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Jun 28, 2011

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"There's a massive public outcry over the TSA's treatment of a 95-year-old cancer patient who was forced to surrender her adult diaper before she could board an airplane. The TSA made her fly with no underwear (and took away her dignity at the checkpoint, too).

Two stories on this today. First, here's my outrage rant against the TSA:

And here's an explicit satire piece that attempts to reveal the utter insanity of the TSA's actions (warning: Funny but explicit)

In a related story, new documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Janet Napolitano LIED about the safety of the TSA's naked body scanners. Now the truth comes out:"


Fear.... fear..... fear..... what to do about it? Well the first thing people could be doing is looking inside and moving beyond it... Or, they could hand over all their power and control and give it to someone else because they are so AFRAID. That seems to be exactly what is happening in the USA today.

The thing that concerns me is that a majority of people asked are willing to give up ALL their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS  in exchange for security from 'you fill in blank'. We then outsource the fear to a quasi government agency, like TSA or Homeland Security. 

That is a very clear setup for a dictator to step in. Hitler did what he did, after people voted for him.  They were willing to trade in their rights and freedoms for a 'strong leader' who would solve all their problems for them.. along with lots of Nationalism; flag waving, parades, 'We are the best' types of speeches.

Police can now search your home with NO SEARCH WARRANT. The TSA can now grope and fondle you to their hearts content, and/or subject you to radiation over and over again.. The military industrial complex is being paid 1.3 TRILLION a year to address nothing more than fear. Each Al Queda 'terrorist' killed in Afghanistan now costs US taxpayers 1 Billion or so, and there are only 100 of them left in the entire country. 

Yea, we need to keep spending 1.3 Trillion a year to get a few more of those 'bad' guys, and we definitely do not need schools, firefighters, police, pools, parks or streets. Close them all and fire everyone, because we need smaller government. 

Then things like fondling and groping 6 year olds, 95 year olds, or Miss America's happens. The Catholic Church does not try and get away with this kind of thing. When exposed, the Catholic Church at least transfers the 'problem' to another area or country. In the case of TSA, they don't even try to defend it or the person doing it. They just justify their actions by pointing at the fear, and so far, people seem to be OK with this.  

People are desperate for a 'strong leader'. Be careful what you wish for.. it might just turn out to be another Hitler, or worse.

What changed from 100-200 years ago, when the Constitution was written? There were terrorists back then too, but we did not throw out all freedoms and rights to fight them or drug dealers... Back then they were called pirates.


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Posted: Jun 28, 2011 12:41pm
Nov 27, 2010
TSA Terrorize A Disabled 4 Year Old Boy By Removing His Leg Braces, Then Forcing Him To Walk

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: abuseamericansethics,governmentusafreedoms ) 
 Hans - 43 minutes ago - 
They couldn't catcch a guy with a bomb in his shorts on Christmas day but they are absolutely hell on a disabled child with leg bracees. He and his family were on their way to DisneyWorld,
Airline security are being accused of putting a little too much effort into security searches.
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Posted: Nov 27, 2010 12:41pm


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