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Dec 24, 2013

Northern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 - Fukushima Radiation Is Here. Via @ AGreenRoad. 

From Rense; "The above video was taken today with an Inspector Plus Geiger counter by 'Dave', giving readings on a Northern California beach due West of San Mateo. The beach is south of Princeton Harbor which in turn is just south of Pillar Point where 'Mavericks' big surf comes in. The best description is the San Mateo Coast. Just south again from Princeton Harbor begins the City of Half Moon Bay......

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Posted: Dec 24, 2013 9:59pm
Nov 21, 2013


According to wiki; "A classic staple of science fiction and superhero stories, anti-matter is matter composed of antiparticles, subatomic particles that have mostly exactly the same properties (mass, intrinsic angular momentum, etc) as your everyday particles, but some properties are inverted: antiprotons are negative, antielectrons (also known as positrons) have a positive charge, antineutrons and antiprotons have negative baryon numbers, etc. In some cases (photons, neutral pions) the particle is its own antiparticle.

Antiparticles do exist naturally; however, antimatter normally only exists for brief moments before coming in contact with normal matter, and it can only be formed as a product of radioactive decay, or when particles collide at very high speeds. 

When electrons encounter positrons, both particles mutually annihilate and emit gamma radiation. At high energy, they can also produce other stuff. When protons and neutrons encounter antiprotons and antineutrons, they also annihilate, resulting in a star of pions shooting outThese antiparticles ultimately decay into high-energy gamma radiation

The result of all this pure energy unleashed from mass is many times more powerful than nuclear fusion (relative to its mass; it's the purest example of Einstein's famous equation E = mc2). Antimatter is often used as either a fuel or a weapon in fiction, both cases due to its high energy potential.

How high energy? Remember that the speed of light in a vacuum (the 'c' in this equation) is 3.00*108 m/s. c2 is 9.00*1016 m2/s2. Converting 1 gram of matter to energy therefore produces 9.00*1013 kg*m2/s2 = 9.00*1013 N*m ~= 90 terajoules. "Little Boy", the nuclear weapon used against Hiroshima in 1945, was built from 64 kilograms of uranium and released only 63 terajoules.

As noted on the Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better page, you have to get something of mass m whipped up to .87 c to have the same amount of energy as a matter/antimatter reaction where both the matter and antimatter that you're annihilating have a combined mass of m.

This explosive aspect of antimatter is also often explored, usually in the form of planet-annihilating weapons of mass destruction.* Alternatively, controlled matter/anti-matter reactions could be used as a source of power: given that it does not naturally occur in useful quantities, it would be something like an ultimate battery - with massed solar or nuclear power or particle accelerators powered by Dyson solar satellite systems throughout the Milky Way producing the energy needed to synthesize large quantities of antimatter for use as fuel for Faster Than Light Travel, weapons, matter replication, or any application needing very high energy/power density.

Antimatter is currently the most expensive stuff on Earth, priced at about $62.5 trillion a gram*. Not that a gram of antimatter was ever produced — in fact, so far we don't know how to effectively store it. Put it in any regular container and it would annihilate against its walls. No good. Powerful electromagnetic traps have been devised, but those can only store a billion antiprotons or so. That's one millionth of a billionth of a gram. Ish. 

More than this would be difficult because all these antiprotons have negative charge, and hate being close to each other. Alternatively, we could store antihydrogen atoms which are electrically neutral, but that also makes those electromagnetic traps much more difficult to use. Still, scientists have been able to store 309 antihydrogen atoms for more than 1000 seconds. Now all we need to do is store one trillion billion (ish) times more hydrogen. No small feat.."

Given the planetary destruction capability of antimatter, we strongly urge all governments around the world to avoid paying for or doing any research on planet Earth around antimatter. At the very least, antimatter is much more radioactive and dangerous than standard nuclear weapons are, and they have the capability to destroy all life on the planet already. 

Just because anti matter can be made into a weapon, it will be. Just because it can be created, it will then need to be tested, just as nuclear weapons were. When nuclear weapons were tested, they did not know for sure whether or not it would lead to a chain reaction that would burn up all of the atmosphere or lead to some other planet destroying process, but they did it anyway. The same process will be followed with an anti matter weapon. It will be tested and tried out. So the only way to prevent an 'accidental' destruction of the planet Earth is to NOT go down this road. 

Just because we can do something, does not mean we should just go ahead and do it. We can shoot massive over doses of heroin into someone and 'test' the resulting death, but why? 

If governments want to experiment with antimatter, it should be done on another planet at some future time, such as the moon, Saturn or something else very far away from Earth, because the odds are high that the scientists involved will blow themselves and the planet up in the process of testing some device or bomb.

We only have one planet. Let's not destroy it.


Anti matter, Antiprotons, Antielectrons, Positrons, Antineutrons and Antiproton Radiation Dangers; via @AGreenroad 

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Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear War

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Posted: Nov 21, 2013 10:20am
Nov 21, 2013

Beginning in the 1950s, American and Soviet scientists engaged in a dangerous race to see who could build and detonate the world's largest bomb. In the Soviet Union, Andrei Sakharov was the architect of this bomb. 

According to the movie, Andrei turned against the use of nuclear bombs after he estimated that just the fallout from this one bomb would eventually cause the deaths of over 500,000 people. 

The largest bomb ever created and set off created a fireball that went up 40 miles into the upper atmosphere. They almost set off one twice as big, but then it would completely gone out into space, it would have been so large. As it was, the radiation mostly went up into the upper atmosphere and stayed there. Later, it came down with the rain, making it extremely radioactive. The movie tells one story of a man sleeping outside in the rain, who lost his hair from the radioactive rain, and later died of cancer. 

Andrei Sakharov
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andrei Sakharov
Андрей Сахаров

Andrei Sakharov
Born May 21, 1921
Died December 14, 1989 (aged 68)
Residence Moscow, Soviet Union
Citizenship Soviet Union

Known for 

Notable awards 

(1953 1955 1962)
Stalin Prize (1953)
Lenin Prize (1956)

Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov (Russian: Андре́й Дми́триевич Са́харов; May 21, 1921 – December 14, 1989) was a Soviet nuclear physicist, dissident, and human rights activist.

He became renowned as the designer of the Soviet Union's Third Idea, a codename for Soviet development of thermonuclear weapons

Sakharov was an advocate of civil liberties and civil reforms in the Soviet Union. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975. The Sakharov Prize, which is awarded annually by the European Parliament for people and organizations dedicated to human rights and freedoms, is named in his honor.[1]


Sakharov was born in Moscow on May 21, 1921. His father was Dmitri Ivanovich Sakharov, a private school physics teacher and an amateur pianist.[2] His father later taught at the Second Moscow State University.[3] Dmitri's grandfather Ivan had been a prominent lawyer in Russia who had displayed respect for social awareness and humanitarian principles (including advocating the abolition of capital punishment) that would later influence his grandson. 

Sakharov's mother was Yekaterina Alekseyevna Sakharova, a great-granddaughter of the prominent military commander Alexey Semenovich Sofiano (who was of Greek ancestry).[4][5] His parents and his paternal grandmother, Maria Petrovna, largely shaped Sakharov's personality. 

Although his paternal great-grandfather had been a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church, and his pious mother did have him baptised, he was an atheist in later life.[6][7][8]However, he did believe that a non-scientific "guiding principle" governed the universe and human life.[9]

Education and career

Sakharov entered Moscow State University in 1938. Following evacuation in 1941 during the Great Patriotic War (World War II), he graduated in AÅŸgabat, in today's Turkmenistan. He was then assigned laboratory work in Ulyanovsk. During this period, in 1943, he married Klavdia Alekseyevna Vikhireva, with whom he raised two daughters and a son before she died in 1969.[9] He returned to Moscow in 1945 to study at the Theoretical Department of FIAN (the Physical Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences). He received his Ph.D. in 1947.

Development of thermonuclear devices

After the end of World War II, Sakharov researched cosmic rays. In mid-1948 he participated in the Soviet atomic bomb project under Igor Kurchatov and Igor Tamm. The first Soviet atomic device was tested on August 29, 1949. After moving to Sarov in 1950, Sakharov played a key role in the development of the first megaton-range Soviet hydrogen bomb using a design known as Sakharov's Third Idea in Russia and the Teller-Ulam design in the United States... A larger variation of the same design which Sakharov worked on was the 50 Megaton Tsar Bomba of October 1961, which was the most powerful nuclear device ever exploded.

Sakharov saw "striking parallels" between his fate and those of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller in the USA. Sakharov believed that in this "tragic confrontation of two outstanding people," both deserved respect, because "each of them was certain he had right on his side and was morally obligated to go to the end in the name of truth."

Sakharov never felt that by creating nuclear weapons he had "known sin," in Oppenheimer’s expression. He later wrote: "After more than forty years, we have had no third world war, and the balance of nuclear terror ... may have helped to prevent one....What most troubles me now is the instability of the balance, the extreme peril of the current situation, the appalling waste of the arms race ...

Each of us has a responsibility to think about this in global terms, with tolerance, trust, and candor, free from ideological dogmatism, parochial interests, or national egotism."[12]

Research and physics

After 1965 Sakharov returned to fundamental science and began working on particle physics and cosmology.[15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]

He especially tried to explain the baryon asymmetry of the universe, being the first scientist to introduce two universes called "sheets", linked by the Big Bang. Sakharov achieved there a complete CPT symmetry since the second sheet is enantiomorph (P-symmetry), has an opposite arrow of time (T-symmetry) and is mainly populated by antimatter (C-symmetry) because of an opposite CP-violation

In this model the two universes do not interact, except via local matter accumulation whose density and pressure would become high enough to connect the two sheets through a bridge without spacetime between them, but with geodesics continuity beyond the radius limit allowing an exchange of matter. 

Sakharov called such singularities a collapse and an anticollapse, which are an alternative to the couple black hole and white hole in the wormhole theory. Sakharov also proposed the idea of induced gravity as an alternative theory of quantum gravity.

Turn to activism

From the late 1950s Sakharov had become concerned about the moral and political implications of his work. Politically active during the 1960s, Sakharov was against nuclear proliferation. Pushing for the end of atmospheric tests, he played a role in the 1963 Partial Test Ban Treaty, signed in Moscow.

The major turn in Sakharov’s political evolution came in 1967, when anti-ballistic missile defense became a key issue in US–Soviet relations. In a secret detailed letter to the Soviet leadership of July 21, 1967, Sakharov explains the need to "take the Americans at their word" and accept their proposal "for a bilateral rejection by the USA and the Soviet Union of the development of antiballistic missile defense", because otherwise an arms race in this new technology would increase the likelihood of nuclear war. 

He also asked permission to publish his manuscript (which accompanied the letter) in a newspaper to explain the dangers posed by this kind of defense. The government ignored his letter and refused to let him initiate a public discussion of ABMs in the Soviet press.[23][24]

In May 1968 he completed an essay, "Reflections on Progress, Peaceful Coexistence, and Intellectual Freedom", where the anti-ballistic missile defense is described as a major threat of world nuclear war. 

After this essay was circulated in samizdat and then published outside the Soviet Union (initially on July 6, 1968, in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool through intermediary of the Dutch academic and writer Karel van het Reve, followed by The New York Times[25]), Sakharov was banned from all military-related research and returned to FIAN to study fundamental theoretical physics. In 1970 he, along with Valery Chalidze and Andrei Tverdokhlebov, was one of the founders of the Committee on Human Rights in the USSR and came under increasing pressure from the government.[13] He married a fellow human rights activist, Yelena Bonner, in 1972.

In 1973 and 1974, the Soviet media campaign targeted both Andrei Sakharov and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. While Sakharov disagreed with Solzhenitsyn’s Slavophile vision of Russian revival, he deeply respected him for his courage. Only a few individuals in the Soviet Union dared to defend 'traitors' like Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn, and those who had dared were inevitably punished.[12]

Sakharov later described that "it took years" for him "to understand how much substitution, deceit, and lack of correspondence with reality there was" in the Soviet ideals. "At first I thought, despite everything that I saw with my own eyes, that the Soviet state was a breakthrough into the future, a kind of prototype for all countries". 

Then he came, in his words, to "the theory of symmetry: all governments and regimes to a first approximation are bad, all peoples are oppressed, and all are threatened by common dangers." After that he realized that there is not much "symmetry between a cancer cell and a normal one.

Yet our state (and corporations) is similar to a cancer cell – with its messianism and expansionism, its totalitarian suppression of dissent, the authoritarian structure of power, with a total absence of public control in the most important decisions in domestic and foreign policy, a closed society that does not inform its citizens of anything substantial, closed to the outside world, without freedom of travel or the exchange of information."[12]

Sakharov's ideas on social development led him to put forward the principle of human rights as a new basis of all politics. In his works he declared that "the principle 'what is not prohibited is allowed' should be understood literally", defying the unwritten ideological rules imposed by the Communist ruling elite on the society in spite of the seemingly democratic USSR Constitution.

In 1973, Andrei Sakharov was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and in 1974 was awarded the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975, although he was not allowed to leave the Soviet Union to collect it. His wife read his speech at the ceremony in Oslo, Norway.[26][27] TheNorwegian Nobel Committee called him "a spokesman for the conscience of mankind".[1] In the words of the Nobel Committee’s citation: "In a convincing manner Sakharov has emphasised that Man's inviolable rights provide the only safe foundation for genuine and enduring international cooperation."[12]

In no way did Sakharov consider himself a prophet or the like: "I am no volunteer priest of the idea, but simply a man with an unusual fate. I am against all kinds of self-immolation (for myself and for others, including the people closest to me)." In a letter written from his exile, he cheered up a fellow physicist and human rights activist with the words: "Fortunately, the future is unpredictable and also – because of quantum effects – uncertain." For Sakharov the indeterminacy of the future supported his belief that he could, and should, take personal responsibility for it.[12]

Internal exile
The apartment building in the Scherbinki district of Nizhny Novgorod where A.D. Sakharov lived in exile from 1980 to 1986. His apartment is now a museum.

Sakharov was arrested on January 22, 1980, following his public protests against the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan in 1979, and was sent to internal exile in the city of Gorky, now Nizhny Novgorod, a city that was off-limits to foreigners, (as an anti-war activist).

Between 1980 and 1986, Sakharov was kept under tight Soviet police surveillance. In his memoirs he mentions that their apartment in Gorky was repeatedly subjected to searches and heists. Sakharov was named the 1980 Humanist of the Year by the American Humanist Association.[28]

In May 1984, Sakharov's wife, Yelena Bonner, was detained and Sakharov began a hunger strike, demanding permission for his wife to travel to the United States for heart surgery. He was forcibly hospitalized and force-fed. He was held in isolation for four months. In August 1984 Yelena Bonner was sentenced by a court to five years of exile in Gorky.

In April 1985, Sakharov started a new hunger strike for his wife to travel abroad for medical treatment. He again was taken to a hospital and force-fed. He remained in the hospital until October 1985 when his wife finally was allowed to travel to the United States. She had heart surgery in the United States and returned to Gorky in June 1986.

Most of Sakharov's friends in the human rights movement failed to appreciate the motivation for his hunger strikes and blamed Bonner for his sufferings. Sakharov, meanwhile, claimed his human right to make decisions that he felt to be morally necessary for him personally.[12]

In December 1985, the European Parliament established the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, to be given annually for outstanding contributions to human rights.[29]

On December 19, 1986, Mikhail Gorbachev, who had initiated the policies of perestroika and glasnost, called Sakharov to tell him that he and his wife may return to Moscow.[30]
Left to right: Yelena Bonner, Sakharov and Sofiya Kalistratova, 1986.

Political leader

In 1988, Sakharov was given the International Humanist Award by the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He helped to initiate the first independent legal political organizations and became prominent in the Soviet Union's growing political opposition. 

In March 1989, Sakharov was elected to the new parliament, the All-Union Congress of People's Deputies and co-led the democratic opposition, the Inter-Regional Deputies Group.


Soon after 21:00 on December 14, 1989, Sakharov went to his study to take a nap before preparing an important speech he was to deliver the next day in the Congress. His wife went to wake him at 23:00 as he had requested but she found Sakharov dead on the floor. He died of a heart attack at the age of 68.[31]He was interred in the Vostryakovskoye Cemetery in Moscow.


The Sakharov Prize, established in 1988 and awarded annually by the European Parliament for people and organizations dedicated to human rights and freedoms, was named in his honor.

An " rel="nofollow">Andrei Sakharov prize is also to be awarded by the American Physical Society every second year from 2006, "to recognize outstanding leadership and/or achievements of scientists in upholding human rights".

The Andrei Sakharov Prize For Writer's Civic Courage was established in October 1990.[32]

Andrei Sakharov Archives and Human Rights Center

The Andrei Sakharov Archives and Human Rights Center, established at Brandeis University in 1993, are now housed at Harvard University.[33] The documents from that archive were published by the Yale University Press in 2005.[34]

These documents are available online.[35] Most of documents of the archive are letters from the head of the KGB to the Central Committee about activities of Soviet dissidents and recommendations about the interpretation in newspapers. 

The letters cover the period from 1968 to 1991 (Brezhnev stagnation). The documents characterize not only the Sakharov's activity, but that of other dissidents, as well as that of highest-position apparatchiks, and the KGB. No Russian equivalent of the KGB archive is available.

PBS - The World's Biggest Bomb; Soviet Union/USA - Free Full Length Movie; via @AGreenRoad

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Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear War

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Posted: Nov 21, 2013 12:24am
Nov 19, 2013

According to NIRS; "Marine life in all forms, from endangered manatees and sea turtles to essential microscopic organisms, is being harmed and killed by once-through cooling systems, used to remove waste heat at nuclear power stations. 

A typical once-through cooling system draws into each reactor unit more than a BILLION gallons of water a day, or 500,000 gallons a minute. After cycling through the power generating station, the heated water is discharged at temperatures up to 25 degrees F hotter than the water into which it flows. 

A total of 59 out of the 103 U.S. reactor units rely on this system, either exclusively or in conjunction with closed cycle canals or cooling towers. This report examines the toll the once-through cooling intake and discharge system takes on marine biodiversity around nuclear plants, including sea turtles and other endangered marine animals. 

The report takes into account the already severe problems affecting the health of U.S. oceans and waterways and the impacts of nuclear power plant operation within the context of this crisis. The authors review the cumulative impact of marine ecosystem destruction by coastal nuclear reactors as well as the local effect on marine life in the vicinity of the plant. 

Particular attention is given to the effectiveness of regulatory oversight and the adherence to and implementation of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)."....

Full report is available by clicking link;


Licensed to Kill - How Nuclear Reactors Kill All Kinds Of Animals; via @AGreenRoad

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Drugs, Medicine and GMO's


12 Reasons Why All Carbon/Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Weapons Should Be Dismantled

Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music


Uranium Mining and Enrichment - Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing



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Posted: Nov 19, 2013 10:53am
Nov 19, 2013

3/18/11: "The source term provided to NARAC was: (1) 25% of the total fuel in unit 2 (SFP) released to the atmosphere, (2) 50% of the total spent fuel from unit 3 (SFP) was released to the atmosphere, and (3) 100% of the total spent fuel was released to the atmosphere from unit 4 (SFP)."

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Posted: Nov 19, 2013 6:20am
Nov 14, 2013

Every nuclear reactor is a military industrial complex stocked up with 1300 weapons of mass destruction that if released for ANY reason, can wipe out all life on the planet, from just ONE nuclear reactor. If a Carrington Event happens, which it does regularly, it will knock out all power for all nuclear power plants. 

The Carrington Event, which is coming soon, will result in 400 nuclear plants and their spent fuel pools melting down, exploding and turning the Earth into a radioactive wasteland, for the next couple million years. As the 800 coriums from 800 melted down reactors and their spent fuel complexes avalanche 1,300 WMD radioactive elements from each one into the air, water and into the ground, all life on the planet will be extinguished. If one radioactive WMD element does not get you, one of the other 1,299 will eventually. 

The ONLY reason for building more nuclear power plants is to make more and more nuclear bombs for the military industrial complex, because that is all that any nuclear power plant produces military weapons grade nuclear bomb material. 

Without nuclear power plants, the military industrial complex can no longer make the plutonium to make more nuclear bomb weapons of mass destruction. If we want to live for much longer as a human species, we have to shut down all nuclear power plants. Either that, or the military industrial complex will keep on accumulating thousands of tons of very toxic and dangerous plutonium, which is the fuel needed to build more insanity, in the form of hydrogen nuclear bombs. 

The other way that every nuclear power plant releases 1,300 weapons of mass destruction in the form of radioactive elements, actinides and isotopes, is through their waste, product, or 'spent fuel'.

The spent fuel from a nuclear reactor is highly radioactive and full of 1,300 weapons of mass destruction with no arming switch or trigger needed.  All spent fuel pools are open to the air. These 'temporary' storage pools at all nuclear reactors have little or no protective containment as do the nuclear fission reactors. 

Right now, every nuclear power plant, mine, spent fuel pool and other radiation related facility is using the Earth and all water on it as a dumping ground for invisible radioactive trash. 

But if a spent fuel pool boils and dries out due to loss of power, earthquake, tsunami, plane crash, accident or terrorist attack, it melts down and catches on fire, releasing 1,300 weapons of mass destruction to the air. This process only takes a few hours, as we saw it happen as Fukushima. Those 1300 weapons then travel around the world and take out victims, using a radioactive time bomb method. 

Every nuclear accident is a huge nuclear war on humanity all around the world, using these 1,300 weapons of mass destruction. The world is playing Russian Roulette and endangering all future generations. The trigger is being pulled every day that these nuclear power plants are left to keep operating. Hundreds of nuclear accidents have already happened. 

Only a few of these nuclear 'accidents' have been made public; Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island. There are many, many more that were never disclosed. Have you heard of Santa Susana reactor complex in the Los Angeles California area, which melted down THREE different times?

And then there are the 2,400 nuclear bombs exploded in open air, that released all of their 1,300 WMD ingredients which went all around the world. Did you think they were just full of harmless sparkles? Each one of those bombs released massive amounts of WMD ingredients which last for a million years or longer. 

There is no end to the killing that these nuclear bombs and nuclear power stations will cause.. Why do you think the childhood cancer, leukemia, autism, Down's Syndrome, and every other disease known to humankind is increasing over time? 

Just with normal operations, each nuclear reactor power station is allowed to 'legally' release WMD killing ingredients into the water, into the air and into the ground. Studies have proven that the cancer and death rate of children around these nuclear power plants and uranium mines is higher than anywhere else. 

The closer a child lives to one of these WMD producing radiation factories, the higher the risk of deformities, diseases, problems during pregnancy, problems during birth, stillbirths, genetic disease, and all of ills of humanity caused by opening this Pandora's Box of horrors. 

Bottom line, a nuclear power plant is Karmageddon on steroids. Every nuclear power plant, uranium mine, thorium mine, processing facility or spent fuel storage facility is a vicious Pandora's box of horrors that has been opened, releasing karma on all of humanity. These plants and weapons are Armageddon, produced by our choosing and free will. As we created them, we can uncreate them.  

If we do not turn them off and dismantle all nuclear weapons, the problems from nuclear power/weapons will only increase in the future, exponentially and all at once such as from a Carrington Event or a nuclear war. 

Even if humanity gets the grace of no nuclear war or Carrington Event, future generations will slowly and gradually be wiped out from multiple nuclear accidents and 'legal' radiation releases from labs, mines, processing facilities, medical facilities, and power plants, just to name a few of the limitless sources of WMD releases now being generated globally. 

They all need to be shut down, immediately, if humanity is to manage to survive long enough to get into the 'golden age' that many predict. 

Every Nuclear Reactor Is A Military Industrial Complex Weaponized With 1300 WMD; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Nov 14, 2013 6:20pm
Nov 12, 2013 A nuclear subcontractor ordered workers at Fukushima to cover their dosimeters with lead to lower official levels of radiation would be reported; allowing workers to work longer hours inside the plant. By itself this is just an isolated incident that means nothing. 

According to Japan Times; "To facilitate the return of evacuees, the Nuclear Regulation Authority has approved a change in the way radiation doses are monitored around the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station that will effectively result in lower readings, but observers warn this could raise public mistrust. The change calls for basing monitoring on data from dosimeters held by individual residents.

Since dosimeters read only about 1/7th of the amount of radiation that is actually there, because they are much less sensitive than a good pancake style Geiger Counter, they will in effect, give the 'appearance' that radiation levels have dropped, when in actual real life, nothing has changed, and dangerous levels of radiation are still present. Basing outdoor radiation readings on dosimeters that are mainly hanging on the necks of people who spend all or most of their time indoors will further reduce radiation readings, in an artificial way. Radiation levels inside of homes are usually a small fraction of radiation levels outside.

Let's summarize, shall we? We know that dosimeters only measure a small amount of radiation that is actually there, on the order of 10% of real levels. Then indoor dosimeter readings may only be 10% of what the radiation levels are outdoors, which drops the radiation readings recorded by dosimeters again, by orders of magnitude.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could handle your debts that you owe to the bankers in this same way? Let's say that you owe $1,000,000 on your home to the bank. But with some fancy eraser work and some computer estimating that figures out algorithms, derivative values and future values of debt, plus your loss of income due to retirement, let's just say that you only owe $100,000 dollars, ok? Now let's do this same process again because you live indoors and hardly ever leave the house, and the computer will spit out that you only owe $10,000. This is the equivalent of what the Japanese are doing with their dosimeter readings and radiation levels.

Real radiation readings all the way down to Tokyo are the equivalent of $1,000,000, but they will only be reporting $10,000 dollars worth. 

This unethical and immoral way of announcing radiation exposure levels will guarantee that countless future generations of children in Japan will suffer from a wide variety of diseases and early death, just like children in Belarus, or other low level radiation contaminated areas.

NHK WORLD, Nov. 11, 2013: Experts call for change in radiation measuring [...] A panel of experts is urging the Japanese government to change the way it measures radiation exposure for evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear accident when they return home. [...] To date, officials have estimated exposure based on radiation levels in the environment. But the panel says they should measures exposure by equipping individuals with radiation monitors called dosimeters. Radiation measurements made by dosimeters tend to be one-third to one-seventh of readings estimated through environmental monitoring. [...] The panel also calls for assigning local government officials and health nurses as advisors in each community. [...]

Jiji Press, Nov. 11, 2013: [...] The proposal comes at a time when the government is aiming to lift the evacuation advisory for areas where annual radiation doses are estimated at 20 millisieverts or lower. [...] The new method is expected to help promote returns of evacuees as well as reduce costs for decontaminating areas tainted by radioactive fallout.

NHK Newsline, Nov. 11, 2013 (at 0:45 in): Readings on such devices [personal dosimeters] tend to be one-third to one-seventh lower than estimates based on environmental monitoring. [...] Radiation measurements made by dosimeters tend to be one-third to one-seventh of readings estimated through environmental monitoring. [...] “Individual monitor readings don’t necessarily reflect different radiation levels in a household.” -Fukushima evacuee

There is a consistent, steady, continuous effort to minimize the radiation readings. The effort to downplay and hide what is really going on both inside the Fukushima Daichi plant, as well as in Japan generally is working in the mass media, especially when it is repeated over and over again, in a propaganda like fashion. 

This latest attempt to lower the radiation readings through an unethical manner, in order to force residents to come back to towns that are highly contaminated, is a good example of just how desperate the nuclear industry, medical industry and government are to cover up the Fukushima mega nuclear disaster and pretend it never happened.

Dosimeters Only Measure 1/7th Of True Radiation Levels On Average; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Nov 12, 2013 12:20pm
Nov 12, 2013

FREE Community Event 
Presented by the Green Party of Sonoma County

An Evening with
Green Party Candidate for Governor
Luis J. Rodriguez

Nicole Guerra
(Donations will be collected for the Andy Lopez family)


Brothers Gadjo


* Live Music & Poetry


Saturday, November 16th, 2013
7:30pm – 10:30pm


Arlene Francis Center 
(Café will be open)
99 6th Street, Santa Rosa


Come bring your ideas and connect with Greens


* Immigrant Rights  
* Safe & Healthy Communities 
* Public Banking  
* Fukishima is Here  
* Ban Fracking

* No GMOs  

* Local Green Economy
* End Corporate Personhood

For more info:   707-548-9137
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Posted: Nov 12, 2013 6:16am
Nov 12, 2013

It took one month after 3 reactors melted down and multiple spent fuel pools caught on fire and dried out to raise the Fukushima mega disaster rating to 7, despite the nuclear plant operators knowing within hours that 3 reactors had melted down, effectively making it a level 7 event, the moment they knew this had happened. 

In effect, the 'experts' knowingly exposed hundreds of thousands of people to high doses of radiation without giving them any warnings. They did not even pass out preventative iodine tablets, in order to protect the thyroid glands of affected residents, but the doctors in hospitals did take them, for sure, as did the TEPCO people.

It took one month after the disaster happened to evacuate people out to 20 kilometers, but they gave everyone in this area another MONTH to leave. This would be like telling someone to drink poison for another month before stopping that. The medical doctor says in the video that he 'hopes' people will evacuate.

The news announcement claims that 'safe' levels of yearly radiation exposure set by some international organizations is between 20 to 100 millisieverts. Really? Like who specifically? Was this the IAEA advising them that this level was safe? 

The IAEA is a marketing arm of the nuclear industry. Was it WHO? They do not say or do anything without an ok from the IAEA, as they signed a legal agreement obligating them to that restriction, for whatever insane reason. 

The safe levels of an average person per year are set internationally at ONE (1) millisievert per year, not 20 or 100. Even nuclear plant workers who are working in a high radiation environment are not allowed to exceed 20 millisieverts per year.  

"On 6 October 2011 a government panel proposed to ease the legal restrictions for exposure to radiation in the contaminated area's with radioactive fallout, because in their opinion it would be extremely difficult to limit exposure below the legal limit of 1 millisievert per year. Instead the target should be set between 1 and 20 millisieverts in line with the recommendations by the International Commission for Radiological Protection. Targets should be lowered in steps as decontamination would be successful. Targets might differ by region and residents should have a voice in setting the targets.[121]"

The public and the Japanese and other authorities would do well to calculate exposure risks on the basis (of more accurate radiation risk) approximations and to abandon the ICRP model which does not protect the public. This was the conclusion of a group of international experts who signed the 2009 Lesvos Declaration (this can be found on )

When did the ICRP change their recommendation to say that 20 to 100 millisieverts per year is safe for everyone, including babies and fetuses, which are up to 2 million times more sensitive to the same radiation dose that a healthy human male may tolerate? 

According to an entry on Wikipedia as of 11/12/2013; "The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommends limiting artificial irradiation of the public to an average of 1 mSv (0.001 Sv) of effective dose per year, not including medical and occupational exposures.[1] For comparison, radiation levels inside the US capitol building are 0.85 mSv/a, close to the regulatory limit, because of the uranium content of the granite structure.[12]

According to the conservative ICRP model, someone who spent 20 years inside the capitol building would have an extra one in a thousand chance of getting cancer, over and above any other existing risk. (20 a·0.85 mSv/a·0.001 Sv/mSv·5.5%/Sv = ~0.1%) That "existing risk" is much higher; an average American would have a 10% chance of getting cancer during this same 20 year period, even without any exposure to artificial radiation."

Bottom line, the fact that dangerous radiation levels were not spoken of, high radiation levels were minimized or dangers denied is something that happens with EVERY radiation accident or disaster.

NOT ONE nuclear accident violates this 'rule' that the nuclear experts practice. Research what was said in the news media and how long it took to warn residents (if they were ever warned), and you will find that there is a very consistent pattern of denial, avoidance, minimization, and delay.

It Took Authorities Two Months After Fukushima Melted Down To Announce 'Hope' That People Would Evacuate 20 KM; via @AGreenRoad

For more articles like this;

Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1%

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Posted: Nov 12, 2013 2:23am
Nov 11, 2013

This is Miko Tsukamoto, who is an evacuee from Iwaki. She fled with her two kids. This is one the best and complete stories I have seen in a long time. Her words are subtitled in English. If you want to know EXACTLY what is going on in Fukushima (and Japan), Miko san covers it all; from decontamination to children's health to discrimination to lies to burning debris, and much more... This is 18 minutes, but WOW! This needs to go viral! Please share as much as you can. Video testimony recorded in September 2013. TAKE 18 minutes of your life to watch this ... Thank you Miko san.

A Fukushima Radiation Victim And 'Whistleblower' Speaks Truth To Power; via @AGreenRoad

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Posted: Nov 11, 2013 10:32pm


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