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Feb 8, 2012

Chernobyl, TMI and Fukushima Radiation Bird Studies





Fukushima Bird Studies





Study finds Fukushima worse than Chernobyl on bird population — “Dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates and extinctions — Insect life significantly reduced — Shows immediate consequence of radiation


The nice thing about science is that if you get a certain result from a study, you would be able to duplicate it by replicating the same circumstances that caused the results in the first study. Well, we know have three well known examples of bird populations plummeting after a nuclear accident, with Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and now Fukushima.


In all three cases, the same results are being found. How many more times will these types of studies have to be done (with no funding from the nuclear industry) before we learn


Not only did the numbers of birds reduce, they also were affected in many ways in a negative manner. Negative effects of radiation on birds included; reductions in longevity and in male fertility, more birds with smaller brains,  “dramatically” elevated DNA mutation rates, developmental abnormalities, elevate cancer rates, extinctions of bird species, higher rates of deaths of young birds.


Amateur Videos; not studies   


Birds not flying away, radiation sickness, Dec 2012

Video of Birds That Don’t Fly, in June 2011 Somewhere in Fukushima, EX-SKF, January 4, 2012:





TMI Bird Studies





“CBC on TMI: Reports of enormous increase in cancer deaths — Infant mortality rates doubled — Birds disappeared — Many mutations observed” (VIDEO)



Download the full broadcast here:


Chernobyl Bird Studies

Much greater frequency of mutations and other problems in birds (barn swallows) within contaminated areas - "Directly proportional" to radiation. These birds were not ‘healthy’ or doing well… They had shortened lifespans, higher death rates, fewer young made it from one year to the next, much more disease, tumors, missing digits on feet, deformed feet, deformed beaks, deformity, illness, etc. Genetic diseases were passed on from one bird parent to the next generation and the next.


Professor Timothy Mousseau received his doctoral degree in 1988 from McGill University and completed a NSERC (Canada) postdoctoral fellowship in population biology at the University of California, Davis. He joined the faculty at the University of South Carolina in 1991 and is currently a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences.



Professor Mousseau's past experience includes having served as Dean of the Graduate School (2010-11), Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Educaiton (2010-11), Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences (2006-10), as a program officer at the National Science Foundation (1997-98), on the editorial boards for several journals, and on NSF, USGS, and a variety of international grant foundation advisory panels. He has published over 120 scholarly articles and has edited two books (Maternal Effects as Adaptations, 1998, with Charles Fox; Adaptive Genetic Variation in the Wild, 2000, with Barry Sinervo and John Endler; both published by Oxford University Press). He is currently co-editor (with Charles Fox) of the annual review series, The Year in Evolutionary Biology, published by the New York Academy of Sciences. He was elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAA in 2008, a Fellow National of the Explorers Club in 2009, and a member of the Cosmos Club (DC) in 2011.




US Bird Studies



There was also a 10 week gap between the time Chernobyl fallout rained down on Northern California and reproductive failure in USA area bird species (via The Institute for Bird Populations).


Dr. Dave DeSante is the founder of the Institute for Bird Population in Point Reyes, California. After the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed over the U.S. West Coast in the spring of 1986 his research uncovered a severe die-off of young birds. 


Later, researchers Gould and Goldman duplicated his results with human mortality data from both the U..S. and Germany.  The young, the old, and those with weak immune systems were the main casualties - an estimated over forty thousand in all.

In mid-March of 2011, as the nuclear disaster in Japan deepens by the day, scientific predictions of fallout again crossing the Pacific are being made. 

In this in depth interview EON producers Mary Beth Brangan and Jim Heddle ask Dr. DeSante to explain his findings and their implications for today.



The Condor, published by the Cooper Ornithological Society, is one of the two most prestigious peer-reviewed ornithological journals published in North America, the other being The Auk, published by the American Ornithologists' Union. DeSante & Geupel (1987) was the runner-up to the 1991 H. R. Painton Award for the best paper appearing in The Condor in the previous four years. DeSante and Geupel (1987) showed that the number of young birds produced in 1986 at the Palomarin Field Station near Bolinas, CA, was 62.3% below the previous ten-year mean and fell well outside the relationship between annual rainfall and productivity established during the previous ten years. The timing of the reproductive failure, its geographical extent in California, and the landbird species most affected are all consistent with the following hypothesis: that the greatly elevated levels of radioactive iodine from the massive April 26, 1986, Chernbyl nuclear plant accident that fell-out over portions of northern California coincident with rainfall on May 6, 1986, were responsible for the landbird reproductive failure by adversely affecting the thyroids and, thus, the development of the young birds during their first nine-twelve days after hatching while they were being fed by their parents in their nests.


The major findings presented by Gould & Goldman in Deadly Deceit revolve around statistical estimates of excess deaths following Chernobyl and other releases of radiation, and indicate that low-level radiation from fallout from nuclear testing and from nuclear reactors may have done far more damage to humans and other living things than previously thought. In particular, they show that the arrival of radiation in the U.S. in early May, 1986, from the Chernobyl disaster "was followed almost immediately by an extraordinary force of mortality, amounting to perhaps 40,000 excess deaths in the summer months, especially in the month of May." Also, please note that Chapter 3 of Deadly Deceit, titled "Silent Summer" and authored by Kate Millpointer, is a lay person's account of the story behind DeSante & Geupel (1987).



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Posted: Feb 8, 2012 12:08pm
May 19, 2011

"Now a new excuse is being offered and it’s a whopper: A five-year study commissioned by the church’s bishops concludes that homosexuality actually is not to blame. It is because priests were poorly prepared for the social and sexual turmoil of the 1960s and 1970s. In other words, hippies made them do it"

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Posted: May 19, 2011 10:46am
Apr 23, 2011

A prominent Stanford University oceanographer believes the oceans are a clear indicator of the state of the climate. The story they are telling is an ominous one.
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Posted: Apr 23, 2011 6:26am
Apr 11, 2011
Effects of low level radiation on birds and humans

Number of young birds dropped from 30 per net/day to 3 or worse on average, taking weather differences into account. This was right as Chernobyl happened. 

Another bird researcher had all birds die in their nest boxes on the West side of the Sierras, but not on the East side, where no rain fell. 

The theory is that radioactive iodine in the rain from Chernobyl fell on vegetation, and coated everything. Those species that fed on insects that ate vegetation, were the ones that were affected the most, some producing NO young at all that year.  

So if low level radiation can affect bird populations that drastically, what happens to pregnant HUMAN moms and exposure to radioactive iodine? 

Cows also graze on vegetation exposed to rainfall with radioactive iodine, and cows concentrate this radiation into their milk. This is tested for by the US Govt, or so they say... He found a correlation with radioactive iodine in milk to loss of birds across the country. 

Another study was done on humans. How many excess deaths were there compared to any other year, due to Chernobyl. A HUGE number of excess deaths were found in the four months after Chernobyl.  This amounted to 40,000 people dying that would not have died normally. These deaths mainly occured in infants; a HUGE spike 6% increase, old people died in May, June, July and August, along with immune compromised systems, huge increase.

The more the radioactive iodine went up, the increase was logarythmic in increase, not linear. The greatest increase in deaths was at LOW doses of radiation, not at high doses.  That is scary... we are facing this again with Fukushima. 

Fukushima is different, because it is NOT TURNING OFF. It is belching radioactive elements day after day, week after week, month after month, potentially for YEARS.. This will be a disaster for animal and human populations worldwide.

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Posted: Apr 11, 2011 7:24am
Apr 8, 2011
In a scientific study it was found that over 600 million people suffer ill health or have died due to #Chernobyl#radiation 

How many more will the world suffer with due to #Fukushima?
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Posted: Apr 8, 2011 8:51am
Jan 21, 2011

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Nov 20, 2010
The Supplement Almost Everyone Should Take When They Are Sick   ronald hunninghake on vitamin c 
"Every creature, when they are sick, greatly increases their liver or kidney's production of this critical nutrient. But humans have lost that ability - and that's why you should take at least one gram of this twice a day if you want to heal your body faster... "

Basis of Many Medical Studies Found to be Proved Fatally Flawed 
"Even the most respected "gold-standard" of medical studies may be spouting off incredibly misleading results."
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Posted: Nov 20, 2010 6:40am
Jun 6, 2010
18 Biggest Problems With Modern Medicine 
Health & Wellness  (tags: preventionnutritioninterestingillnesshealthcareresearchstudytreatment,Body-Mind-SpiritAlternativeMedAlternativeMed ) 
 Road - 12 seconds ago - 
What are the biggest problems you see with the way Medicine is practiced today? Here is my list, I am sure there are more:
Please note A Green Road News items... thank you. 
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May 6, 2010
ResearchWorks Home (Volume 7 Number 2 - February/March 2010) | Archive

Print Download Order

Volume 7 Number 2 
February/March 2010

In this Issue
Returning Foreclosures to Productive Use with Land Banks
Preventing Foreclosures, One Community at a Time
Fighting Blight Pays in Philadelphia
Resilience Matters in Foreclosure Crisis
In the next issue of ResearchWorks


Returning Foreclosures to Productive Use with Land Banks

Millions of homes sit vacant as the foreclosure crisis continues to grip the nation. Vacant properties fall into disrepair and neglect and are eventually abandoned, creating a ripple effect that lowers adjacent property values and ultimately contributes to the decline of entire neighborhoods. A new report released by HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, Revitalizing Foreclosed Properties with Land Banks, examines a strategy that-with the enactment of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)-is quickly gaining momentum among those working to bring these properties back to productive use.A picture of a vacant property in Baltimore, Maryland.

Land banks are governmental or nonprofit entities that acquire, hold, and manage foreclosed or abandoned properties. Enabled by state legislation and enacted by local ordinances, these legal entities acquire properties through tax foreclosure, intergovernmental transfers, nonprofit transfers, and open-market purchases. Tax foreclosures are the most common method of acquisition, in which tax foreclosed properties are sold at public auctions to recoup back taxes; properties that remain unsold are deeded to land banks. By exercising powers authorized by state and local statutes, such as the ability to waive taxes and clear titles, land banks can then help redevelop these properties.

Although land banks are an effective tool for stabilizing neighborhoods burdened with many vacant, abandoned, or foreclosed properties, communities can face a number of obstacles when executing land bank policies. First, acquiring foreclosures can be a lengthy and cumbersome process. Tax foreclosure proceedings vary from state to state and often require the involvement of several jurisdictions to obtain clear title. Second, municipalities often lack the experience to coordinate key stakeholders and achieve successful outcomes. In many cases, municipalities have the capacity to administer a land bank, but intergovernmental dichotomies inhibit regional goals. Another critical challenge is financing; allocating, renovating, and disposing of these properties can be costly. Diligent planning and proper funding mechanisms are needed to ensure that foreclosures are not acquired by speculators, but are instead put to productive use.

In the wake of the foreclosure crisis and significant budget shortfalls among state and local governments, Congress enacted the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, or NSP-a program authorized by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA). Under NSP, grantees may establish a land bank to purchase foreclosed or abandoned properties. Subsequent to HERA, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) in 2009 to help state and local governments and nonprofit organizations further pursue NSP activities-referred to as NSP2 under ARRA. In addition to property acquisition, NSP2 authorizes land banks to receive funds to cover operating costs.

Case Studies
With the inclusion of three land bank case studies, 
Revitalizing Foreclosed Properties with Land Banks demonstrates how communities have been adapting their policies and programs to meet long-term goals. Michigan's Genesee County Land Bank Authority is independently governed by a board of directors consisting of the county treasurer and residents of the city of Flint and Genesee County. Backed by state enabling legislation, the land bank acquires tax foreclosures and determines the best use for these properties with a long-term vision for the community in mind. The land bank renovates 25 to 50 abandoned and dilapidated houses annually and then sells or rents them at affordable rates to qualified tenants with an option to own.An announcement on Neighborhood Stabilization Grantees.

In 2008, the Maryland General Assembly passed Senate Bill 911, which empowers Baltimore City to create a land bank authority. This legislation creates an 11-member board of directors consisting of six city officials and five city council appointees to govern the nonprofit agency. To further the goals of the city's Project 5000-a program that acquired 5,000 vacant and abandoned properties-the proposed land bank is charged with adopting bylaws, rules, and regulations to return vacant properties to productive use. Upon approval, the quasi-governmental organization can acquire, manage, and sell city-owned property and procure services from other public or private entities to manage operations.

The Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority (LBA) has been instrumental in redeveloping declining neighborhoods and increasing the city's affordable housing supply. The LBA helps community development corporations (CDCs) acquire tax-delinquent properties with insurable titles at below-market prices for use in affordable housing development. A new policy introduced in 2008 allows the LBA to hold properties CDCs have purchased for 3 years and city- or county-owned properties for up to 5 years. The properties are not taxed while held by the land bank, reducing holding costs and lowering development costs for the CDCs and other nonprofit developers.

Getting Started
The report recommends that communities looking to create a land bank authority refer to a guidebook by Emory University professor Frank Alexander, 
Land Bank Authorities: A Guide for the Creation and Operation of Local Land Banks. In a recent discussion on, Alexander noted that "The key initial step [to creating a land bank] is to evaluate why there is an inventory of vacant and abandoned properties, and what are the barriers to the property returning to productive use. Creating a land bank makes sense if and only if it is targeted to solving a specific problem."

Revitalizing Foreclosed Properties with Land Banks is available as a free download at or in print, free of charge, by calling HUD USER at 800.245.2691, option 1.


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