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Feb 17, 2012

For those that think that every vote counts, think again.

In fact, in Maine they are openly saying that they do not.

The lame stream media has been reporting that Mitt Romney won
Maine's GOP caucus by a very narrow margin, under two hundred
votes, but they've known from the evening of the caucus on, that
the caucus was plagued with problems. 

Fraud type problems...


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Posted: Feb 17, 2012 10:18am
Sep 4, 2011
Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the GOP

"A couple of months ago, I retired; but I could see as early as last November that the Republican Party would use the debt limit vote, an otherwise routine legislative procedure that has been used 87 times since the end of World War II, in order to concoct an entirely artificial fiscal crisis. Then, they would use that fiscal crisis to get what they wanted, by literally holding the US and global economies as hostages....."

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Posted: Sep 4, 2011 9:46am
Jul 22, 2011
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It is hard to believe, but the Michelle Bachmann scandal may actually get much worse. Her husband claims to be a PhD and treats gays for their 'homosexual sickness' as a mental health doctorate level professional. 

Yet according to the following press release, his PhD was not accredited when he graduated and the way he is 'treating' gays is not approved by any legitimate professional mental health association or body. Marcus Bachmann is denying that he treats gays this way, but an undercover investigation reveals that he actually did do this, and may still be doing it.

From the above press release, the investigator talks about how "there is fraud rampant throughout Bachmann & Associates that could lead to federal charges against Marcus Bachmann and his Christian counselors.  For example:

(1) if he has a religious test (he advertises that all 27 counselors are “Christian” and “Christ-centered, very strong in out understanding of who the Almighty Counselor is, and we rely on god’s [Christian] word and the Almighty Counselor” Bachmann is breaking all EEO rules on discrimination.

(2) Bachmann has claimed that his oath is “first do no harm” from the Greek π δηλήσει δ κα δικί ερξειν (that Bachmann does not know) and is a part of the Hippocratic Corpus ( and then makes broad statements that gays and lesbians are “barbarians [who] need to be educated, need to be disciplined” implying the use of torture be it spanking, deprivation of food, sleep, and so forth. 

(3) Michele Bachmann has gone on record noting that any person who receives state and federal funds are engaged in a socialistic system, yet both Marcus and Michele have received such government subsides. 

(4) There are numerous other questions including about licensing, regulatory inspections, insurance and what happens if a patient is harmed, how young the patients are when they come to the clinic, and so forth (an excellent list is at"

The Tea Party that Michelle Bachmann is leading is fighting to cut Medicare and Medicaid payments or to get rid of the whole program all together and substitute a voucher program that would privatize it completely.  

So why is her husband collecting payment from this same 'evil' socialist government program for treating 'gayness' as a mental health disease that supposedly can be cured by Christian focused ‘treatment’? And what happens when this treatment does not work, and the gay person being treated gets depressed and commits suicide?

Could he be falsely claiming payments for being a doctor, in order to get some of those evil 'socialist welfare' payments from a federal government agency? Maybe someone should look into this (Click here to read more about this horror story)...

After reading the above article, we can see that the 'treatment' of gayness as a sickness can easily lead one into a bizarre world of fundamentalism where evil is seen as good and good is seen as evil.. It is a fascinating story of preachers who sometimes hide and then project their own homosexuality as a 'sin' onto others. Read about the many examples of this at the link above. 

The further one gets into this the more one gets into things like 'corrective rape' of lesbians and the justified murder of four year olds who 'might be gay'. (God told him to do it.) Discrimination, disparagement and putting down of gays and lesbians with policies such as the Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the military, is all justified in the name of God and the Bible in many fundamentalist churches, the Tea Party and people who fund them, such as the Koch Brothers. Yet, according to the press release above, this anti-gay wording actually does not even exist in the Bible, if one goes back and looks at the original wording in other languages.

Even though the DODT policy has officially been reversed under President Obama, Tea Party members and Christian fundamentalists are fighting to overturn this equal treatment under the law policy.

Christian Fundamentalists, Tea Party activists and Republicans seem to be working together to make gays 'evil' first of all. Most of them seem to be working together on campaigns to keep gays and lesbians out of the military, and to keep gays from marrying each other as well (Mormons and Catholics especially). What is harder to understand is how being and married hurts fundamentalists. How do gays marrying each other affect them in a negative way?

It is also interesting how fundamentalists are almost 100% opposed to ‘activist judges’, but in the same breath that they passionately rail against these supposed 'activist' judges, they are also fighting hard to get judges into the Supreme Court or state courts that will ban gay marriage and reverse things like women’s right to choose, minimum wage standards, etc..

The things that fundamentalists are in favor of are almost all religious moral stands that have to be IMPOSED on everyone else, by taking away freedoms.

 So what happens when people outside of their church do not believe in rigid, purist, fundamentalist created anti-alcohol (remember Prohibition?), anti-drug, anti-gambling, anti-immigrant, anti-freedom, anti-democracy,  pro-slavery, anti-women’s rights laws? 

Are these things not all moral activism coming out of fundamentalist religion belief systems? Fundamentalists make up about 25% of the total population, but they want their system of religion and moralistic beliefs IMPOSED by law on EVERYONE. 

Slowly but surely, these Sharia type laws and rules have been repealed or reversed over several thousand years, as the many negative consequences of these moralistically restrictive and freedom abolishing laws have been revealed. Hopefully, this trend will continue. 
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Posted: Jul 22, 2011 10:02pm
Jul 14, 2011

Please note news at;




For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greens: Obama has joined the GOP war against working people with his announced intention to roll back Social Security and Medicare

• Agreement with Republicans would gut key protections for Americans, push retirement savings in the Wall Street casino, and will mean "work till you die" for many working people; it's time for the 'Green New Deal' and a voters' revolt against both parties, say Green Party leaders

• Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on economic justice,
budget policy, and sustainability

• Green Party's 2011 Annual National Meeting / New York Green Fest, Aug. 5-7
in Alfred, New York

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders warned that President Obama and Democratic leaders will betray the American people if they agree with Republicans to cut Social Security and Medicare, and demanded that such cuts be taken off the table.

The Green Party has challenged bipartisan claims that the deficit, rather than the recession and job crisis, is the major economic problem facing the US. Green candidates and leaders have promoted a 'Green New Deal' with an array of positive solutions for the economy and employment

• Holly Hart, secretary of the Green Party of the United States: "There are ways other than cutting Social Security and Medicare to end the federal deficit -- ending the three wars, sharply reducing the military budget,
raising taxes on the wealthy.  A modest raise in the contribution cap for the highest income brackets would keep Social Security solvent.  Social Security and Medicare are accounts separate from the federal budget -- they play no part in the deficit crisis.  But President Obama, compromising with congressional Republicans and fulfilling his own ambition to 'restructure entitlements', has signaled his willingness to roll back the protections that his party passed in the 1930s and 1960s to give working Americans their
financial security and prosperity since the mid 20th century, saving millions of people from financial destitution.  The President's deal, which we can
count on Democratic leaders in Congress to support, may compel people to gamble their retirement savings in the Wall Street casino.  And pushing back the eligibility age will be a 'work till you die' sentence for many Americans, including Black people, the poor, and others with
statistically shorter life spans."

• Jason Nabewaniec, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States: "It's time for a voters' revolt against both Democrats and Republicans.  President Obama's compromise shows he has joined the GOP war against working people. There is no longer any reason to make excuses for Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats.  There is no reason to vote for 'the lesser of two evils' if the
lesser evil is so willing to cooperate with the greater evil against the rest
of us.  

Two-party politics is more than a flaw in our democracy.  It's a disaster that can only be solved by removing Democrats and Republicans from office and replacing them with Green candidates.  Greens accept no corporate money and are committed to maintaining and strengthening Social Security, and to expanding Medicare to cover everyone.  Mr. Obama's likely Social-Security/Medicare deal with the GOP is proof that the Green Party is an imperative for the 21st century.  If the deal is accepted, it will be time for people to gather in protest in Washington, DC, and throughout the US just as people protested in Wisconsin when Gov. Walker
threatened public sector workers and union organizing rights."

• Farheen Hakeem, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States: "It's no longer accurate to say we have two parties running the country.  We have a
single party with an extremist wing called the Republican Party and a slightly less extremist wing called the Democratic Party, both of which have made
service to Wall Street and other powerful corporate elites their top priority.  Most Americans don't want to see Social Security or Medicare reduced -- but most Americans don't contribute huge campaign checks.  Unlike corporations, thanks to the Supreme Court's 'Citizens' United' decision, most Americans don't run endless campaign ads."

• Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Common Councillor of Syracuse, New York
and 2010 Green candidate for Governor of New York: "If and environmental activist Van Jones believe that America's future should be in
the hands of Democrats, they're as deluded as Tea Partiers who want a Republican future.  President Obama's planned raid on Social Security and
Medicare tops off the list of capitulations and betrayals since taking office: escalation of the Afghanistan War and air assaults on Pakistan; a third war, on Libya, in violation of the War Powers Act; continued warrantless
wiretapping of US citizens, harassment of whistleblowers, and other legal abuses; plans to build more nuclear power plants, with taxpayers' money, even
in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan; plans for more offshore oil drilling despite the BP disaster; a health care reform bill designed mainly to enrich insurance companies, with mandates to purchase private
 coverage and no reductions in medical costs; embrace of the myth of 'clean coal' and no interference in destructive, poisonous mountaintop removal
mining...  The list goes on and on, even surpassing President Clinton's fulfillment of GOP agenda."

• George Carlin, nonpartisan comedian and social critic (1937-2008): "The word bipartisan means some larger-than-usual deception is being carried out."


Green Party of the United States
• Green candidate database and campaign information:
• News Center
• Speakers Bureau
• Ballot Access Page
• Livestream Channel
• Video Page

Green Party's 2011 Annual National Meeting / New York Green Fest
• Facebook page
• Alfred University
• Green Party of New York State
• Directions
• Green Party Annual National Meeting Committee

"Trumka: Social Security Cuts Should Not Be on the Table"
AFL-CIO Blog, July 7, 2011

"Breaking Point: Obama and the Death of the Democratic Party"
By Jane Hamsher, FireDogLake, July 8, 2011

GreenStream Live: News and discussion on the Green Party's Livestream channel

Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of the
United States (Fall 2010 issue now online)

~ END ~

Green Party of California Updates mailing list
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Posted: Jul 14, 2011 7:19pm
Jul 12, 2011
Please note news story at;                                                                                                       "It’s been 189 days since the GOP took control of the House and rather than working on legislation which will foster job creation and strengthen our economy, Republicans are taking American families another step backward and voting on a bill rolling back bipartisan energy standards which will save consumers $12.5 billion when fully implemented." Rest of story at

The Republicans voted this bill into existence a few years ago, but now seem to have had a change of hearts and minds. Before, it was a good idea to save money and energy. 

Now the Republicans say it is a BAD idea to save money and energy, so they voted to cancel the light bulb bill that would have phased out incandescent light bulbs that cost a LOT more to run than CFL bulbs and cost even more to run that LED bulbs. 

A standard light bulb uses 75 watts of energy.

A CFL as the picture shows, uses only 15 watts of energy, and lasts as long as 10 standard bulbs. 

An LED bulb can use as little as 1.5 watts of energy. This is a HUGE reduction in the use energy, compared to an incandescent bulb. If one figures out the total cost of energy used and price paid to replace the bulbs, it is a no brainer to switch to either a CFL bulb or an LED bulb. The savings are HUGE. 

I think I understand why this might have happened.. We have to keep Americans paying LOTS OF MONEY to the coal, oil, and nuclear utility companies. We have to keep the obsolete incandescent light bulb factories busy, making obsolete light bulbs that waste energy, money and all of our time. 

Think of the cost of gas, going to and from the store to replace all of these frequently burning out, obsolete light bulbs.  Now I know who is behind this... the oil, coal and nuclear power generation companies. They want us driving a lot, and using a lot of gas. They want to keep those electric meters spinning really fast, so they can collect HUGE amounts of money.. 
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Posted: Jul 12, 2011 4:37pm


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