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Sep 19, 2010
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States

SHAC 'Financial Focus' week of action - Email alert, Part 1

As part of the Global 'Financial Focus' week of action against HLS' lifeline
lender, Fortress Investment Group

During the week of Monday 20th - 26th September we are calling for all
activists and compassionate people everywhere to organise demos, phone calls
and emails against HLS' lifeline lender, Fortress Investment Group, and all
associated, including shareholders - Nomura, Legg Mason, Bank Of America and
Sankaty Advisors and other subsidiary companies owned by Fortress across the
world like, Intrawest, Rail America, GateHouse Media, CW Capital and many more.

For more information, see:
Where there are targets across the world that all make up the web of financial

Fortress is vital to HLS' survival, who are still millions of dollars in
debt and are struggling to stay afloat. Since the recent buyout of HLS at the
end of last year, HLS are now in even more debt - totalling well over
$100million. Fortress themselves are also in heavy financial trouble due to the
recession - so now is a great time to ask them to recall HLS' loan of $70
million plus!

This is the company that, when HLS had no other financial options left in the
world, bailed them out with a multi-million dollar loan. This is the company
that, when later exposed as the life support of HLS, lied to SHAC and pretended
they had stopped the loan. And this is the company that, while HLS hit rock
bottom last year – have agreed to extend the loan and give them another
helping hand out of closure.

Remember, without this loan, HLS could not have stayed open these past years -
and if it was recalled, they could not stay open in the future. Since Fortress
bailed out HLS in 2006, over 600,000 animals have been tortured and died inside

More information and global targets can be found at:

For the animals, see you on the streets!


If you can not attend a demo against one of many Fortress targets across the
world, then please do contact Fortress and associated companies during this
week of action, together we can put pressure on these companies - more details

Phone Fortress during the week of action and ask them to stop funding animal
UK: 0207 290 5600
USA: 1-877-632-7242, 1-800-599-2347 or 1-800-435-6285 (Toll free in U

There will be 3 emails this week for people to contact companies involved and
to highlight HLS' disgusting track record.


Email alert 1 - Fortress Investment Group

Please do fell free to write your own letter or otherwise use our sample letter


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you in relation to a $70 million loan that has been made to
Huntingdon__Life__Sciences (H-L- via your Drawbridge Special Opportunities
Fund. Without this loan H-L-S could not remain open and therefore Fortress are
in large part responsible for the cruel and violent actions going on inside
H-L-S. The fact that Fortress had set up a front company in Luxembourg called
Anchor_Sub_Funding shows that a lot of effort had been put into keeping this
loan secret, presumably to stop H-L-S' horrific record of cruelty, violence
and law breaking from tarnishing Fortress' reputation.

H-L-S have a long history of violence; they were most famously exposed in 1997
when channel 4 TV filmed workers punching beagle puppies in the face. In 2005
ex-workers spoke out about cruelty they had witnessed and in 2008 Animal
Defenders International went undercover inside H-L-S exposing cruel primate
experiments and disgusting conditions. H-L-S also have a track record of law
breaking and manipulation of data. During just one primate study, H-L-S broke
the law 526 times; and workers have been caught taking drugs and drinking on
site. To see more about these exposes please look at:

I am urging you to explore all get out clauses in this loan and reel it in. I
also urge you to raise these issues with everyone you can within the company
and do everything in your power to halt your support of

Please raise this issue at any meetings you attend, and let all your colleagues
know about H-L-S.

For further information, please visit:

Yours faithfully



Fortress' Board of Directors

Wesley R. Edens
Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board

Peter L. Briger, Jr.
Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board

Robert I. Kauffman
Principal and Director

Randal A. Nardone
Principal and Director

Michael E. Novogratz
Principal and Director

Dr. Richard N. Haass

Daniel N. Bass
Chief Financial Officer

Douglas L. Jacobs

Howard Rubin

Takumi Shibata

George W. Wellde Jr.

Fortress employees directly involved in the original 2006 loan:

Michael Polidoro

Michael Eggenberg

Scott Silvers


Legal Dept.:

UK reception:,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

All emails in this alert (in blocks of 20),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


1. Some emails in the large blocks below will bounce. WHY? They are obtained
from sources that haven't been updated. Or they are disabled, filtered or
blocked in response to ongoing campaigns.

2. To BLIND-COPY a block of emails, so recipients don't see huge email list:
• COPY/PASTE a block of emails into the Bcc: line of your email.
• TYPE YOUR OWN EMAIL in the To: line.
• Personalize, sign, COPY/PASTE letter portion of alert into body of your
• Email programs differ in terms of how many addresses you can send to at one
time. Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail: Separate emails by a comma (,) and do not exceed
20 email addresses at a time.

Disclaimer and Information:

The details in this action alert are provided for information purposes only,
and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the
jurisdiction you live in. SHAC does not support or encourage any form of
harassment; nothing in this alert has the purpose of inciting such behaviour,
and we request that all communications are kept polite.

For general information on the campaign to close Huntingdon Life Science,
please visit our website

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Posted: Sep 19, 2010 1:31pm
Nov 18, 2009
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Protest
Location: Spain
Semana global contra Astrazeneca del 23 al 29 de Noviembre
Concentración en Madrid: viernes 27,

para más info:
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Posted: Nov 18, 2009 12:39pm
Apr 27, 2009
Megaphone Banned in UK (at Barclays Demos at Least)   video
World  (tags: Shac, HLS, LSR, UK, Barclays, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', humanrights )

- 19 minutes ago -
SHAC peaceful demo at Barclays: police turned up and said the use of the megaphone was against Section 5 of the Public Order Act......then decided it wasn't.....then decided to arrest an activist for using the megaphone anyway!
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Posted: Apr 27, 2009 1:44pm
Feb 21, 2009
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Protest
Location: United Kingdom
27.02.2009 London - mass protest against the vital financial companies who are keeping HLS open


WHEN? » 27th February 09, 12 noon

WHERE? » Bank of England, London

Nearest tube: Bank. The protest will meet here and proceed to march through the financial districts of London, finishing at the New York Stock Exchange.

WHY? » We have reached a critical time. HLS' financials are wobbling dangerously close to the edge and enough persuasion to key financial institutions could be enough to close them. Click here for more information about the financial aspects of the campaign.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? » We will be meeting at the Bank of England, central London, on Friday 27th February at 12 noon. From this point we will have a brief speech, before moving off together.

The day will all be about focusing on HLS' key financial supporters. We will be conducting demonstrations against several targets that are either major shareholders or are listing HLS, enabling them to stay open. The demonstrations will of course be entirely legal, as the entire day as been organised with the help of the police. Once we have finished the demonstrations, we will return in a loop back to the Bank of England where we started. Any further questions, don't hesistate to contact us on!

Transport is being arranged from across the country, so if you don't want to make your own way there, get in touch and we can help you find a minibus or shared car from your area.

[more information, downloadable banners, leaflets and posters are available here]

More SHAC actions here

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Posted: Feb 21, 2009 2:42am
Jul 9, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: March
Location: United States

Please note and forward the info to your UK-friends.
Please check if you've signed the petition (link below - actually most of my friends signed but please forward)
Thank you

SHAC UK National March in Peterborough 12th July
Animals (tags: HLS, SHAC, UK, abuse, AnimalCruelty, AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, cruelty, ethics )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 2 minutes ago -
12th July 2008, 11am - 5:30pm: SHAC UK National March against HLS and their vile 'experiments' on animals in Peterborough, UK, followed by demo at the gates of HLS, Alconbury. Please remember about petition Shut Down Huntingdon Life Sciences !!
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Posted: Jul 9, 2008 6:23pm
Apr 21, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
Please Note and sign the petition:
Animals(tags: animaltesting, animalexperiments, SHAC, HLS, petition, demo, abuse, AnimalCruelty, animalcruelty, animaladvocates, cruelty )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
1 hour ago -

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS are the largest contract testing lab in Europe. They kill 500 animals a day in tests for products such as weedkiller, food colourings and drugs. Please sign the petition !! Celebrate World Week for Laboratory Animals !
Boycott Customers of HLS - Europe’s Largest Contract Animal Testing Laboratory
Animals (tags: boycott, experiments, tests, animalexperiments, animaltesting, HLS, Huntingdon, It's simple No Customers = No HLS. Many of these companies listed know full well that HLS are cruel to animals, break procedures and falsify results and are happy with that as it means that they get their products on the market.
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Posted: Apr 21, 2008 4:01pm


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