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Feb 2, 2009


Clean coal,........ clean coal, now there is an oxymoron!!

We as a nation can no longer claim we are either innocent or ignorant of the devastation coal burning has on our environment.

The idea of clean coal is just an imaginary contrivance. Even IF, Co2 emissions could be eliminated during burning, coal use still destroys the environment. Every part of coals use cycle in our society is destructive. Clean coal just can not exist.

 Maybe you already know how much coal devastates our nations forests, streams, mountains, valleys and air. If you do not know this, it does not take very much honest investigation to understand how coal is just not clean and will never be

A short investigation will expose how coal is destructive in every part of it's cycle in our environment. Sure, some people make a living off of coal, even fewer make a killing economically off of coal. But every one of us suffers loss from using coal. The overwhelming use of coal is as a source of electricity.

 Our nation looses, you loose, realize and acknowledge it, or not, every time a mountain is leveled, a valley is filled, a stream blocked, aquatic life snuffed out, trees clear cut, animal habitat destroyed, land leveled, air and water polluted for a few hours of electricity.

 Mountaintop removal...just it's name sounds suspicious to me. Why does a mountain top have to be removed? Why would anyone sanction this? Mountaintop removal is practiced in Appalachia to create access to thin coal seams deposited in the earth there. This coal is used to create electricity and in steel mills. Pay attention to this, mountaintop removal did not start until the 1970's. This is long after the acknowledged awareness that our sun provides more than enough solar power energy for electrical needs than coal could ever produce. Our sun never pollutes our air or water, levels mountains, fills valleys, dams up streams, clear cuts forests, or kills animals in their natural environment. Coal on ;the other hand does all of this damage, while falling far short on the energy delivery!!

If you need a little more push to look at, to understand coal mining and than to take action on reducing your energy use and or installing an renewable energy system at your home, If you need just a bit more push to encourage your company to install energy efficient products, push your city, state to require renewable energy for their energy use, If you need just bit more of a push to use less fuel for transportation.

Your required push is here; a visual kick in the pants, a shock to the heart, see for your self the devastation of mountaintop removal. Very concerned people have placed numerous pictures of the devastation and supplied a lot more information about this ugly practice on the web.

These are just a few of the very informative sites with compelling information about this ugly practice.

 How do we change this cycle, what do we need to do about this?


We use the most effective way to impact the electricity supply status quo available, do not give them money!!! MAKE YOUR OWN ELECTRICTY, REDUCE YOUR USE. That way, we do NOT put money into the pockets of the coal, the nuclear, natural gas, fossil fuel companies providing electrical energy. We make a market decision, a decision based on the overwhelming evidence that it also makes financial sense right along with environmental sense to reduce your energy use and capture natures abundant energy right at home. AS you establish your own electrical resource, make the demand that your government and businesses do the same, reduce our use, generate renewable energy. Having electricity to use is great, do not hesitate, set you renewable solar power system, your wind energy system, reduce electrical use.

 Right here on this site, you will find EVERYTHING you want and or need to cut coal off, cut out polluting electrical sources. Save the mountaintops for hiking, for seeing the beauty of the valleys below, to see the animals running through the forest, quenching their thirst in the trout and turtle filled clean mountain streams. To sit in a clean healthy forest breathing healthy fresh air. This is what was given to us, this is what a we as a race are responsible to give to our future generations.

 Go green, go clean, renewable energy, now.

P.S. dear viewers on Care2, I have an online business that is 100% about renewable energy, energy conservation, about my devotion to spreading and implimenting use of  our God given supply of renewable energy, energy reduction. This is my work, my action in support of exactly what I write about, am passionate about and advocate. Please look at my supplying my own business site as a way of providing you with a place to take action  as well. My prosperity is shared with others to increase thier prosperity.

God Bless You.

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Posted: Feb 2, 2009 1:11pm


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