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Oct 2, 2011

99 cents on Kindle. This New Novel on Pregnancy Loss is told through the eyes of a child. If you or a loved one has lost a child through miscarriage, read this book and find comfort in your heart today.

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Posted: Oct 2, 2011 1:43pm
Aug 9, 2009

"Angel of Promise" by Sam Oliver is a story about a man who made 7 promises to his angel the moment he was born. You will enjoy the reflective nature of this story as it reveals various aspects of a man's soul. It is a story of hope, revelationship, and inspiration.

This book will be published in 2010 through fideli publishing. Tell your friends and family. You will want to share this intriguing story with those you love.

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Apr 14, 2009

The Gift of Righteousness Part I is vital to current and future generations of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Pastor, I don t know the number of times apparent children of God have come to me in fear, for some reason or another, of having their salvation taken from them by the Lord. In framing the whole discussion in the language of righteousness, Dr. Mackey cuts to the chase of the debate about security and insecurity in Jesus Christ. Knowing that our sins are forgiven and forgiven all the time the very definition of righteousness is an unbeatable weapon against Christian despair and doubt. Dr. Mackey s skilful integration of the nature and process of Abraham s acquiring of God s righteousness by grace through faith and the more reluctant and confused appreciation of this precept in so many churches of today is truly blessed. Readers will be blessed by the fact that Dr. Mackey is not only a prolific writer whose works will soon become widely known and adopted, but also a great writer, speaker and preacher. Although he can be thunderous and provocative at times, his public sermons have been described as a soft rain. Pastors, preachers, teachers and ordinary Christians can and will benefit from this and forthcoming books by this author. --Reverend James Mackey, Pastor, Masters in Theology (BBL)

Product Description
If salvation is God s free gift to those who confess Jesus as Lord, then why are so many of today s Christians worried that they might lose that salvation? In The Free Gift of Righteousness, Dr. Eric Mackey takes his readers on a treasure hunt through the heart of Romans to show them once and for all that our actions cannot earn our salvation, and our actions cannot cause us to lose it. Using the stories of Abraham s justification and circumcision in the book of Genesis, as well as references throughout the entire book of Romans, Dr. Mackey argues that justification is never a result of works, only faith in Jesus the Christ. This is a compelling work, suitable for Bible studies, personal devotions, or seminary classes. Dr. Mackey makes the words of Paul to the Roman Saints accessible to all readers, regardless of theological or denominational background.

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Posted: Apr 14, 2009 7:35am
Jun 27, 2008


I’m writing to let you know that my new book "God a Logs on Living and Dying" by Sam Oliver is now finished and in print. It is simple, clear, and direct, so as to be easy to understand and apply. I put my heart and soul, my highest and best in this devotional/journal. My intention is that it will bless the lives of everyone who reads it. 
I was wondering if you would be willing to put a small promotion for this book on your web site or blog. If you would like to know more about this book, you will find reviews of it on


Sam Oliver

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Posted: Jun 27, 2008 7:47pm
Jun 9, 2008

What do you want me to notice today?

     I want you to care about other people today. When you focus on caring for others, something profound happens to you. Your attention will shift. You will move from self-centered awareness to life-centered awareness.  Believe me, life centered awareness is a much greater perspective. Here, you will find yourself making decisions based on what is needed as a whole; rather than, needs based on fulfilling your own personal objectives.

How can I get there?

     When you begin to realize that you are part of a much greater awareness, some of your personal challenges seem smaller. Why? You will notice that everyone has needs, wants, and desires. Many times in life, we focus way too much on ourselves and not the needs of others. If you do this too much, you will become isolated and let no one into your life. Although there are times when you do need alone time to charge your batteries from so much outward focus, you will find that fully focusing on what you are doing for others is a distraction from self-centered awareness.

     At the end of the day, do take some time for yourself. You will need to find ways to balance the needs of others with the needs of the self. In the end, you will notice that one of the greatest gifts we do have to give to others is to give our lives away knowing we have helped another person's day a little bit better. This will also meet your own need to fulfill your reason for living or purpose in life.

     Not long ago, I did a funeral for a man whose wife asked him to share with her the most important thing in life he could think of at the time. Without hesitation, he told her that the most important thing in life is to "care about other people." He was a man who had won several awards for the contributions he made in the community. He was a Psychology Professor and planted many many seeds in the souls of his students. These seeds of awareness will allow his students to have perspective and have a purpose filled life for years to come. In caring about other's needs, this Professor will live on from generation to generation to generation.

Taken From: "God a Logs on Living and Dying" by Sam Oliver

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Posted: Jun 9, 2008 2:29pm
Sep 17, 2007
   When I was a resident Chaplain at the University of Kentucky, I would often baptize those who were dying. On one occasion, I was given the task of baptizing an aborted child that did not make it through labor. I was given a small fetus in an empty room. This child was not much bigger than my thumb. I remember wondering what this infant's mother looked like and who was the father. What were they going through? I wondered who was helping them through their grief.

     This fetus was given to me, so I could baptize him/her before further burial procedures were to take place. In the back of my mind, I began to imagine what this child's life would have been like if this child had of lived. What baring on the parents would all this create in their heart and in their soul?

   There are several places for a person to find comfort and healing. Your local Hospice Care Program has several support groups with qualified therapists to assist you in sharing your grief. Your local hospital has social workers and chaplains to guide you through this difficult time. Also, hospital social workers have a list of groups in the community to give you in finding a caring group to share your grief. Your Minister and friends will help you too. And, if you have a pet, they grieve to. Give them attention. They will draw close to you.

  In the meantime, be good to yourself. Eat right. Take walks. Take time to listen to your heart recall memories of your loved one who has passed on into a deeper place in your heart only your soul can embrace. There are several books on grief. Often we heal in the deepest parts of our being before we notice it physically. This journey into the heart is a predictable one. I would like to recommend my book "Integrating the Feminine Spirit: Returning to the Womb of Creation." This is a book about the journey into one's heart and soul. 

     This event took place over 16 years ago. I can still remember this event as though it were yesterday. I was alone with this fetus and nurse. I did anoint this child. In a way, I believe the child anointed me as well. This child, to this day, has left an image in my mind and heart that lives and breathes through my recalling this story. This child has left an imprint on my Soul and shown me a way into Eternity.

Samuel Oliver, author of, "What the Dying Teach Us: Lessons on Living" and "A Fish Named Ed"

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Posted: Sep 17, 2007 6:24pm


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