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Jul 13, 2013
Focus: Health
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Location: Italy

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 News of July 1, 2013 taken expressively La Repubblica:


For the first time in Italy two oncology drugs are sold only pay: Who wants to be cured has to pay more than a thousand Euros per week. It 'a violation of the Constitution, but the government pretends not to notice.

Not if no one noticed it. But soon they'll find cancer patients. Why, in spite of the Constitution, for the first time in our country, the health authorities have decided that there are cancer sufferers rich who will have access to two oncology drugs, and poor ones will have to do without.

And 'in fact happened that pertuzumab (Roche) and afibercept (Sanofi-Aventis) have been authorized by AIFA (Italian Agency for the drug) on May 27 and then allowed the pharmacy, but the sole responsibility of the patient.

What if he wants to heal, will have to pay for the drug Roche EUR 6,000 for the first two doses and then three thousand Euros every 21 days, and for what Sanofi Aventis € 4,000 every three weeks.

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Posted: Jul 13, 2013 5:00am
Jun 22, 2013

Ciccio cat foundling is a badly wounded in the neck, rescued by my daughter who at the time was eight years old and the puppy just six months. Alice, has been abandoned and put inside the engine compartment of a car just fifteen days of life. Fortunately we were able to save her in time. We immediately took her home fearing the jealousy of Ciccio which until then was the "prince". Incredibly, just brought it into the house, he took on the role of the father, teaching her to bathe, eat, and make the needs in the right place. Now Ciccio was thirteen years old and Alice eight o'clock. They are our family, best friends, our beloved puppies.

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Posted: Jun 22, 2013 5:57am


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Look Grandma I can stand!!
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Bath time is FUN time!!
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I love it when someone reads too me!!
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Just pink!!  I am the best Valentine you could have! Think Pink!
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Ally Jo my little Valentine.
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Look out!!  This guy just got his drivers permit!  Nathan, I am proud of you sweetheart! My first grandchild driving!
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This is my oldest daughter and her son. My Grandson!
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\\n\\r\\nHello my C2 Family, \\r\\nFirst let me say Thank You to those of you who have so sweetly fwd my posts. You are SO AWESOME!! I will never forget your help. Anytime I can repay the favour, please tell me. Second, my Submit button has disappeared lea...
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My Son will be 28 years old on March 5th. This is my pride and joy. When this was taken, he was 4. Can you see his rat tail? I s
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This was sent too me by a good friend. It\\\'s beautiful!