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Jan 16, 2012

UN Secretary General Dr Kofi Anan said that the “consequences of Chernobyl do not fade away, but actually grow over time and in many ways, become more intense.”  Dr Anan and D. Zupka, UN  representative of UN humanitarian affairs UN – OCHA agree and say that there are 9 million victims from Chernobyl as of 2001, and the tragedy is only beginning. The calamity will be with us for generations to come.

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Posted: Jan 16, 2012 6:58am
Aug 14, 2011

Catherine Austin Fitts (former Assistant Secretary Of Housing under President Bush) has produced a four part video entitled; "The Looting Of America". Watch this first video at least.. Watch all four if you can. She will help you figure out in a larger macro view, who to trust. Hint; it is not the people in Washington, the financial companies like AIG, or your stock/bond broker.



Bottom line; her message is that we as a nation are moving our money to Wall Street and Washington politics, where bad things happen with that money. Wall Street and Washington is a tape worm, in her words.  You as an individual and communities only earn 1-4% on the hard earned money that is sent out, if that much.

Big banks and related private institutions take our money; invest it in overseas factories, while exporting US jobs at the same time.  They make Trillions in profits, but do not pay taxes on this profit, at our expense.

At best, these financial companies loan your back to you and local communities at very high interest rates, via credit cards, etc, that may charge 18-23%. These huge international institutions earn over 2,000 basis points in many cases, or more if we are talking about cash advances. Why are people doing this? 

Sending money out of the local community is what she calls 'feeding the tapeworm'. Every day, the tapeworm grows stronger. (Enron, AIG, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Patent Drug Companies, Insurance Companies, Diamond Companies, Professional Sports, Oil Companies, Coal Companies, Nuclear Power, Major Media Companies, and other monopolies that are shipping jobs and money out of the US to 'cheap' labor countries). These companies are the tapeworm, feeding off of you and me, making us weaker and weaker.

The common denominator with huge corporations is that they take all the profit, and transfer all the risk to you and me, the taxpayer. We pay for their messes, such as nuclear accidents, chemical spills, toxic waste sites, pollution caused by huge corporations in the course of their operations, and deaths caused by such things as vaccines, drugs, mistakes.

Corporations gamble and take high risks with public money, and get public Treasury bailouts when they fail to roll snake eyes. Huge corporations take corporate subsidy welfare payments, and at the same time, resist any calls for increasing taxes on them, despite their making record profits while millions of people are out of work and the US economy is in a tailspin.  

The end result of feeding these tapeworms is bad health and a failing nation, plus a corrupted democracy. These tapeworms are bad news both for individuals and local communities.

The major media feeds these money eating tapeworms as well, because huge corporations own and control what is shown on the corporate owned mass media... The more the tapeworm is fed, the more we, the people, and our communities, lose, no matter what party we belong to. Watch a corporate owned media channel for awhile... Ask yourself the question; ‘Is this show or ad good for corporations, or is it good for people and communities?

The answer will more than likely be that in 99% of what you see, what you get is programming, (propaganda?) that benefits corporations. You will NOT see anything that is not profitable or good for the large corporation point of view.

So what can we as average citizens do about this? There are a number of steps we can take. Eat locally, and buy food or goods as much as possible from sources other than huge corporations. Do your banking locally in a local community bank, or better yet, open an account in a cooperative owned credit union where you actually get a vote in things. Buy food at a local coop. Sign up for a CSA, which is a direct farm to you food connection. Why not create jobs and a better future for seven future generations locally by creating a more self sufficient local community, complete with local energy production, (green energy) local organic food production, local labor (via small businesses), local banking via credit unions, local health creation through natural health methods, etc?

Where you put your money makes a huge difference. Why not circulate YOUR money into your local community and do your part to starve the tapeworm?

Finally, invest in LOCAL real estate... The things people need to do are move money back into their local communities and invest in things that make sense for seven future generations. Do not invest in major corporations that move money overseas to countries like Communist China. The only thing we get here in the USA by doing that is a booming China, more debt for the USA, and less jobs in the USA. Communist China is booming and winning the financial war, while the US is now losing both jobs and money to that nation, with the help of huge corporations, who only care about profits, not about you and me.

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Posted: Aug 14, 2011 3:52pm
Jan 5, 2005

Catherine Austin Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush. 

She has an extremely sophisticated understanding of how the world's financial system works right down to the "inconvenient truth" that revenues from the illegal drug business are essential for propping up the big money market banks. (Not a theory. Proven over and over again in criminal court trials.)

Fitts' well thought out ideas about exactly what needs to be done to put the American economy powerfully back on course were not welcome in the crime-friendly Bush administration and she was driven from government. 

In this fascinating interview, she talks about where things are ultimately headed, the the true nature of the threat we face, and what we can do to turn things around. 

Absolutely must listening.

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Posted: Jan 5, 2005 11:31am


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