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Nov 9, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Phone Call
Location: Alabama, United States
Case Details

Horse dragged behind truck
Foley, AL (U

Date: Nov 7, 2006
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Harvey Crum

Upcoming Court Dates:

  • Nov 12, 2006: trial

    Case Updates: 1 update(s) available
  • Case ID: 9984
    Classification: Vehicular
    Animal: horse
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    A Foley man is charged with animal cruelty after dragging a horse behind a truck.

    At first, Stacy Sleep couldn�t believe what she was seeing. "I thought he was going to kill the horse. He was dragging him, he dragged him." There were actually two horses tied to a truck, one standing and one on the ground when police arrived. "Finally, the officer came and the man wouldn't even stop.

    The officer had turned around and stopped in front of his vehicle to get him to stop," says Sleep. Harvey Crum was arrested on the spot and tried to explain to officers what he was doing. "I didn't realize the little filly hadn't been led behind a truck. The other horse was a lot of times and it was just a matter of convenience." Investigators say there was a little more too it than that, "Witnesses told them the individual that was dragging 'em was this one; had actually fallen three or four times get out and kick it to get it to stand up again; so he could take it on down the road."

    Sgt. Charles Massey with the Foley Police Department loaded both horses into a horse trailer and took one to the Foley Horse Arena and the other to local veterinarian, Dr. Tim Stewart. "It looks like we're dealing with more minor type abrasions. She seems to be moving her head and her neck okay but we've got some pretty bad bruises on either side of the neck where she hit the ground and flipped from side to side a couple times." The little horse is lucky. The prognosis is good, but Dr. Stewart says he just can't believe it's happened again. "We want to try and legislate some more anti-cruelty laws.

    But I'm afraid we're not going to be able to legislate intelligence. This is just a situation where somebody did something not very smart." Harvey Crum now faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Investigators plan to try and take custody of both horses.

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    Case Updates

    Police charged a 74-year-old horse owner with animal cruelty Tuesday after witnesses said he dragged a young horse behind a pickup truck, Sgt. Charles Massey said.

    Harvey Krum of Foley was arrested Nov 7 morning and charged with cruelty to animals, a misdemeanor, and released on bond.

    Krum was trying to lead two horses back to the pasture from where they had escaped that morning, but one animal kept falling and being dragged behind the truck to which it was tied, Massey said.

    "He tied them to the back of the pickup truck and was leading them back," Massey said. "One of them never fell, but a little filly kept falling and trying to get back up."

    Massey said the 2-year-old female horse fell four or five times before police arrived.

    The injured horse was taken to Baldwin Animal Clinic in Foley, where it was being held for observation Tuesday night. Massey said the horse is expected to recover from injuries to its neck and joints. The other horse, a gelding, was not injured.

    Both animals are being held as evidence until Crum's trial, which is scheduled for Nov. 12 in Foley Municipal Court, Massey said.
    Source: Press-Register - Nov 8, 2006
    Update posted on Nov 8, 2006 - 7:12AM 


    WKRG - Nov 7, 2006

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