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Nov 3, 2011

Mother Polar Bear and Cubs

Polar bears and oil don’t mix. Act now to protect wild lands from oil exploitation.

Make an emergency donation to The Wilderness Society today.

Does this make sense to you?

We taxpayers help pay for $10 billion in government subsidies to the oil, coal and natural gas industries each year.

Companies like Exxon Mobil and Shell are seeing a robust increase in profits. Exxon Mobil just reported quarterly earnings of $10.3 billion, a surge of 41% from last year and Shell's net income rose to $6.98 billion from $3.46 billion in the same period in 2010.

These companies then turn around and spend more than $100 million on Washington lobbyists to protect their subsidies and lobby for more drilling. In 2010, that paid for 802 oil and gas lobbyists.

And then, those lobbyists, in the name of energy independence, demand that we open up millions of acres of pristine American lands and wildlife habitat, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to drilling.

Not on our watch.

Help us stop this outrage and protect the wild. Please make an emergency donation to The Wilderness Society today.

We don’t have 800 lobbyists, but we have someone much better -- you. The Wilderness Society is half a million strong. Our scientists and other wilderness experts work in Washington and with local communities from coast to coast. Our Wild Alerts online community mobilizes thousands of messages to Congress and other decision makers each week.

We’ve faced numerous attacks on America’s natural legacy before, and we’ve won. We’re confident that wilderness-loving Americans can break this cycle of greed and protect our wild lands and waters from these recent attacks as well. We can protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and its vast populations of polar bears and other threatened animals. We can stop the risky drilling in Arctic waters where whales, walruses and other marine mammals make their homes, and where Alaska Natives have survived using these marine resources for thousands of years.

And that’s just one example of American places we must stand up to protect.

We can defeat the deep pockets of oil, but we need your help. Your urgent donation will help us rebuff the latest efforts to plunder America's wild.

As always, we are deeply grateful for all you do.


Bill Meadows

The Wilderness Society
1615 M St, NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Posted: Nov 3, 2011 10:52am
Sep 16, 2011


Want To Make A Difference? Help Build 'A Green Road.' Let's Live Sustainably For Seven Future Generations, Inspire, Share Ideas, Open Minds, and Reveal Hidden Things! Please CLICK HERE, to note associated 'A Green Road' Care2 News Stories.



Dear NaturalNews readers,

Explosive new evidence has emerged that Gardasil vaccines appear to be contaminated with a genetically engineered Human Papillomavirus recombinant DNA. This has been revealed by SANE Vax, Inc., which conducted the laboratory testing which found contamination in 13 vaccine vials purchased in countries across the globe.

Could this help explain the devastating (and sometimes deadly) side effects being experienced by adolescent girls who take HPV vaccine shots? Read more to find out:

Also today: We publish the transcript of a secret interview featuring Dr. Maurice Hilleman, a top Merck vaccine scientist, who openly admits that vaccines contained leukemia, SV40 and cancer viruses that cause tumors. A shocking admission from the history of western medicine. Read the full transcript and listen to the interview yourself. You will be stunned:

Medical societies maintain secret financial ties to drug companies. Surprised? You shouldn't be:

What's safer than mammography? Thermography! It detects breast cancer by sensing heat:

Jul 19, 2011

Please note news 




"Although foreclosure servicers have, for the most part, cleaned up their act under intense public scrutiny, robo-signing is still rampant in many areas of the mortgage industry, alleges the associated press, citing an investigation that, among other things, found the signature “Linda Green” signed more than 20 different ways in just one firm[1]. The Linda Green in questions actually worked for a company that processed mortgage paperwork and was shut down more than a year ago. Yet based on these documents, she is still signing away."......
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Posted: Jul 19, 2011 6:02am
Oct 19, 2009
Fwd; Dandelion email,



"Your employer insures your life, without your knowledge, and is betting on your life to benefit them at the time of your death.

Hmmmm....wonder how many work place accidents were truly an accident, or the brakes letting go on your car? How do we really know?

Some companies that do it are Wal-Mart and American if they do it....I'm sure the list goes on.

CHECK OUT MY STORY.....and I suggest watching Michael Moores movie, is where I learned it first. In Peace, Dandelion

Thanks for viewing, noted, and forward this one....maybe some unexplained deaths may not be so unexplained. Even if no foul play was done, do you really want your employer getting rich off your death?"


My addition; 

As Michael Moore explains in the movie, insurance laws on us peasants prevent us from taking out insurance policies on our neighbors and co workers. We cannot get fire insurance or life insurance on our bosses, since it would create a conflict of interest, and tempt us to do something illegal in order to profit... So why is this common sense law that applies to us peasants not applying to the huge corporations that do this for all their employees? I am talking about large blue chip companies here... not scammy fly by night fraudsters, which is what I would expect from them...

What makes it worse is that the financial companies that almost brought down the worldwide money system with leveraged ARM loan derivatives, are now doing the same thing with these insurance policies... They are now gambling on your death and selling it on the open market to the highest bidder, worldwide.. They add a leverage factor of forty times, which is their profit.. the same as the Arm Loan Derivative scandal... 

They got bailed out of one huge mess, so now they are creating an even LARGER mess, with taxpayer money. No laws exist for this and it is the WILD WEST... anything goes, same as Arm Loans.. Because it pays such HUGE PROFITS, it is attracting the brightest minds, the smartest people and the biggest scammers who are going to make BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS on this next fraud.. They will sell this to investors who will lose EVERYTHING, just like those who invested in ARM Loan Derivatives.


Watch the movie: Capitalism at your local movie theatre now, to learn about this and many other scams that large corporations are doing on your behalf, to try and 'help' you, the loyal peasant employee... 

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Posted: Oct 19, 2009 9:53am
Sep 8, 2009
Please note associated news story; Thanks!
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Posted: Sep 8, 2009 10:29am
Oct 31, 2008
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Tell the Dirty 20 to take a stand against rainforest destruction!

It's time to show the worst companies that you won't stand for the destruction of rainforests, communities or the climate for palm oil.


The use of palm oil in soaps, cosmetics, food products and other consumer goods is a primary driver of human rights abuses, tropical deforestation, endangered species habitat destruction, and climate change.


20 companies that stand out as the worst of the worst, either for the amount of palm oil they use, or for their lack of interest or response to our requests need to hear from you.


With just one click you can send a letter to all 20 companies and tell them that they need to take a stand against the rainforest destruction they are supporting when they buy their palm oil.


Your voice can make a difference.

The Dirty 20
  • *Bath and Body Works CEO Diane L. Neal
  • *Cadbury CEO H. Todd Stitzer
  • *Campbell Soup Company CEO Douglas R. Conant
  • *Chanel CEO Maureen Chiquet
  • *Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream CEO Timothy Kahn
  • *Elizabeth Arden Inc. CEO Sir or Madam
  • *Generall Mills CEO Kendall J. Powell
  • *Hershey CEO David J. West
  • *Kellogg's CEO A.D. David Mackay
  • *Kraft CEO Irene B. Rosenfeld
  • *Loreal CEO Laruent Attal
  • *Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke
  • *Odwalla CEO Sir or Madam
  • *Pepperidge Farm CEO Patrick J Callaghan
  • *Pepsico CEO Indra K. Nooyi
  • *Procter and Gamble CEO Alan G. Lafley
  • *The Dial Corporation CEO Bradley A. Casper
  • *Unilever CEO Patrick Cescau
  • *Unilver USA CEO Kevin Havelock
  • *Whole Foods Market Inc. CEO John Mackey
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Posted: Oct 31, 2008 7:22am


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