.”

“In adults there is growing evidence of a syndrome marked by deteriorating memory and motor skills, occurrence of convulsions, and pulsing headaches. This is caused by the destruction of brain cells and in the region has been dubbed  Chernobyl  dementia.”

“…….Sometimes the weakening of the immune system in these radioactively polluted territories is referred to as Chernobyl AIDS.”


Chernobyl Video


Chernobyl25 years later




How ‘Authorities’ Mislead The Public And Downplay The Dangers


The IAEA, UN, WHO, NRC and other pro-nuclear agencies, scientific experts and pro nuclear politicians representing the nuclear industry have NO EXPLANATION for this public health crisis, other than blaming the victims of this low dose radiation for causing their own illnesses with phobias, worries and 'stress'.


The pro nuclear monopoly believes that internal radiation causes absolutely no harm whatsoever, despite all of the scientific and medical evidence to the contrary. In most cases, they refuse to even talk about, much less present this information at their industry symposiums, association meetings, safety meetings and/or community meetings.


Ask a pro-nuclear industry ‘expert’ about internal radiation and it’s effects on health. The odds are very high indeed that they will either refuse to talk with you about this issue, dismiss all studies about it, or call anyone studying this issue a quack, charlatan or a fraud, no matter what their expertise, experience or industry reputation as a doctor, biologist, etc.


NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009



Yuri reported that statistics about children getting sick from radiation around Chernobyl have not been and still are not being shared with ANYONE in the nuclear community; not the UN, not the WHO, not anyone else in the nuclear community, not with the education community and not with the public, via the mass media, much of which in the US is owned by GE, a nuclear power plant builder. Could there be some bias or built in conflict of interest here?


The official final draft coming out of the nuclear conference never mentions that new research is being done on low dose radiation and does not recommend that any research be done in this area. The conference of nuclear experts never voted to accept any new research for low dose radiation, despite much evidence and urging from civilian doctors and scientists gathered there from around the world. Is this evidence of a coverup? Or could it be evidence of a very deep state of denial? Judge for yourself, and watch the video…


Helen Caldicott, MD explains how nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation dangers in this material.


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott   


Following the publication of an article in the newspaper Mainichi Daily News, here is the reaction of Michel Fernex, professor emeritus at the Medical Faculty of Basel, former member of the steering committees of TDR (Tropical Diseases Research) in the WHO and President of the Association of Children of Chernobyl Belarus from 2006 to 2010.

“The central dogma of radiation biology, that biological effects of ionizing radiation are a direct consequence of DNA damage occurring in irradiated cells, has been challenged by observations that genetic/epigenetic changes occur in unexposed “bystander cells” neighboring directly-hit cells, due to cell-to-cell communication or soluble factors released by irradiated cells.” Italian research paper in Chinese translation about low level radiation will results in brain cancer.

English version

More Links TO Scientific Research Around Low Dose Radiation And Harm Caused To Humans


National Academy of Sciences Low-Dose Radiation Report


Data tables used, 12D-1 and 12D-2:


How to scale that data to unique exposure scenarios, Annex 12D, Example 1:


Cancer Risks Near Nuclear Facilities :Current methods of investigation inadequate

"From 1957 to 1978, scientists secretly removed bone samples from over 21,000 dead Australians as they searched for evidence of the deadly poison, Strontium 90 – a by-product of nuclear testing. The movie ‘Silent Storm’ reveals the story behind this astonishing case of officially sanctioned ‘body-snatching’. Set against a backdrop of the Cold War, the saga follows celebrated scientist, Hedley Marston, as he attempts to blow the whistle on radioactive contamination and challenge official claims that British atomic tests posed no threat to the Australian people. Marston’s findings are not only disputed, he is targeted as ‘a scientist of counter-espionage interest’. In 2001, tons of human bones were found in Melbourne, contaminated by Strontium 90, a toxic residue of nuclear weapon tests in Australia.


Low Dose Radiation Study In France


Study Finds that Childhood Leukemia Rates Double Near Nuclear Power Stations

“…The study by the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, or INSERM) found a leukemia rate twice as high among children under the age of 15 living within a 3.1-mile radius of France’s 19 nuclear power plants….”


Iraq: Low Dose Radiation Effects On Children From Depleted Uranium Weapons


Only a small percentage of babies being born in Fallujah are healthy and normal, and the rest all have genetic deformities or health problems. Doctors and residents blame US depleted uranium weapons for catastrophic levels of birth defects in Fallujah’s newborns.


Seven years after the invasion of Baghdad, the Iraqi people are experiencing a devastating legacy. Babies are being born with severe deformities and cancer at a rate, which makes the effects of Hiroshima look tame.


Birth deformities in Iraq


Uranium and other contaminants in hair from the parents of children with congenital anomalies in Fallujah,Iraq

US TMI And Low Dose Radiation Effects On Children


The official figures are too low to account for the acute health effects reported by some local residents and documented in two books;[5][6] such health effects require exposure to at least 100,000 millirems (100 rems) to the whole body - 1000 times more than the official estimates.[7] The reported health effects are consistent with high doses of radiation, and comparable to the experiences of cancer patients undergoing radio-therapy,.[8] but have many other potential causes.[7] The effects included "metallic taste, erythema, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, deaths of pets and farm and wild animals, and damage to plants."[9] Some local statistics showed dramatic one-year changes among the most vulnerable: "In Dauphin County, where the Three Mile Island plant is located, the 1979 death rate among infants under one year represented a 28 percent increase over that of 1978, and among infants under one month, the death rate increased by 54 percent."[4] Physicist Ernest Sternglass, a specialist in low-level radiation, noted these statistics in the 1981 edition of his book Secret Fallout: low-level radiation from Hiroshima to Three-Mile Island.

Scientific work continued in the 1980s, but focused heavily on the mental health effects due to stress,[4] as the Kemeny Commission had concluded that this was the sole public health effect.[12] A 1984 survey by a local psychologist of 450 local residents, documenting acute radiation health effects (as well as 19 cancers 1980-84 amongst the residents against an expected 2.6[9]), ultimately led the TMI Public Health Fund reviewing the data[13] and supporting a comprehensive epidemiological study by a team at Columbia University.[8]


US Low Dose Radiation Deaths

An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. This is the first peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the health hazards of Fukushima. Authors Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman note that their estimate of 14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks after the Fukushima meltdowns is comparable to the 16,500 excess deaths in the 17 weeks after the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.  The rise in reported deaths after Fukushima was largest among U.S. infants under age one.  The 2010-2011 increase for infant deaths in the spring was 1.8 percent, compared to a decrease of 8.37 percent in the preceding 14 weeks.


Science Explores How And Why Low Dose Radiation Harms Children


It is important to understand how the body responds to ionizing radiation, natural or manmade. When a DNA strand is broken due to radiation damage, how does the body respond? From New Take On Impacts Of Low Dose Radiation;

“…”Humans evolved in an environment with very low levels of ionizing radiation, which makes it unlikely that a cell would suffer more than one double strand break at any given time. A DNA repair center would seem to be an optimal way to deal with such sparse damage. It is like taking a broken car to a garage where all the equipment for repairs is available rather than to a random location with limited resources.

Time-lapse imaging of DNA damage response to radiation shows that 1.5 minutes after irradiation, the sizes and intensities of radiation induced foci are comparable throughout the nucleus, but 30 minutes later RIF have clustered into larger and brighter regions called DNA repair centers. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), through a combination of time-lapse live imaging and mathematical modeling of a special line of human breast cells, have found evidence to suggest that for low dose levels of ionizing radiation, cancer risks may not be directly proportional to dose. This contradicts the standard model for predicting biological damage from ionizing radiation – the linear-no-threshold hypothesis or LNT – which holds that risk is directly proportional to dose at all levels of irradiation. ”

 The human body is adapted and has evolved over tens of thousands of years of being exposed to normal background radiation, just like all life on the planet, which is designed the same way. Humans and animals can handle the damage caused by this radiation exposure. But when a child’s body is exposed to chronic higher levels of low dose radiation for long periods of time, this repair mechanism no longer functions as well and can get overwhelmed. When the body is exposed to ionizing radiation from manmade sources that break multiple strands of DNA at the same time, the repair mechanism of the body gets overwhelmed. This results in DNA strands that end up being repaired incorrectly, or not at all.

 “It is the same as when dozens of broken cars are brought to the same garage at once, the quality of repair is likely to suffer,” Costes says.” Source: New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation”

The world health Organization director says that radiation in any amount is always dangerous. There is risk to any increased amount of radiation. Radiation Is Always Dangerous, Says World Health Organization Director-General

December 1, 2011


"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott




Mutations caused by radiation are an abomination.


How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease And Stroke


“Radiation interferes with your body’s Chemistry…” (Dr Al Sears, MD)


Concern for Public Health International, Instituted Of Concern for Public Health

Cancer Cluster Studies; Children At Especially High Risk The Closer They Live To  Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear powered cancer clusters


Cancer Clusters And Nuclear Power Radiation Pollution


Downwinders Cancer Cluster Near Nuclear Power Station


Why Marin County Has The Highest Breast Cancer Rates In The US


Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions

~ Part 1 ~


Health Dangers of Tritium Emissions

~ Part 2 ~

Nuclear reactors blamed for Eastern PA cancer clusters

Study Reveals Eastern PA Cancer Clusters


Resort near nuclear plant is worst cancer cluster

Go Figure: How can you explain cancer clusters?


Geographic variation in U.S. thyroid cancer incidence and a cluster near nuclear reactors in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.


Drinking Water And Radiation


Thyroid Cancer, Fracking, Nuclear Power, and Drinking Water


X-ray Radiation Dangers For Workers


Cancer Cluster Possibly Found Among TSA Workers

What does this study say about the children walking near or through these detectors?

Nuclear Bomb Testing And Negative Effects On Downwinders


Nuclear Testing and the Downwinders

Fukushima Low Dose Radiation Studies


Watch the video below about how and why radiation harms children and women more than anyone else, but the nuclear industry ignores this and does not inform the public. In Japan the evidence based on science is ignored and actually attacked as being false, quackery or does not exist at all. In Japan, the ‘safe’ dose of radiation has been established for EVERYONE at 100 mSv per year. Watch the video to find out what the effects of this amount of radiation are on children and women.


In this online audio interview and talk, Dr. Helen Caldicott MD (a pediatrician with deep knowledge of radiation dangers) continues to explain in an online audio interview with Arnie Gunderson that In Fukushima, 3000 kids were tested, and 1000 had thyroid 'lumps'. (Jan. 2012) To find lumps in children is extremely rare normally. The latent period for cancer is very short, 1 year. Children are very sensitive to radiation. To know if this is cancer, you need to take the lumps out. A cyst can have cancer cells in it.


A tumor is just a collection of cells. Probably quite a few of these are cancers. They are about 5 mm in size. Japanese doctors are just monitoring them, waiting for the cancer to spread through the whole body. They could do a needle biopsy to find out what they are. This is medically irresponsible. At least they are starting to monitor them. This is only ten months in.. This predicts a real problem in the future.


They should have evacuated 250,000 to 500,000 people, and only 100,000 people were actually evacuated. The rest were left in radiation contaminated areas. 80% of radiation went offshore. Only 20% of total went onshore to land. They were lucky. More than 1/2 of Japan where people live is contaminated.


Small girls are five times more sensitive to radiation than small boys. These girls are at great risk of getting cancer due to radiation doses of 20 mSv per year. A recent Frontline show about Fukushima claims this dose is 'safe' for kids and adults. They believed the nuclear apologists and did not investigate any further. One out of 500 people will get cancer at this dose. This risk is doubled every year, at this dose.


In five years, one out of 20 girls will end up with cancer during their lifetime. This process of increasing radiation risk and odds of getting cancer keeps going up, for each year that they are exposed to this level of radiation…. This cancer risk is ON TOP Of the normal odds of getting cancer in a lifetime; 1 in 3 in US.


A 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities Since Meltdown

Is the Increase in Baby Deaths in the US a Result of Fukushima Fallout?

Weekend Edition June 10-12, 2011

The health impact of Fukushima warnings and recommendations by Michel Fernex






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