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Oct 18, 2011

Dear NaturalNews readers,

(copied with permission from copyright holder, NaturalNews)

Much of what goes on in the cancer industry today is done entirely for profit, and this includes mammograms which are used primarily as a way to recruit new cancer patients.

An alarmingly high percentage of mammograms result in false positives that scare women into medically unnecessary procedures like chemotherapy, radiatio or radical (barbaric!) surgery.

Get the facts on mammograms during the "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" during which the cancer industry wants to keep people entirely unaware of the truth:

By the way, here's why the focus on breast cancer needs to shift toward preventing cancerand not just "treating" it for profit:

The CDC has been caught in a steady stream of outlight lies about vaccines and pandemics. Here's an overview of the increasing dishonesty of this government body that -- much like the FDA -- now functions almost entirely as a Big Pharma marketing department:

On the good news side, green tea helps prevent obesity:

... and red clover can help ease menopausal symptoms:

P.S. I just returned from the Burzynski Research Institute today, where we filmed interviews with Dr. Burzynski and his colleagues. Our videos will air within one week onInfoWars Nightly News and NaturalNews.TV. If you haven't yet seen the absolutely stunning movie "Burzynski," watch it here:

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Posted: Oct 18, 2011 8:03am
Aug 25, 2011

The FDA, as you may know, is now trying to outlaw nearly all dietary supplements in the USA through its new assault on dietary ingredients. We're planning a big, nationwide protest day on September 8, where we all call Congress, the media and the FDA to loudly protest this attack on nutritional freedom. Read the details on the FDA's plot to destroy nutritional supplements:

Want to know how to read your blood tests in order to maximize your health? We've just published this downloadable audio + PDF course at NaturalNews.TV:

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Posted: Aug 25, 2011 5:49am
Jan 22, 2011

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

Today we are announcing a nationwide boycott of General Mills over the company's deceptive marketing and food labeling practices.

As a new Food Investigations episode reveals, Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal has been found to contain no blueberries and no pomegranates.

Instead, the cereal contains artificial coloring chemicals, 8 different types of sweeteners (including sucralose) and low-cost vegetable oils such as soybean and corn oils.

Read this startling investigative report on General Mills and Total Cereal:

The "blueberry deception" isn't limited to just General Mills, it turns out! Other large food companies and retail stores also use artificial colors to "fake" their blueberries. My investigation has turned up some stunning deceptions across the U.S. food industry:

Be sure to watch the 7-minute documentary that exposes these practices by the processed food industry. You'll find this episode of Food Investigations at:

It's also playing now on YouTube at:

Also today, more news emerges on the global food supply emergency that's accelerating:

I've been writing about the "food bubble" for several years. Here's what I predicted about the coming food bubble collapse in 2008 -- and it seemed "radical" at the time, didn't it? (Now it's front-page news...)

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Posted: Jan 22, 2011 10:20am
Dec 11, 2010

Dr. Mercola says; "Bordering on criminal negligent malpractice, the Food and Nutrition Board's newly disclosed recommendations for vitamin D intake has sent shockwaves of disbelief throughout the natural health community. And even more puzzling... why are they hiding the comments from their panel of 15 "vitamin D experts"? "

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Posted: Dec 11, 2010 5:57am
Nov 2, 2010

Traditional Medicines to Become Illegal in Europe
It sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. On the first of April next year, thousands of products associated with traditional medicine will become illegal throughout the European Union.

Herpes—Why is Conventional Medicine Ignoring the Obvious Solution?
Search the mainstream medical journals, even search the Internet, and you won’t find this undeniably simple answer.

Botulism Toxin . . . for Headaches?
Botulinum is one of the most toxic substances in the world. So why has the FDA recently approved it for the treatment of headaches?

More Crony Capitalism at the FDA
Three years ago a government report found the FDA completely lacking in scientific expertise. The agency’s response? Hire scientists from Big Pharma!

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Deborah A. Ray, MT (ASCP)
Craig R. Smith

Pulse of Natural Health. This newsletter is copyrighted material (© 2010 by Alliance for Natural Health USA) but we hope you will forward, copy, or reprint it without prior authorization. Just remember to note the source and date, and please link to original content on the ANH-USA website.

The information in Pulse of Natural Health is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Readers are advised to consult a qualified professional about any issue regarding their health and well-being.

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Posted: Nov 2, 2010 8:47pm
Dec 15, 2009

Please note Care2 news story by clicking on link below.. Thanks!

Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner a Remedy for Swine Flu

Health & Wellness  (tags: healthcarehealthillness,swine flupreventionprotection ) 
 Roseann - 8 hours ago - 
In today's modern world of medicine the FDA just will not let companies that sell products make medical claims about them unless they have been tested at great expense, and approved as a drug. But this was not always the cas
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Posted: Dec 15, 2009 7:42am
May 28, 2009

Exclusive NaturalNews interview: Dr. Jonathan Wright's Censored Health Secrets

Mike Adams and Jonathan Wright discuss health freedom, nutritional wisdom and health secrets the drug companies don't want you to learn...

In this exclusive NaturalNews interview, Mike Adams talks with Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., a true pioneer in nutrition, disease prevention and health freedom. Dr. Wright's clinic was raided by the FDA -- an event that played a pivotal role in the 1994 DSHEA act that protected nutritional supplements from FDA censorship. He's the writer and publisher of the Nutrition & Healingnewsletter, and has helped millions of readers around the world fight for their health freedoms, prevent disease and greatly improve the quality of their lives through pioneering nutritional secrets.


In this NaturalNews interview, Dr. Wright openly discusses many censored health secrets and reveals details on why conventional medicine has utterly failed to offer meaningful solutions to health. He also reveals:


  • Why a conventional medical education leaves doctors nutritionally illiterate.
  • How doctors and health authorities try to shut down "alternative" health practitioners by driving them out of business.
  • The fascinating history of health freedom and how U.S. lawmakers tried to outlaw all nutritional supplements without a prescription.
  • How Codex and the WTO threaten health freedoms of consumers around the world.
  • The true story of red yeast rice, and how drug companies stole a molecule from nature, patented it as a cholesterol drug, then tried to outlaw the plant that produced the molecule.
  • Why the FDA is the enemy of freedom, and how it gets away with blatant suppression of the First Amendment.
  • How peer pressure keeps conventional medical doctors in line with Big Pharma influence, making sure they don't promote alternative therapies.
  • Cutting-edge breakthroughs in nutritional medicine that can treat viral pandemics, cancer and more.
  • Nutritional therapies for reversing osteoporosis (and the little-known trace minerals that boosts bone density).

You can now download the full interview as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat) that works on any computer. Here's the direct download link for subscribers only:


To your health,
- Mike Adams

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Posted: May 28, 2009 9:50am


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