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Dec 25, 2011

Dumping radiation and toxic stuff in the ocean
Dumping radioactive water in the ocean
Spraying radioactive water into the forests
Leaking radioactive water into groundwater
Leaking three MOX? nuclear cores worth of radiation, no monitoring
Explosions times three, four, ? more, none monitored for radiation
No radiation readings downwind
No ‘vent’ stack radiation readings
No monitoring of radiation released by ANY nuclear agency
No verified figures of ANYTHING since the ‘accident’ in March

If this were the airline industry, there would be teams of people flying in and scientifically analyzing EVERYTHING, and finding out what happened specifically, and how much radiation was released via black boxes that work even if the power is out..

If the airline industry crashes a jet with 200 people killed, it is headline news all the way through to the end, with a cause and specific analysis.

If the nuclear industry has a melt through, it is ignored, denied, spun, minimized, and finally covered up completely, by declaring it ‘cold shutdown’, even though the accident is ongoing and never ending, releasing massive amounts of radiation from three or more reactor melt throughs.

It is illuminating that the nuclear industry has NO BLACK BOXES like the airline industry does, but it can kill thousands, millions or even BILLIONS of people, without every disclosing a thing or being in the news.

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Does anyone wonder why there are no radiation meters on the 700 foot tall ‘vent’ Fukushima stacks that are throwing all radiation from Fukushima high up into the air? What is coming out of them anyway?

Did you ever notice that Fukushima monitoring stations are all upwind, but there are NONE downwind?

I just checked, and many months after the disaster, there are still NO RADIATION METERS downwind of the plant. Does anyone want to prove me wrong? I will gladly stand corrected, if there have been or are any now… Anyone?????

Of course, since almost all of the time the wind blows out over the ocean, there is no radiation to report. Bingo, no problems. Everything is safe, and no dangerous radiation is being measured, even after MULTIPLE massive explosions and all kinds of things burning, blowing up, neutron rays, green glowing things, fires, melt downs, melt thoughts, criticalities, pools drying out, radioactive nuclear core materials being found up to two miles away from plant., etc.

You would think they could install at least ONE radiation meter downwind, but then again, they might not like what they measure as much… and the public might not like to see what is coming out of Fukushima.

Is the type of ‘measuring’ that NISA, TEPCO and the Japanese goverment is claiming to do around the plant even considered scientific? I cannot believe the world is even listening to these Bu(#*@)) radiation readings being put out, by a half circle of meters put upwind of all radiation being released.

It does not suprise me one bit that no one can figure out how much radiation is being released from FUKU.

Isn’t this kind of like trying to measure the amount of water coming out of a fire hose, by standing a couple of blocks away and hold up a water meter in the air, and feeling a little of the dew from the high pressure water from a couple blocks away?

Duhhhhh, no water here… there must not be any fire. Anyone saying anything different is just fear mongering!

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Posted: Dec 25, 2011 10:17am


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