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Feb 6, 2012

Anti Nuclear Music And Songs Around Radiation,  Fukushima, Chernobyl, & TMI





Fukushima Song - "Fukushima Dreamin"


Nuclear Madness (Music Video)


Anti Nuke Anthem




Atomic Waste - ( Protest Song Against Nuclear Plants - Protest gegen Atomkraf


Fukushima Song (instrumental)






Protestsong gegen Atomkraft


Fukushima Special Song


Fukushima Song by steven kill


Fukushima Song


Lied vom Tod


atomkraft nein Danke song


Fukushima Lied - Die Angst


Fukushima (Stoppt die AKW!) –

Sofarocker (Wolf Maahn "Tschernobyl" 1986 Cover)


Fukushima Song






English lyrics

Japanese lyrics


Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant   



Protest Song for FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant Kazuyoshi SAITO  



Kiyoshiro's Summertime Blues  





Protest Song Against Koodankulam Nuclear Plant  

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Posted: Feb 6, 2012 5:31am
Nov 9, 2011

OWS in my mind is very simple. It is all about a bottoms up rule (rule by the many) rather than a top down rule (control by the few). OWS is also about DIRECT DEMOCRACY in action. When a town square is filled with people and they are VOTING, what is that? Anywhere in the world where this is done, it is called Direct Democracy. 

As the video above explains, all of this started after most people realized that there are two classes of people. There are platinum citizens, (the 1%) and then everyone else; the 99%. Because of this, elections turn out that whoever raises the most money (from corporations) wins the elections about 94% of time. As Dylan says, when this is the situation, you no longer have a democracy, you have an auction, which corporations win every time, because they are the centers of money and power.

The first movement to eliminate corruption in government was the broad support to elect President Bush, (twice). He promised to ‘fix’ the problems, with Conservative policies of tax cuts and populism. Nothing changed, except that corporations got HUGE bailouts using taxpayer money under President Bush, because the whole economy was collapsing and going over a cliff financially speaking.  

This taxpayer funding and bailouts of corporations (instead of letting them go into bankruptcy) was continued under President Obama to the tune of 15 TRILLION Dollars The climate of corporate corruption actually got worse, when the Conservative corporate friendly Supreme Court (put in under President Bush) allowed corporations to give unlimited amounts of money political campaigns, and it also gave corporations the same rights as &lsquoeople’.

The second wave was the Tea Party, because it saw that the Republicans were not doing the job they wanted, and neither were the Democrats. Both parties are corrupted by the same corporations, so it makes no difference who is in there, unless they refuse to take corporate money. Only the Green Party refuses to take corporate money, but no one votes for them, as they are told, this is a ‘wasted vote’. So how is voting for the duolopoly that is totally controlled by corporations somehow NOT wasting a vote? Voting for either Democrats or Republicans means voting for corporate control, because that is what both of those parties are controlled by.  

The Tea Party was co-opted and taken over by corporate interests because it did not have a bottoms up mechanism in place, and the news media outlets that reported about Tea Party meetings were totally controlled by corporations that had a hidden agenda.  Up to today, most people within the Tea Party seem content to believe, follow and do whatever they are told, at least up to this point.

In the beginning, the Tea Party was about opposing the big bank bailouts and creating jobs, but what have the leaders of this movement done after they were elected to accomplish this goal? Nothing. Why not? Could it be that the corporate money funding the Tea Party meetings, signs, buses and more co-opted the whole movement and corrupted it from within, turning it to corporate purposes and agendas, such as cutting taxes, destroying unions and more? Time will tell if the OWS movement will be any different.

The third wave is the Occupy movement. People are waking up and realizing that no matter who is President in the two major parties, nothing changes. People are realizing that both parties are corrupted, totally, completely and absolutely. Neither party represents the views of Americans who have a basic sense of fairness, justice and freedom.  

OWS is also a coalition of the willing melting pot of America, but so far it consists of mainly the left leaning portion of voters.  Those who gather together are dedicated to a better future for ALL, not just for a few. Even the Tea Party had it’s origins in this. Ideally, both the left and right would join together in this movement, but so far, that is not happening, as the media is using an effective corporate strategy of divide and conquer against it. So far, the corporate strategy of keeping Americans divided and fighting against each other seems to be working.

Sadly, rather than talking about how TRUE DEMOCRACY is happening in the midst of a US corporate controlled dictatorship, journalists within this corporate machine focus on the meaningless minutia around OWS, such as long hair, noise, graffiti, paper on the ground, etc.

Could it be that some journalists are so habituated by their pattern of focusing on controversial minutia instead of what really matters that they have lost sight of what makes America great? These things are really basic, but they are being missed by many journalists and US citizens.

Or, it could be that these corporate controlled news media outlets really cannot tell the truth because they are totally corporate controlled and they cannot allow the truth? If corporations truly have a hidden agenda of keeping Americans divided and fighting each other via politics, religions, birth control and homosexuality, then this means that we Americans will never be able to have meaningful debates and discussions about what is really going on and where we want to take this country, FOR ALL AMERICANS.   

OWS is calling on corporations to have or implement a conscience. Corporations have a responsibility to act fairly. Is it fair to have a CEO who makes 200 times more than the lowest paid employee? Why is there a minimum wage, but no maximum compensation law?  Is it fair to bail out the too big to fail corporations, but then let unemployment ‘run out’ on 50% or more of millions of unemployed people in the USA, as is happening now? Why is there no jobs program, as there was during the Great Depression, which put everyone back to work? Why are corporations holding Trillions of Dollars in overseas accounts, which are NOT taxed at all?  

Is it fair to have corporations paying zero taxes, making record profits and collecting corporate welfare from taxpayers? This conscience is also about corporations doing things that are good for communities and their workers, instead of being opposed this concept. Corporations can and do act as tapeworms, destroying the middle class and communities, or they can do the opposite. Where is the conscience of the corporation, beyond the pure operating for profit motivation, which we commonly call greed?

OWS in a more complex form is also about implementing consciousness, which is a higher order of awareness. OWS has already succeeded because it is a direct expression of consciousness. Those that have it and experience this Being-ness, know what I am talking about. Those who do not have it cannot experience it. Faux News and other yellow journalists will never find out what is really going on, because they are on the wrong side of the canyon, by choice.

Consciousness is an inside job within each person. Consciousness is NOT anything outer. It is NOT an outer leader who can be quoted on the nightly news with a quick patriotic, profit making sound bite. Consciousness does not fit into slogans, cheap trinket phrases or meaningless minutia. Consciousness does not care about worldly things like leaders, color of skin, brand of religion, political system, annual salary, corporate profits, dividends, power, influence, or all of the things the press normally reports on and what average people pay attention to.  

Consciousness values experience, not blind belief or dogma. Consciousness values equality and Oneness. Unless and until those who know nothing about consciousness actually get a glimpse or experience of it, my prediction is that the blind will keep leading the blind. They will keep reporting on things like 'dirty hippies', and other meaningless, judgmental yellow journalism types of things around OWS. 

Meanwhile, consciousness keeps flowing and growing in those who have it.  The global consciousness as expressed through OWS is gathering strength as it moves from the high mountains where only a few live, move and have their Being, to the flat plains where Billions of people live.  Consciousness has room for everyone, but so far, only a few are aware enough of it to tap into it. 

This is the time to cross the Grand Canyon that separates people artificially in all kinds of ways. Are you ready? The way across the canyon is with consciousness, as expressed in part through OWS.  Are you interested in learning more about OWS? Start by living from the heart, instead of in the mind.  Start by just loving everyone, including those 'dirty hippies' beating on drums. Remember that the founding fathers also had long hair and beat on drums, so be careful who you judge.

Practice staying out of the mind games, fear, anger, judging, labeling, fragmenting, blaming or shaming.  Stop watching the 'programming' that keeps you trapped. Go down and actually spend some time with those that you fear/hate.  The fear and hatred is what keeps you trapped in the suffering of your own making. 

Talk with an open heart and an open mind with those who are part of the OWS movement. No, they are not perfect, but at least they are trying. They are risking, sacrificing and following an inner leading. Ask them about this OWS process. Ask them why they are doing this. Debate with them and as a goal, find some points of agreement. See how many points of agreement you can reach in 30 minutes.  I can guarantee that if you go there with this attitude, openness and questions, you will find answers. You will find many points of agreement. Who knows, you might even change your mind and open your heart. 

If we can unite as a people, and not listen to the corporate agenda of hate and fear, it will go a long way towards making the process of transitioning from what we have now that is NOT working, to a system that does work for everyone...together as the 99%, not for just the 1%. 

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Posted: Nov 9, 2011 7:48am
Nov 2, 2011

20 Things You Can Do To Support The Rebuild The Dream,

OccupyWallStreet and 99% Movement


1. Attend or create an gathering or meeting in your areas, as much as you can, without sacrificing too much. Everyone is sacrificing something to be involved. What are you sacrificing? Get informed about the issues involved. Take your family along, and call it a vacation. Make it fun. Take an instrument, picnic items, and games. An Occupy can be a picnic in the park, with signs and posters. 


2. Read about the actions, stories, pending events that are being presented, via emails, blogs, fax's, texts and letters. We are all Scott Olsen in our own way.  Attend a teach in.


3. Educate others about the issues being presented by the people within this movement by using the Teach In materials or by sharing what you have learned with friends via conversation, networking, coffee meetings, etc.


3. Email a letter to the editor. Email or write other types of news organizations such as NPR, PBS, CBS, via their contact us page, and ask them to do more in depth reporting about the Contract for America and how corporations have taken over the elections process, the law creation process, etc.


4. Make comments below articles in the electronic version of your local newspaper, or other newspapers across the world, where this movement is being written about. Respond to the negative comments in a logical, kind, empathic and intelligent manner, using facts and links to articles, while staying positive and upbeat. Do not attack others personally. (Ignore the trolls and flamers)


5. Invest in your local Main Street, not Wall Street. Move your money from any large banks or financial institutions to a small, community based credit union, cooperative, or community bank. Why? First of all, it will benefit you financially. Local banks and credit unions usually offer lower rates, better terms and less or no fees. They often have online bill pay service and ATM’s.  Your money is power, and you can choose who has your power and what they do with it. Use the following tools that make it much easier.  Click on the Find A Bank button at . Find A local community bank with a high rating of B or above by entering your local zip code at this link.


6. When you invest, invest your money locally instead of in large financial institutions that move your money out of your local economy. Think about what difference you want to make in your local community, whether that is in green housing, renewable energy or local food self reliance. Invest whenever possible with others who are creating this in a local manner.  Form an investment club and work together on projects that make a difference in a positive way, locally.


7. Help create laws that ban corporate money and lobbyists from elections on a local, regional, state and federal level. Help create a system where candidates get equal ‘free’ time on our airwaves, and where a candidate receives a certain amount of money to run a campaign, but no donations are allowed, by anyone, and especially not be corporations.


8. Vote only for candidates that do NOT take corporate money, and rely instead on the voluntary in kind money provided on a local or state or federal level.


9. Spread the word. Talk about this movement with people of all kinds, including the Teaparty folks. Yes, it is hard, but if this movement were easy, no one would be out protesting. Everyone is making a sacrifice, for freedom, for democracy and for a better future. See if you can find a point of agreement, in between their position and yours, instead of getting into an argument about who is wrong or right. Do they agree that TOO MUCH corporate influence in Congress is wrong? Do they agree that TOO MUCH corporate influence in elections via unlimited money is wrong, etc? Use the website to send them videos and links consisting of Tea Party members who support the Occupy movement. See video section of


10. Print up or create an " I Support the Occupy Movement" or “I Am The 99%” sign and put it in a car and home window, in your organization window, or in a business window.


11. Print out and make copies of the contract for the national Rebuild The Dream movement, or your local contract, and pass it around to friends, family, neighbors, co workers, relatives, etc. Ask them to comment and get back to you. Put your phone number on it, or list the local meeting place and ask them to attend. Add the local website address, and encourage people to go and do their own ‘research’


12.  Support your national or local Occupy movement by donating food, bringing along an American Flag, cardboard, markers, food, water, or whatever else you can think of. Attend a Rebuild The Dream meeting and help support the movement.


13. Sign a petition. The biggest banks and financial institutions are not only too big to fail, they are monopolies that need to be broken up into local self supporting community based organizations, via anti trust legislation already on the books, but currently unused and ignored. Another option is to nationalize all of these huge too big to fail organizations. It has already happened with the bailouts. In many cases, taxpayers ended up owning these organizations, but never took control of them. Here is a petition to break up the largest financial institutions like Goldman Sachs.


15. Get a local organization, non profit, church, political leader, business or community based club, etc. to add their name on as a coalition partner in this local area. Click on Coalition button at  .


16. If you are a member on the board of a church, non profit, civic or other national organization, make a motion to pass a resolution supporting the Contract To Rebuild America, at  and then make it public


17. Write an article or blog. Create videos about this Occupy movement and what it means to you. Submit it to news organizations, magazines, blogs, discussion groups, Youtube, etc. Spread the word in whatever way you can.


18. Support, encourage and build local self reliance in all ways. Start a community garden. Start or sign up for a local organic farm to table produce/fruit program. Start a garden in your backyard. Plant fruit trees. Encourage the schools and colleges around you to do the same thing. Get healthier organic food into your local schools. Do not use GMO foods and seeds in your local area and get your school, college, business, city or other organization to sign onto this in writing.


19. Twitter about the #Occupy movement. Retweet other Occupy tweets and pictures. Add Occupy twitterers to your stream. 


20. Support the "Brave Hearts" movement in whatever way possible, either through donations, prayers, activism, attendance, or in some other way. Because each person is a leader, and there is no leader who is in charge,  it is up to YOU. You must be the torch, the flame and the keeper of the key that opens the door to the light of a better future for all of our children.


Together we can light up the world.. United we are strong, divided and alone we are the opposite. Even if it's from the inside of our home, office, apartment, we can make a difference and Occupy our space. We are the 99%. 99% is always greater than 1%. We just need to let them know in very clear terms that the 99% is in control, not the 1%. 


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Posted: Nov 2, 2011 8:52am
Oct 21, 2011


Media Advisory

Have Corporate Media Warmed to Occupy Wall Street?


Media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street (OW protests started out exactly as one might expect. There was little coverage at first (FAIR Action Alert9/23/11), and as it expanded, much of it consisted of snide dismissals of demonstrators' ignorance, hygiene and so on.

But then something happened. Following incidents of police abuse, including the unprovoked pepper-spraying of several demonstrators on September 24, media coverage began to pick up (FAIR Activism Update, 9/29/11). NPR executive editor Dick Meyer explained that the protests were not covered early on because they "did not involve large numbers of people, prominent people, a great disruption or an especially clear objective." But within a day or so, NPR was covering the protests, as was the rest of the media.

Soon the actions were being treated as front-page, top-of-the-newscast material. Consider this Brian Williams introduction at the top of the October 5 NBC Nightly News:

We begin tonight with what has become by any measure a pretty massive protest movement. While it goes by the official name Occupy Wall Street, it has spread steadily and far beyond Wall Street, and it could well turn out to be the protest of this current era. The lyric from 45 years ago in the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth" could also describe this current movement right now. Once again, there is something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear, but it encompasses a lot of things: anger, frustration, disenfranchisement, income disparity, unaccountability and general upheaval and dissatisfaction.

USA Today editorial (10/12/11) was headlined "Five Good Reasons Why Wall Street Breeds Protesters." A New York Times editorial (10/9/11) took on the "chattering classes" who complained that Occupy Wall Street lacked a clear message or specific proposals: "The message--and the solutions--should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention since the economy went into a recession that continues to sock the middle class while the rich have recovered and prospered. The problem is that no one in Washington has been listening."

This is not to suggest, of course, that coverage is uniformly positive or respectful. October 15 saw massive demonstrations around the world, which made it onto the front page of the next day's Washington Post--in the form of a lower right-hand corner blurb approximately one column inch long, directing people to page A20 to find news about protests in "more than 900 cities in Europe, Africa and Asia."

Some coverage was absurd. Reuters (10/13/11) published a disgraceful piece attempting to link the protests to billionaire George Soros--a false conspiracy one would expect from talk radio host and former Fox News star Glenn Beck (FAIR Blog,10/13/11).

Of course, actual Fox personalities were plenty busy. Host Bill O'Reilly quipped (10/14/11), "Do we have all kinds of crackheads down there?" He later added that the Wall Street protest is "dirty and filthy. There's rats running all over. There's dope all over the place. They're having sex outside at night and all of this stuff." Fox Businessreporter Charles Gasparino declared (10/17/11): "It's not just protest Wall Street. It's protest Wall Street and it's an embrace of Communism and there is no doubt about it."

"Starbucks-sipping, Levi's-clad, iPhone-clutching protesters denounce corporate America even as they weep for Steve Jobs," Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer explained (10/14/11). Krauthammer maligned the protesters as "indigant indolents saddled with their $50,000 student loans and English degrees" whose policy proposal boils down to "Eat the rich."

In the New York Times (10/17/11), former executive editor Bill Keller devoted a column about the "good news" happening around in the world--none of which has to do with the global movement against inequality: "Bored by the soggy sleep-ins and warmed-over anarchism of Occupy Wall Street?" Keller asks, before cheering Slovakia's position on European Union bailout, which has done more "than the cumulative protests of Occupy Wall Street have done in a month of poster-waving." A column by the Times' David Brooks (10/11/11) dismissed the protesters as "Milquetoast Radicals."

But overall the protests have received significant and sustained media attention. This is surprising, given corporate media's history of marginalizing or belittling progressive protest movements (Extra!7-8/007-8/057/11).

So why are things different this time around?

From the very start, activists were criticizing the media for paying little attention to the demonstrations (FAIR Action Alert, 9/23/11). This likely had some impact, as did the persistence of certain media figures--Current TV's Keith Olbermann and MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell among them--in essentially shaming the corporate media into paying more attention.

One of the core complaints--that the media could hardly justify silence on OWS, given their keen interest in any Tea Party activism (Extra! 12/099/10)--probably weighed on the minds of some editors and producers as well.

There is a tendency among elite reporters to view politics as largely a contest between the two major political parties. In that light, OWS could be considered newsworthy as a political opportunity for an embattled Democratic president and his party. As the Tea Party providing a jolt of enthusiasm and energy to the Republican Party, pundits are wondering if OWS will do the same for the other side.

Political reporters, ideology aside, do seem to crave a certain type of balance. AsWashington Post columnist Dana Milbank explained (10/11/11), "A revived populist movement could be a crucial counterweight to the Tea Party, restoring some balance to a political system that has tilted heavily to the right."

But media have a hard time understanding a movement that does not appear to want to associate its activism with the political establishment. Much of the early criticism about the movement's lack of a "message" could be interpreted as elite confusion over political activism that does not seek to work the normal levers of power. Washington Postcolumnist Anne Applebaum (10/18/11) argued that the current demonstrations resemble earlier protests against corporate globalization "in their lack of focus, in their inchoate nature, and above all in their refusal to engage with existing democratic institutions."

She added:

Democracy requires institutions, elections, political parties, rules, laws, a judiciary and many unglamorous, time-consuming activities, none of which are nearly as much fun as camping out in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral or chanting slogans on the Rue Saint-Martin in Paris.

Applebaum's column concludes by acknowledging that global economic power can undermine democratic institutions--but that protesters should nevertheless work within the existing political order or they "will accelerate that decline." It is a difficult suggestion to square with protesters' concern that the political system is rigged.

Still, the quantity and tone of much of the coverage is surprising. It's unlikely that corporate media, whose general Wall Street boosterism (Extra!7-8/02) reflects both their ownership and their dependence on corporate advertising, would suddenly turn against their owners and sponsors.

At the same time, American capitalism is seen by some elites as in a state of crisis, with consumer-led growth hampered by stagnating incomes and the limits of debt-based consumption. While the Tea Party movement proposes lower taxes and deregulation--policies that are likely to exacerbate inequality--there is at least some appetite among the wealthy for redistributive reforms to preserve the health of the profit-making system, as evidenced by billionaire Warren Buffett's calls for raising taxes on high incomes.

While the desire for fundamentally overhauling the economy is likely to be limited among those who have benefited most from its current structure, a widespread protest movement can create pressure to acknowledge the concerns of the economically pressured majority. Even some Republican politicians and presidential contenders have done so.

As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads, political elites are trying to find ways to adopt some of its message. A Washington Post front-page story (10/15/11), headlined "Obama Looks to Harness Anti-Wall St. Angst," reported that the White House plans to "turn public anger at Wall Street into a central tenet of their reelection strategy."

The Post article acknowledges the inherit difficulty for a White House that drafted an economic team with deep ties to Wall Street to try and run against Wall Street. But it is nonetheless a sign that political and media elites sense that there is something significant happening in the streets--even if they don't know what it is.

The real test of corporate media's willingness to seriously engage the protests and what they acknowledge to be widespread feeling behind them will come as these translate into calls for concrete policy and legislative change. 

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Posted: Oct 21, 2011 3:18pm
Oct 14, 2011

Here is what direct democracy, or bottoms up rule, looks like...

Why are people repeating back what is being said by the facilitator? The police denied the use of bullhorns, and it is very noisy in the middle of the city. In order for everyone to hear what is being said, the audience repeats everything, in short snippets. That way, everyone knows what is going on and what is being said, all at the same time. The mass media is reporting that this technique is 'propoganda' or 'brainwashing'. Hmmm, then I wonder what is the mass media doing with their never ending, constant, fearmongering stories like this one and the constant never ending corporate friendly mass media 'spin'?

For more information about what is happening near you...

Join us on Oct 15th, 2011

This is another way to get connected.

Find out what is going on;

Get equipped, spread the message;

VIDEO: 'Apathy-Killer'
"It's enough that people just get up off the couch and get involved and stand up for this country and stand up for your fellow citizens and quit being divided by those in power who have sought to keep working people fighting each other instead of coming together."
– Michael Moore, Clifton, New Jersey,
Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

"... this has happened in ways that I never would have imagined. I would have been happy for just a small response, but this has just exploded. And not just here in New York, but across the country. I mean, I get things every day from people every day from the smallest towns saying 'We've started an occupy movement in our little town.'" – Michael Moore, The Wrap

Keith Olbermann Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests
Media Blackout; why such a huge disconnect?

What is happening globally? 

Pro corporate news 'journalists' are also focusing on a few supposedly 'rich' students in the crowd, and saying that this whole movement is 'fake' or fraudulent, because of that. As a response, it is good that some rich individuals are WITH this movement and are supporting it. This movement is not trying to get rid of rich people. Recently, a billionaire made a very public statement, saying he wanted to be taxed more, because it was not fair that he was paying less percentage in taxes, than his housekeeper. There is something very wrong with a billionaire paying zero taxes forever, and a housekeeper paying 25% of her income, EVERY YEAR.. The largest corporations are most often paying 0 taxes, collecting corporate welfare from you and I, and then making record profits all at the same time, while also laying off or outsourcing American jobs. This is flat out wrong.

This is all about bottoms up rule, or top down dictatorial control.. Which do you prefer? Which side are you on?

By not picking, the top down model will continue to happen, and get worse for future generations. 

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Posted: Oct 14, 2011 9:53pm


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