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Aug 27, 2008


News reports are trumpeting how some people - described as dedicated Democrats, are blasting the dying Elizabeth Edwards for not speaking out about her husband's affair.

How cruel...these "dedicated Democrats" are the same ones who will line up, being Democratic sheeple, behind any candidate the Democratic powers that be anoint, even if that candidate is blatantly questionable.

 I'd rather have a philanderer with common sense and vision in the White House than some slick talker controlled by unknown money. Bill Clinton was a fabulous president - and who, at the time and even now, didn't adore JFK? And think of Roosevelt - Franklin, that is, who saved this country AND the Brits - another ladies' man.

A wandering eye is less of a danger to this country and the world than cheap rhetoric and a hand open to grab whatever it can from questionable associates.

That's my 2 cents on this subject.

©2008 RC deWinter

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Posted: Aug 27, 2008 4:59am
Jul 24, 2008
How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways...


StarsButterfliesGold Notes

I'm sorry I disappointed you, friend, but I'm not sorry for my take on this year's party-endorsed presidential candidates.

I have openly said from BEFORE Hillary's campaign started lagging that I did not like or trust Barack NObama, that I felt (and feel) he has hidden agendas he is not revealing, and that he is all about me-ism.

He is an intelligent man with a slick and effective  oratorical delivery who falters often when he has to speak extemporaneously because everything he does has been so highly-polished and scripted that he is lost when the speechifying turns to actual give and take instead of proclaiming from the podium.

NObama made absolute statements in debates  - I watched the debates from the start - thet he is now shining on about: softly trying to step back from or retrofitting to fit mass opinion, and finally and most simply - from the get-go, my gut told me he was untrustworthy. I trust him even less now.

NObama may have a vision for America, but it is not my vision. I disagree with both him and McCain't on the type of immigration "reform" they propose, when IMHO the major reform we need is to start enforcing our existing federal immigration laws and cuy back on guest worker visas so dear to hearts of Bill Gates and other billionaire neo-cons like him.

The fact that NObama attended a racist - yes, racist and ugly - church for 20 years, coupled with his referring to its anti-white, anti-US yet MILLIONAIRE pastor as his "mentor" capped it for me. We don't need black racists in government any more than we need white or Latino or Chinese or any other racist in government.

You did not mention, friend, that I am NOT talking up McCain't, either. He is an unmitigated phony who also sways in the wind and has no grasp of the realities of real life in the country as it is today. I lost all respect for him a long time ago when he began pandering to the right-wing fundamentalist conservative vote BEFORE the primaries began. He is an out-of-touch fool with no clear message on anything and no vision of how to help us regain what we have lost. Perhaps the reason I chose to spotlight NObama is that I am now a grievously disappointed Democrat attempting to explain my view of "our" party's presumptive heir to the throne.

I think both of our dictated party choices are very poor choices, and anyway, the next president of the United States has already been hand-picked for manipulabiity and inexperience - (do either of these candidates know a damn bit of anything political outside of sitting in Congress?) - by larger powers than our electorate. I have never been a my country OR my political party right-or-wrong person. I refuse to tow the party line to support a candidate who does not have my respect or trust. I vote my conscience, with a lot of input from both my life experience and my gut.
If this bothers people - tough sh*t.

It's not just about no Hillary, although she became my default choice (I was an avid John Edwards supporter).

It's about the media ignoring John Edwards - who came up from nothing, has real-life work and business experience, who founded and for two years directed the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at the University of North Carolina, who  made himself a voice for the everyday person -  thus ensuring that Edwards had no chance to catch fire with the public.

It's about the anointing of NObama by people in and outside the Democratic Party - like the media - to make sure that people with a real message - Mike Gravelle, for i
nstance - were written off as weirdos and losers when, in every primary period online poll I and most of my  friends on and off Care2 shared and took, he came out as the candidate most closely matching our views on the truth of America today as well a displaying courage and foresight on how to proceed for the future.

It was never about "the people's choice", friend, but always about those unseen hands belonging to the warmongers, the profiteers, the billionaires who choose for us -  the straw men they want us to have to vote for.

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Posted: Jul 24, 2008 12:43pm
Mar 19, 2006
...WHY on earth all the Dems are refusing to support Feingold's measure for censure!

I understand perfectly well why they don't want to impeach...for one thing, it would put Dickhead Cheney REALLY in the driver's seat (he's already the backseat driver anyway, ya know)...and perhaps the Dems also know that they wouldn't succeed, with both houses of Congress under the thumb of the Repug machine. I think the Dems realize that while some Repugs may be pulling away from Bush's idiocy in light of the coming election, they won't ever vote to impeach unless Bush does something SO egregious (well, I happen to think he HAS but THEY don't...) that to not impeach would be just as criminal.

BUT...the measure to censure would be PERFECT! It would show that the representatives OF THE PEOPLE - they do, supposedly, work for us, ya know - have perceived that this president has committed grave errors knowingly, willingly and in defiance of the LAW.

So I have lost a lot of respect for some people in Congress that I used to admire...many of these folks should have stepped up to the plate with Feingold and put THEIR integrity on the line too!

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Posted: Mar 19, 2006 8:12am


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