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Jan 2, 2012

The Russian government says that this lake (created by an atomic bomb blast) is safe for swimming, fishing and for drinking as potable water. They say they created this lake as part of the peaceful atoms campaign, where atomic energy would be used to make life better for humanity. In the US, the same program was tried and it was called Plowshares. 

The people living near this lake here say that the lake stinks, and that it makes them dizzy or sick when the wind blows from the lake towards their village. 

There are no wild animals living around the lake. The government tried to stock it with fish and almost all of them died. 

None of the villagers go to the lake, except with visitors on rare occassions. They say this lake is 'bad', and injures their health. They say NOTHING good has come from creating this lake, despite the government saying that it did. 

The government and scientists studied this ancient culture living in this area, by subjecting them to high doses of radiation. They did not ask for permission and did not get consent. Scientists around the world dropped hundreds of nuclear bombs all over the world, to 'study' the effect on human beings. No permission was asked for or given. How is this any different than doing medical experiments on human beings in hospitals without their consent? 

The Mayans and Incas were slaughtered by foreign invaders, (Spaniards) who were also the cause of huge amounts of diseases that caused the death of most of the indigenous population. They came for the gold, and to ‘convert’ everyone. The price of conversion was stealing all of their gold.

I do not think judging whether Incas, Mayans or American Indians had access to eternal truths does us any good. The Spaniards judged them, and found them to be like animals, worthy only of slaughter, much like the Christians who came to America found that Indians were just like animals, worthy only of slaughter.

We were not there at the time this all happened. We can talk with Mayans today though. We can talk with American Indians and other indigenous peoples all around the world, who all suffered the same fate as these two cultures. Genocide is not pretty, no matter how it is packaged or justified.

These ancient cultures all have much to teach us, such as about how to live in harmony with Mother Nature. We have lost our way, and opened Pandora’s Box of science.. but we lost our connection to Nature and the wisdom that these people offer us, even today.

Science without heart and a connection to Nature is deaf, dumb and blind, as well as suicidal. Or modern society is testimony to this. Fukushima MAY end up teaching humanity this lesson, just as Chernobyl was supposed to, but didn’t.

Those who worship at the alter of science and blindly follow it, while putting down all those who are wise in the ways of Nature and Nature’s laws, do so at their EXTREME peril.

Science without Nature’s wisdom can and does end up having genocidal effects, just the same as fanatical belief systems such as the Christian Crusades, settling of the USA by religious groups from other lands, and Hitlers camps, just to name three examples of many genocides throughout history.


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Posted: Jan 2, 2012 6:24am


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