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Jan 3, 2012

(NaturalNews) In Chinese culture, every year has an animal mascot. It's the "year of the monkey," for example, or the year of the rooster. For NaturalNews, 2012 is the year of consciousness(or conscious awakening, in a sense).

Does this mean we're going to abandon the mundane daily news of planet earth and float off into la-la land where we start chanting mantras and worshipping self-proclaimed enlightened gurus? Hardly. In fact, in 2012 I want to talk with you about what I callgrounded consciousness. Or "holistic consciousness."

And why? Because it isthe lack of consciousnessthat's behind every corporate crime, government conspiracy, political corruption, Big Pharma scheme and environmental crime that takes place on our planet. Those who lack consciousness engage in "you versus me" crimes of selfishness -- stealing, exploiting, destroying, deceiving -- yet such behaviors come froma place of ignorance about consciousnessand the universe around us.

Let me make this really practical and easy to understand by invoking characters from popular culture:

Yoda taught Luke Skywalker that all things are connected. "The Force," as he explained it, flowed through all living things and bound them together in a kind of mystical universal energy. George Lucas was right on the mark when creating this fictional character, because "The Force" really does exist, and it's made ofconsciousness.

It is a sense of not just self awareness but ofconnectednesswith other living things. The truly conscious person is not merely "awakened" about their own existence, but is fully aware and even spiritually attuned to the reality thatwe are not really separate from other living things around us.

Sure, we have our own individual ideas, egos, memories and actions. So we are stillindividuated(which is a good thing), otherwise we wouldn't even be able to talk using the word "I" (which some gurus say is an illusion anyway). But technically, when we talk about "I" we should really be talking about "we" because everything that one person does is reflected throughout the other conscious creatures and beings on our planet, so that even seemingly personal, individuated actions inevitably become "we" results.

This isn't some fleety, high-minded blabbery. It's real. It's practical. Allow me to give you an example:

Suppose a selfish, low-consciousness corporate CEO says, "I'm going to dump this toxic waste into the river because that saves ME money, and it makes ME more profits." So he dumps the waste into the river.

Downstream, a billion living creatures start to become damaged by the toxic waste: The fish, frogs, turtles, trees, plants and perhaps even cities full of people who use the river as their water supply. This, in turn, creates "a disturbance in the Force," as Obiwan described it in Star Wars. The disturbance spreads sickness, disease and dysfunction. That dysfunction inevitably makes its way back to that same corporate CEO -- perhaps the mutated offspring of some woman who drank the polluted water grows up and becomes a violent criminal who car-jacks the CEOs granddaughter and murders her in the process. While the CEO will decry "how terribly violent our world has become," he will disavow the truth thathe poisoned the world and made it more destructive.

The violence that happened to his daughter was the inevitable result of his own acts of violence unleashed upon the world through toxic chemicals.

Even individuated, "we" still share a common thread

From the point of view of universal consciousness,there is no "I"-- there is only "we." And WE are affected by everything that each one of us does. If you take pharmaceuticals, you are contributing to the destruction of the planet because those chemical medications pass through your body and get flushed down the toilet where they chemically pollute the planet. Someone who says, "I need these antidepressants so I take them" is really saying "screw the planet, I am willing to poison the world in order to try to mask my own symptoms of depression with a toxic chemical."

So, you see, the corporate CEO who pollutes the planet is not much different from the 40-year-old housewife who feels depressed and pops pharmaceuticals throughout the day. Both are operating out of an illusory sense of what I callspiritual isolationism-- the false belief that we are disconnected from our world (and from each other) and that we can do whatever we wish as long as it helps us in the short term, regardless of what it does to other living, conscious beings in the long term.

This is the stunted point of view from which all deception is based -- all wars, GMO contamination, government conspiracies and corporate poisoning of the people is conducted from this place of spiritual isolationism.

Spiritual integration, in contrast, is what you might call the process by which a person comes to a sense of self awareness about the relationships between all living things."Awakening" is integration. It's also the path of the Jedi, to use the Star Wars metaphor again, because it relies on using the Force as an ally in the protection of life.

The spiritual (Jedi) farmer

A woman who grows a garden is aspiritual farmerin that she gives new life to seeds. When a plant creates a seed, at first that seed is just a biological machine held in stasis, awaiting the right moment to sprout. When a seed sprouts,consciousness enters the plantin the same way that a soul enters the developing fetus right after the moment of fertilization.

Both a human fetus and a garden seedling areconscious beingswith a sense of awareness, a (limited) sense of self, a functioning nervous system and increasingly complex awareness of its immediate environment.

The idea that plants have consciousness has been taught throughout many early human civilizations, of course. The American Indians believed this, as did the Inca. Indians believed the desert Saguaro cacti were sacred beings, watchers over the land. And when you're in the presence of these amazing beings, you can't help but agree with them.

Trees have nervous systems. Weeds in your back yard engage insocial networkingthrough the chemical transmission of messages about external threats. A blade of grass may not have the physical brain of a human being, but it has what I call "a sliver of consciousness." That doesn't mean I feel guilty mowing the lawn, but it does mean I carefully consider my actions when altering any natural landscape, removing trees, planting trees, and tending the garden.

As humans, we are especially gifted withmobilitythat allows us to be caretakers for other forms of conscious life, including both plants and animals. We have the arms and legs that trees don't (except in Lord of the Rings, I suppose). So we can move around, meaning we cancreatelife (plant seeds), or we candestroylife (GMOs).

My point in all this is thatthe destruction of life always comes from a place of spiritual ignorance. A person who could callously and mindlessly destroy life (or poison the planet with GMOs, for example) is a person operating from a total lack of understanding about the consciousness that ties us all together. When Israelis say they want to kill Palestinians (or vice-versa), this is done from a place of giving in to the "dark side" of the Force -- the seductive, destructive side, which seems powerful at first but is actually a sign of spiritual weakness.

To harm another human being, as the Buddhists say, is to harm yourself. Why is that true? Because underneath the individuation and the ego, there flows a current of connected consciousness. It flows like a river through all living systems. To destroy life is todisruptthe flow of that river -- an act that inevitably darkens your own reality as well. There is no act of violence that is undertaken in isolation. All acts of both violence and compassion are reflected (and even magnified) throughout the fabric of reality. This idea is echoed across all world religions, including Christianity.

Police state fear is only possible from a place of low consciousness

An important point to understand in all this is thatno society has yet achieved the recognition of consciousnessthat exists throughout all living systems. Our human societies remain in their infantile stage, operating from a place of individuated ego, and lacking the deeper understanding of connectedness that becomes obvious when the true nature of consciousness is firmly grasped.

War is the ultimate expression of disconnectedness. When one nation decides to murder the people of another nation, this is an act of extreme ignorance tempered by anger and wrapped in illusion.

Police states -- like the one into which the USA is now descending -- are the day-to-day expression of disconnectedness and ego. Think about the whole message of the terror-driven police state: YOU might be a terrorist. So I, the TSA agent or the federal law enforcement agent, must destroy you before you can destroy me. This is the philosophical foundation of Darth Vader.

So rather than working on ways to stop creating enemies -- or ways to nurture peace, liberty and prosperity -- the police state government is intent onisolating and separating people, creating division and fear that drives people apart. Whereas peace is achieved through theintegrationof cultures (i.e. western white people going to visit the mosques of Islam, to understand their culture better), terrorism is achieved through the spreading of suspicion and paranoia that drives people away from each other in fear while concentrating power into the hands of the "Dark Lords" (evil tyrants like Janet Napolitano, who only lacks a black cape and a loud respirator).

This is the whole point of the "If you see something, say something" campaign that depict white people, black people, and brown people as possible terror suspects to be treated with total paranoia. The government, you see, is in the business oflowering consciousnessand creating division instead of peace. Peace pulls power away from governments and puts it into the hands of the People. War and fear, on the other hand, keeps power concentrate in the hands of government.

Love and compassion, on the other hand, are the vibes ofraising consciousnessand creating mutual respect. Governments do not teach love and compassion because such concepts are self destructive to governments.

The way out of terrorism, war and government tyranny

All this makes the pathway out of terrorism, war and fear rather obvious. You cannot "fight" tyranny and win with force. Tyranny thrives on the death, the destruction and the fear that goes with that application of force. Tyranny can truly only be conquered byawakening people to the greater truthsabout who they are, how they are connected, and how they all experience holographic fragments of the same stream of consciousness that flows through all living things.

The way to stop war, in other words, is to teach those who commit war so that they realize they have been operating under the illusion of false individuation. A cat might initially be scared by its own shadow on the wall -- and it might attack that shadow -- but once it realizes the shadow is simply an expression of itself, it recognizes the foolishness of fighting its own shadow, and it calmly walks away.

On our planet today, when one nation commits murder (war) against another nation, it is fighting its own shadow, and the solution to such shadow fighting is not to "build bigger bombs," but to raise awareness of the situation so that those involved both realize the silliness of it all and decide to walk away, embarrassed of how childish their actions now seem.

The end of government deception, corporate conspiracies, never-ending war, mass murder, Big Pharma's poisoning of the world, and even day-to-day muggings is found not simply inphysical security, but inconscious awakening.

Does this mean you should stop thinking about self defense preparedness and start meditating away all your problems? Absolutely not: Until all the other people are also spiritually awakened, you must take prudent, practical measures to protect yourself and your family in the physical world. But as you do so,strive to teach and exemplify an "awakened" course of actionthat avoids violence and encourages people to connect with the deeper, higher truths of who they really are (and how they're connected to everything else).

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Posted: Jan 3, 2012 1:23pm
Jul 20, 2011

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Where are we all going, in terms of evolution?

Would you agree that we are all evolving, if not physically, then at least in awareness and consciousness? As evidence, I would submit that not that many years ago, most of the people alive in the world believed that the Earth was flat, and that the sun revolved around the Earth. Most people believed the Earth was only a few thousand years old. 

Historically, people generally believed slavery was good for everyone, especially those benefitting from the slaves. Many cultures were sacrificing animals because they thought that this would somehow please 'God'. Women and Indians were seen as animals, not human, and did not have any rights. Women could not own property or hold office, or even go out of the house without a head covering and long dress. 

Killing those who had a different religion and committing genocide of huge numbers of unbelievers was seen as doing Gods Will, and this was a 'good' thing, both financially and spiritually speaking.  Some cultures even sacrificed people to get things like rain, good crops or to get divine 'favor'. These beliefs and behaviours were all considered morally 'right' and proper at that time. 

Superstitions used to abound and form the basis of popular and government behaviour. Pagans used to be tortured to death and/or burned at the stake just for not belonging to the church. Aborigine inhabitants were routinely killed in all kinds of ways, including infected blankets and exterminating their food supply. 

Historically, anyone caught violating a church belief was routinely excommunicated, stoned, whipped or crucified. 'Infidels', scientists, and even translaters of the Bible to English so that the common person could read it, were excommunicated or killed. Just disagreeing with official church doctrine or a King could make you disappear.

Looking back at these examples, is it not easy to see how we have grown in awareness and diversity, just a little? These seemingly primitive behaviours still happen in the world, but much less so than a few hundred years ago. You may get people mad at you for disagreeing with them these days, but you do not lose your life as often anymore, just for being different from others. We can see where we came from with these few examples out of many. So where are we going with all of this? 

Could it be that we are all here to grow and learn, through the lessons that experience in life provides for us?  The bully and the dictator, the leader and the follower, the victim and the slave, all have a part to play in what people from India would call the 'Lila' or divine play, where everyone is an actor on a stage called life. Some play the parts of evil despicable people; some play the part of the hero, and some play victim or follower roles.

Often the roles are reversed in one lifetime, often multiple times. A boy who is abused as a child, becomes an abuser as an adult, but is later arrested and jailed, only to be abused again. For those who believe in multiple lifetimes, this same process can be repeated thousands of times, or even more often. 

What is the point of this divine Lila? In the Indian philosophy, life is but an illusion, with a reality hidden inside of it. This real reality behind the seeming reality, is hidden in the very last place most people would look. I wonder if Ayn Rand found it? What do you think?

Most people look for what really matters and the purpose of life outside and via the use of the senses. Most people go down the wide road and look for meaning or happiness in places of power, control, privilege and wealth, as in the case of the Koch Brothers for example. The Koch Brothers certainly have their outer Kingdom, but what does it really buy, except an illusion that they cannot take with them, after they transition out of their human shell. 

Most people look for meaning, happiness or the purpose of life in expensive, rare foreign possessions or cultured friends. Some associate arrival at what really matters with mental ability and/or passing a mental test. Some think they have it when they accomplish receiving a scholastic degree or graduating from a highly valued certificate program. Some look for the meaning of life in technology, inventions or in scientific pursuits. Some think they have found it in politics, either as promoters, true believers or leaders of the faithful elect. 

A large majority of people find comfort in the traditions of ancient writings, outer focused beliefs and/or religious dogma.  Churches of all kinds, types, belief systems and spanning an even wider range of Gods, Goddesses and saints all claim to have THE ANSWER, bar none, ahead of and better than all of the rest of the religions out there.

Just give one or more of them your money, attendance and time, and the pearly gates plus various other sundry Earthly pleasures are guaranteed, but only if you stay loyal and true to the one, true and only brand. Maybe one of them is right. Who can say for sure one way or the other? Each Holy Book promises that IT is the only one that promises everything to everyone. Only time and your experience or non experience will tell. 

Most people make their choice and place their bets, either by believing or not believing. A vast majority of people have gone from being religious to being spiritual, but NOT religious. This too may be seen as evidence that humanity is evolving.  

Each individual is right and perfect in their own choice, until they choose to change it. Each person is going to evolve in consciousness and awareness at their own pace and speed, using the path of their choosing. Choosing and free will is the gift that is given to all. That combination of free will and choice is the only combination needed to open what I will call the secret portal.

In the end, only a few look in the last place anyone expects to find a pearl of infinite price that can truly be experienced, beyond just blind belief and faith.  No amount of money can buy this inner treasure. 

Once it is found, it cannot be lost. No torture can reveal it or steal it. No violence can break down its gate or destroy it. No vile thought or intent can trespass there or gain it be force. Only the pure of heart and mind can enter, and even then, it is a narrow gate, that only a few manage to enter through. Yet it is available to all. 

The infinity of consciousness and awareness that is hidden inside this secret place can take various forms. Infinite power, infinite beauty, infinite meaning, infinite purpose, infinite grace, infinite unconditional love, infinite bliss, infinite protection, infinite dimensions and more are all waiting there, at no cost or obligation. 

No brand name is assigned once one opens the inner gate. No rituals, attendance at a church or memorizing dogma are needed. Laws are there, but they are written on the heart, not on paper or in treaties that politicians negotiate.  

The infinities and more can be discovered and explored, but only by the rare and brave soul who dares to open the inner portal of what some describe as the unknowable knowing. Who dares to cross the inner Grand Canyon, where there is no bridge and no GPS map to lead the way? So where is this portal to infinity, which cannot be taken away (once discovered), even by death? 

We can wait for someone to save us. We can wait for someone to lead us. We can wait for death to take us. We can wait for someone to kill us. We can wait for fear to overtake us. Or, we can choose to live and explore the wild, adventurous, unexplored territory that is hidden deep inside, accessible to all. 

This inner gift is free for the asking, but it cannot be taken and sold. To anyone who is interested, the answer to all of life's questions is available in the infinite expanse of consciousness and the heart. 

What is consciousness? What is unconditional love? What is the limit of bliss? What is the limit of infinity as an experience? The answer my friend, is blowing in the inner light and sound.  

Knock, and the door will be opened. Ask and it will be given. Seek and you shall find. But a caution is in order. The way that will get you to this 'destination' may take you up and down a wild and wooly mountain path, which is not often taken by the world, churches, what is on TV or even what is learned in schools.

You may have to make your own way, through deep dark places, tangled briar patches and thorns. This journey may lead you down a long, torturous seeming detour on the way to this goal. You may have to follow someone to get there, sometimes multiple people, one after another. 

But when you go that way and you find your way to the destination, be sure to leave a trail, so that others may follow you. Because if you do not give up, as sure as I say this, the I AM can guarantee that you will find what you seek, but only if you look inside. I Am that I Am is waiting for you.. Are you ready?  

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Posted: Jul 20, 2011 11:27pm


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